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I have no idea what’s happening in this video, really. My Google-Fu failed to find any news of the fight. The person who posted it reckons “Two intoxicated off duty cops pull guns at Billy’s Bar and Grill after they initiated fight. After all was said and done the local police let them go home without any charges.” Be that as it may—and it sounds entirely credible on every level—check out the number of people who either run towards the violence or stand there, watching. We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a dozen times: if something bad is going down get of town. Get off the X. Leave. GTFO. You’re not a cop (unless you are). That is all.

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  1. One note. GTFO is only an option if its safe to do so. If lead is about to fly and you are not near an exit, seek cover. Or at least concealment. (Sadly, very few things in our daily lives provide actual cover.)

    • That’s a fun game to play when you’re bored though. “What around me would make adequate cover?”

  2. There’s a long running joke about how cops see other people in the world. They are in three categories: Other Cops, Family and Friends of Cops, Low-Life Scum. Criminals are often in category 2. Citizens are usually in category 3. Who watches the watchmen? Just watch as the “brotherhood” closes ranks when there is any scandal.

  3. The bikers should all be stripped of their rockers because they were all useless. The chick got more punches in than any of the guys. I also guess bikers in that town don’t pack heat or anything else because they all just stood there. These fools are lucky no one got shot.

  4. Oh, it’s cops misbehaving? Right, no charges for them. What? They were peons? Jump on their necks with both feet and throw them in a cage.

  5. Not knowing what happened, I feel overqualified to speak. IF they were drinking, and they pulled out their pieces, they should be locked up. In TN, if I carry, no drinking. Not only common sense, but the law too. Why the heck should an off duty cop get a pass, when my rear would be in the clink, and I might be permit-less?

    • Not the law in IN. I may get flamed but, I disagree that common sense dictates you can’t have a beer with dinner while packing. If you get drunk and do something stupid, that’s something else entirely.

    • Hey I wrote this post like twenty minutes after the video went live. I’ve been offline all day. No excuse, just an explanation.

  6. There’s a Billy’s Bar & Grill in the town where I grew up. Dive bar, made fabulous wings. I was halfway hoping this happened there. I was disappointed.

  7. Don’t get between me and the exits when stuff goes down. You will wake up in the ER with a foot print, size 12w on your face. I got over that too proud to run bullsnot about the time my first kid was born.

    Will I defend myself and my loved ones, absolutely. But if I’m solo and it’s some one else’s crap storm. See ya.

  8. I remember years ago being at a pool hall in Texas….
    I know that sounds like the beginning of a good joke but there I was, peacefully playing pool when…
    A couple of tables over a guy was being rude to his girlfriend when a good ole’ cowboy started taking up for the girl. Very quickly things escalated into a fight. The guy running the place did something to make a loud noise (no firearms or explosives involved) and yelled “everybody out! we’re closed!” Kinda diffused the situation as all the patrons left shocked and grumbling.
    I may be more situationally aware now than I was then but I was amazed at how quickly things got out of control. I’m not sure I could have gotten out of there before something started happening. I guess that the point is that you’ve got to choose where to be and it’s better not to choose to be somewhere that violence often occurs. But it’s not always easy to know that, I was visiting from out of town.

    • I should also note that those two officers didn’t get their blood-alcohol levels checked either.

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