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“When I got married I quickly discovered my new bride did not like guns and didn’t want any in the house,” Terry Turner writes at “That was OK since I couldn’t afford a gun or ammo anyway. The no guns rule went on until all our kids had grown and left home. It was then I started a campaign to get a shotgun.” H-h-h-hold it! . . .

Mr. Turner couldn’t afford a gun and ammo yet he somehow managed to raise at least two children? I’m calling B.S. You can buy a new Mossberg Maverick 88 Security Pump Action shotgun (above) for under $200. A box of 10 Hornady Critical Defense 12 Gauge 2-3/4″ 00 Buckshot shells will run you $12.99.

The real reason Mr. Turner didn’t buy a shotgun? His wife didn’t want him to. Because guns. Because marriage.

How many millions of American men are browbeaten cowed to the point where they allow their wives/girlfriends to stop them exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms — to defend themselves and their families?

[Fair disclosure: I’ve been divorced twice. My derision does not reflect my ability to sustain an amicable relationship more than, say, five years.]

To his credit, Mr. Turner finally found the stones — or negotiated a deal with his wife — to buy a shotgun. And then . . .

We ate supper and were in the process of cleaning up when the phone rang. I answered it. A voice on the other end said, “This is the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office and there is a deputy outside your door and he wants to talk to you.” As I hung up the phone I thought, “Oh my gosh they found out I bought a gun!”  . . .

There was a deputy at the bottom of the porch steps who politely explained, “The local police officer reported he heard gunshots in the area and thought it came from here.” I thought about it and then remembered hearing something. I told the deputy I heard it too but thought it sounded like a car backfiring.

We talked for a few more minutes and when they couldn’t find anything everyone left. I walked back in the house satisfied that the incident was over. There was my wife standing in the living room. She had watched the drama unfold from the window. She had her hands on her hips and was glaring at me. She said, “I told you not to buy that damn gun!” And walked away.

After a few years of languishing in the closet I finally sold the gun and haven’t owned one since. Like I said I don’t think the Second Amendment applies to me.

Yes. Yes it does. It applies to everyone, regardless of marital relations.

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  1. Wow…. I just… can’t comprehend that there’s people who think like that. And allow themselves to be treated like that.

      • It’s not an optical illusion. On my AR-15 rifle, I have my scope so I can snipe plus side sights 45 degrees over for close range shots.

        • It’s an optical illusion. The bead is on top of the barrel. Pretty sure nobody builds a pump action shotgun with a 45 degree offset bead.

      • Optical delusion. View is looking down from the top (as clearly seen from the barrel nearly overlapping the magazine tube). The clamp-on light behind the barrel makes the image more confusing than it should.

      • The photo is an illusion because the light is clamped to the left side of the barrel at the 9 o’clock position, the bead looks like it is at the 3 o’clock position but is not.

      • Guessing it’s a slug barrel with rifle sights, the bead as mentioned earlier is for close in work.

    • I don’t want to be mean, but he sounds like a beta male that got lucky and his wife knows it. He married up and his wife made sure he knew it for the duration of their lives thus far. And… she happens to hate guns and not care about what makes her husband happy. I’ve already put her in the “selfish b!tch” category and him in the “semi-effeminate milk-toast” category. Sorry – just speaking my mind here.

      • Really “speaking your mind” there Mr. Anonymous. Having a firearm in the house is a big decision and as with all decisions like that is needs to be mutual. If your wife doesn’t want you to spend the household funds on a my d**K is bigger than your D**K pickup or muscle car that should be mutual as well. Sorry if this offends the cavemen who have commented.

        • Really Michael Smith, spoken like a true beta male! Besides the fact that GOD told us that MEN are head of the household, nature itself says the same thing. A weapon in the house is not even comparable to the “bigger dick” analogy nor is it comparable to buying a vehicle worth tens of thousands of dollars. It actually is more like buying that piece of costume jewelry and a handful of flowers that will be brown in two days for the wife, three or four times each year. And what do you get? Another worthless tie, or other clothing that you’ll only wear because the wife asks “why haven’t you worn the **** I got you for ****day”!? A real man will sit the wife down and lay down the law by telling her that it is YOUR job to protect your wife and family from harm, and that those instructions come straight from GOD! You also try to calm her doubts and fears by telling her that you will make sure that you are well trained, knowledgeable, and that you will make sure she is too! Of course if you are only half the man your mother is/was then drop your panties and bend over when confronted by the criminals. There is only ONE kind of MAN, all the rest are boys and girls!

          Every woman I dated/married, the first conversation contained the word GUNS! Their reaction dictated whether our relationship started or ended! I graduated the Special Forces Qualification Course (Green Berets) in 1976, and until a woman can do the same ……….!

          De oppresso liber!

        • Having a firearm in the house is a big decision and as with all decisions like that is needs to be mutual.

          Wasn’t a big decision for us. Actually it was a very small micro decision. Buying a new car. Buying a new home. Those are big decisions for me. But “big decision” is, I’m sure, different to different people. Buying a $200 pistol, cheaper than a used playstation, and keeping it somewhere secure in the home is a small – little decision for us. In fact, I’ve bought guns without even asking my wife or even letting her know, and she has gone shopping at the mall and bought tons of clothes, purses, shoes, etc, and not told me about it. And neither of us care. Granted, if we were in financial difficulty, it is our duty to both refrain from these, but that wasn’t the case.

          Regarding “mutual.” I agree. Some purchases and some decisions require a mutual consensus. And a lot of that mutual consensus requires respect for each other, compromise, and tolerance. And during the discussion of these ideas requiring “mutual” agreement, when one party greatly desires a thing, they must fight for it in debate and make their wants, needs, and desires known with the best persuasion they can muster in order to let the opposite party understand the degree of desire they have for such a thing. If they are a timid milquetoast that concedes and capitulates everything, they will be easily dominated. And there is nothing “mutual” about that. For example. I like guns and my wife knows it. My wife likes the new Honda Odyssey. Now while I don’t care much for it, I understand that she greatly wants it and she made that abundantly clear, so I agreed that the next vehicle we get will be a Honda Odyssey. And likewise, she knows I like guns. Which is why on fathers day she asked if I wanted to buy a gun. She doesn’t care much for them, but she still gets them for me because she knows I like them. And this is called tolerance, and in order to get there, you have to break through arguments about wants and desires in life.

          And if you can’t reach this place through talking, and your wife wants to issue ultimatums, then you can issue ultimatums too, and this is the path to separation. She won’t tolerate it, unless you push the envelope and test her tolerance and not be a milquetoast. And in the end, if she can’t tolerate you wanting a weapon to defend her, you, and your property against the unknown, I don’t know what to tell you.

          If your wife doesn’t want you to spend the household funds on a my d**K is bigger than your D**K pickup or muscle car that should be mutual as well.

          Pickup? Muscle car? I thought we were talking about a used $200 pistol here. But besides that, I was never saying a person should purchase something without discussion with their wife if they both perceive that purchase as a “big decision” as discussed above.

          Sorry if this offends the cavemen who have commented.

          Not offended at all. I’m not so sensitive as to be offended by something so trivial as this.

        • I like being called a caveman by weak feminist men like you. Cave men were straight hardasses that make ANY modern day hardass look like bitch by comparison. I am absolutely flattered you’d compare me to men who killed enormous mammoths, saber tooth tigers, and dire wolves with mere spears.

        • Ha ha I was carrying on my wedding night, my wife is a libtard but does not minds guns go figure that. I own and carry what I want & were I want or she hit the road. Better to be alone then wishing you were alone.i went and bought 30k hunting spot on the other side of the country and no I did not ask for permission. I am a free man who does love his wife too.

    • Yep.

      I don’t tell my wife how much jewelry she can have, or how many purses she needs, or shoes. And likewise she doesn’t tell me how many guns I can have. It’s called tolerance and it’s great.

      • its more than tolerance i think, its respect and a lot of people have no self respect and others have no respect for others.

    • If there is ever a bump in the night, he should roll over and say to his wife: “Go take care of it! – Go check it out. I’ll wait here. Let me get the shotgun for you… oh wait, nevermind. Well whatever, you don’t need it anyways!”


    • While not great, this isn’t the worst of outcomes. Both parties to the relationship made their own choices in order to sustain that relationship. If both he and she are comfortable with that, then more power to them. The 2A still applies and will continue to apply so long as the government does not interfere in the decision of the two parties in a consensual relationship.

      • Bullshit. The is plain old spousal abuse. Bitch needed to keep her damn mouth shut.

        • If that was a joke – it was funny.

          If it wasn’t – I wouldn’t call it spousal abuse. But it does look like they have a lopsided relationship, which is unfortunate.

    • I would have gotten the gun issue settled b 4 marriage. If you do not like guns then you are not compatible with me. Adios !

    • That’s been the standard for decades now. Getting married means a man must be completely subservient to his wife or he’ll be divorced and financially ruined.

      • Not quite if you start from the beginning. If you are the only bread winner and there is an argument ans someone says “sleep on the couch”, you say, “I have the job you are sleeping on the couch.”
        She slept n the couch once and I never have. We have been married 41 years.
        There has to be an alpha in every relationship. It does not mean you have to be an ass. Relationships go both ways and you have to bend and do what is best. Talk out logically (if that is possible) and come to a common agreement. Never make decisions completely on your own.
        If you are also millennials then you are probably sharing clothes and makeup. Probably it would not be best if you were reading things like this because it goes against your nature, WHATEVER that may be. Look down at that “part” and figure out what the hell you really are. Nature explains it quite nicely please be smart enough to realize WHAT you really are. Obama destroyed your minds.

    • Life and marriage are full of priorities and tradeoffs. If my beautiful wife, the mother of my children, said “guns or me, pick one,” I’d get rid of the guns without a second thought. As much as guns mean to me in terms of recreation and protection (I shoot IDPA among other things), she means more. That doesn’t make me weak, it makes me strong. I know what’s most important, and what comes second.

