Selling Fear in the Fight Against Constitutional Carry

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  1. It’s always the same old scare mantra from the left. In 2019 they were all blabbing about how they refused to get the vaccine because it was from Trump. Then Biden rolls into office and they pulled a 180 and suddenly it was “you’re going to kill grandma”. They roll out the same crap every election cycle. They go to the elderly and say “they want to take your social security away), etc etc etc. When in reality the left is actively working and supported by gigantic wall street corporations that want to get their hands on the money.

    The left is so predictable about everything. Watch and see, democrat politicians are going to sound and act like centrists this election cycle in any district where there is a slightest remote possibility of competition from another candidate. There will be chants of “I support the second amendment” etc etc. If they retain power this November which seems very unlikely at this point, the same “centrist” sounding democrats will swing hard left the day after election day.

    I’ve been on this planet long enough to see the tired predictable atomic clock accurate yawn-fest of fear porn that comes from the left every 2 years.

    • “When in reality the left is actively working and supported by gigantic wall street corporations that want to get their hands on the money.”

      That HAVE been getting their hands on the money. There’s a reason Wall Street has been donating more to Democrats since at least 2008. It’s funny how pols have the gall to pretend otherwise. They count on a propagandist media arm and ignorant voters who think they’re voting for “the little guy.” Well, the government just crushed the little guy in the name of public health while the big corporations prospered. Every major government crisis intervention results in a massive transfer of wealth. Guess which direction it goes in?

      The Puppet was brazen enough to pretend like they’re for more police (SOTU address) after Democrats spent a full year demonizing police and calling for their funding to be transferred to an army of social workers. They blame rising crime on Covid or too many guns because they have zero respect for the citizens of this country. Yet, emotional fools will still vote for them because trans rights or something. Someone please explain what right I have that a trans person doesn’t have.

      • I’ve been saying it. The left doesn’t exist anymore. They got bought out by corporate billionaires.

        The far right now are folks like dacian and miner49er. They’re just not smart enough to know it.

        • “The far right now are folks like dacian and miner49er“

          Interesting viewpoint.

          Oxford English dictionary:

          morally good, justified, or acceptable.
          “I hope we’re doing the right thing”

          Yes, I think you’re correct, I am often ‘right’.

        • In this case miner the folks that were left are now fascists. Your movement got bought by the same corporate billionaires you’ve railed against forever.

          Of course you’re in denial. It must be unsettling to know that you’ve become the monster you’ve claimed to be against all your life.

          Conservatives, who used to be the right are now the middle. The left doesn’t exist in the US anymore.

          What a world.

        • Minor Miner49er Sorry bub, but you are rarely right. You are a Leftist and want Socialists to get control over people, their money and property. Tell the truth and same the devil you represent.

        • Quote: ” The left doesn’t exist in the US anymore.”
          The traditional “left”, old time democrats, no longer exist.
          The democrat party was taken over years ago and should now be more accurately called the communist party USA. All of their goals lead America to their version of “socialism” which is a clone of the old Soviet Union, an absolute autocracy.

        • Gordon, I agree completely. Anybody who thinks Osama, Biden, Schumer or Pelosi have ANY goals in common with JFK are simply deluding themselves.

    • Everything the left says and does is projection. Everything they accuse the right of doing, they are doing. Every problem they claim the right is causing, THEY are actually causing, tenfold.

      • the left has alwayssss been socialists/na zis

        but since the fguilt of ww2

        the schools have made sure we “believe” that pro americans are na zis

  2. Good people get licenses and permits if they want to carry. Bad people don’t get them and not having them does not change whether bad people carry guns or do bad things at all. Cops and other government employees get exempted from the need to get licenses/permits. So the only thing that changes with constitutional carry is that good people don’t have to ask the government for permission and pay a fee.

