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“We expect it to be a very powerful and moving morning,” the CNN “reporter” gushes. Yes, well, there’s going to be a lot of that today, as the mainstream media focuses on the March for Life nationwide Children’s Crusade. “It’s an extraordinary sight,” CNN anchor Fred Whitfield enthuses. Well, no. Not really. In fact . . .

The March for Our Lives coverage is just another example of the mainstream media’s long history of promoting civilian disarmament. The scope and scale of this wall-to-wall love fest may be unprecedented, but the tone and content is the same. With one exception . . .

The usual media suspects feel little to no need to balance the gun grabbers’ open mic day with a pro-gun rights perspective.

While the NRA’s been uploading anti-March videos on their NRA TV channel, there’s no official spokesperson appearing on CNN and the major news nets or within the pages of The New York Times.

The nation’s oldest civil rights organization is staying stum. Hoping this “movement” turns out to be a damp squib, as the kids’ anti-gun animus fades into history.

Meanwhile, the “highlight” of this coverage will come when teenagers address a huge crowd gathered in Washington, D.C. Expect much petulance, anger, bloody shirt waving and self-righteous high-fiving. And that’s just from the media.

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    • Commies are gonna commie. They learn nothing from history besides how to repeat it. I’m sure they would just love to be purging wrong think right this very second.

  1. Better pay attention these kids are serious. They’re the Next Big Thing, and calling them communists or freedom haters makes gun owners sounds like kooks. (And too many are)

    • That’s why you don’t bother to call them anything, you just shove them in the helicopter.

    • If McCarthy was alive every teacher and every communist teaching professor would be in jail.. And yes these zit faced alinsky idiots are the future communists and constitution haters.. One more thing.. Didn’t you know that if you denounce one amendment you denounce citizenship… Use your brain!! These kids are not representatives of constitutional citizens. If they do not adhere to the entire constitution… The founders made it easy to know who should be a citizen and who should not be a citizen.. No one involved in any of these protests are true American citizens. Fact!!!!

      • Vince, you grossly underestimate.
        In the minds of most, the 2A is interfering with the Bill of Rights (life). Such discrepancies in the Constitution are common and are resolved by the courts.
        This challenge is quite serious and is being taken up by patriotic Americans.
        Your paranoid name calling is not going to help.

        • No, but making public examples of some of the commie verming in question most certainly will.

          There is no constitutional guarantee of a “right to life”.

        • Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is from the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution.

        • If there is a “Right to Life;” why wasn’t Ashii Harvey charged with a civil rights violation when she killed Lavon Reese while texting and driving at a high rate of speed?

          Hint: there is no “Right to Life” or “Right to Safety.”

          People on a soap box clamoring against freedoms they don’t like may achieve what they want someday. There will always be people who will fight against it.

        • In the minds of most, the 2A is interfering with the Bill of Rights (life).
          These people don’t like any of the Bill of Rights Amendments.
          1A is hate speech.
          4A, 5A, & 6A prevents pre-crime.
          Calling the tide pod eaters Bolsheviks and Nazis is not a tin foil concept.
          Can’t you see that?

        • Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Bill of Rights. Yes, it counts.
          Bill of Rights? Really?
          Sleep much in History Class?

    • Serious fucking idiots, you mean. I was debating with the same nincompoops who had the same non-arguments and banal ad homenem attacks 20 years ago when I was in high school. They were useful idiots of the Cultural Marxists then, and they’re useful idiots now; same long march as the Left has been goose-stepping to since the 1930’s. They’re an irritating, irrational minority of lazy, dimwits who will lose elections for any politicians foolish enough to listen to them.

    • “Better pay attention these kids are serious. They’re the Next Big Thing, and calling them communists or freedom haters makes gun owners sounds like kooks.”

      You are completely wrong about this. Please see my comments below.

    • Hi Mike, I was curious what else you would call the people that want to government to run every aspect of our lives. No hurry, I’ll wait. Us kooks don’t have anything to do on a Saturday besides load magazines and count MREs.

    • HAHAHAHA, Mike come on man give it up, your efforts are admirable and at the very least entertaining. You must realize by now that this site is full of lunatics that don’t even realize theyre being watched through one way glass in an asylum. This isn’t a real gun blog, it’s a social experiment to get obsessive gun nuts to out themselves for the anti social, delusional, hate filled, ineffectual aging nerds that they are. No doubt created by Soro’s and his Jewish, Muslim, Socialist, atheist, anarchist, homo-sexual cabal. LOL. Ohhhhh wooow.

  2. “Massive crowds” banner headlines before the event begins. I can see that coverage will be real honest.

  3. A space-alien looking teenage rump-ranger has become Dear Leader here in the Formerly United States?

  4. Young Marxists for Disarmament…wait most are too stupid to understand you never march for gun control. I’ll be out there IF any Gunssavelife marches happen. I just hung up on an NRA drone with a Washington,DC area code. Off to buy some boo-lits…

    • Trump is congratulating and encouraging the tide pod marchers.
      Is his impeachment so bad?

