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“Witnesses estimated more than 700 people were celebrating ‘Love Thy Neighbor Day’ near the community center on Seventh Avenue when gunfire erupted at around dusk,” reports. “‘It was chaos,’ said event organizer Isaac Bruister, associate minister of Friendship Baptist Church. “People were running everywhere.” When the smoke cleared father of three Antonio Hinkle was dead, who spent the last minutes of his life cooking food for his fellow Brighton residents. “He was an innocent bystander,’ [Brighton police Chief Ray] Hubbart said.'”

The chief said police believe there were multiple shooters, and investigators recovered four handguns that had been dropped at the scene. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is working to trace those weapons. ATF officials were also back out at the scene Sunday, and are using K9s to help recover shell casings. ATF spokesman Michael Knight said the shell casings, in part, will determine how many guns were used in the scene.

While doesn’t use the word “gang” in their story — one of my go-to words when describing “gun violence” — what are the odds that otherwise law-abiding citizens opened fire at Love Thy Neighbor Day?

Just for reference, Brighton is in Jefferson County, within the Birmingham-Hoover, AL Metropolitan Statistical Area. Here’s a list of the gangs operating in and around Birmingham [via]:

Local gangs:

Pratt Block Boyz (Pratt City)
E-Town (Ensley)
Tribe Boyz
Trap Boyz
LVP (Loveman Village)
Field Boyz (Fairfield)
Cutt Boyz (Avondale)

Los Angeles-based Black gangs:

Crip Sets
Original Rollin’ 30s Harlem Crips
Rollin’ 40s N-Hood Crips
Rollin’ 60s N-Hood Crips
Rollin’ 50s N-Hood Crips
Rollin’ 90s N-Hood Crips
Rollin’ 100s N-Hood Crips
Center Street Hardtime Hustlers
Pratt City Gangster Crps
Front Street Crips
Woodlawn Mafia Crips
Eight Trey (83) Gangster Crips
Playboy Gangster Crips
Grape Street Crips
Nutty Blocc Crips
Ensley Crips (inactive)
5 Duece (5-2 or 52) Crips
South Side Crips
Wenonah Gangster Crips (inactive)
Circlewood Drive Crips
Dead End Blocc Crips
Blood/Piru Sets

Fruit Town Brims (North Birmngham)
Fruit Town Pirus (Evergreen Bottom)
McAvoy 5millia (Bluff Park Brims)
Rollin’ 20s N-Hood Bloods (Ensley)
Outlawz Rollin’ 20s N-Hood Bloods (Pratt City)
Lime Hood Pirus
Tree Top Pirus
MOB Pirus
Avondale Bounty Hunter Bloods
Van Ness Gangster Brims (VNGB, Van Ness Gangsters)
Pratt Block Bloods
Lower West End Bloods
Gate City Brims
Ensley Family Bloods
Evil Side Blood Stones (Evil Blood Stones, Evil Side Stones, ESBS)

Los Angeles-based Hispanic/Latino gangs:

Mara Salvatrucha (MS, Mara, MS-13)
The Avenues
Surenos (Sur-13)
Norterenos (Nor-14)
18th Street gang
Florencia 13 (F-13)

Los Angeles-based Asian/Polynesian/Samoan (Islanders) gangs:

Tiny Rascals gang (TRG)
Asain Boyz Crips (ABCz)
Menace of Destruction (MOD)
Sons of Samoa (SOS)
Judas 13 (J13)
Born to Kill gang (BTK)
Tongan Crip Gang (TCG)
Samoan Blood Gang (SBG)

Chigaco-based gangs:

People Nation
Conservative Vice Lords
4 Corner Hustler Vice Lords
Renegade Vice Lords
Traveling Vice Lords
Unknown Vice Lords
Black P. Stones
Latin Kings
Folk Nation
Black Disciples
Gangster Disciples
Black Gangster Disciples
Imperial Gangsters
Insane Gangster Disciples
Two Sixers
Satan Disciples
Spanish Disciples

White street/biker gangs:

Aryan Brotherhood
Nazi Lowriders
Mongols M/C
Devils Diciples M/C
Dixie Mafia M/C
Bandinos M/C
Outlaws M/C
Hells Angels M/C
Vagos M/C

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  1. I’m willing to bet it was “workplace violence.” Would be an interesting spot for terrorism though…………..

        • Yeah, actually, it did deserve that comment. Black people need to stop pretending we don’t do this crap to ourselves. Whites need to stop covering their eyes and pretending black people aren’t behaving like savages.

