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“Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown [abive] has joined the call for Gov. John Kasich to suspend Ohio’s open carry law during the Republican National Convention this week,” reports.

“I would hope that the governor would listen to the police union and suspend conceal and open carry in Ohio, in Cleveland, during this convention,” BuzzFeed reports. “I know the governor could call a hurried special session, get the legislature to Columbus, like, tonight or tomorrow and do this.”

Senator Brown, a Democrat, is either ignorant or simply lying, pandering to the police union:

“Ohio governors do not have the power to arbitrarily suspend federal and state constitutional rights or state laws as suggested. The bonds between our communities and police must be reset and rebuilt, as we’re doing in Ohio, so our communities and officers can be safe.”

Article 1 of the Ohio Constitution specifically limits the right to suspend laws to the legislature: “No power of suspending laws shall ever be exercised, except by the general assembly.”

Senator Brown was first elected to public office in 1974, just after graduating from Yale. He’s spent his entire adult life either in public office or, concurrently, in academia. He’s reported to be on the short list of Hillary Clinton’s picks for the Vice President. If not that, there’s speculation that she may nominate or appoint Brown to another position in her administration.

Senator Brown is not ignorant of the Constitution, a document to which he swore an oath to uphold and defend. He simply regards it as irrelevant, a minor obstacle to be overcome or, as the Democratic platform proclaims, “a blueprint for progress.” This makes him a very dangerous man.

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  1. Instead of a dangerous man, I hope that after the election, instead of the Constitution being irrelevant, it makes him irrelevant.

    • Like most Democrats, Brown would permanently suspend the Bill of Rights if he had a chance. No respect for the Constitution, the law or the people.

    • At the risk of being pedantic (Google it), there is no such animal as “Constitutional Rights”, only Constitutionally PROTECTED rights.

      We need to keep the terminology straight.

      • Keep fighting the good fight for clarity of language. I would hope “our” side would speak correctly, but often that is not the case. I submit the term “assault” rifle. If we speak correctly, using accurate terms, not reinforcing misconceptions, that in itself is a powerful arguement.

        • Actually “assault rifle” is a real term and used correctly it means a rifle capable of select fire “assault weapon” is a made up term meaning a rifle that looks scary enough to induce liberal pants peeing. It’s used to try to confuse people into thinking they are talking about machine guns and not modern sporting rifles.

        • @kevin

          It’s amazing how many of us get it wrong and use “Assault Rifle” and “Assault Weapon” interchangeably; I’ve even heard antis refer to the AR-15 as an “Assault Weapon” and then saw some dufus reply indignantly that “no the AR-15 isn’t an assault rifle, you commie!”

      • Nah too simplistic. Floriduh is east. And there won’t be a USA(in the present form) in 75 years…

        • The odds are incredibly long that there is anything recognizable left of planet Earth in 75 years. Errors in machinery have almost started the nukes flying more than a few times, if nothing else, eventually one error will not get stopped. At some point, China and Russia invading other people’s land will become problematic for the First World, and some line in the sand will finally be drawn. They will both cross it. Then what? Or, some Islamist suicidal nutter will get themselves a nuke – and the ability to use it. It might be a state actor (Iran) or one of the outright crazies inherent to Islam. Anyone who is truly believing in a perpetual afterlife, doesn’t really care much about being here anyway. This life is a minor pit stop, then off to Valhalla.

          This assuming that the AI which is rapidly spreading to all aspects of our life (whether you know it or not) does not decide that humans are the biggest threat to the planet, and decide to end us. Which is a very real possibility, which many of us address by sticking our fingers in our ears. It will really be on the menu in the next 20 years, at the very outside. Now that social media is “mature”, AI is the current gold rush in the Valley – yes the last AI boom crashed hard decades ago, but there was neither the vision, nor the tech. They’re both here in spades. Along with investor money. Boatloads of money.

        • Pessimist.

          I’m hopeful that there won’t be anything resembling the current USA around in five years.

        • @16V Finally, someone who gets it! It’s the AI (alien intelligence) which is the real threat. We all know that Islamic Terrorists are really just a smoke screen for the failed mind control technologies currently being beta tested by both our government (years behind) and the aliens (see Russia’s doping scandal). Not to mention the obvious false flag nature of these terrorist attacks. Look at the Dallas shooting. July 8 2016. Hmm what else happened on July 8? Oh yeah the shooting down of an alien craft over Roswell, friggin’, New Mexico gets published! This is it folks, the opening salvo (or maybe just the first retaliation) of an interstellar war!

