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Some people just have to tell the world about everything they do. It’s made Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire. I’ve never really understood the whole social media thing (beyond the occasional snide tweet). But as an Alton, IL couple found out, it can be dangerous to show the world what you have…

The couple had recently resolved a lawsuit and collected a large cash settlement. So what’s the first thing that came to mind? Vacation in Europe? A new Porsche? No, they had a much better idea.

The decided it’d be really fly to take a picture of themselves with all that cash—and a gun—and post it on Facebook for the world to see. You know. Gansta style.

They might as well have taken out an ad asking to be robbed. Shortly after posting the ill-considered pic, two unidentified armed males kicked in their door in the middle of the night demanding the cash. Details are sketchy, but somehow the homeowners avoided harm, losing “only” their gun to the thieves.

Everyone has something they consider valuable. Yakking about it openly on-line is just inviting trouble. It’s a minor miracle the Alton couple weren’t killed. Don’t turn your life into a reality show by baring all your secrets on-line. Keep your cash in the bank and your mouth shut.

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  1. If these people had invested some of the money in a quality security system, it would have saved them a lot of aggravation.

    • Please define a “quality security system” for us people who don’t know? I have dogs that bark at strangers, does that count or must I purchase some high price stuff from ADT or what ever their name is this week? Like cops, electronic security systems are worthless and can easily be bypassed.

      • Using your thinking I would say that could stand for anything, Tony. Anything can be bypassed. I highly doubt that a group of tech ninjas is going to come into your home for your valued goods though. ADT does work and is a great measure to keep folks out.

  2. Just love it when the news media publishes the address of the victim. So, after they suggest everyone not publish private information on facebook, THEY screw the victims by publishing it on TV! Brilliant!

  3. About a dozen of our friends have been encouraging me to join Facebook. After considering the very FIRST invitation for about 3 seconds I decided this is one of the most dangerous things people can do. I wonder what percentage of facebook participants are democrats? If I wanted anybody to know things about me I would tell them personally and no other way. And for putting your life out there you also have to PAY for it! You can’t fix stupid.


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