      Fortunately, my beautiful wife (who isn’t a gun gal, to be sure) respects my wishes enough not to make that demand. That mutual respect keeps us happy and together.

    • You can’t expect every man to be your version of a man just because you consider something important. How many men have guns but allow their wives to dictate whether they have a motorcycle or not? How many men have a gun and a motorcycle but not a chainsaw? How many men have a gun, a chainsaw, and a motorcycle but never served in the military? How many roads must a man walk down before you consider him a man? And why should he give a shit?

      • Hi my name s Dan I am 61 years old. I have 2 chainsaws I have owned 18 motorcycles I have 31 different semi automatic weapons and 5 bolt action weapons and 2 pump action weapons.
        I served 22 years, 5 years combat and 17 Navy, 12 on combat ships the rest shore or support. Ships security force was interesting and shooting the 50cals at pirates was fun.
        I was hunting from the age of 7 and took my brand new 22 to “Show and Tell” when I was 10 years old.
        I own 3 trucks a SUV as well as a 34 foot motor home and a bass boat.
        I have been married to the same woman for 43 years and we shoot together. This year for my birthday she bought me a custom Kimber 1911 and yesterday she bought me a 5.56 wylde, 18 inch bbl complete kit minus receiver but I have 4 receivers waiting for the next build. I have an excellent wife and we do most everything together.
        I really feel sorry (not) for you dudes who do not have the balls nor the ability to express yourselves properly to your spouses.
        Oh and for all those “behaviors”. NAVY dude. I had a whore house in Panama!
        I could die tonight knowing I had an excellent life and still got multiple college degrees.
        I guess I should shut up now . . . .

          • Opinions are like assholes every one had one and the uneducated ones are still useless. How many weapons has your wife “allowed you to purchase”. Mine does not care.

  2. Since the wife told me no more guns, I’ve bought three and built an AR. I don’t hide it. I shoot regularly. I buy ammo when I want, that means 100 rounds of something a week. I’m in the process of buying some steel, and joining a local gun club/range.

    I don’t ask for nor do I need her approval.

    • This. I will negotiate expenditures with my wife, but not the substance of my purchases. What this guy has is less relationship and more dictatorship.

    • Matty 9 gets it.

      How do you not know your girlfriend is a bitch before you get married?

        • Little Terry Turner chose his wife poorly, I have no sympathy for him, but he seems happy with his life.

        • Correct, this is a mate selection error. You establish certain parameters up front during the courting (old school here) process. If all the boxes are satisfactorily checked off for both parties, move ahead. Not that hard really to have the life you set up.

          Also as said earlier, I don’t question the collection of purses, jewelry, shoes, etc and she doesn’t question my hobby. Not perfect but certainly good enough for almost 30 years here.

      • Some males are under the mistaken impression that bitchy women mellow after marriage and become sweet, happy and cuddly. Never happens. Best to look at a woman’s mama and see how she treats papa – 95% of the time, that’s how YOU will be treated.

        • Very true! Boy did you hit the nail on the head! That’s the kind of advice that every 18-year old male needs to hear before he goes looking.

        • Ralph said: “That’s the kind of advice that every 18-year old male needs to hear before he goes looking.”

          Why just the boys?
          Seriously, both boys and girls can benefit from that advice.

        • That is AMAZING advice. I’m 22 and just recently started to look for a serious, long term relationship. Never thought of it quite like that before; thanks!

    • I love my wife but she doesn’t have any of the combinations to any of my safes. She carrys everyday and likes guns but after we first got married she made the observation that if I sold all but a couple guns I could buy a new house and car. Wouldnt want the temptation to be to great lol.

  3. Great post Robert. Mr. Turner is a useless and pathetic wussy of a man. I knew a few of these “guys” over the years and I always made the point to tell them to take their balls out of their wife’s purse and put them back where they belong. Sad thing is that some of these guys actually still have their balls where they belong but they are all shriveled up.

  4. “After a few years of languishing in the closet I finally sold the gun and haven’t owned one since.” I’m sincerely sorry that he had to languish in the closet, but he probably brought it on himself because he didn’t do due diligence before marrying this witch.

  5. I don’t let my wife tell me how many guns I can have.
    And she does not let me tell her how many guns she can have.
    Works out real nice.

    • I always hated the whole “man card” thing. It suggests that you need the approval of others. Men do what they want, and don’t require the approval or permission of others to justify their decisions (subject to the proviso that what you want to do doesn’t infringe on the liberties of others, then you would just be a thug).

      • My wife has asking to take away my man card because i choose to not to go hunting one season with a buddy out of state, i worried about her being lonely, she really gets me. She went to Cuba that nut case wife.

  6. My bride was raised in a non-gun family. Before we married, she made it clear that she didn’t want any guns in the house. I immediately told her that if it came to a decision between her and my guns that I was sure going to miss her!

    Now, 32 years later, she easily outshoots me and she has almost as many firearms as I do. None of our kids, who are avid shooters, were ever hurt. Same for our grandkids, too. Go figure…

    • It’s called the “shit test”. It’s an instinctive test that most women unconsciously apply to their mate early in the relationship. She was challenging you as to whether you were a worthy mate by trying to dominate you. You would have failed the test if you had given in to her demands. And this is in other areas as well, not just over guns.

      • Yep. It’s gone by other names over the years, but it’s/was a test. It’s part of the whole package of ‘head games’ that comes with having a female around.

        There was a test, and he failed.

  7. This person is incapable of telling us anything about why men do or do not do anything because he is quite clearly not a man. That he is also dishonest and apparently very foolish, while having awful taste in women only further makes one dismiss his pathetic opinion.

    That someone would admit to this publicly, and expect anything but ridicule, is a shocking demonstration either of how far the culture has declined, or how out of touch some people can be.

    Is this a follow up to his article on that time he convinced his wife to let him try to pee standing up and it went badly?

    He probably shouldn’t have a gun until he gets some therapy and escapes the dysfunctional, controlling relationship he is in. Sheesh!

    • His statement that he spent “several years languishing in a closet” may be an indicator.

  8. HAHA… Should have gotten rid of that wife, nobody needs that kind of negativity in their life.

  9. My wife and I have an understanding, we each get a set amount of funds each month to be spent as we see fit. So long as there is sufficient funds in each of our individual ‘fun money’ accounts no questions are asked about how it is spent.

      • She might ask questions if I came home with an STD and my monthly allotment isn’t enough to cover a coke habit.

        I highly recommend a monthly stipend technique for married couples.

        • Even better – separate checking accounts. Probably the secret to a happy marriage.

        • Gov.,
          You hit the nail on the head! Many years ago I came home one time and found a “dear John” note. I hurried to the bank as fast as I could. Needless to say my ex had already been there. She drew out everything but $100, not realizing that the house payment, and a couple of other payments had not been cleared yet. Of course this put the account in jeopardy.
          I’ve been married more than a couple times since, and you can bet your bippy there’s never been any more joint accounts!

        • My wife and I share accounts, because we are a family unit, and breaking the family unit up over something like “gun ownership” is just retarded.

          • Yep, it shouldn’t be broken up over gun ownership. Really, it should never have even started…

  10. I married for all practical purposes an “anti.”

    Got a safe filled with guns in the house and I home carry even in my sleep.

    I put the whole issue to rest in couples counseling before we got married. In one session the female therapist and the future wife were both testing me on the guns in the home thing and I shut it all down by saying “If a crazed killer came in that door and was intent on killing one or more of us, who would the three of us expect to intervene and protect us all?”


    …which I followed with “Yeah that’s what I thought, so I get to choose how I do that.”

    That was pretty much the end of it.

    • Love your story. Years ago when on my way to pick up my first gun, my wife was having an anxiety attack and must have called my cell phone at least 20 times. Now I have two safes, one for ammo the other for long guns and hand guns. She doesn’t ask how many and knows not to ask. She’s still anti gun but deep down she probably feels more at ease the family can be protected.

      • Don’t keep ammo in a safe. Keep it in ammo boxes, that’s what they are for. You can figure out how to secure them but keeping ammo, primers or powder in a safe can cause an “over-pressure event” if the fire gets hot enough to cook off the powder or primers.

        • “Don’t keep ammo in a safe. Keep it in ammo boxes, that’s what they are for. You can figure out how to secure them but keeping ammo, primers or powder in a safe can cause an “over-pressure event” if the fire gets hot enough to cook off the powder or primers.”
          I may be missing something, but if the fire is that hot, keeping them in an ammo box won’t help.
          If you’re trying to separate the guns from the ammo, the heat from the fire will damage the guns, too.
          Powder is sold in containers that won’t let the powder explode if it does burn, ammo in a fire isn’t dangerous, and primers, if kept in in their original packages, won’t hurt much.
          And ammo cans can go in a safe just fine.

          • I understand where you are coming from but you are just a bit wrong. You see ammo in a fire is always dangerous because they explode to a certain extent.

            Ever have a round cook off in a pocket? There is still flying shrapnel and still somewhat dangerous. Just throw a 9 volt battery and a couple of 22 rounds into that down filled hunting jacket pocket. In time you may witness an event that changes your views. I watched that happen in 1972 with my Uncle Ted as feathers flew while standing at the counter of a 7/11. One package of Twinkies 8 feet away was wounded that day along with an expensive hunting jacket.

            In a safe when something cooks off the safe itself may explode like a bomb. Ammo cases may reduce that effect as well as reduce some damage. Shit will still fly though. Ever see a fireworks factory go off? Shit flying every where like popcorn in an open popper. Never know where it will end up.

            If you must store large amounts of ammo store it near an outside wall away from anything that can start a fire. What do we see when the fire is over? The outside corners and walls still standing quite often. The interior gutted. Place your safe on the outside wall. If you can, tell the Fire Department where to send the water to maximize safety for all involved.

            Military ammo cans will safely store ammo in a work shed for decades.

            As for ammo in a safe, I store only filled mags and weapons at the ready. OK I might have a few extra mags “at the ready” but the majority of the ammo sits safely away from fire hazards like electrical outlets and anything plugged into them. Remember every safety regulation/requirement was written in blood. Oh except for that now wealthy idiot and her hot open cup of Mc Donalds coffee.