    • nottttt true

      criminals are having their criminal records destroyed by the government over the last 30+ years

      so now they get those legal permits

      still commit crimes and then the msm and leftists say

      you see,,even those permit carry types commit crimes

  3. That’s been the basic argument against ‘allowing’ the carry of guns for defense in-toto. I remember seeing political cartoons from the late 90s and mid ’00s that said basically every time there was a new push to roll back gun rights infringement.

    • “Selling fear is all they have.”

      And business is *good*… 🙁

    • “People that use spurs 🙁 ”

      You haven’t lived until a woman requests to ride you ‘cowboy’, and then asks if you don’t mind that she wears spurs… 😉

    • Spurs. I drove truck for a few years of my life. Met a truck driver all decked out in cowboy garb – and wearing spurs. I was left wondering how many horsepower his truck had – maybe it was a 20 horse team? And, I was left wondering how in hades he operated the pedals. I mean, these weren’t little nubbins of spurs, they were big and jangly.

      TBH, I can’t really swear the guy was a truck driver. Met him in a truckstop, sitting in the driver’s dining area, with a trucker’s atlas open, and talking trucker talk to the drivers around him. Coulda been some local who liked passing himself off as a driver? Probably weren’t no trucker, nor a cowboy. Stock boy at the local grocery, maybe.

      • That wasn’t a trucker, that was a man lover trying to get in your shorts, did he ride you properly? Did you complain to management about being manhandled in the ” men’s room” or just pretended the lovers spat didn’t happen?

    • I got spurs that jingle jangle jingle.
      Now dont go getting all rowled up.
      Did yah hear them spurs a zinging.
      8 seconds.

    • You can give it a rest now. A million Americans dead and you don’t care because you’re so “tough”. We get it. We all get it.

        • Useta be illegal for adults to wear masks in public, with exceptions such as cold, PPE, contagious disease.

      • A million dead? Like my sister. She died of a stroke and the hospital listed her as covid.

        The only reason there are a million dead is because of false reporting.

        I’m a senior citizen. Fat and a type 2. I had the covid. I got through it.

        It’s the flu. You don’t shut down a country and ruin the economy because of the flu.

        • Sensible reporting would include the TOTAL death rate, as in, are there a million more deaths than would normally be expected? Figures like this have always been introduced into the scare tactics of the day by one party or another, sometime back (don’t remember the panic at the time) deaths were being reported several times each from different causes, resulting in completely useless “statistics”, such that a total of 10 deaths could and was being reported as six deaths from this, 4 deaths from that, seven deaths from the other, and 5 deaths from unknown causes. Completely useless in reality, but quoted over and over as absolute proof of something or other. Colleges teach people to lie like this.

  4. There’s no lack of empirical data to prove this outcome wrong. Like so many other irrational fears no amount of data can prove their feelings wrong. Covid demonstrated nicely how “trust the science” hits a brick wall when it buts up against their feelings. Even going so far as to state plainly and clearly “we know this goes against the ‘science’ but if it makes people ‘feel safe’ we should do it.”

      • Learning more about the peer review process killed a lot of my confidence in scientific research. Groupthink is a cancer and it’s everywhere that matters.

  5. The same braying of jackasses we get every 2 years. Problem is way too many voters listen to what is spoon fed to them on the news or over social media. Rather than do a few minutes of research into who actually stands for or promotes what. The next problem is too few Republican politicians have either a spine or testicles.
    A big part of the disarmament push is to overturn the Constitution and bring the US into a single party, Marxist/Fascist rule. With most of the anti gun and other activists being nothing but useful idiots that will be disposed of as soon as they are no longer needed. Look how quickly the BLM/ANTIFA crowd was dumped after the election.

    • Actually after the certification January 6. The hearings on objections to the electoral college votes was stopped just as Senator Cruz was beginning. When the scare was over, Vice President Pence failed to restart the hearings.
      If the hearings had been held, the certifications would have gone to the state delegations, where each state would have had one vote. The Republicans had 30 states; the Democrats 20. Trump needed only 26 to be certified president.
      Who benefited from the disturbance, the distraction?

