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“Omaha police have released new details in the officer-involved shooting from last week at Third and Cedar streets,” reports. “While deputies were serving a warrant, a Douglas County deputy tripped. That’s when, officials said, the suspect, David Cermak, grabbed the gun and pointed it at law enforcement. A shot was fired, but it’s unclear whether Cermak or deputies fired first . . . Cermak was shot several times and died.” It could have easily gone the other way, with the cop or cops shot. In any case, there are a few important lessons to learn here . . .

1. Walk/run normally

Whenever I hear trainers recommend a new way to walk with a gun, I shake my head. How long have we been walking? Current age minus one. How often do we fall down (alcohol-related incidents excepted)? Hardly ever.

YES! You can cross your feet while moving and live!

While it’s normal and natural to be scared that you might fall down in an armed confrontation—d’oh!—I would put it somewhere at the bottom of the list, a long way beneath standing still and getting shot.

And if it is a fear with some foundation, oh clumsy one, practice! Practice walking/running with a gun over broken surfaces. It’s not that hard. Really. You can even practice falling down. (Hint: always point it downrage and never catch a falling gun until it’s at rest.) And then shooting. Or getting up and shooting. Ta-da!

2. Practice!

Did I mention practice? I think I did. I can’t emphasize it enough. Practice shooting and walking. Find a range where you can do this. Regularly. And go there. Regularly.

If you must do something “tactical,” practice walking heel-toe, heel-toe. And yes, crouching should be your first response to a dangerous situation. Crouch, draw, walk, shoot. Once you’ve got that sorted, chew gum.

3. Practice under stress

My favorite drill: shoot while someone [really experienced] grabs your belt from behind and attempts to pull you off balance as you try to walk and shoot. Add shouting, airhorns, pushups, etc.

As they say, you gotta walk the talk. But if you’re going down, keep your wits about you. Like visiting Trenton New Jersey, the shorter the trip the better.



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  1. Rule 4: keep your finger off the trigger when you run so you won’t shoot yourself, your buddy or anyone else you don’t want to shoot.

  2. Finally something marching band has readied me for. Marching heel-toe was something that was drilled into my head for four years because a trombone sounds like shit when it isn’t steady. Same thing goes with guns too!

  3. #5-Don’t let a suspect get your damned pistol from you! Now I remember why I don’t miss wearing a badge!


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