            • 5WarVeteran: It was 116° here yesterday. It’s been as high as 122°. I very seriously doubt those temps will cook off even a rimfire round.
              I think you have a very fanciful imagination.
              Ammo in a fire? Yes, to an extent it’s dangerous. But it’s in a FIRE! You really shouldn’t be carrying it in your down vest! Usually, people tend to stand AWAY from fires.
              Let’s try to stick to reality.

              • And here is where READING COMPREHENSION counts.

                Did you see the part about the 9 volt battery?

                Now what happens when a 22 round crosses the terminals of a 9 volt battery?

                Now go experiment. Wear good safety goggles and stand behind a barrier.

                Ever use a paper clip and a 9 volt battery to light a cigarette?

                What was that about sticking to reality? Been there did that. Lived through being shot. Multiple shrapnel. IEDs and friendly fire. Been through a $22 million dollar shipboard fire in a hurricane. Put out a 100,000 gallon fuel oil fire using water. It is all part of the military lifestyle.

              • I skipped the part about the 9 volt battery because it had nothing to do with heat at all.

              • That is OK not everybody can understand how electricity can make heat through a conductor. It’s “magic” while others call it FM.

              • “Don’t keep ammo in a safe. Keep it in ammo boxes, that’s what they are for. You can figure out how to secure them but keeping ammo, primers or powder in a safe can cause an “over-pressure event” if the fire gets hot enough to cook off the powder or primers.”

                Just in case you forgot what Russ wrote, and what I responded to.
                Nothing there about batteries. Or pockets.
                You changed the goalposts, and got called out on it.

              • No hilarious is, some week assed inexperienced children trying to get over on an old bastard who was killing for Uncle Sam well before they were born. LAUGHING MY ASS OFF for real.

                War changes a person, fighting in many conflicts for over 20 years changes a person a lot. Doing it with PTSD and going back again and again takes a little insanity and a total love for my country. Being put in for a Congressional Medal of Honor and having it denied by Bill Clinton, “Because not enough people of color have it.” and still not quitting puts another aspect into it. Serving 9 years on active duty with a broken neck (1987) and in pain for 27 years until the VA actually diagnosed it (2014) is phenomenal. Breaking your back in 94 and sitting in the Naval Hospital Portsmouth while they removed tumors and did not address the back until the VA did in 2015. Is beyond comprehension. Having 13 cancer operations and a total of 21 operations and starting to walk again from being in a wheel chair for 17 years well I do not know where that places me. Other than a VICTIM of the VA’s poor quality medical care, and you know what. I would do it all again because I love my country that much.
                How many people do you know who can say and prove all that?

                The VA’s motto? “Giving veterans a second chance to die for their country since 1930.” Oh and by the way I did, die for my country 3 times. Once on the battle field in Nam when a Navy round fell short, the concussion blowing my ass 140 feet as I was told. A medic restarted my heart. All I know is it hurt. Died again in 92 when I learned I was allergic to Demerol and they had to restart me with epinephrine and a defibrillator. Died a third time in the VA ICU when they screwed up my meds after having a lower back fusion. I have 7 fused vertebrae and over a pound of titanium and shrapnel in my body.

                During the Kuwaiti Liberation I was the lucky guy who got to cut down the bodies of American and Kuwaiti service men who were flayed alive and hanging upside down from second story windows their genitals in their mouths. Ever have too do that? I would guess not. It is not quite like being blooded after your first deer kill and eating the heart.

                Did that when I was 10. Also I was the last kid to take a 22 to “Show and Tell” in the Rochester Area School District. Who’da thunk that only 7 years later I would be a 17 year old kid serving in Nam?

                Yes laughing my ass off for real. Status? Yeah if you say so, … LOL

              • “LMAO I am an old disabled veteran nobody “calls me out” on anything.”
                I just did.
                Saying I didn’t doesn’t change that.

              • No, you talked shit. That is all. With that you have no value. How about this get back on topic instead of trying a pissing test.

              • “No, you talked shit. That is all. With that you have no value. How about this get back on topic instead of trying a pissing test.”
                You still don’t get it.
                You’re the one who went off topic, with your battery in the pocket thing.

              • Its all POSSIBLE in the military lifestyle. I did a few years in the military and didn’t remotely come across that stuff. Just like a 9v with 22 shells. One pops, and you correct the problem. Its not like the whole pocket full would go off in a chain reaction. So stick to COMMON reality.

        • You do realize most safes are vented (usually about a 2″ hole on the back or bottom, that’s supposed to have a little cleared area) for this very reason… right?

    • In NY, the therapist would have referred you to Gov. Fredo’s state police gun confiscation squad.

      • Isn’t it wonderful that most Americans EVEN New Yorkers do not give an eff what New York says.

  11. There are other social reasons beyond wives:
    1) Kids in the house. You have no access to your guns because you gotta keep them locked so kids don’t play with them.
    2) Other parents. Most parents will not let their kids play with your kid if they know you have a gun.
    3) Tight budget and there is no space for guns between soccer practice and school fees which the wife always ea at for your kid. That Maverick shotgun is the cost of a football uniform
    4) Male friends make fun of you if you say you own a gun for home defense. Your bros tell you to hit the gym or take some jiujitsu and be a man!
    5) Ranges to go shoot are disappearing and you have drive so far that you have to devote a day to shooting instead of an hour or two.
    There are a lot of men who avoid the social problems by keeping their his hidden / in a safe or who just rent guns at the range.
    Bet it we had a place outside the home like a community armory where you could keep your guns without a kid having access or other parents getting worked up and it was close enough to drive and shoot it on the way home from work, a lot more men would own guns!

    • Uh…
      1. Makes no sense, a gun in your hand or holster is no problem for children…

      And the rest sounds like mistaking immature idiots and pathological hoplophobes for friends.

      Except the part where soccer practice for the kids is a more important expenditure than owning a gun, which is absurd on its face.

      This reads like someone arguing to support a decision they’ve made under undue duress.

      I can fix it for you though…divorce the controlling wife, say goodbye to the hoplophobes and morons you be been hanging out with, and make friends with mature, intelligent people, work on yourself, and meet a woman who doesn’t need to control you. That ought to about clear it up.

      • You clearly live in a different world.
        Wife is very loving and not controlling. She shoots but does not want guns around kids.

        The hoplophobes you mention are current / active military or police and most of them would laugh at you if you told them you needed a gun for defense and would probably call you a p— woosy. These guys make a living with guns and ground fight / spar before they drink beers on weekends.

        For money, it is hard to justify buying a surfboard once a year which costs less than a gun because there are always expenses for the kids.

        All of this is what happens when you are not rich in a red district that elects Marine veterans to office but is expensive AF.
        You live in a different world senor

        • Would most of those police/military friends go on duty or into battle without a gun every day if they were allowed to, and just rely on jujitsu? No, they wouldn’t. So unless they admit to be p*ssies themselves in that regard, they are clearly hypocrites.

          When an armed criminal breaks into your house and threatens you or your family, it is a combat situation as dire as any that those friends of yours will face on duty. So call them out on their bullshit next time.

        • My experiences with those wearing various uniforms are distinctly different.

          Military or Police, none have I ever heard question owning or carrying a gun for defense, and most that I know carry “off-duty”, to include vacations and in the home.

        • Weird, because I spent all day with uniformed people from various agencies/services, and if there is one thing everyone of us agrees on, it’s that all law abiding citizens should be armed.

        • SurfGW, that is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. You have either talked to one military/le who is an anomaly and think that’s all military/le… Or you’re a liar.

          Guess which one I think it is. There are not two groups of people more supportive of gun rights and people willing to defend themselves anywhere. Military/le are also the most likely to know that badguys sometimes run in packs while armed.

        • The world you live in only exists in your head or whatever Bernie-Bro’s group you hang with.

          “The hoplophobes you mention are current / active military or police and most of them would laugh at you if you told them you needed a gun for defense and would probably call you a p— woosy. These guys make a living with guns and ground fight / spar before they drink beers on weekends.”

          Right…..I’m ex military(Marines) and I’ve almost never met anybody wearing the uniform(execept a few beta males from the Left Coast) who thought owning a gun for self defense was stupid or not manly…actually it was quite the opposite. That’s why we carried guns in combat…it wasn’t some Jason Bourne movie where we used our mad jujitsu skills to take haji down…we used GUNS. If someone told us “Oh, you don’t need a gun….If you do you’re a pussy” we’d have laughed them outta the room. Same goes for any civilian(or our wives/girlfriends)…we tell them that you’re crazy if you think you can take down somebody with just your hands….you’re an idiot actually for ever letting a threat even get that close!

          You sound like either some pussified husband trying to justify his pussification or an anti-gun troll trying to argue that guns aren’t needed for the average person for self defense.

          BTW…it’s really not a man/women thing either. It’s about having a trusting adult relationtionship. I’d be just as against some man telling his wife he can’t have a gun in the house. Fact is, if you are thinking about marrying anybody who doesn’t think you are capable of safely owning/using a firearm you should run that other way…that type of thiking will just be the beginning of your problems.

        • +1 what mcgee said. I know a lot of cops up here in the SF bay area from all different political/lifestyle persuations and none of them would begrudge a person for owning a gun (save a vocal minority of ladder climbing politihacks who’ve never worked a day as a steeet cop in their lives)…. military folks are a mixed bag. Hell, even Navy SEAL Admiral McRaven out there in Texas is against guns for personal defense. So who knows what kind of company you keep. Sounds like Orange County or around San Diego which would make sense.

        • Yeah, after I posted, I put some thought in to who I was with. A few locals, a few air force SPs, a Vietnam vet, and a CO. Not one of us would begrudge someone the right to carry, and a few of these guys are monsters, and none of them would think knuckle game is sufficient to protect your family.

