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“Perfectly sized for serving at the table or the sideboard. The cutting board is a 2″ thick slice of makha hardwood from south Asia. Hard, heavy and dense, makha makes a long- lasting cutting board and develops a beautiful patina as it ages. The hardwood board easily removes from the solid pewter base for cleaning. 13″ diameter.” Now on sale at for 25% off ($258.75) plus shipping and handling.

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  1. Where do you mount the bayonet for slicing the cheese? I thought William Sonoma had high prices. The American materialism and consumerism lifestyle turns me off. Last night, I cooked an incredible Chicken Paprikash in my $30 Lodge cast-iron dutch oven. It was as delicious as any great restaurant serves the dish. I found the recipe at Simply Recipes com. Next time, I’m going to cook it with three types of paprika and use pale ale instead of chicken broth. The simple pleasures in life are often the best.

    • Americans aren’t very materialistic. Too many of their goods and clothes are just ugly. A real materialist society would be much more aesthetically pleasing, a la France. Consumerist? Absolutely yes.

      • ON,

        Interesting perspective and good observations on a more precise definition of materialism vs consumerism. Most American taste is certainly not as refined or demanding in quality as the Europeans.

    • Where do you mount the bayonet for slicing the cheese?

      “Now available in black polymer, with a shoulder thing that goes up! Order Now!*”

      *Not available in some states.

  2. Henry Ford used left over wood from Model T production to make Kingsford briquettes. I’ll bet they bought a bunch of this “Makha wood” for gun stocks, and when that didn’t work out, they said “Let’s make cutting boards instead!”.

    What else can they make from this stuff? Chess sets?

  3. Is that possibly a Stilton or a Roquefort blue cheese in the picture? I haven’t bought blue cheese in years.

  4. And Beretta wonders why they don’t have the gun market cornered? Could it possibly be because they have turned into Eddie Bauer and only care about the European fowl hunter?

  5. This would be a prime time for flock to ACTUALLY produce tactical Tupperware, as to deny Beretta a monopoly on kitchen supplies.

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