  5. I can’t understand why these kids don’t realize a gun(s) is nothing more than a tool. Until we all come to the realization we have a mental health problem this will only continue to get worse. Parents are not actually parenting anymore. They occupy themselves with everything but their children. Children seem to have this mindset they are the most important living thing on this planet. If this is your belief then you are part of the problem. The mother and father are the most important aspect of a family unit. They provide for the children and need to be taught from a very young age so they will respect them when older. Until this becomes a staple of our society again, nothing will improve. Have a nice march for the wrong cause, hopefully it will be peaceful and you can enjoy nice weather outside instead of being glued to their xboxs and what not…

  6. There is nothing we can do. We’re too few and we’re too apathetic. The only people courageous enough to resist the government are the pot smokers. They don’t have jobs or anything to lose. The people of the gun are not willing to put our rights in front of jobs and family, and who can blame us. Just join every gun organization you can (only a small percentage of us even join one) and accept that one day, the Safe Act will be nationwide. But it will be done incrementally with plenty of grandfather clauses. Until one day, your grandchildren wake up in the UK

    • … and this is why ancaptards are ancaptards. They see one setback and they are ready to declare defeat. I swear, it’s like talking to frenchmen.

      • That’s extremely insulting to Frenchmen.

        The French at least took the field rather than sitting behind a keyboard crying about how no one took the field for them.

    • I liken the whole SJW movement, and especially the vapid, nagging “intersectional” feminism to be straight out of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

      When I point this out to people, it shuts them up.. Many of them express ignorance (of course – they’re products of today’s public education system), and I tell them to go read up on it. If more people tell these twerps “Yea, kid, I’ve seen your act before – in Communist China. Want to wave a little red book in the air? Go to China.” it hauls them up short.

  7. I have a feeling this is gonna be underwhelming. Oh and I know plenty of kids in my area aren’t participating in this march. Yes they had a school sponsored event after Parkland during which they remembered the dead in that tragedy but none of them are screamin gun control too many high schoolers around here hunt and the military is still a damn good career option in these parts.

      • No but it does help get them there. Problem is POTG don’t march we can’t get decent number together hell gettin more than 100 of us anywhere besides a gun range is about like herding cats. FUDDs won’t march with absolutionists, absolutionists won’t march with centrists, and collectors won’t march with any of us. Not to mention the fact that if we march with our guns we may be shot by some jumpy roided up cop. Yeah we have jobs, families, bills to pay, and our march wouldn’t have a billionaire paying our way but the root cause for our losses is the same as for the Republicans… We cannot work together. Nobody really cares about bumpstocks unless they own one or work for the company making them. Most gun owners will swallow any restrictions and by the time they stand up and march it’ll be too late to change anything because they’ll already be talking about a full ballistic weapon ban.

        • It does help, but for me I was pro 2A before I joined the army, I’ve only become more of a hardcore believer since then.

          I do excercise my rights, I do call my congressmen, I do email, I do call and bitch and gripe and try to spread awareness (in my own inflammatory way). I don’t understand why people are so willing to lie down and submit to the state when it’s become lawless and hostile to the people.

          Oh, and If I’m shot by some roided out cop, then I either become a martyr or a rich man (because I’ll sue the f$&@ out of him) especially since I will have committed no crime, the idiot just doesn’t like guns and saw a citizen with one and this an easy target to shoot.

          And the problem is that a lot of “gun owners” don’t really like guns themselves or they see themselves as “only ones”, nor do they really like soldiers or police officers (even if they believe that they should be the only ones to have “military weapons”). If you’ve been in the military you’ll know what I mean, because after I joined the army, I never really meshed well with “ordinary” people again.

        • And republicans have too many democrats who couldn’t get elected as a democrat so they run as a republican and talk a good game to the old white upper middle income demographic (i.e. The squishy feel good idiots who “love freedom” but don’t know what it is, they just care about their taxes and social security).

        • Oh and one more thing, I know I’m probably one of very few, but I don’t own a bump stock, I never wanted one I don’t want one, there are even certain firearms that I’m not even particularly interested in besides as a curiosity (i.e. the KSG).

          However, the second amendment says shall not be infringed, and I will do everything in my power to ensure the rights of others. I’ll even fight for people whom society has deemed “undesirable”. I believe that a convicted felon once out of prison and off parole (or off paper as you will), should have his full rights restored (as well as some other very unpopular opinions).

          I’ll even fight for the rights of hunters as the government uses agencies like the EPA to infringe on them. Even as those same hunters may go full fudd and demand that my AR’s be taken away…

        • Hey, Doomguy, try to remember that when cops shoot you, they shoot you 20-40 times. Maybe your family could sue.

  8. I always thought there was a law against being a member of the communist party? These mush brain youths are being played, for their emotions. I hope the gov’t does raise the age of firearm ownership to 21, more and more young adults will see what happens when you restrict rights based on emotions and this will backfire long term. .

