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Today we bring you the security guard Joseph D Vilardo III’s “New EDC Small Backpack” ensemble from Everyday Carry.

Handcuffs.  Yes, handcuffs.  But not just any old bracelets!  These are Ace Martial Arts Supply Professional Heavy Duty Black Hinged Police Style Handcuffs Double Lock (Black Hinge) ($13.95!)

God bless Joseph for wishing to maintain the rule of law in his presence, but he’s looking at some mighty serious liability if he tries to cuff someone without an abundance of justification.  But if someone was dangerous enough to need cuffing, why risk your health and well-being getting close enough to them to slap the bracelets onto their wrists?

Or is this a dating tool?  As I’ve written before, I’ve tried the cuffs thing (giving, not receiving) and it just didn’t do much for me.  For her?  Well, let’s not get too far into the weeds.

The other weird thing:  The grape flavored hemp wraps.  Hemp wraps?  Yes, hemp wraps.  Wrapped in a handy little (glass?) pipe that looks like a little test tube.  I followed the link and found a pack of 48 hemp wraps sells for $21.38 on Amazon.

Throw in a Taurus Poly Magnum .357 small-frame revolver and a Tac Force Speedster knife – on yes, and a Wuben 1200 lumen flashlight and you’ve got the highlights.




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    • Don’t know about every state, but most a security guard has no more arrest power than any other citizen. And that’s a felony for a citizen’s arrest. In Florida I had to witness a misdemeanor to make an arrest with two exceptions. Domestic violence and retail theft. Why he is carrying cuffs is beyond me. I made a few off duty felony arrests. All In my jurisdiction. Held them until a 10-8 unit could take them off my hands. Didn’t carry cuffs and didn’t approach. If they had run without offering deadly force I would have let them go. We don’t get everyone every time, but we get everyone eventually. Otherwise, no reload. The hemp wrap is definitely out of place.

      • In Virginia:

        § 9.1-146 A registered armed security officer of a private security services business while at a location which the business is contracted to protect shall have the power to effect an arrest for an offense occurring (i) in his presence on such premises or (ii) in the presence of a merchant, agent, or employee of the merchant the private security business has contracted to protect, if the merchant, agent, or employee had probable cause to believe that the person arrested had shoplifted or committed willful concealment of goods as contemplated by § 18.2-106. For the purposes of § 19.2-74, a registered armed security officer of a private security services business shall be considered an arresting officer.

        • Same in Missouri but only on the premises the work is contracted to and no authorized pursuit off those premises. I still carry a cuff key on my keyring only because it has been forever. I still have my cuffs somewhere but I definitely don’t carry them. No reason to since I’m just a lowly private citizen.

  1. Two things come to mind when I look at this EDC. First is someone that wants something they can drop and go if necessary, IE they won’t miss it because of how much it costs. The second is someone is on a budget and carries what they can afford to get them by. Either way if it works is what matters.

  2. I really like my Taurus Model 605 Poly Protector, truth be told, it’s my goto for everything except when I’m out and about and off the property, and even then it comes along as a great B/U…
    I got the SS model because I’m always stuffin’ it in back pocket, whether I’m goin’ down to pick up the mail, climbin’ on the mower, or out on the tractor…
    When I first got it, I tried full power 158 gr .357 Magnum ammunition and soon(5rnds) realized that the frame was too light to shoot that comfortably, so now it houses Speer 135gr +P .38 Special…
    Unless you use speed strips to reload, the left side of the grip needs to be contoured to accommodate the HKS 36a speedloader…

    • It’s an advertising gimmick. They’re no THC or CBD in such a wrap.

      Making it from hemp means they can, and do, advertise it as “tobacco free” (healthy smoking! LOL). Which of course makes no sense since blunt wraps are “for tobacco” which is what makes them “not drug paraphernalia” in most jurisdictions. So either you’re using tobacco free wraps for your tobacco or… you don’t want tobacco in your other inhaled smoke which obviously suggests certain other substances.

  3. Grape flavored blunt wraps… wow, that’s pretty 11th grade. No accounting for taste I guess.

    Never heard of Wuban Tactical for flashlights but I question the IPX8 rating on anything that has a rubber plug over it’s charging port. Though, to be fair, the ad suggests that it comes with multiple tailcaps and one doesn’t have that port. So I dunno, seems moderately legit for the main purpose they seem to suggest for it: an attachable bicycle headlight with adjustable beam.

  4. I’ve met a lot of people with rolling paper like that. Funny thing, I’ve never once met someone who used tobacco in them. I don’t personally care about the high crime of smoking weed but when you include drug paraphernalia as your “every day carry” along with a handgun and handcuffs, you’re making some questionable choices. And someone calling themselves (or even working as) a security guard doesn’t allay my suspicions.

  5. It’s all a matter of opinion. Good for him, but nothing there I would buy or carry except the flashlight. Not even the Nissan keys. In fact, especially not the Nissan keys…

  6. Only thing I got is LOL… WTF.

    Parking lot security who carries cuffs, would more than likely be fired for carrying, and a hemp wrap. Seriously man… go take the fucken tests and just be a LEO.

  7. I roll my own cigarettes, using the cheapest papers I can by. Also I’d like to blow that Facebook Twitter bird n @ thing away from the heading picture every stinking time I try to enlarge the pic to see what everyone vis talking about I enlarge the Facebook Twitter bird and fcks everything up. I’d even use a Taurus handgunm if I had too. I think Taurus is just as good as any of the others .. handcuffs remind me of my girlfiend, she lost the keys on a Pair of S&W’s but lucky for us she knows how to pick them. Good trick there possum girl.

  8. I’d lose the cuffs and pick up a couple of speed strips or 5 star loader.

    I can’t make HKS loaders work with poly……or an LCR for that matter.

    I cant speak to Hemp Wraps. I mean really….grape?

  9. My wife approached me with handcuffs and said “Put these on me and do whatever you want with me,”. so I cuffed her to the bed and went to the range.

  10. Don’t know about the grape wraps, but I do know a few people I wouldn’t mind handcuffing to a tree in bear country and riding away.

  11. I just noticed that the trigger guard on that Taurus looks really small, like it wouldn’t work at all with gloved hands.

  12. This load out screams wannabe cop if he can pass a drug test.
    Cheap to cheaper along with handcuffs that security guards generally
    are now allowed to use against a citizen.

    • Hemp is not marijuana. The difference is the amount of THC each contains. Good quality marijuana can contain as much as 30% THC where as hemp only contains 0.3% THC. Can hemp cause a positive drug test? Yes but it’s rare and hemp has to be consumed in large amounts for it to happen.

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