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“What do you do if your purse is your only option?” I’m not buying the premise. As 1,154,131 (and counting) aliaphotography fans know, women have a wide variety of firearms and carry options that don’t run the risk of theft, loss, retention and extraction issues. Not to mention the fact that I have NEVER seen a woman practice drawing a gun from a purse at a gun range. Nor have I seen a woman attempt to extract a [cleared, safe] gun from a purse under a simulated attack. Remember: the bag in this video is designed for concealed carry. Imagine trying to fish a gun out of a normal purse. Better than nothing? Time spent struggling to get a gun might have been time better spent attacking the bad guy without a weapon or concentrating on escape or evasion. If purse carry is all you got, change the way you dress. IMHO.

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  1. I tell my wife to throw her purse towards her attacker or if the goon has hands on her or the purse to LET IT GO and hope that the purse serves as a distraction to allow her to draw from a concealed on her person holster, retreat, take cover – whatever the best course of action seems to be.

  2. Fanny pack carry is dumb because it’s so obvious that it doesn’t really count as ‘concealed’ at all, but at least a mugger can’t easily grab your fanny pack out of your hands and run off with it. Unless you are a Grandmaster Ninja Badass Woman, purse carry is a total fail. And probably even then.

  3. My wife purse carries so I challenged her to practice her draw every time she puts the purse on. She is getting a lot faster!

  4. Turn off the phone and practice situational awareness or it won’t matter if you already have a firearm in the other hand.

  5. “If purse carry is all you got, change the way you dress”

    You would suggest to young women, on the beach on a hot summer day, walking around in their thongs to put on more clothing? Robert, my friend, you must be getting old.

    • I AM old. But that doesn’t change the fact that you should be in control of—and have access to–your gun at all times. Unless it’s locked in a case or safe. Even then you should know what’s where.

  6. Uhmm, just because you have never seen a woman practice drawing from a purse a a range does not mean that it does not occur, I’ve seen it a number of times, when it is allowed.

    Do not know about your normal range but all the ranges I normally go to do not allow drawing from any kind of holster. The times I have seen it is at a private club and I do not know how many clubs allow drawing from a holster/purse.

    Having said that I am not advocating purse carry but then I do not carry a purse. 🙂


  7. Another problem with purse carry is the fact that it is the target of the casual purse snatcher. If he gets away with your purse, you have just handed him a loaded handgun. If he doesn’t get it away on the first grab, you are then struggling to hold onto it with both hands – making it somewhat difficult to remove the gun from the purse.

    Same objections for men who want to carry in a day planner, fanny pack, briefcase, etc. Carry the handgun on your person, in a holster. If you are determined to go to the beach in a thong (man or woman) – then you are going to have to be armed with your righteousness, because you don’t have many options to conceal anything. Hey, seems to me the whole intent of a thong is to reveal, not conceal.

  8. A gun in a purse is a monumental fail waiting to happen. Speaking of waiting to happen, I was on a checkout line at Target this morning waiting and waiting and waiting for the woman in front of me to find her wallet in her purse. Had I been a BG intent on doing the woman harm, I would have had all the time in the world to do so since it would take her all the time in the world to find her pistol. Come to think of it, I considered doing her harm but decided instead to just change lanes. For all I know, she’s still there.

  9. To all women: “If purse carry is all you got, change the way you dress.”

    Women: Bwaaaahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yeah… right… change my entire wardrobe. Bwaaaaaahahahahahaha!

    As for not seeing women practicing drawing from a purse at a range. I’ve never been to a range that allowed ANY sort of drawing from ANY sort of holsters. It is verboten at every range I’ve had the pleasure of using.

  10. The problem with a fanny pack is that though it is fastened around your waist every one I’ve ever seen has a plastic buckle in the back. An opportunist “snatch and run” specialist on your blind side has easy access to it.

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