        • SurfGW. What the heck are you talking about? It appears you’ve never been around actual military or law enforcement types. Heck, it appears that you haven’t been around very many real men for that matter. SMH.

          0311/0369 Retired

        • Total bullshit. If you’re in the military and you end up in a fist fight with the enemy, something has gone terribly wrong. I was in the Army, have many friends that either had time in service, or retired from the military, and neither I, nor any of those people would suggest that the best way to deal with an aggressive criminal was to “learn some jujitsu.” Most people with military experience are fully aware that the best way to deal with an enemy is through superior fire-power. Those who are not aware of that fact are probably just stupid. Quit hanging out with idiots.

        • Uh….sorry Senor SurfGW, but I’m calling BS on your little diatribe. I would say “nice try”, but I can’t, so I won’t. ?

        • What we have here is someone literally making stuff up to try and justify their lack of balls.

          Note: it’s not that you lack balls because you don’t own a gun. It’s that you lack balls because you are pretending like it’s your decision when, in fact, you have given up all agency and instead have to try and justify it.

        • You clearly live in a different world.

          Definitely! My world is much better.

          Wife is very loving and not controlling. She shoots but does not want guns around kids.

          ?? In other words she is controlling about gun possession in the household. Well. Hopefully you will never have to defend your wife and “kids” with guns, because there won’t be any around.

          The hoplophobes you mention are current / active military or police and most of them would laugh at you if you told them you needed a gun for defense and would probably call you a p— woosy. These guys make a living with guns and ground fight / spar before they drink beers on weekends.

          They sound like idiots. If they didn’t have a gun and was confronted with an armed criminal with intent to kill them, they would most likely die, and who would be laughing then? My friend is an ex-navy seal, could probably kick all their asses, (since most of the time he spends training police) and is pretty much always carrying a firearm, and supports armed self defense.

          For money, it is hard to justify buying a surfboard once a year which costs less than a gun because there are always expenses for the kids.

          Yea – if you are that short of money – sure. If I had very little income for the last decade or so, then I would have only purchased one gun and a little bit of ammo, and that’s about it. But my wants and needs are different and income allows otherwise.

          All of this is what happens when you are not rich in a red district that elects Marine veterans to office but is expensive AF.

          Fair enough. If I lived in NJ, I would probably be impoverished while giving all my labor to a government (local, state, and/or federal) so they can give to other people working not as much as I am. If I had a small income, then I would obviously have a lower standard of living.

    • 6. Bimbo NEEDS another new pair of shoes every two weeks.
      7. Broad NEEDS every Friday night out with the “girls” to decompress.
      8. “You don’t expect me to drive that old thing do you. Had a flat tire last week and not going anywhere in that worn out unreliable piece of junk/we’re GOING to get that new Lexus.

      • Bitch better start cooking meth then. Guns and tactical gear are a security investment, not a hobby.

        • [i]The hoplophobes you mention are current / active military or police and most of them would laugh at you if you told them you needed a gun for defense and would probably call you a p— woosy. These guys make a living with guns and ground fight / spar before they drink beers on weekends.[/i]

          That is BS. 90% of cops recommend people have a gun at home and the huge majority of active military do. My dad is a full bird Colonel and he would laugh at your competently made up claims.

          I suggest you look at policeOne surveys on this subject since you are spewing total BS

    • You’ll find that most BJJ people own multiple guns and they practice with them on the regular.

      • That’s my experience as well strych9.
        My local gun club hosted a weapon retention and close quarters presentation class a couple of years back. They invited a pair of young, athletic BJJ practitioners with more stamina each than all us middle aged gun guys combined. At the end we gun guys learned we were out of shape, and most nearly incapable of 60 seconds of really active resistance, we also got taken down and pretzeled a lot and the following morning we smelled like muscle rub and pain. The thing was that the fellows twisting us got ‘shot’, ‘stabbed’ and ‘cut’ a lot by the gun guys too.

        The BJJ fellows both ended up comming back to get CCW permits…none of the gun guys took up jujitsu.

        It turned out that in our legitimate EDC rigs and tools, flagged out guns with knives replaced with rubber trainers, even though we kept ending up one armed and on the ground, upside down or whatever, with great regularity we were able to eventually bring a gun or knife to bear on our assailant.
        Seems like most of their attacks left them vulnerable to us finally getting at something nasty to work on them with, and strangely, time seemed to often be on the gunners side. We lost every time jockying for possition, but as soon as the grappling slowed or stalled for a moment, the gunners would finally get something into play.

        It wasn’t very scientific, but it did show the difficulty in aggressing with BJJ without leaving an opening for the armed man to get to his gun, knife, BUG, baton or whatever. We learned not to rush to draw when at contact, and not to panic even as they controlled us, often in awkward positions, while our stamina began to painfully run out. As long as we didn’t panic and waited for an opening, we were largely successful and only rarely was someone disarmed, at least without first pumping an awful lot of near contact shots into the assailant.

        I personally learned how tool dependent I really am against someone decently trained and half my age…hopeless really. But I also learned that even at that if I persisted, resisted and worked smart, I was likely not only to retain my weapons, but to be able to eventually end the fight with them.

        For the technically minded, the problem lie in that while the BJJ guys could largely control us, they couldn’t end the fight without leaving us with an arm free to get to a weapon with, and that was pretty much the deciding factor.

        We got better fast at this as the night wore on: go with it, let him move you while trying not to get really hurt, and wait for the right moment, because once it’s there, you’re gonna be fine real soon. You know where your weapons are, and what it would take to effectively employ them, they didn’t, and so could never be sure which roll, which hand, which angle the lethal threat would eventually come from. There was a shocking amount of John Wick style shooting out wrists, elbows and knees, and more contact shots to every part of the body. You knew when it was over even if you couldn’t see. The gunner finally yelling BANG BANG BANG, rapidly and repeatedly was often the signal: his gun was out, in his control and usually in contact with the opponent.
        Alternately the BJJ guys would default after feeling the rubber blades slashing and probing something sensitive. If you’ve never tried an armbar on someone who responds with a concealed krambit in the other hand…

        What they said was that they were shocked at how collected we old men stayed while being hurt, twisted and rolled around, how persistent we were at staying focused on getting a weapon into play, and then the grim reality of how much damage we could finally do and how quickly it would end once a gun or blade was finally brought to bear.

        Anyway, not the thread for this, and no knocks on BJJ, great stuff… and had they been allowed to actually beat and break us, im sure we wouldn’t have run thee floor like we did. It’s just not the best plan for dealing with determined, armed men. For that, you’re going to want a gun of your own…its not as if people who carry weapons have never considered that someone might grapple them.

        • this makes me think very strongly about the ability of revolvers to discharge repeatedly while being pressed against flesh and the semiautomatic pistols possible reluctance to cycle in the same circumstance.

    • “5) Ranges to go shoot are disappearing and you have drive so far that you have to devote a day to shooting instead of an hour or two.”


      What’s the point of owning a gun if I can’t shoot it enough to be proficient?

      • Where do you live that ranges are disappearing? They are adding ranges here, including fancy Guntry clubs. I live in Northern Virginia, in the DC metro area and have at least six shooting ranges within 10 miles of where I live, most of which do not require membership to shoot.

    • 3) Tight budget and there is no space for guns between soccer practice and school fees which the wife always ea at for your kid. That Maverick shotgun is the cost of a football uniform

      A shotgun will provide a lot more “value” than a football uniform.

      • Yep, it certainly won’t be worthless after one season. And if you buy a shotgun used, it’ll probably be worth as much or more in a few years (disregarding inflation)…

    • 4) Male friends make fun of you if you say you own a gun for home defense. Your bros tell you to hit the gym or take some jiujitsu and be a man!

      LOL. Those are called leftist men.

      Who do you think will win? A little skinny guy with glasses and a button up shirt weighing in around 130lbs with a maverick loaded with 00 that is proficient with his firearm vs a huge muscular dude with some jiu jitsu training?

    • 1) Kids in the house. You have no access to your guns because you gotta keep them locked so kids don’t play with them.

      My kids help me clean them, polish them up. Keep them in good working order. So if that is play, then we play together with them.

      2) Other parents. Most parents will not let their kids play with your kid if they know you have a gun.

      That’s fine. I don’t want those kids over anyways.

      5) Ranges to go shoot are disappearing and you have drive so far that you have to devote a day to shooting instead of an hour or two.

      ?? Ranges are opening up where I live. Also, in the countryside – you really don’t need a range – you already have one.

      • 5) Ranges to go shoot are disappearing and you have drive so far that you have to devote a day to shooting instead of an hour or two.

        ?? Ranges are opening up where I live. Also, in the countryside – you really don’t need a range – you already have one.

        Good for you. But that doesn’t help me — nor a lot of other guys — one bit.

    • @srufGW, your emotional claims are all completely at odds with the facts.

      It is very likely US gun ownership is 58% to 63% of US households. People are simply more discreet because most guns are now for home/self defense, and you don’t tell anyone, as modern training says never to tell anyone.

      most parents don’t care if you have guns.

      The parents who are worried tend to have criminals in their own families and tend to think of guns related to their adult boyfriends who have criminal histories.

      In my local area, which is a liberal city, our parents email list someone suggested “outing ” people who have guns at home. Someone posted the stats showing that guns actually made a home safer, and it was criminals domiciled in a home who made it more dangerous. Then found the persons who suggested the outing of gun owners had boyfriend had six prior arrests and they were outed for allowing a criminal in their home. It was there no-gun home with a criminal that no one wanted to visit. The list actually ended up outing people who had criminal as boyfriend or older brother/step brother — that was the real risk factor 🙂

      and you say cops don’t recommend having a firearms at home? utterly and totally false. Surveys of cops, from police trade publications, show that over 90% of cops say all legally able people should have a gun at home to protect themselves.

      Police arrive in time to interdict under 3% of violent crimes. In urban areas it is actually less than that. Non LEO gun owners prevent 500,000 to three million crimes every single year.

    • Bet it we had a place outside the home like a community armory where you could keep your guns without a kid having access or other parents getting worked up and it was close enough to drive and shoot it on the way home from work, a lot more men would own guns!