          Let’s look at some FACTS for a change. The US has been experimenting with mind control since at least the 1960’s (MKULTRA) and has been attempting to develop psychics soldiers for at least as long (Project Stargate & Project Sunstreak). More recently, they’ve been pushing an agenda of fear to increase American preparedness for what’s to come. Uh, I wonder why? (Sarcasm). Could it be because the calculated the speed of the craft and the distance to the point of origin for the craft and they know exactly when the invasion is likely to occur? Yeah obviously!

          Now, statistics show we live in one of the most peaceful times in human existence and one of the safest with the longest life expectancies ever. Why then would the media and the government be constantly pushing fear down our throats knowing full well that an individual’s risk of being killed by a terrorist is less than dying by a lightning strike? The reason why is simple. They want us to be in a constant state of fear so that when we are suddenly invaded by an alien force we’re ready!

          Of course their advance troops are already amongst us (looking at one orange skinned lizard person in particular promising safety HA!) but our individual paranoia is a weapons their rays and beams can’t touch. That’s why my pick for emergency supplies to stock up on this week is cornstarch. Grey buggers can’t stand it, messes with their tactile sense.

          Stay safe all, and keep your eyes to the sky!

        • SgtSky, Aritificial Intelligence, the alien stuff is outside my bailiwick. I know that Fedzilla does many super-sketchy things in super-secret places. I know that if scientists figured out that this was one big habitrail, and there were greys just left behind to mind the pets, they certainly wouldn’t tell us lowly hamsters. I know damned good and well that if we ever get visited by anything, they will be inherently far more advanced, and we had better hope they see some value in not exterminating us for a new vacation world.

          That said, at the moment, I worry more about computers taking over and over-leveraged fiat currencies collapsing. The former is very likely, and the the latter is a certainty. I’m not so sure we can print our way out of the upcoming crash, but if we can, the next cycle will certainly do us in.

        • Humanity will destroy itself in the next 20 years. If we don’t blow ourselves up, Skynet will.

        • @16V Not familiar with Artificial Intelligence, you probably mean alien intelligence. Currency collapse should be the least of your worries, it will always have value so long as the government still lets us buy our salicylic acid from their secret subterranean crystal mines (you should be stocking up on that too, once this next set of solar flares kicks up those crystals’ productivity is going to go down the tubes)

          Stay safe and keep your eyes toward the sky.

        • 75 years is optimistic by a factor of five to ten, if not more. We’re headed down that way mighty quick, and I don’t think there’s much of anything can stop it.

    • As a resident of the State of New York I can assure you that 1: it won’t take 75 years, and 2: the map will be covered in polka-dots, not lines.

  2. If we’re to suspend the law, why not start with arbitrarily removing him from office?
    That’s a bitter fruit you’re trying to harvest Senator.

      • Black top sealant, sold in 5 gallon buckets at home improvement stores, and pillows, available at every Walmart or other such stores.

        • Wal-Mart pillows have polyester batting for filling.

          You need real feathers for a righteous tar-n-feathering.

          So, off to Pet Land for a few parrots? 🙂

        • Geoff, let’s leave the parrots alone. Go to the nearest egg farm and pluck a few chickens.
          Now those are proper feathers for his ilk.
          When done, bar b que the chickens and celebrate!

  3. Notice this doofus included CC. How in the h£ll would this dummy know anyway?

    • They don’t have know. They just set up the game to make some poor SOBs examples. Then, felonies for all and no exercise of the right for you. Once government does something and the people don’t get up in arms about it, it becomes a launching point for even more tyranny. They really don’t give too much of a damn if we protest about it, vote, write letters, etc as long as it remains in some form on the books. Generations are then indoctrinated to accept it. That is the long game and “Concealed means concealed!” can’t win it.

    • Imagine that!

      Put a bunch of law abiding armed people in an area with a bunch of police, secret service, and private armed personal security.

      And random jerks dont decide to start something…..its almost like the opposite of a gunfree zone. Its a crime free zone.

      again….who could have predicted that!

