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More like brothers from another mother. Above, via, is a new Draco “pistol” design from Center Balanced Systems. Below is a standard issue Imperial stormtrooper blaster from Industrial Light and Magic.

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  1. Doesn’t really look very similar at all..

    Top one looks like a brick with a magazine, painted black.

    Bottom is a blaster.

  2. The top one looks far to well made to be a star wars prop. The E11 blaster was just a brit sterling smg with a scope and some windshield wipers glues to the foregrip.

  3. I wouldn’t want the blaster. From the movies, you can see they are very inaccurate and the blaster bolt(bullet? payload?) has low penetration and can be blocked by a flashlight beam.

    • Contrary to what people call them, lightsabers do not actually consist of a laser. It’s contained plasma.

    • If memory serves, it was some form of particle projectile, though it could also fire flechetes, grenades, and flares. There are several theories and explanations for the terrible accuracy of the blaster, the “official” reason being the use of a poor focusing crystal and shoddy liscenced copies.
      Wookipedia should have more info.
      And agreed, I really can’t see the resemblance:/

  4. A blaster with a scope on it? The ways stormtrooper shoot (from the hip) that is about as useful as teats on a bull.

    • I dunno. Maybe it’s not a scope, but a camera. And the image is wirelessly fed to a HUD in the helmet … Just saying. I don’t think that’s Star Wars canon. What-evs.

  5. Nothing new here, check out the Gwinn Firearms Bushmaster Pistol from the 1970s, a bullpup AR-18 pistol, with a pistol grip that rotates around the barrel. There is even a full auto one on gun broker.

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