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Our man Pincus has hooked-up with Daniel Defense, purveyors of “lighter, better, stronger.” Although there’s a whole lot of branding goin’ on, RP and DD seem AO-K to me. My main takeaway from this primo promo: Rob is in excellent shape. Clearly, he’s also developed terrific balance. While it’s never a bad idea to have top-notch weaponry and train to use it efficiently and effectively, it’s a better idea to get fit. It’s your God-given right to drink as many 26-ounce sodas as you want. But if you want to increase your odds of surviving a violent attack your best bet: hit the gym and push away from the table. Which also reduces your odds of a coronary. Which is probably the only thing less fun than being shot. Just sayin’ . . .

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  1. I’ve been going to the gym since I retired. I’m in much better shape than I was but I’ve still got a ways to go. regular trips to the range and regular trips to the gym.

    I wonder if anybody’s opened a gym/range facility?

    • Can’t drag myself to the gym but I recently took part in a run’n’gun competition. Ton’s of fun and a great way to challenge yourself physically and on the range. My team mate was in his 60s, almost twice my age. He made up for lack of physical stamina with excellent shooting skills. Several women competed, as well as folks with various physical ailments that kept them from running. The challenges were designed for all levels of fitness, and having fun was the primary objective.

      Also, when nobody is around, been doing dashes out to my targets at the range. Shoot 5 rounds, sprint out to check target, sprint back, repeat. Not trying to win anything, just to not become a total sloth.

  2. I was wondering when this would be brought up. I think that unless someone is fit, agile, and physically tough, they would be a liability in something like an active shooter scenario.

  3. Jumping those hay bales with a rifle was impressive; Rob has the balance of a cat….

    I’m no Rob, but playing racquetball regularly keeps me fit, my reflexes sharp and hand eye coordination up to snuff. I also ride crazy-long bicycle rides for endurance…

    It was also fun to watch Rob roll out the expletives, Hooyah Mr. Pincus !!!

    • Ever hear of Core Ball? Basically racquetball played with a medicine ball that you have to heave all over the place. Supposedly awesome at improving core stability, balance, and upper body rotational strength, which would all come in handy in a close encounter of the unfriendly kind.

  4. Fitness is good. But to be perfectly frank (I’ll be earnest if you’d rather), I can’t imagine a man of my age being fitter than a 25 yo BG who’s trying to kill me. So if it’s all the same to you, I’d just as soon shoot the bastard.

  5. Let ‘s be real. Can we leave the ninja training for the other blogs? Half the population are women. Ayoob says they rate at 50 to 66 percent upper body strength. There are quite afew disabled who carry. When you boys hit your 60’s with arthuritis, injuries, pills, and hospital visits you will realize how dopey you sound. I rate this right up there with the meme that everyone who carries has to get quarterly combat training. Gheeze.

    • With all due respect Tommy Knocker….When I’m 68 I’ll renegotiate….

      Until then I’m keeping this meat puppet in prime condition… I also think it’s not wise to “F” with an old guy because he will simply shoot your unruly A**. Right now I have way too much skin in the game to hit the easy button…

      God Bless…

      • LOL…no offense taken. Just trying in my own surley way to stand up for those not able or on the ends of the bell curve. Want folks to remember them when they make sweeping statements.

        • Precisely, TK. Every time I read about some 72 year old lady who offed the BG who broke into her house, I wonder if she works out.

    • A: Stop Whining and start working. Plenty of “disabled” people train and work hard. Google Kyle Maynard and then go do a squat, a pushup and some soul searching.
      B: Even if you are broke down, you could send a better message to those younger than you to work hard and take care of themselves so that they don’t break down.
      C: Geez.

  6. I always laugh when I watch those prepper channels, or the show doomsday preppers, and they’re morbidly obese. They stockpile food, guns, ammo, other various preps, and mountains of fat. They’re the first to die should anything turn south, and they can’t even admit it.

  7. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!!! I get so tired of hearing people talk about self defense, and they look like they couldn’t even jog to the mailbox – particularly the line in the sand types that fantasize about armed insurrection as they shovel another mouthful of doughnuts in to their mouths.

    They love to talk about respecting civil rights, but if you don’t respect yourself enough to maintain physical fitness, how do you expect other people to respect you?

    • WOW! What a stupendous generalization! You should be proud.

      I’ll jump on board too. F$ck all the fat people, you don’t deserve fit people’s respect and you surely don’t deserve to be able to defend yourself until you get fit and trim like all us RESPECTABLE gun owners.

      I’m 5′ 10″ 175 if it matters.

      • You don’t have to go to either extreme guys…
        but, honestly APBT, someone who shoots every weekend and is 100lbs overweight but preaches about “being ready” and “being able to take care of themselves” needs a wake up call.

  8. Physical fitness is a weapon that helps you live longer whether you are in a fight or not. If you don’t take the time to be healthy, than time will take your health from you.

  9. So, my idea to coat myself with a three-inch-thick layer of bullet-impeding lard isn’t going to stand up as a valid self-defense technique?


    Even when you realize that, once you put on enough natural padding, you can conceal your weapon much easier and more effectively? Pretty much anywhere on your body? Just sort of tucking it in?


  10. Check out Fat Pete Chiodo on Wikipedia. Shot a dozen times and survived because of an armor-like layer of adipose thicker than a Minke whale’s. I’m not recommending “tactical fat.” I’m jusy sayin’.

  11. When this was originally posted, I was going to make a dumb, snarky comment about TTAG needing to do a review of guns & holsters for concealed active use (that which is comfortable while sitting behind a desk isn’t necessarily the best choice while jogging on the treadmill or playing basketball….) But after reading about seven people shot at a spa in WI this morning, I think maybe I’ll make the request snark-free: How do I best conceal while at the gym getting sweaty?

    Also, yes I realize the spa in the shooting wasn’t exactly what RF meant by “gym,” but it’s close enough to make me think I need protection while getting fit, wherever that may be….


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