      • But it’s also a target rich environment for a terrorist who wants to kill cops and white guys. I wouldn’t go to the convention without sniper-proof gear.
        Also boredom-proof and rage-proof gear for listening to the politicians lie.

      • I won’t be surprised at a false flag event. I am sure that the paid agitators will do their best incite something.

        Before it happens, let me state that everyone would be wise to remember that regardless of the outcome, individual natural rights remain unalienable.

    • I have heard that today (Tuesday) is the day that the buses Soros paid for will start to arrive with the paid “protesters” aka troublemakers.

  4. Too bad he’s not up for reelection this year. He’ll spend the next two years trying to make up for his alliance with Hillary.

  5. Well then lets throw out his rights and the rights of the left,throw them in prison (lord knows we have more then enough reasons, and then we can restore the Republic. Find a flaw, you cant.

    • But he is a good guy…. He is from the Government and he is only here to help us!

      And remember, it’s all fun and games until they try to take the rights you think important. Mr I hope soon to be former Politician you can’t offer to take rights you don’t support and then act all surprised when the machine turns on you and tries to take the rights you do support.

  6. The Second Amendment exists BECAUSE OF people like Senator Brown.

    History is filled with oppressive, tyrannical governments that would suspend and eliminate their citizens’ civil rights under the pretense of an “emergency.”

    The wisdom of our founders is proven, once again.

  7. Yes…I believe any private, or police protection detail this elitist has should be immediately suspended! Someone from that state call your representatives. Tell them the peasants are pi$$€d. Never mind the guns..Worry about the farming implements..Pitchforks, and torches hurt more!

  8. Hey Senator Brown, how’bout you get rid of your ARMED escort and bodyguards first while the RNC & DNC are happening. Lead by example, and all that.

    Otherwise, piss off.

  9. I’m confused. If the law mandates that only the legislature may suspend laws, and Senator Brown is calling on Gov. Kasich to call a special legislative session for that express purpose, then how is that a suspension of the rule of law? It sounds exactly like abiding by the rule of law.

    How is it unconstitutional? I know, I know: “…shall not be infringed.” Well, the SC has spoken. The law of the land is that states may regulate the carrying of firearms. You don’t like it, but that is, in fact, constitutional law.

    I don’t agree with the path the Senator proposes, but that’s a political difference requiring a political decision, which apparently the Governor has made. It’s not a rule of law or constitutional issue.

    • You may want to read Ohio’s State Constitution before opining on the rule of law in that state.

      That may have saved you some embarrassment.

    • As for your first part, I agree, it seems he’s just asking for the legislature to have a special session and suspend the law.

      As for your second part, strong disagree. I don’t care what SCOTUS says–the Constitution is clear on the Second Amendment, unlike, say, the ability of 4 unelected justices to rewrite the Constitution at will, which isn’t in there at all.

      Now, if you mean that the apparatus of the state will likely punish you without regard to the Constitution, then sure: we live in a post-Constitutional order, and have for some time. But that doesn’t mean suspending the bearing of arms is Constitutional, it just means that the government operates outside of the law.

    • You’re confused because you allow yourself to be confused. You have at your disposal a device which contains all the knowledge of all the world for all time, and you failed to use it to look up the Constitution of the State of Ohio.

      I.04 Bearing arms; standing armies; military powers (1851)
      The people have the right to bear arms for their defense and security; but standing armies, in time of peace, are dangerous to liberty, and shall not be kept up; and the military shall be in strict subordination to the civil power.

      Thus, in the State of Ohio, firearms are defined as an individual right.

    • The Supreme Court has made a Ruling regarding their OPINION that the “…shall not be infringed.” portion of the Second Amendment does not mean that they cannot infringe by passing some sort of regulations or allowing the States to pass such regulations. Not only that, it is only a majority opinion, 5 out of 9. This does not make it “Constitutional Law”. It makes it an opinion of what they say the Constitution should be interpreted to mean. Five men. An Opinion.

      SCOUTS Opinions have been wrong in the past. They are wrong on this issue. At some point we may reach a level of actual Constitutional government where the Supreme court will review this ruling and strike at least that portion of it down. Better yet they should rule that in their OPINION the Second Amendment means exactly what it says.