  9. Any movement where some 17 year old twerp and Kim Kardashian are the face & brains of the movement – ain’t gonna get too far.

    Once these trendy twerps have to debate someone on the issue, their ignorance and political cupidity will be on display for all to see.

    • Not with Pravda, Tass, and Red Star media outlets in control of Amerika. They will edit the crap statements out of the little bumblers and make them look like heroes of the Soviet Union. Breitbart and a few other outlets will show what idiots the tide pod eaters really are.

  10. I say again my last comment from another article here:

    What do we need to do? Start excercising your damn rights in public. Have gatherings (not necessarily rallies) but gatherings with like minded people where you can be armed, rallies also help.

    Our problem is that most gun owners are ashamed and embarrassed of the “radicals” and scared of being harassed, let me let you in on a little secret, we’re never going to be treated fairly, if these losers are the “new civil rights protesters” then we’re like soldiers and real Americans coming home from serving in Vietnam being spit on and called “baby killer” and stuff like that.

    Embrace the suck, let them come at you. This too shall pass, you expose them for who they really are if you are a peacable citizen excercising your rights.

    If the law allows you to carry openly a handgun, carry a handgun openly, if you don’t have a CHL and the law allows you to carry a rifle openly then carry a rifle. Be a Citizen. Don’t be afraid of being harassed by the cops or ignorant morons on the street simply because they don’t know or don’t care about the law. They will be tossed upon the ash heap of history.

    And our founders pledged their lives their fortunes and their sacred honor on a cause that in 1776 was lookin to be all but lost; the least we can do is excercise the rights they helped secure for us.

    But to improve our movement we as gun owners need to start with ourselves, and become Citizens and activists.

    • “Our problem is that most gun owners are ashamed and embarrassed of the “radicals” and scared of being harassed,”

      Maybe in the cities… I don’t know. Don’t live there. Personally, I don’t know anyone who is “ashamed” or even a little worried about the idiot antis. Nobody here is “harassed” by anti-gun people.

      I’d say that most of us just want to live and let live. Most of us don’t have any desire to start fights or even be pushy. It is not apathy to want to mind one’s own business and be left alone.

      • These are 500,000 that would never serve their country, have no clue why the 2nd amendment exists, and would run to Canada if the draft were reinstated. When a gun jumps up, walks out the door and shoots someone on it’s own, then I will march for and end to “gun violence”. The kids seem to be more afraid of churches than guns. It might cause them to review their lives!!!

  11. It’s not about guns. It’s about votes.

    Shannon Watts et al don’t care about gun control. It’s the topic about which they get paid buckets of money. MoveOn, Women’s March Inc., and the rest don’t care a whit about guns.

    They want donations, and they want to register the under-21s at the marches to vote.

    It is a demographic that is underrepresented in voting. This is a tailor-made “Join The Movement” moment to mobilize them to vote on a host of Prog issues. Guns are just along for the ride. .

    • Oh wow. Talk about timing. I’m at a transit terminal and they just made a “17 and over come register to vote” announcement.

  12. I wont be loosing any sleep over this phony staged protest. Kids are entitled to their opinions but that’s about it. The BS media will fan the flames of bloody t shirt waving. Watching any of this will just be a waste of my time.
    I think its a good day to go to the range and fire off some rounds.

  13. So, what do we do? Social movements (temperance and prohibition, anti-pornography crusades, animal-rights, etc.) along with the gun-control movement all operate on the assumption of a moral-imperative which they use to legitimate their political agenda. All claim a moral right to demand that you change your behavior and accept their values and behavior.

    Counter movements, which is what gun-rights supporters represent, can best fight back by challenging the moral-imperative of the gun-controllers. This is where they are weakest. The “kid’s” march really isn’t a kid’s march at all, but was—even before the blood had dried—being orchestrated and downright manipulated by the hard-left grown-ups in the various gun-control organizations.

    The more we talk about the Mom’s involvement, the millions of dollars being spent on the effort, the less pure the kid’s message becomes. We win by attacking the gun-controller’s assumption of a moral imperative. That’s their fundamental weakness. Discredit their moral imperative and the movement collapses.

  14. Pretty funny how even the trolls have no arguments anymore. We have all the facts and guns. Have fun with your little walk. Try not to trip on your own tongue. Insert hitlary falling down stairs.

  15. These are 500,000 that would never serve their country, have no clue why the 2nd amendment exists, and would run to Canada if the draft were reinstated. When a gun jumps up, walks out the door and shoots someone on it’s own, then I will march for and end to “gun violence”. The kids seem to be more afraid of churches than guns. It might cause them to review their lives!!!

  16. If you allow others to use you for your purposes, they will use you for theirs. ~ Aesop

    This is now on display in Washington D.C..

  17. I would suggest we implement mandatory military service or reinstate the draft so these young people have the opportunity to understand what it means to actually protect the rights that we have in our country. It could also clean up a mass of voters if they decided to leave for Canada. It would be exciting to see how quickly the snowflakes changed to marching to stop those laws from passing.

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