“The ‘Edge of Glory’ singer shocked her fans Tuesday night when she toted a gun onstage in Milan during the European leg of her Born This Way tour,” celebuzz.com reports. “The 26-year-old superstar appeared onstage — looking angelic in a flowing white gown, matching fur coat and a circular headpiece – wielding a giant machine gun in her hands. Later in the show, Mother Monster also donned a black bralet [sic] with guns strapped to the front.” So now we know: where Madonna leads, Madonna clones follow. The media doesn’t know squat about semi vs. full-auto (surprise), bullpups are all the rage, Lady Ga-Ga has no trigger control and she likes to shoot herself in the foot from time-to-time. Hey, who doesn’t?


  1. That is a painted Nerf gun; the N-Strike Stampede. In all honesty, it is an automatic! (Battery operated, for kids 8 and up… haha)

  2. I’m pretty sure the Gaga did the gun thing first with her Rolling Stone cover photo about two years ago. Madonna only started up with random guns a few months ago.


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