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And try to ignore the screaming.

(H/t to my dear wife, who never would have found this for me if she didn’t watch Glee.)


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    • Well, there is certainly truth at TTAG, that ABSOLUTELy was the worst death scene ever. It hurt to watch it. What movie is that from so I NEVER accidently watch it?

  1. I like how she closes her eyes while she’s aiming and opens them after she shoots…..and still hits her target. I wonder if Rob Pincus teaches how to do that?

  2. The reason her shots are so painful to him is that she thrusts the gun forward as she shoots, which improves fragmentation.

  3. Actually she clearly needs to STOP shooting because every time he stops screaming and starts to collapse, her next shot reinvigorates him for another round of theatrics!

  4. Thank you for that! I am having a terrible day, but now I can’t stop laughing.

    The karate chop to the neck was exactly how I was taught to do it.

  5. I clearly see we need to drive more traffic to TTAG – the writers don’t make jack-$hit such they can’t afford premium cable channels.

    I can see the telethon now . . . Emily Miller wearing a pink chiffon full length dress working the tote board Vanna White style and repeated cut-aways to varrious gun bloggers working the phone lines while Alan Gottlieb wears a powder blue tux with a ruffled shirt begging us for $5.00 more . . . . for the children.

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