  10. Come on people ! What are we waiting for ! Yell it out on the mountain ! Our Government and it’s leaders are a farce! These @$$ #Iles aren’t even hiding any more! “We’re going to suspend everyones US Constitutional-Bill of Rights because Mommy and says so ! ” And I certainly wouldn’t be “Toading to the Police Unions! ” Great police have a dangerous job…So don’t a lot of American citizens. And some can’t even exercise their 2nd amendment rights because Law Enforcement in a lot of areas are infringing upon them! At Least an LEO has a sidearm, radio comms, and the “Blue wall ” to back them up…But, not Hibib at the local 7-11, or a cab driver, or some poor pizza delivery guy, or gal….When things are reflected positively within the Law Enforcement community then I’ll start clapping. Right now criminal activity by BLM, and foreign terrorists have begun as excuses to usurp our Bill of Rights even further! For what ever purposes…Nothing but sinister plots….

    • Black Lies Matter and the police unions are just opposite sides of the same counterfeit coin.

      They’re dueling sociopaths with the same goal: to create untouchable classes of criminals, young, Black felons in the former case, corrupt and abusive cops in the latter.

      • Good observation. Ohioans were forced to accept Duty to Inform with criminal penalties because of the police unions. OHCC hit back by getting a bill passed that suspended the police powers of cops under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The cops lobbied heavily against the bill behind the scenes, but would not testify against the bill in committee to explain why they should be able to arrest citizens while under the influence of illegal drugs. Like the cowards and liars they are, they complained to the legislators in secret to keep their status above the law.

        When Illinois passed their concealed carry law ten years later in 2013, once again the anti-gun police unions demanded Duty to Inform. NRA state lobbyist Todd Vandermyde fell all over himself to betray 12 million people in IL to the cops.

        Orland Park Chief Tim McCarthy was president of the anti-gun IL Chiefs of Police when Vandermyde cut the deal on DTI in 2010/2011. That’s the same Tim McCarthy who was a Secret Service agent when President Reagan was shot, and the same Tim McCarthy who promotes gun control with Jim & Sarah Brady. Maybe BLM, the police unions and the NRA are all false fronts designed to destroy the Constitution and the rule of law.

  11. To be fair, Senator Brown APPEARS to be arguing that the Governor should call a special session of the legislature to amend the open carry law in a hurried session. If this is what he is advocating, it is significantly different from the union demanding that the governor arbitrarily suspend the law.

    Does that make the end result of the proposal any better, of course not. However, if I am understanding the Senator correctly, the process of his proposal would be within the existing constitutional framework, and would not be an executive power-grab.

    • “to amend the open carry law”

      You can’t “amend” that which does not EXIST.

      • True enough. I guess it would have been more accurate to say “Senator Brown APPEARS to be arguing that the Governor should call a special session of the legislature to pass a law restricting open carry law in a hurried session.” I believe the rest of comment is till valid, however.

        • Since concealed carry is licensed in Ohio, our state constitution will not allow for an “open carry law.” That’s one of the reasons we don’t have any “open carry law” now. As long as CHL law remains, they would either need to violate the Constitution or change it to write laws banning open carry.

    • If I read the article correctly he is a FORMER Ohio State senator who is now in academia. His opinion and call to Gov Kasich carries exactly as much weight as any other citizen.

  12. Chicago, Illinois. How ANYONE expects “normal” is beyond my understanding. It is what it is………

  13. I found it somewhat amusing that there’s an auto play ad for Hillary Clinton in this article as I scrolled… Oh well, let her spend her bucks, I don’t think she’ll find many votes for her here.

    As far as Brown goes, maybe he’s asking for a special legislative session, but the head of the police union wanted Kasich to unilaterally ban open carry.

  14. 1. There ISN’T any “open carry law” in Ohio. It’s simply not PROHIBITED by law, so it’s permitted. It’s like talking about Ohio’s “saying the word ‘giraffe’ law”. It’s meaningless blather.
    2. OF COURSE Sharrod Brown wants to violate the U.S. and Ohio constitutions and state law, he’s a DEMOCRAT.
    3. You know you’ve got to be of ESPECIALLY low character if you’re sucking up to a brownshirt like Steve Loomis.

    • +1.

