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Strange days. California goes dark, passing a raft of civilian disarmament laws that bring new meaning to the word “infringe.” Colorado voters recall two politicians for their pro-gun control votes, re-invigorating The People of the Gun. And the Rabbi posts a gun safety video featuring my second ex-wife; a self-defense tip filmed before everything went to hell (marriage-wise). Still you gotta laff, mate. I mean, guess who was behind the camera? Dummy gun or dummy me? Yes. Click here for more ballistic bon mots at Armed ResponseTraining.

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  1. Notice how she took her finger off the trigger as soon as she was alerted to the problem… Notice how she corrected the direction when it was pointed at her side as soon as she was alerted to the problem.

    Notice how she continued to point at the camera man even when told that she should not… and had to be redirected physically…. Any questions?

  2. THAT was (one of) the former Mrs. Farago(s)?

    Wowee. Nice Robert. Very nice.

    She must’ve had an oil-tanker full of weapons-grade crazy for you to give that up. I’ve been there.

      • I’m not torturing him. When I was in college I dated a girl who I am pretty sure went on to date a prominent member of the Philadelphia Phillies. She was insanely hot, it hurts to even think about it.

        BUT… there comes a point when you have to to a cost-benefits analysis when you’re dealing with crazy. And this chick was craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy.

        After six months of that I kicked her to the curb with extreme prejudice. Once you’re exposed to true, 100% pure crazy even the sex can’t make up for it.

        So when I say I’ve been there, I mean it. If she is as crazy as he has described in the past, he made the right choice and I sympathize.

  3. If this is a true instruction session, not impressed with his instruction technique. Setting her up for failure.

    Oh, and…I’ve been there before (not divorce, but ended relationships) and actually currently there now…hotness makes you remember the “good times” through rose-colored glasses, but once you finally see through the haze it loses it’s hold on you. Takes WAY too damn long for that to happen, though…

    • It’s and instructional video tfunk, give it a rest. Best way to teach a video viewer is to show the right way and the wrong way.

      • Exactly. And the teaching style I saw in the video was “No, you’re doing it wrong. Here’s how you SHOULD do it…”. No explanation beforehand, demonstration beforehand, etc.

        For example, if you had young children would you be happy if their teacher’s method of teaching math was “Everyone, what’s 13 plus 8? No…you are all wrong. Now I will teach you how to add”?

        This method of teaching turns learners off, both young and old, because it constantly sets them up for failure.

        • Hey tfunk, I have an idea. Why don’t YOU spend years learning and perfecting a skill, make a video that offers some advise to new shooters and give it away for free so we can all see how YOU do it.

          Get a life

        • Thank you, Babs, for your most pertinent suggestion. It is a timely reminder that I do indeed need to get a life.

          And I am positive that you are not one of the batsh*t crazies referenced. Or not.

        • Babs, Teaching styles vary widely and so do results. While I personally would have no issue with rabbi’s methods or demeanor, I guarantee this style will not work with everyone. At least, with the tiny sliver we are shown in the vid.

          Why do I say this? Because I have personally trained a coupla thousand employees and a few hundred managers over the decades. As well as training and running hundreds of trainers who then trained thousands each.

          Without getting too much onto a whole bunch of biz-speak, let me try to distill it down to it’s essence. It’s called ‘setting them up for success’. Here’s the very basics…

          1. Explain and demonstrate the task to the student. Set the expectation.
          2. Show them the right way, and if possible, the wrong way(s). Explain *why* the wrong way is wrong.
          3. Now have the student perform the task with direction as necessary.
          4. Have the student perform the task without any direction and then critique. Retrain if necessary.
          5. Don’t ever sanction incompetence.

          That’s it in a nutshell. We have no idea what theoretically should have transpired (as this was staged) prior to this chunk of critique, so there’s no way of knowing if the rest of the steps were in there and we just didn’t see them. But some of that was in there, so it’s really unfair to judge anything based on a 2 minute clip.

          I have no problems with old school sink or swim, but it is only appropriate for a small section of any group.

    • Yep. That’s why it’s important to get back together for a month or two now and then. Defogs those rose-colored glasses, but not right away because some of that really good part was real. Just don’t take out a license.

      I can almost hear it: “Sure, Robert, it was all my fault. If you gave me half the driving time you gave the Ferrari, maybe it would have been different.”

