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Warning: you may find this a little disturbing. If you think the whole idea of Santa Claus is a bit creepy, you’re not the only one. [h/t]

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    • Same here, I needed a good laugh today.

      I really liked the ‘Fargo’ reference at the end.

      (Silent Night, Violent Night…)

  1. I thought he just kidnapped all the kids who caught him enslaved them, made them wear silly green and red uniforms and forced them to build toys in his workshop. >.>

  2. Well, first I was gonna pop this guy hanging from the street light, and I realized, y’know, he’s just working out. I mean, how would I feel if somebody come runnin’ in the gym and bust me in my ass while I’m on the treadmill? Then I saw this snarling beast guy, and I noticed he had a tissue in his hand, and I’m realizing, y’know, he’s not snarling, he’s sneezing. Y’know, ain’t no real threat there. Then I saw little Tiffany. I’m thinking, y’know, eight-year-old white girl, middle of the ghetto, bunch of monsters, this time of night with quantum physics books? She about to start some shit, Zed.

  3. This falls into the “You disgust me, but I like it…” category. It’s like making a film where Santa Claws gets turned into a Zombie and the benign Christmas toy delivery trip becomes a rampage of murder, mayhem and brain-eating. Possibly funny to adults, but terrifying to children.

  4. Santa’s “no witnesses” remark is unfortunately right on target with the current class of home invaders: kill first, take your time to rob. Got to be ready whether you like it or not.


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