      The data indicate between 58% of 63% of Americans own guns, and since they skew male, about 80% of men do.

      You don’t really believe the GSS number, which claims 1/3 of Americans (100 million) own guns, based on a stranger knocking on your door and asking you in a face-to-face interview, with your answer recorded on a form with your name on it (and that IS how GSS doe sit) is accurate do you? It is obviously a massive under-count.

      Washington Posts “wonkblog” recently had a piece discussing the peer reviewed science how surveys on who is gay were huge under-counts as were who had smoked grass. Face to face had about half those who were gay or smoked grass denying it, and about 40% who were gay denying in a phone survey. Hmm. Guns at home, which is as confidential/private, and increasingly confidential, show 1/3 ownership when asked face to face, and 42% when asked over the phone. ALL the peer reviewed work on questions on confidential matters indicate the actual gun ownership rate is closer to 60%. (yet wonkblog, while rejecting the surveys on every other privacy related question as under-counts, still uses the gun number as if it were accurate, and without the caveat they place on other issues)

      The science further proves indirect questions are the real indicator of trends and numbers on private/confidential issues.

      here are the trends:
      Does a gun make your household safer?
      1993 answer gallup 30% say yes
      2000: 35% say yes
      2015 answer Gallup: 63% saying having a gun makes your home safer

      NRA approval rating
      1985: 40% of Americans approve of NRA
      2015: 58% of Americans approve of NRA

      It is very clear that around 60% of Americans own guns and the trend of increased gun ownership is growing not falling

      do yo really think that the 63% of Americans who say owning a gun makes home safer don’t own a gun?

    • “Bet it we had a place outside the home like a community armory where you could keep your guns without a kid having access or other parents getting worked up and it was close enough to drive and shoot it on the way home from work, a lot more men would own guns!”

      You must be kidding! I’ll be damned if I’d ever leave my guns in some kind of “community armory” where they were not under my control. Anyone who would leave their guns in such a place is a weapons grade moron. It would take about two days before that community armory and every gun in it was seized by the government, even if they had to do it on some trumped up public safety charge.

      Disclaimer: I really don’t have a dog in this fight as I am not married and don’t have any kids, so I don’t have to worry about a controlling wife TRYING to tell me I can’t guns in the house.

      • When seconds count and your guns are minutes to hours away waiting behind “safe walls” and check in sheets, oh well kiss your butt goodbye.

        I agree with Tony!

        What we see in that statement is Liberal brain dead thinking. Who needs gun registration when they already have your guns right?

  12. Same with the guys who have been telling me they were “going to get a motorcycle” since they were 18. They either don’t have the money, or it’s not a good time with the kids, or they are holding out for a Harley, or whatever. There are a lot of guys who want to think of them selves as men, who do man stuff, but they really aren’t, and never will be, whatever their financial, marital or child raising situation.

    • Never give up hope. I got my first firearm in my 20s and my motorcycle in my 50s. The Mrs. has her own firearms, but she’s still not too thrilled with my motorbike.

      • I neither hope nor not hope for them. Not my circus, not my monkeys. The first motorcycle, a 76 KZ650 bought in my teens cost me $300, my first gun, a Mossberg 500 field gun bought in my 20s cost me $200. These are things that are attainable by anybody. I drink decent liquor, have tattoos, do whatever I want for recreation, and still manage to feed and provide for my family. I look for bargains, but I don’t compromise what I want to do.

      • I’ve been married almost 50 years and my wife complains more about my motorcycles than she does my guns. However, she knew what she was getting into because I had both before I met her. She says a 70 year old shouldn’t be riding motorcycles but I point out to her that I am the youngest of my riding buddies and one is almost 82 and can ride me into the ground.

        • My father in law is in his late 70’s, gets rides in year round, and might still kick my ass if he caught me on an off day!

    • My ex didn’t much care for motorcycles. She also decided we shouldn’t have any guns in the house after our son was born. She should’ve banned televisions and outside social contacts, too, because every physical object the tike handled somehow became an imaginary gun. Go figure. The love-of-my-life and present missus knows safe handling, is a decent shot, has her own concealed-carry permit, and appreciates having at least one piece stashed in every room of the house, along with truck-carry, car-carry, and especially bike-carry. Our growing collection (arsenal?) exceeds the capacity of the Fat Boy and takes up increasing amounts of shelf-space in the safe-room (bunker?). And there are His, Hers, and Ours bikes in the Toy Barn. Life is good. Damned good.

    • I love it when they straight up tell the truth – ‘I wanted a motorcycle but my wife won’t let me have one.’

      Man up. Life begins at 140, Bro.

      • I have to admit to selling my Harley shortly after getting married, and at my wife’s request. In my defense, it was my first bike, purchased only 2 years prior and for the sole purpose of joining a motorcycle club for networking and at the behest of an old, dear friend. I didn’t ride much, didn’t enjoy it, and was frankly glad to have an excuse not to get back on it.

        Say what you will, but for this guy, riding is something that you either learn while young an invincible, or something you may never really enjoy…late 30s, for me, was I think just too old to take up riding as a new skill and actually enjoy it rather than being constantly aware that serious injury was never more than a moment’s inattention away.

  13. The wife said either the guns go or I go. Gee, I sure will miss her.

    Maybe we should insist on background checks and a 14 day wait period for a wife.

    Can the Government offer a buy back program for wife’s. More for the ugly assault wife’s

    • Heh heh heh…. my ex pulled that same shit. I dont miss her at all.
      My wife and i shoot together.

  14. No sympathy here. He chose his lot. He deserves it. I posit that anyone who can’t walk is not going to have a good relationship.

    • I believe you’re right Action man…if you can’t handle going it alone if your spouse freaks out, you’re doomed.

  15. Sounds like there should have been some sort of discussion before marriage. Like “Hon… are you a soul crushing, dream stealing, emasculating, gun-hating harpy?”

  16. Wow I’ve been hitched a few times. None of my wives ever “forbid” me from buying a gun. The last ex even carried one(quite illegally) in her purse. I never felt the need to be armed as I was a really big tough(so I thought) weightlifter then. Now I’m old and blessed(for 30years) with a pro-gun gal. And I know none of my ex’s are anti-2A(but one is bat-shite crazy)…no excuse to be puzzy-whipped.

  17. The whipping hurts.

    I’m away for a week work trip now in rural Australia and going past hunting area on way home if I take a “slightly” longer way (200 miles extra) home. My wife’s comment did you pack bolts, ammunition and warm clothes. Also reminded me to check stuff for deer hunt later this month.

    This from a lady brought up in urban middle of Sydney Australia.

  18. I hope she at least allowed him to get a nice, sturdy helmet and a monthly pass on the short bus. From the sound of it, he would benefit greatly from both.

  19. Early in our marriage (34 years now) and when our daughter was 6 months old, my wife looked me in the eyes and with a stern voice said, “We need to buy a gun”.
    Several guns later and on the eve of the first Obama era my wife commanded, ” Go out and buy more guns”.
    On the eve of the second Obama era the wife said again,”Go out and buy more guns”. To which I responded, ” Honey, we don’t have more room to keep them”. She firmly commanded, “Go and get ’em”.
    On the eve of Hitlery supposedly election win, same thing. Now I have more guns than I know what to do with them. The wife has taken pistol defense courses and is getting scary good at it. She wants to take more advanced courses.

    • Calling BS here. There is no such thing as having so many guns you don’t know what to do with them 🙂

        • I’ve never been quite so blessed as to have so many guns as to no longer know what to do with them…but I’ve had friends over the years who reached critical mass and were down to storing guns in heaps and piles…in other people’s houses.
          There was, for a time, quite a collection of receivers and kits for FN FALs in my guest bedroom under such circumstances. Joy is comming home on dark winter nights and making new rifles out of heaps of old parts, and to this day I’m still partial to the FAL. There is nothing like announcing to the world your success in rehabbing an old rifle by making the flash and thunder with it again.

        • Exactly. I’ve got dozens of receivers for various actions, sitting in bubble wrap in safes. I should get a fire lit under my ass to get them built up into working rifles & pistols, sooner rather than later. The wait time for barrels has come down to something approaching normal again – after December 2012, the wait time for custom barrels blew out to 6+ months beyond normal, and I quit ordering barrels there for awhile.

  20. Short of blacking out in Vegas, how can you end up married to someone without knowing that they’re anti-gun beforehand?

    • That is what I was wondering! How is it that these guys never took the girl out on a date to the shooting range? Don’t have a gun, then borrow a friend’s .22 rifle, ammo is back to cheap and available again.

    • Easily. I had no interest in owning firearms (city born and raised, never new anyone who owned them) until my son was ready to graduate from BB guns to .22s. So the fact that my wife was a dyed-in-the-wool anti was never an issue until then. But she didn’t protest too much when I took both of our kids to the range, and wasn’t angry for very long when I paid off a lay away with the wrong debit card that lead to the discovery of a pistol purchase. (which was hardly the first one, but she doesn’t know that.) She still hates guns, even hates to see me openly carrying one in the house, but is glad that I do as long as I keep it under a shirt. (go figure.) So I keep her happy by not telling her things she doesn’t want to know. Though strangely enough she doesn’t mind my cap and ball pistols, since she is a fan of Civil War history (as am I). In fact, just today, since we have a little leeway in the budget, she suggested I go buy a (very fancy) musket kit from Track of the Wolf so I can have something to build, and that I really did need to go to the range. (She is completely disabled, and I haven’t gone shooting in a long time because I am afraid to leave her alone for too long.)

  21. A few months before I got married the second time, my wife told me I was going to have to sell my guns when we got married. I told her I guess we weren’t getting married in a matter of fact manner. She sat in disbelief as I was collecting my stuff up to head on home. She did some big time backpedaling. Now she has her own pistol and she shoots pretty well for not growing up around privately owned firearms. She did grow up around commie police and military with guns. After being married to me for a while and my discussions on the state, liberty and all of that good stuff, she kind of gets it. I just put an 85 gun safe on layaway, so that should tell you something. She only puts up a minor protest to my purchases until I bring up her shoe collection. Some of her shoes cost as much as a gun and she wears them less than I shoot some of my guns.

