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I’m not entirely sure that holding a bad guy at gunpoint is a good idea. I’m definitely sure that re-enacting a defensive gun use (DGU) for the media is a bad idea. Anything you say or do is admissible as evidence and there’s no lawyer there to tell you—or the jobbing journo—to cease and desist. But hey, it worked-out for George Zimmerman and it makes for great DGU material here. And there’s one less [humiliated] bad guy on the streets, thanks to Betty Collins. Wait. Did you see the paper that Ms. Collins holds up at :54? Thomas Lee Johnson is back on the streets. I bet Mr. Johnson’s friends and family watch TV. What does that tell you?

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  1. Mas Ayoob has covered instances where citizens have faced reprisal attacks after a defensive incident.I’ll put it like this;the bad guys have friends in the legal and court system, and they can track you down with or without the media’s unwitting assistance.

    Two is one,and one is none.

    • He knows where he was and if he ever forgets all he has to do is watch the video as the street was named by the media and the address was shown as well on camera. Now everybody knows just where she lives.

      • You’d think the news editor would have the good sense to blur out house numbers and license plates, although it was stupid of her to agree to go on camera without insisting on that.

        • It was a stupid for her to go on T.V. w/o having a competent lawyer hand guiding her words as if he was a Frank Oz and she was Ms. Piggy.

          I don’t have any animosity to her, just that there are far too many who want to punish victims. One method to get snapping turtle meat is to lure the head out with a stick, have it clamp down, hold tight then take an axe to the poor creature’s neck & then finally bury the head so it can’t take off a toe or two. Think of the microphone as that stick and the legal system as the axe.

  2. Since she’s working on her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice, I wonder if she’ll get extra credit for her two encounters with lowlives. After all, she’s made more of a contribution to the system than most judges.

  3. From this clip alone you can learn her full name and address including house number. Also what kind of car she drives, and something about her schedule given that she is doing a PhD…

    Not to bright for someone studying criminal justice.

  4. It was nice to see someone protecting themselves with a firearm and 1) have it reported on in a more-or-less positive aspect and 2) not be discouraged / scolded by the MSM for doing so.

    I sure wouldn’t have given that face time to my local TV drone though. OpSec. But good on Betty. And I’ll bet the reason Betty’s boyfriend didn’t appear along with her in that news story was because he was AT WORK. 🙂

  5. You know what is interesting here? First of all, it doesn’t appear to me that the criminal did anything justifying deadly force. (Pointing a gun at someone is deadly force even if you don’t pull the trigger.) Second of all, Ohio is a “duty to retreat” state and she did not appear to make any attempt to retreat. While I personally find no fault with her actions, I suspect the prosecutor might not be as charitable.

    • You don’t know intent or if the person was armed at the time of the encounter.

      What would have been your response?

    • I can’t comment on Ohio and the duty to retreat but it is a Castle Doctrine state. However, the thug was in the commission of a crime. That puts the weapon into the category of self defensive use.

  6. OMG – this could be an OPSEC case study for what NOT to do. With what was in just that story there are so many scenarios that could be run against her – none of them good.

  7. Thomas Johnson, a fine member of the community. Who feels entitled to others property. One squeeze and Toledo would save a fortune in legal costs, incarceration, and police activity.
    This lady should consider putting the bikes inside.
    Smokin’ info babe reporter too.


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