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I know a guy who won a road rage gunfight. He spent a year in jail. I know another guy who lost a roadside gun battle. Became an internet gun guru. Go figure. Meanwhile, keep this simple rule in mind: “tarmac and tires.” If you leave enough space between yourself and the car ahead that you can see both tarmac and the car’s tires you’ll have enough room to escape. Provided there’s room to either side. Failing that, what was it that David Essex said? Rock on! I’m not sure I’d cant my seat backwards before s gets real; who wants to risk losing sight of the bad guy(s)? But opening the door and aiming/shooting through the gap between the door and the car body seems ideal. Especially as you can get back into the car and drive away. Now why did I buy a car without a running board?

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    • Heck, any number of decent JHPs in the 9mm through .45 ACP class will zip through automotive sheet metal. There’s a simulated car door and windshield in the FBI bullet test protocol. Hornady Critical Duty, as well as a number of other manufacturers, post pictures of their recovered bullets which have passed through intermediate barriers.

  1. Apparently the current US government doctrine, if you’re high speed enough, is to simply shoot through the windshield or windows, then get out and finish the job. And Bond’s Walther? Apparently the G17 Glock is the new Walther, if you haven’t got your big gun with you. As for Biden’s “just shoot through the door” bit, well, that’s why he’s VICE president perhaps. “A little bit higher, Joe. Through the glass, Joe.”

  2. Interesting. Those are some well thought-out tactics. But damn if I’ll remember that… O.o I suppose the adage “practice makes permanent” would apply here.

  3. I honestly think the defender in a really bad spot at this point. Trying to draw and shoot after someone has already drawn and is shooting is too far behind the curve. Defender is basically in the same spot for 2-3 seconds as he draws and moves for cover behind the a-piller/door. Attacker has full freedom of movement and knows where he should aim for the next few seconds. Defender should use the 4k truck he’s driving and try to run over the attacker as an escape is made. May or may not actually hit him, but it would tip the balance back toward the defender’s favor as the attacker scrambles to get out of the way. Attacker would have a heck of a time hitting the defender as he’s trying to get out of the way of the moving truck.

  4. If you’re in a motor vehicle running it out is the best solution 99% of the time. You are sitting in a 3-4 thousand pound assult weapon. Use it. Even average passenger cars can easily jump a curb and even if you blow a tire you can get several hudred yards down range quickly. If you want to talk defensive positions in a car its better to train at a driving school than thinking about shooting out of a car IMHO. Unless you’re pinned down in traffic your vehicle is a far better defensive weapon than any firearm you could hope to have. Running down an assailant is also going to be legally more friendly. Practice defensive/”assault” driving and be ready to mash your foot on the skinny pedal fast before you draw your gun. Whatever damage you do to your $50K Escalade will be cheap compared to the legal fees if you shoot someone.

    • Years ago I worked pizza delivery in San Antonio. Company policy was no guns, but they did take the time to advise us on safety procedures. We always stopped with plenty of room to pull out and around and we practiced being aware to not get boxed in either in traffic or at a stop. It does seem like situational awareness (and not driving a $50k plus car) would be the best solution to this particular scenario. That said, good advice about the seatbelt and especially in not going for your weapon right away and giving the BG an opportunity to pop you and get away clean. Hell, he might just drag your body out and take the car anyway if it’s worth enough, windshields are cheap.

  5. I have a serious question about force-on-force training with simunitions. I have seen many scenarios where the “criminal” runs up and sticks their handgun in the face or abdomen of the “victim”. Of course that would be a desperate situation if it were real.

    At any rate my immediate instinctive response in that situation is of a martial arts nature — which would typically involve possibly breaking their arm or kicking them extremely hard in the legs or abdomen which could also cause serious injuries. Of course I would not want to injure an instructor who is helping to train me.

    So here is the dilemma. You will never draw your concealed firearm from under your garment faster than a criminal can squeeze the trigger. So it seems to me that suddenly trying to draw is a really bad idea when a criminal has the drop on you. It further seems to me that a sudden, violent strike to their arm or body in about a quarter second is the wisest tactical move when a criminal has the drop. And yet I would not want to actually injure the instructor. What is the training protocol at that point?

  6. Great training video. If I only owned a car I would try to put this into practice. A lass I own a motorcycle. No seat belt to worry about. No protection either. Other then the gas tank. 🙁


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