    When that guy’s wife finally gets tired of her simp, beta husband, I am sure she will take him to the cleaners using the power of the state against him. Good luck buddy!

    • WOW! Had you not made the decision in that split second, your path would have been down the same road as our “hero” in the story. Funny how the life changing decisions don’t seem so important till years later.

    • The first date that my wife and I went on was to the skeet range. She didn’t have to compete, or even shoot regularly, but she was going to know that guns are important to me, and that I’m not getting rid of them. If she married me, she was getting me as is… We’ve been married for 15 years, and no problems.

      I just have to ask… if owning guns and the Second Amendment are so important to people, HOW do they let a relationship progress to the point of marriage, before this issue even comes to light? I’ve been offered, more than once, a gun for a crazy low price, because the guy got married, and she didn’t want guns in the house… I guess, usually, it comes from lots of alcohol, and lots of influence from the little head instead of the big one… Two things that are the undoing of society in general…

      • I’ve been offered, more than once, a gun for a crazy low price, because the guy got married, and she didn’t want guns in the house…

        Have never seen that. But then I don’t hang around with pansies/demtards. Get a crew with balls.

        • This was WHILE I was in Special Ops Aviation (160th SOAR(A)) at Fort Campbell, KY, back in the late 90’s. Go figure. I was SHOCKED. And mad, because I had to tell him no, as I actually didn’t have the couple hundred bucks he wanted. It was an absolutely amazing situation, though.

      • I took my wife shooting for her first time…when I was 16 and she was 14. We didn’t get married for another 23 years…but I sure didn’t have to explain the gun thing, and within a year of marriage she had a pistol, a permit, and a daily habit of carrying as well.

        An open discussion of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, and what they mean to each of you, is probably a good idea before you take the plunge. Then again, if you don’t know someone well enough to know their feelings about something like gun ownership, you probably aren’t ready to get married to that person. What are you marrying; a body or a person?

        • “An open discussion of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, [] what they mean to each of you, [and how children fit into this] is probably a good idea before you take the plunge.”

          You really should have a discussion about all the things that are really important to you before you get to the point where you decide you want to marry someone.

  22. I’ve been divorced and happily remarried. Something tells me this woman is not satisfied sexually or otherwise. She sounds like the kind of “liberated” woman that thinks women and men are equal (i.e. the same). She’ll never be happy, she’s too busy trying to be the man of the house. She’ll die miserable, and so will he if he doesn’t either leave or FIX her attitude NO, not with physical force, he just need to give her a good hard FU#!.

  23. The marriage counselor dumped us because I refused to get rid of my collection of four. I don’t miss either one of them.

    • Sounds like a sh!tty marriage counselor anyways. In general, ultimatums shouldn’t be issued by either spouse and certainly not endorsed by any counselor.

      • Find a “counselor” that will tell you all about menopause. Will save you a lot of time and money if you run now.

        Or keep the guns as the PW is unlikely to last.

  24. That story Terry Turner wrote is complete and utter bullshit – not one word ever happened.

    I’m just sayin’

  25. I think the most poignant remark is the one from YaDaddy. Let’s be honest here, no matter how liberated, and I’ve met some pretty damn liberated ladies, when violence occurs, they mostly look to men to deal with it. There are exceptions of course, some real psycho ladies I have respect for, but otherwise… They want soft sensitive men who can still defend them from harm. Good luck with that ladies, your invented paradigm suppresses that. Enjoy.

  26. Getting married without knowing that your spouse has a fundamental disagreement with you on self defense is pure relational negligence. It is improper scouting before the draft.
    Ain’t nobody THAT good-lookin’!

  27. My first wife I met in germany. Very european, guns were something police and soldiers had, anyone else who had one was a criminal. The woman I am married to now, has two rules on guns. It has to fit in our budget, and it has to be something she can shoot. Being she’s petite, with small hands and a lefty that does narrow my choices down somewhat-but having her being able to pick up my gun in an emergency and use it with no penalty is worth the trade off.

    • Let me guess – Military, you got her a visa and permanently residency followed by US Citizenship. THEN drifted apart etc etc etc. An entire industry in Germany/Eurp.

      • Pretty much-but she ended up hating the US. she was from the Frankfurt area, and I was using my GI Bill at a school near Dothan Alabama, more than a bit of culture shock. She ended up moving back to Germany and is still there.

  28. I guess I was too busy having fun riding my motorcycle when a teenager, to have much time or money for relationships. Later on when I realized that women actually enjoyed the physical side, I was more mature, but I still didn’t want to be tied down. These days I run my own life, and anyone trying to dictate what could say or do, would get short shrift. I am perfectly content with my own company, and I cannot cede control of my life to anyone but God. And how many guns I have is nobody’s business but mine.

  29. First off what hellhole sends deputies to every gun owner’s home in the area of a unsubstantiated report? And why do they even know who is a gun owner?

    As to the issue of this “man’s” marriage… wow dude how exactly did you get so completely castrated? Also if this is that big of an issue… exactly what could you possibly have any control over in your own life (does she dress you and dictate when you are allowed to go pee-pee too)? My god man have a little self respect!

    • Just speculating here, but I’d bet the po-po came a knocking because he was shooting his little (410?) pellet spreader in his back yard. If he’s dumb enough to marry a woman like that, he’s probably ignorant of ‘gun ranges’ as well.

      That or he made the whole thing up and has never shot a g un in his life.

      • I’m thinking the Mrs got a little curious about the gun and took it out back for a few shots, then when the deputy came by she decided to make him feel like shit for it to cover up how good she felt shooting it.

    • I can assure you it happens. I was working in my father’s front yard one day in the summer when a mail truck came by, farting out some nice round backfires. This was in a fairly wealthy neighborhood in north suburban Chicago area with large homes and large yards. Not ten minutes later, a Village police officer comes around in his patrol car saying one of the neighbors had called reporting a shotgun being fired. I got a good laugh out of that one.

  30. My wife found her mother and step father after he committed murder and suicide at 11. She went through years of court ordered therapy. When we got married I did not even ask her about buying a gun. After 30 years of marriage she brought it up. She wanted one for the office of our business. I was shocked, but we bought a Hi Point and had some instruction. She was very happy and told me that she wanted one years ago, but she thought I didn’t want one.
    Now, we have a few and have been out shooting them. She is a much better shot than I am, maybe it is for the best that I did not get one back when I drank. She now feels much safer at night and I get something to collect. Win Win.

  31. Couldn’t sweet talk her huh? At first my wife was like, “no chance in hell.” I worked at it and then she gave in a little… “maybe someday.” I took her out, I bought her a nice canon camera. I deliberately left pamphlets about gun safety laying around the house. She would attend gun shows with me if I would go to the hell that is IKEA. This year she finally agreed to let me get one and she may get one herself as soon as she is acclimated to me carrying one for a while. Now we have conversations about capacity and caliber for different scenarios. See? I wasn’t mean to my queen. I used sugar and reason.

    • Same process when she NEEDS more shoes? Sorry, you are not yet cleared for an apprentice man-card. You may reapply at a future date.

    • “At first my wife was like, “no chance in hell.”

      Diplomacy has its place, and living with an angry woman is no fun at all. But there is a serious problem with a spouse who thinks he/she can dictate what the other spouse will buy, as long as a) it’s legal, and b) it does not create a financial hardship.

  32. My 1st wife was absolutely opposed to having guns in the house. “Little kids around, safety, guns bad, blah blah blah.” It would have been cheaper to keep her, but the divorce (caused by many issues) was liberating for my soul in so many ways…the gun issue being a small part of that.

    2nd wife, who after 20+ years, continues to be a keeper. She was uncomfortable with guns in the house, but we agreed I would keep some. Notice the “was” – that’s key here. Dear wife was visiting a daughter in SoCal at the time of the San Bernardino shooting…less than 3 blocks off the freeway the bad guys flew up and down. She came home from that trip crying about “the helpless feeling” during the incident and insisted that she start carrying a gun. We picked her up a Bersa Thunder .380, got her training on it, and get her a CC Permit. She practices at the range on a regular basis. Like I said, the woman’s a keeper.

    So, for those of you curbing your 2nd Amendment rights for the sake of strengthening a marital relationship, I get it. But never, ever stop trying.

  33. “Like I said I don’t think the Second Amendment applies to me.”
    Given the tone of the article, I suspect he also yielded his First Amendment rights: freedom of speech and freedom of association.

  34. You need to get all s#it sorted out B4 you get married. If you develop a hobby (or according to my wife, an obsession) after the fact then thats a whole another issue. It’s not about guns, its about money, disposable income and on what it gets spent on. Remember, women are like guns, they make new ones everyday.

  35. Agree with all of the others above who basically asked “Why are you with this person if they don’t want you to be happy and safe?”

    My SO is faintly amused by my collection and simply tries new arrivals to see what she likes. The closest we’ve ever come to conflict was when I ran out of space in the safe and quite naturally wanted to get a new one. She observed that the existing house might start listing to the side if we put another safe on an upper floor or it might even collapse, so we probably need a new house before we need a new safe. In fact, she not-so-subtly suggested if we got the right house, we could probably turn the basement into a vault.

    So now I’m house-hunting. Probably also ought to get a ring too, think she’s a keeper.

  36. Told her, “here is the deal, if you miss a meal, your head gets wet when it rains or you don’t have a decent/reliable car, then you can bitch. Until any of those things happen, have a coke and a smile and don’t worry about it!” Many years and guns later, no issues.

  37. Sounds like he married an authoritative feminist b!tch. Too bad.

    My wife doesn’t like my gun hobbies. But she taught herself how not to dislike them. Why? Because she knows that I like them and she tolerates what I like because she loves me, we have two kids, and are a family unit. In other words, she’s not an authoritative b!tch on minor issues that don’t really matter. My wife has some hobbies that I don’t care for. But she is welcome to pursuit them, and they are not detrimental to our relationship, so she is welcome to them. It’s called tolerance. I feel bad that this guy doesn’t have that.