      ROTFL. Whenever anyone else asks me again what the Ohio open carry law says, I’m going to tell them to look it up for themselves in the same section as giraffe law.

      • I think the transition occurred about 1965-68. Many would argue much earlier. Actually, it was not “Democrats” per se; it was the rise of the “progressive” era, where the ruling philosophy held that the Constitution was antiquated and unduly constraining.

        Both parties were taken over by “progressives”. Hoover and both Roosevelts were “progressives”. Today’s Democrats are the more virulent and advanced strain.

  15. “I demand the Governor of Pennsylvania convene a special session to suspend the First Amendment during the Democratic National Convention in Philly.”

    ^^^ Yeah Senator, you sound that stupid.

  16. Since he’s actually my representative, I just sent him the following message

    Senator Brown, I just read your statement:

    “I would hope that the governor would listen to the police union and suspend conceal and open carry in Ohio, in Cleveland, during this convention. I know the governor could call a hurried special session, get the legislature to Columbus, like, tonight or tomorrow and do this.”

    Surely you’re familiar with the reason the founding fathers affirmed this right in the Constitution. The idea comes from the long held common law understanding that we have a natural (God-given) right to self defense. This right was NOT granted by the Constitution, only affirmed. Since it was not your right to grant, you cannot take it away. Further, since you took an oath to swear and uphold the Constitution of the United States, I must consider you an oath-breaker and will vote for your competition in the future.


  17. I miss America. The US will disappear as the mindless Republicans and corrupt Democrats do their dirty globalist deeds.

    In 4 or 5 years, the invasion of the US will be much larger than of Europe by Muslims. As Hillary, Soros and her ilk let Muslins into the country (don’t worry, the UN is vetting Syrians – what could go wrong with a NU operated program? (surprisingly very, very few Christians), Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela will start really, really falling apart.

    They will all be coming North with the approval and acquiescence of Rinos and Democrats – it’s called treason.

  18. So, suspend a law that doesn’t exist so that something that is legal by default will be banned because the law double-doesn’t-mention it?

      • There are some good one’s up here.

        I’m jealous of the southern Ohio ranges though. I have to drive close to an hour to find a regular 100 yard range.

        • No doubt we have many good Ohioans up north. 🙂

          To shoot, all I need to do is walk out my back door. I could shoot from the living room couch but the cat doesn’t like wearing hearing protection.

  19. On Kasich, he’s pissy cause he did not make the cut. The Repub. hateful 16 will be shoving wrenches in the gears now for spite.

  20. This is all media posturing and proggie virtue-signalling. How long has the RNC been scheduled? When did it actually start? When would the appropriate time have been to “do something”, if you were actually serious, and not just an asshat looking to score proggie-points with da hilldabeast?

    • True and very logical. Then again, we been having to drag places like Cleveland kicking and screaming along to recognize the right to keep and bear arms. We tried to give the northern cities to Canada but they turned us down.

    • I think you are correct. This was for proggie points and Hillary. It wasn’t supposed to get to the general public. Senator Brown has done nothing but be a politician (or concurrently in academia) for his entire adult life. He feels quite safe. One of the things the progs fear is that there stupid, fear based projections do not come true. Open carry is clear example. In the future, people will say “We must stop open carry”, and Second Amendment supports will say “Why? Remember Cleveland and RNC.”

  21. In the late 60’s I was in junior high and we had a class about the Constitution. At the end of the year we took a test on the Constitution that made up 25% of the total grade. This needs to come back. They can do with a little less computer classes. Anything taught about computers will be irrelevant by the time they finish highschool.

    • Except the public school system is little more than indoctrination centers today. What they will teach about rights will not be correct. It will be used as yet another tool to enslave another generation.

    • John is correct. The teaching and the test will be based on the teachers’ view of the Constitution, i.e. the 2A means we can have a National Guard.

  22. The only ones threaten public order are Democrats so of course he wants to suspend the kind of rights exercised by Republicans.

  23. I know its against the rules but this is an exception.
    SCREW Him…………………….

  24. Just another Nazi Democrat. they call the NRA members terrorists, but is there any real question that they are the true enemies of the American people?

  25. I said it before and I will say it again. The most scary thing in America is a hand full of black men open carrying guns. The democrats have not changed.

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