      • Eh, I went back with one 25 years later. It lasted almost a year before I ended it. Absolutely batsh*t crazy, and no amount of hot sex was ever going to make up for it.

  4. Item #2 – How does that work for people who “appendix carry”? Wouldn’t the muzzle by default point at some pretty important appendage(s)?

    And what about that concealed holster that hangs right under your belly button? Can’t remember the name of it but the thought of sitting down with that thing cradled there always gives me the willies.

    • The very notion that you’re never going to have the muzzle of your pistol pointed at some part of you is absurd on it’s face for a great many reasons. I think the idea is that you don’t want it pointed at you while you’re manipulating the weapon, since there is just about a zero chance of it going off just sitting in its holster.

      It’s all about the trigger, always the trigger and when it doubt it’s about the trigger. Don’t touch it.
      As for ‘muzzling’ it’s a great lesson for newbies to get started thinking real hard about where their weapon is pointed, but the simple reality is that you’re going to have to muzzle things you don’t want to shoot all the time; walls, floors, your hip, your leg, the car seat. . . it’s endless how much time a muzzle is pointed at something not a valid target. The thing is guns don’t shoot themselves, so long as no one is messing with it, it frankly doesn’t matter where it’s pointed.

      I’m always amused by the ‘no muzzeling’ thing. If you consider that a guy with a horizontal shoulder holster walking in a large city muzzles thousands of people per hour but no one is ever shot this way, it kind of tells you something about muzzle awareness.

      While I’m at it, the ‘every gun is always loaded’ thing irks me too. First off, it’s patently not true. In fact, if every gun were always loaded there would never be a safe method (or even a practical one) of cleaning them.

      The retort is usually ‘treat. . ‘ as in of course it’s not loaded but treat it like it is, which has a pair of adults pretending something they both know isn’t true.

      If you actually did always treat it like it was loaded then you could never reload, clean or repair or even transport it in any cases. It’s an absurd concept.

      I wonder when (if ever) people will admit that these are things experienced gunners tell newbies to keep them from getting hurt, and when exactly do you tell them to stop doing these silly things?

      • As much as I know I will likely catch some heat for this, down the rabbit hole we go….

        Let’s be really honest here, not everybody is the right lip (or even right side) of the bell-curve. That in no way is meant to be insulting to anyone, we all have our skillsets and gifts.

        That said, you have to train to the lowest common denominator. Period. Regardless of what the “armed intelligentsia” know, the fact is that not everybody else does. Nor will they. And that’s OK.

        As I blabbered about above, I’ve trained a lot of folks in my life to perform different duties. I’ve also trained them to hone and use their own good judgement. I have generally succeeded by a wide margin. I have also failed spectacularly. Assuming that anyone knows anything the way I do, has been the root cause of several of those failures.

        When dealing with highly qualified folks I’ve learned that using the “I’m sure you know this, but I’ve got to tell everyone anyway” gambit works wonders. If they do know, I’m off the hook for thinking them ignorant. If they don’t, they’ll suck it up like a sponge because they want to make sure they *aren’t* ignorant.

        Train them as thought they are complete noobs, but treat everyone as though they are a closet genius (they just might be). Honestly, they’ll learn a lot on their own.

  5. Whats the back story on the drapey cape shawl kind of attire thing for the range?
    Doesn’t even hide the gun.
    Maybe the Good, fron G,B&U wearing a transparent sarapi.
    High neck T is the way to go, right?

  6. This whole video is a long awkward way of saying “Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.” and “Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.” twice. Also, does anyone really hold their trigger finger that high up on the slide?

  7. I was married to two stunning women, not at the same time of course.
    #1 was carazzy
    #2 was a covert Progressive, which is to say Carazzy!
    Best to walk away and never look back

    • I kinda feel that same way.

      What RF – you gave up moaning about the super model links in every other post so you have to post videos of x’s now?

      ::eye roll::

      I love you man but this isn’t helping.

  8. I thought the “look at your finger, it’s still on the trigger” bit was overdone. After firing on shot at a perp, my finger isn’t leaving the trigger guard until I’m sure another shot isn’t required for the stop. And I only lift the finger to the frame, not the slide.

    She looks bored to tears by the end of the clip. “He told me I’d be in the movies!”


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