    • That is how my wife and I are about our hobbies as well. She has goats and chickens, which I think are just a pain in the ass, and I have 2 camaros, which she doesn’t care for but has never once mentioned me ever getting rid of either. And we not only tolerate each other’s hobbies, but actually learn about them when the other person talks about them. In my opinion that has helped to give us a much stronger relationship. Well, that and guns, because we are in complete agreement on guns 🙂

  38. Though never a problem with my wife, some of her relatives literally PISS themselves when they are around me and often ask her why she “ALLOWS” a firearm in the home. To my wife’s credit she smiles and challenges them about their irrational fears.

  39. One of my 1911’s came home with me at a very good price because of a wuss like him. I was picking up an M1A at the LGS and when the clerk asked me if I needed anything else, I said I needed to get a mil-spec 1911 for Marine Corps League service pistol matches. He said he had one for sale as “used” because some guy had bought it, taken it home, and when his wife found it she made him bring it back. Even though it had barely been out of the box and had never been fired, they had to sell the Springfield Armory 1911 as a “used” pistol and at a “used” pistol price. Thanks for the discount, Mr. Wimp.

  40. Timothy:
    “SurfGW, that is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. You have either talked to one military/le who is an anomaly and think that’s all military/le… Or you’re a liar.”

    You clearly hang out with PFC / LCpls. At higher rank (both military and police), they view guns more as a risk factor they have to deal with for more junior personnel (not anti-gun but think guns are risky from looking at the blotter every week).

    Ask a unit Commander if he wants his junior personnel to have guns / motorcycles / or booze in the barracks and see what answer you get.

    • That’d be like asking the mayor of New York City if he wants his taxpaying citizens to be armed. Nope, no whipped commander in the military will actually say he wants people under his command armed. Betcha most of them have their own, though. Bunch of hypocrites. Your argument means absolutely nothing.

    • You are off the original thread, but I was hanging with a Senior Master Sgt, which is about as high as you can get enlisted, and he probably has 4 guns hidden on his body right now. One of my Sgts is a retired Navy Master Chief and the same goes for him. Brass where I work is pro gun, Sheriff in my county is pro gun, Sheriff in the county I work in is pro gun, a retired police Lt. gave me my first handgun, etc. You are just in some kind of bizarro world, bro.

      • Ask your friend the Senior Master Sergeant what the Senior Officers (O-5 or O-6 = Lt Col or Col) in his command think of Junior Enlisted in their command possessing guns.
        Now I will shut up before I am called a POG or FOBBIT.

        • And you think those colonels are unquestionably right… their opinions are tainted by their positions, politics, and their desire to advance. Period. I’m sure most of them live on base, behind gates and armed guards. Of course they don’t want their subordinates armed, just like any politically minded tyrant wouldn’t want his minions armed. That obviously doesn’t mean that they have correct opinions.

        • First you were saying only Cpls were pro gun, I give you the opinions of 30 year, senior noncoms, and you are now saying I need to track down Colonels. OOoooooooookaaaaaayyyyyyy.

        • My brother is Lt.Col USAF retired. He had an issued pistol as long as he was in (but none others I am aware of), and several shotguns. He has been hunting birds for at least the last 30 years. Went once with his son to hunt deer, but didn’t take a shine to it. After Little Rock shootout last Saturday, I wonder if his gun buying habits will change (he lives near downtown), but since he is now a civilian contractor for the AF and works on base (which bans firearms), I doubt he will ever carry.

        • SurfGW, I’ve served for nearly 39 yrs now (Army/Army Reserves, E2 – CW4) and I’ve never had a commander who was anti-gun or didn’t want subordinates to have them. On active duty and when you live in the barracks, they get locked up in the arms room. Now we’re approaching the point of Soldiers being allowed to carry on post. Never heard of a CDR not allowing/not wanting subordinate or junior Soldiers to possess their own weapons. Why you think this is a problem is beyond me – very strange.

    • As a Retired Senior NCO that still frequents Fort Hood, frequents a VFW, and that currently works with LEO in my employment and also in volunteer work, you’re full of it. Pound sand.

      • I’m not a veteran myself, but 4 uncle’s and my father all served in Vietnam, 2 gun bunnies, one artillery FO, and my dad…who seldom exited the air conditioning while in country and yet likely still ended up facilitating more destruction than the others combined (combat skyspot computer), but still technically a POG.

        My boss is a Nam vet, and my work has me often coordinating with local VFW and American Legion posts. Not one anti among any of them at all.

        I was also an Iron Guns LE MC patched member, though I’ve never been a cop, call it an honorary possition, but being a national club, I’ve met 100s of cops from all over the country…not one anti in the whole bunch.

        The guy who got me into the Iron Guns is an 05, retired, combat arms guy and life long friend who is decidedly pro gun.

        Now, I know anti gun cops and soldiers exist, and I know that military officers and police leadership types tend more anti than enlisted/rank and file, but I have to agree with Outwardhound: it strains credulity that a person with lots of military and LE connections doesn’t get that they swing progun across the vast majority of membership, to the point that the antis stand out as outliers, often with rather obvious and somewhat self serving bias.

        Also, I feel it should be noted that anyone who insists you’re less of a man for owning a gun for HD/SD, and instead just need to hit the weight pile and take BJJ can safely be dismissed as a fool.
        In fact, merely thinking that physical strength, athleticism and hand to hand skills are sufficient to replace a gun for personal protection indicates you’re talking to a foolish person. I could give more credence to an argument that a gun was unnecessary due to low likelihood of need, but once SD is stipulated as a legitimate concern, any argument against a gun either arises from an agenda, a subjective bias, ignorance of the realities involved or just plain stupidity.

        The type of guy who is younger, stronger, more athletic,more accomplished in the martial arts and just all around a bigger badazz than I am, and there are lots of them, who make such arguments are in an apples to oranges comparison. The proper question isn’t ‘do you want a gun to deal with me if I attack you?’, it’s ‘would you want your wife to have a gun if I attacked her?’, because the reality is that there is always someone bigger, badder and more capable out there, and there is no equaliser like a firearm and the skills to use it well.

        At any rate, citing clear outliers, and immature, overly testosterone fueled morons who would make such comments, and then extrapolating that as evidence to support the idea that one doesn’t bed or should many have a gun is disingenuous at best, and reeks of either appealing to authority to support a decision made for unrelated and unsupportable reasons, or an outright fabrication serving the same ends.

        • What you state is pretty accurate. My Intent was to illustrate the societal pressure. LE and military are by and large pro gun and many LCpls don’t understand why they cannot keep a guns in the barracks.
          The same people who live in supposedly Republican parts treat gun rights as something to hide in public and put up the “safety” talking points with other parents or spouses.
          The same people who vote pro-gun don’t want to be seen as encouraging guns because they see the police blotter every weekend and don’t want anything they said (in public or private) to be seen as encouraging risk.
          Career mil officers and LE tell you that “you don’t live in South Central -go to the gym if you are concerned for your defense” because they don’t want a gun incident to come back to something they said (but they have a gun).
          In SoCal, guns are like pornography – no one admits to it (in public or private) even if they have it.

    • “Ask a unit Commander if he wants his junior personnel to have guns / motorcycles / or booze in the barracks and see what answer you get.” My brother, a captain in a major metropolitan police department, is a veteran motorcycle cop. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t tried to get rid of the motorcycle patrolmen; he is in a position to do so. He also told me that while his wife wants to travel to Europe, he has gotten to the point in his life where he won’t go anywhere he can’t take his guns, and he did use the plural.

      He does however think that no one should use alcohol in excess.

  41. Man up and lead. You need at least one gun to protect your family. Its not her choice. As head of the household you are under a duty to keep her safe whether she likes it or not.

  42. No woman is worth sacrificing your guns. Not ever. If she is that controlling, she’s not a good person and is not right for you.

  43. This man is a literal cuck. How do you even not know this about someone you’re about to marry? Buy the gun and they can deal with it. Have a pair and let your wife deal with it. You don’t need your wife’s permission to be happy.

  44. My wife grew up in a country where most (basically all) gun ownership is illegal including bb guns. When she first came to the US for study many of her friends were worried about all the “gun” violence in the US. Fortunately her only qualms with me buying more guns is cash flow.

  45. I guess I’m pretty lucky.. My wife understands why I like to shoot and collect firearms. She shoots almost as well as me but isn’t the Gunaholic I am. She has her collections and I’m fine with that. Any good relationship is give and take. No partner is worth giving up the things you like to do simple because they don’t approve. If there is real companionship in your relationship you’ll know what I mean. Respect and Love are the keys. If it’s not there it will never be good or last..

  46. Kevin says:

    July 2, 2017 at 18:17
    Kevin: “SurfGW. What the heck are you talking about? It appears you’ve never been around actual military or law enforcement types. Heck, it appears that you haven’t been around very many real men for that matter. SMH.

    0311/0369 Retired”

    Kevin, Listing your MOS of 03xx / 08xx / 18xx / 85xx does not give you legitimacy; neither does your former billet of PltSgt. Unless you have a CAR for something more than suppressive fire, you are like a POG who chooses to hump. I don’t have a CAR for MOUT actions and don’t put down others for not being a real man for not having multiple CARs either. Keep it above the belt.

  47. If you arrive at the altar and your bride-to-be (or husband-to-be, for that matter) isn’t thoroughly informed on your political beliefs, the Second Amendment, and your home defense strategy, then you have not been honest and forthcoming during the courtship. Shame on you.

    If I were ever again in the position to find a mate, I would pick her up for the first date in a truck with an NRA sticker in the window. We would discuss hobbies, which include trap and target shooting. Her reaction to that would determine if a second date was in our future.