          Oh, and I’m black, so don’t bother playing the race card.

      • 200,000 population and 84 KNOWN gangs?
        What a sheethole.

        I wonder if Democratic social policies that lead to fatherless boys might be a contributing factor….naaaahhh…..I’m sure its the problem that Republicans want to “put ya back in chains” like Biden has warned.

    • That made me laugh. I hope my guns weren’t involved. I mean, the are sitting in my safe but maybe they went out while I was at work and drove several hundred miles to disrupt this gathering.

      That’s just silly, guns can’t drive.

      • Guns don’t have to drive. Most cities have mass transit. If i can figure out the bus schedule your guns ought to be able to.

      • You joke about it, but I swear that my guns are mating in the gun safe. I open the safe and there are guns I don’t remember buying.

  2. The real crime is that man’s attire. Maybe the local tailor was one of the victims. He even messed up buttoning his waistcoat. A real shame.

  3. Well, I’m going to take a stab at the answer to the article. “Black on Black violence, or maybe a Latino street gang.. ” The list for all the “White Bikey gang list ” is pretty weak, and thoses gangs are probably to busy cooking off loads of meth for the trailer park trash .

  4. 700 people singing Kumbaya in a circle, no one watching their perimeter. Could we possibly hope that any of the survivors will get a clue? No? Yeah, I guess not.

    • By the way, the picture above appears to be of a prayer vigil after the shooting, not the event itself.

    • Cliff H,

      Assuming that everyone at the event really was there to promote friendship and neighborly good will, this is what happens when good people dismiss security concerns.

      I am currently going through this process at my church. More and more people have expressed a passing concern and yet no one ever does anything. So I became politely insistent that our church embrace security and I politely insisted on leading the effort. Much to my surprise, my church gave me the green light. Unfortunately, their notion of security only involves installing surveillance cameras, locking certain doors at certain times, and relying on three off-duty law enforcement officers (who are members and often absent) to deploy firearms if necessary. I am going to Herculean lengths to change that mindset and have armed church members at services.

      It will be interesting to see where this goes.

  5. You don’t challenge a gangs control of a neighborhood with candles and potluck. Pastor man should be telling his flock to gun up and patrol with him.

    • Having lived in some pretty bad neighborhoods I can tell you that you don’t go “on patrol” either. Those assholes will find a way to get you. Like dousing all the doors and windows on the first floor of your house with gas and setting that place on fire.

      Sure, everyone should have a fire escape ladder for their second floor bedrooms but in the ghetto no one does.

      Or, if they’re lazy, they just catch your kids outside and it turns into a Dr. Dre song *Bang* Bang* mixed with a Notorious BIG song when they show up at the wake “to make sure all the cryin’ and commotion ain’t a motherfuckin’ fake”.

      Make no mistake. This isn’t going to change because of “community action” unless that community action involves a hell of a lot of police and blood in the street.

  6. Thoughts go out to the families of the dead and wounded. This just needs to hammer home the need for good citizens to arm up and protect themselves. If every thug was shot in the act of being a criminal then crime would drop like a rock overnight.

  7. A bunch of decent, well-meaning people get together to promote the peace and some end up getting shot. And for what? Not a damn thing that would make sense to us.

    This isn’t just sad. It’s despicable.

    All gangs must be destroyed, root and branch. And fvck #BLM if those bastards don’t like it.

    • Very true and we’ll spoken Ralph. The time for “rehabilitating” these animals is over. The project failed. Now it is time for destruction. They don’t give a dog a second chance when it attacks someone, these people shouldn’t get one either.

    • “All gangs must be destroyed, root and branch.”

      Start with the original gang…. government. Government has stolen more property and killed more innocent people throughout history than all gangs combined, ever.

      • Dang, beat me to it!

        I was just going to say that the other project that has obviously failed is our democratic republic…time to start over on that one too. Everyone fell asleep and let the theives in and it’s all lost now.

  8. The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is working to trace those weapons.

    Great! So they’ll just track down the legally registered owners, who will of course be the same people who opened fire on a crowd and dropped those guns at the scene. Because that’s the way it works, right? Right?

    • Actually Dave, it’s much more likely the ATF trace will reveal the murder weapon was a stolen firearm taken in a burglary, OR a straw purchaser such as a baby’s mama, relative, or some other brutha not prohibited purchased the firearm for they homie in violation of Title 18 of the United States Code and a stone cold felon later used that straw purchases gun in the commission of a crime (also a violation of 18 USC).