  6. This reminded me of Handgun Control Inc from way back, that morphed into the Brady Campaign. Must be because I read an article this morning about this wacko they let out.

    In the early 1980s I became aware of the Anti-gun crowd and the repeated mantra of “The criminals outgun the police”. Been watching them use the same talking points since then. “There will be shootouts! Blood in the streets!”
    As far as I’m concerned ..Yawn.

    • “Been watching them use the same talking points since then. “There will be shootouts! Blood in the streets!”

      Late 80s, here in Florida. A bill to legalize concealed carry was being debated in the state capital Tallahassee.

      You should have seen the editorial and op-ed section of the local paper.

      People were predicting shoot-outs for parking places in Wal-Mart, literal ‘streets running with rivers of blood’ kind of crap.

      And, nothing happened, except death by gunshot dropped steadily for about 20 years straight, matching the national trend…

    • Went on u tub and checked Hinks music out.
      He didn’t need a gunm, 15 minutes of that and you’d jump off a cliff.

      My cousin that killed a guy with a machete kinda looks like him only he was a much better guitar player.

    • I have family still living in Williamsburg, VA where Hinckley was being held all that time, including working at the mental hospital he was “held” in. He had been wandering loose around the town for years and years, for hours and days at a time, completely unsupervised and without anyone in the town being advised he was there. Something is wrong with that system.

    • Will the people of WV support this? I’m wondering about Manchin. I assumed the SC nomination and blowing a bunch of money was about all of the damage they could do before the midterm elections.

      • Who cares about Manchin when half, or more, of the Republicans are better aligned with Mittens and the NYT op-ed page than they are with their own voters?

        • So true. I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. The ATF is “functioning” without a director that was confirmed by Congress. Where are all of the “democracy” fans from the Left? They seem to love rule by fiat as long as they approve of the rule. It must be easy to live life without principles.

        • strych9 & Dude Horse Pucky! The vast majority of Republicans elected or otherwise, are Conservative. Miss Mittens is hardly Conservative on any day. He’s a RINO on his best day.

    • Yeah the rumor I have been hearing is that he has been pushing AFT to publish the scary ghost gun ban crap in the Federal Register this week. The lawsuits are set to fly and it likely will get at least a temporary injunction before it can go into effect for multiple reasons if they publish it basically unchanged from the original proposal.

      Time to donate to your favorite actual gun rights .org!

  7. Why does the cop have a bandana over his face?

    Is this cartoon actually trying to get at a bit of truth about cops enforcing mandates and not liking the concept of having to do it against an armed public (hence why they’re so “hardcore” in disarmed areas and much more chill in places that acting like an authoritarian fuckhead is hazardous to their health)?

  8. Anybody remember when FL passed the carry permit system decades ago ?
    After all the car jackings of tourists?
    The anti-gun people said it would be like the wild west.
    Yet none of the anti-gun predictions of anything has ever turned out to be true.

  9. In the good news this morning. NY city mayor and Nancy (AKA ‘Nance’) Polosi have COVID.

  10. the crimes will rise with the joyful singing of the leftists choir

    fear +propaganda will do us in

    unless of course we force the gop to protect us from the leftists

    and since that isnt happening

    that only leaves one solution

  11. “An armed society is a polite. society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” — Robert A. Heinlein in “Beyond This Horizon”

  12. Once again, folks:

    Permitless carry merely allows the law-abiding to legally do what criminals, gangstas and terrorists have been doing for 100+ years.

  13. Their ‘fear’ is of an armed populace that can’t be overpowered and controlled without a fight (currently Ukraine). And, like the Russians, these ‘anti-gun’ people are just Communists hiding behind the words ‘Liberals’ and ‘Progressives’. They have been doing this since the ACLU was formed in the 1920’s. Their ultimate goal is to disarm us so that it is easier to eventually control us. Don’t be ‘useful idiots’ and go along with their ‘reasonable gun control’ measures. It’s a ploy

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