      • Whatever it is, wouldn’t it be a nice surprise if somebody told us the outcome, which ain’t gonna happen. I will say that you can be pretty sure that if the guns were dropped at the scene, they were not fired by the legal owner, so what a trace is good for is a mystery, except to prove the ATF accomplishes nothing and we should save our taxpayers’ money starting tomorrow.

  9. The only thing that might have made this senseless killing more stereotypical was if the crime had taken place on MLK Blvd.

    The street gangs listed aren’t the only Birmingham area gangs responsible for black on black murder & mayhem; Alabama is known as a stronghold of black motorcycle gangs who predictably kill & maim mostly each other and unfortunately are too often feared by local law enforcement.

      • It really pisses me off I can’t get a damn box of Popeye’s chicken without risking my life for it. Why can’t they build a Popeye’s that’s not in the hood?

        • To the folks peddling value priced fried chicken the ghetto is a target rich environment and a great place for business until an angry BLM mob burns down their own neighborhood.

          We’ve got Chicken Express here in Texas that are great and I’ve yet to seen one in a war zone.

        • Oooh Popeye’s. Infinitely preferable to KFC. I’m lucky, in STL we have several Popeye’s while not exactly in nice neighborhoods, are as safe as anything else for the risk adverse.

          Personally, I don’t care. I’ve eaten many times where I’m the only white guy for at least a couple of blocks. Never was worried about it, but these days, bad things happen to white folks on a regular basis, so I would be far more attuned to the environment than I used to be.

  10. Time for the citizens to arm up and take back their city 1 gang at a time. But of course they won’t do that That be against the law and some of them might get shot also. No way police and courts can handle
    that mess of gangs.

    • It would take wholesale summary executions to eradicate the gangs. It’ll take a few more decades but once we’ve gone completely 3rd world, we’ll have it.

    • You ever notice that our criminal justice enforcers work 24 hours a day supposedly? Or at least least taxpayers are billed for 24 hours a day service.

      However the criminal justice proceedings are only for roughly about one-third of a day, 5 days a week. And we wonder why our criminal justice system is so clogged? It needs to run as often as the enforcers do, but good luck getting some JD holding graduates to work weekends nights and evenings.

  11. Tiny Rascals Gang?
    how dow the members in good standing keep all these affiliations straight? very impressive list of organizations for not a really huge city. they need to have many more kids, that is very important to perpetuate. this will only get better i am sure.

  12. With that many gangs, how many upstanding citizens can there be left? Sounds like the south side of shitcago, and both deserve the same fate, burn the damn places to the ground, then sow the ground with salt so nothing can ever grow there again.

  13. Actually it was the Muslim Black Panthers taking out the Christian Heretics! and then blaming it on the Gangs!
    You know the Filipino president might have a good Idea! With that many gangs in town its funny to find non affiliated people!
    The Presidents Illegals do it again in the name of Allah! oh wait the President let them! our country is going backward so fast we will become separate war zones like the rest of The Goat roping republics because our leaders have no Balls! now you know why the Democrats with Union help want us disarmed, so their Pinko ways can screw us all with out a whimper!

  14. A few things will happen here:-

    1- Eventually one or more of the weapons will be traced back to either a straw purchase or a burglary. As a result of this the gun grabbers will use this as one of their examples as to why guns should be banned

    2- The shooting stats (for those injured and the one killed) will go into the FBI database and will become just a number i.e the reason (gang shootout?) will be forgotten, as will the the victims. These stats will be used by the gun grabbers as one of their examples as to why guns should be banned

    3- This event will be somehow politicized and will be used by the gun grabbers as one of their examples as to why guns should be banned

    I’m starting to see a common thread……….

  15. I googled Brighton, Alabama and then clicked on the map. You better be “strapped” when you play Woodward Golf and Country Club. Just sayin’…

    • Hey, playing golf is close to the only time you can CC an AR-15, and at least in TX, that is legal.

  16. And you won’t see/hear them use word ‘gang”…. is nothing more than liberal sports blog that leans hard left on any “news” they print. We used to have a real newspapers in the state until they were bought out by the Alabama Media Group. Any local print newspapers (Huntsville Times, Birmingham News, etc..) are now nothing more than cut-and-paste journalism. The seasoned reporters were replaced by fresh-out “bloggers” who can barely string a coherent sentence together and are more interested in “click-bait” articles. It’s a sad state to say the least.

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