  48. Why not convert your gf/wife instead. My gf hated guns at first, but I managed to convince her to try it just once. First time she hit the gong, she was grinning from ear to ear, I knew she was hooked.

    • My son dropped by for a visit with his English girlfriend who is a gun virgin (although she knows some of the gameskeepers from where her family lives). She was quite fascinated by all the guns I have in my office, and expressed a desire to go shoot one. We didn’t have time to do so, but I sent him home with a Mosquito, 200 rounds of CCI min-mags as an easy familiarization route, and 200 rounds of 9 mm to feed his XD. That should be enough for him to teach her the basics and have a good time.

  49. The Gov. Is right wife and I have had seperate checking and savings accounts since 1,988 . I could spend 10’s of thousands and she wouldn’t know or care . Well maybe a bit, I bought my Rolex while on vacation, online from another state , told her when it arrived .

    Some guys just marry the wrong women .I don’t know why but they do.

  50. “””””4) Male friends make fun of you if you say you own a gun for home defense. Your bros tell you to hit the gym or take some jiujitsu and be a man!”””””””

    Gotta be in the top 5 of stupid$h!t things I’ve ever heard.

  51. Bunch of pansy asses. I work with a guy like the one in the article. Guy has to ask permission from his wife to breathe. Geez, man up.

  52. Well that topic caused a lot of responses!

    That stuff went on long enough. I’m happily divorced. You live and learn. I lived, learned, live and now am actually in love. Love means acceptance. Don’t have to agree on everything. But pressure, whining and manipulation aren’t acceptance.

    If you love someone you accept all the things they are and by extension, like. If one withholds that acceptance they aren’t in it to love but to get something else that they need. “Run, Luke, Run!”

  53. Turner comes from the “happy wife, happy life” school of thought. Which translate into “she must be obeyed, because otherwise I won’t get laid ever again.”

    It’s nonsense, but a lot of guys feel that way.

    Personally, I think it would be better for the Turners of the world to find a woman who they really hate and buy them a house. In the long run, it would be cheaper and at the very least they’d have their balls back.

    • The only reason “Happy Wife, Happy Life” doesn’t happen the other way around is because nothing rhymes with “Husband”

  54. God bless my Indian wife! She views shooting and guns as part of American culture. She has been shooting a few times. Recently at a friends house in West Virginy she volunteered to shoot a “monster” .40 cal. It looked more powerful than it really was as it was a hi point but still she shot it 🙂

  55. Women do not like boys that listen to them. This guy has probably been cheated on many times, who knows, with gangstas whipping guns around. A man does what he has to do, hunt, defend, work, and that is the maturity/responsability that women go for. Bet you she likes watching these madia movies with DeNiro. Fans and celebs are hypocrites

  56. Good Lord! Where I come from the women shoot as well as the men!

    Maybe when I was young and stupid I would have fallen for that (and lied about it) just to get some good p***y, but I was 34 when I got married, and way over that stuff.


  57. Dear Turner:

    If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son
    I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one

  58. How do you marry without doing due diligence while dating ?

    If you want kids but he/she doesn’t – deal breaker
    If either one is cheap and is dating someone who puts all purchases on a credit card – deal breaker

    My dad took my future husband to a gun shop and told him which shot gun to buy and which handgun to buy. And gave his blessings for the marriage. I grew up in a family of ranchers/farmers
    It was a done deal. My dad even told me to get a handgun for self defense when I turned 21 and traveled from Dallas to Fredericksburg to visit him

    • Everything else I agree with but this one I don’t understand in an age where most of our financial transactions are electronic and digital.

    • What I meant to say was that I don’t understand; “……dating someone who puts all purchases on a credit card – deal breaker” in 2017…..

  59. I would be willing to bet that there are more than a few men who are in exactly the situation the author wrote about. What is the saying? A happy home is a happy wife? They would rather just not get the gun they really want, than have to put up with the wife’s bitching and complaining.
    How many guys do you know that spend their weekends working on “honey do list”, i.e. work that their wives have given them to do as if they were servants or children? Their wives give them work to do, when in reality they would like to be out hunting, or fishing, or watching the ball game, or at the range shooting. These are the exact same type of men the author is talking about; in an effort to keep the wife happy, they completely ignore their own desires in favor of her desires.
    They don’t really want to be at Home Depot buying tile to redo the kitchen floor in that adorable pattern from Home and Garden magazine, they don’t really want to be out in the yard planting roses, they’d rather be watching the game, or at the range, or maybe just sleeping in after working a 60 hour week, but they set that aside to keep from hearing her complaining.
    It’s the exact same reason they don’t buy the gun that they’ve always wanted to buy; it’s just not worth the grief they’d get from the wife.

    That’s why I’m glad I’m single. I’m 45, I’ve never been married and don’t have any kids; I wouldn’t have it any other way. My bank account is the only thing that determines whether or not I buy another gun. I could not deal with the situation the author describes.

    • The honey do list is because “women have rights, men have responsibilities” like some judge is fond of saying.

  60. Hmm, I think my father would have shot me with one of the guns I grew up with in the house (shot them, too, as a child ) if I told my husband I wouldn’t allow guns in our house.

    We have friends who have a tradition of giving Son-In-Law a really nice hunting rifle as a wedding present. Been going on for generations. Although, they don’t have a son, I’m not sure what the traditional gift would be for a daughter-in-law, haven’t asked. Everyone shoots.

  61. My wife doesn’t like guns. They don’t seem to care much one way or the other what she thinks. As with any other dispute between friends of mine, I try to stay out of it.

  62. Well, I am happily divorced but guns never had anything to do with the equation. Luckily the lady that I am now with absolutely loves going out to the farm and shooting. I bought one of those BMF Activators and slapped it on an M&P 22 and the girl just loves it.

    Having exclusively dated and/or married North Carolina country girls, I’ve never ran into much hoplophobic opposition. Even if they’re not “in to” guns, they grew up around them and it’s just no big deal.
    Now OTOH the vegan, Buddhist, prog chick from Maryland (right near DC) that I went on a few dates with…

  63. That “story” was crafted, and bullshit. Look how it is written, look at the sentence structure, and the “flow.” Mr. Turner is a bullshit artist that tried to pass off a “it happened to me,” story.

    • That’s what I thought from the get go. I don’t know why anyone would want to say these things about themselves, but I’m sure you’re right.

      If it is true, God help the American male.

  64. As a woman, I’ve never understood other women who want to control their spouses. A marriage should be mutual understanding. I was widowed a few years ago, and just recently went on to see if I could meet someone. I put in there that I liked to go to the shooting range; I figured it would scare off any anti-gun people as well as any men who think the “little lady doesn’t need a gun”. I met someone and we have enjoyed our mutual love of shooting and firearms (part of what caught his eye was me saying I liked to go to the range!). Firearms is a subject that should be discussed before marriage, along with finances, child-rearing, religion, etc. No one should have to sacrifice the ability to defend themselves because one party can’t handle it.

    • Marie,

      When you go to the range with the next Mr. Right, be nice and let him win once in a while.

      • We’ve been busy and have only been once. Unfortunately, shortly into our visit, I grabbed my slide to clear a jam and grabbed it wrong–slide bite! OUCH!!! It bled like crazy. He doesn’t handle blood well, so we ended up heading to my mom’s for her to clean it and bandage it for me. LOL

        My biggest issue was that I wanted a man who would respect my right to be able to defend myself and not have to depend on him to protect me. He can’t be with me 24/7, so I have to be able to defend myself.

  65. The comments on the Sioux City Journal article are pretty good. Generalized scorn.

  66. yep lotta nutless coward husbands out there. they will never stand up to their wives. pathetic.

  67. “When I got married I quickly discovered my new bride did not like guns and didn’t want any in the house,”

    She had better have been better than good in bed then.

  68. Ha ha ha ha that’s the most ridiculous story I’ve ever heard hell yeah I have a gun I assume everyone does this is America.” They found out I have a gun” ha ha ha ha

  69. That wife should have gotten the walking papers long before. I agree in a marriage there needs to be a healthy balance between “needs” and “wants”. My wife believes and has supported a need to have a firearm in the house(which is now several)for various purposes.
    Hearing your neighbors husband talk animatedly about how he had to get a broom(add rolling eyes)when someone was in their house early one morning, wait 10mins for PD and still be told he “can’t” get a firearm because his wife believes their evil, was both comical and pathetic at the same time. Manginas up!

  70. My ex wife was the same way…now she owns five guns..including an AR15 and has a carry license too.

  71. Wow. Grow a pair.

    My wifey allows me anything I can afford. Only because she likes her weapons too.

  72. The wife called it in, or she had a friend call it in.
    Vile, vile woman.

    Utter loser of a man.

  73. Well, that’s how almost all married men that I know are. 😀
    Whipped because she can make up a story and get them locked up for ‘domestic violence’ or simply pack his bags and throw them outside, after all the mother takes the kids and gets the house, plus half of his income when she gets bored, finds a new dick or whatever. 🙂

  74. And raising a kid up to eighteen is minimum 250k $, so calculate that investment and what return it gets you. 😮

  75. I live by a simple rule when it come to guns.

    Relationships come and go but a fine firearm will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.

  76. Ridiculous story – I have no respect for people who live their lives like this. The wife is as bad as the husband.

  77. While I was dating my future wife, one of our dates was to go to the range, rent a gun and shoot together. When our daughter reached her teens, I bought a M&P pro 9. When the Victory came out, I had her read a review – she look at me and said “buy it!”. We now both have 2-3 firearms each, and just earned our CCW’s together.

    It can be done. Just do it.

  78. Any woman who thinks a gun isn’t worth keeping around the house isn’t worth keeping around the house herself.

    The problem is that men are raised to be deferential to women to an unhealthy fault. The guy in the story is a straight pussy-whipped simp, and he needs to learn to respect HIS VALUES… but he won’t. He’ll continue to be another, “If momma ain’t happy, t’ain’t nobody happy,” sniveling little gimpling.

    I remember when my wife was my fiance, and she asked me not to get a motorcycle. I looked her in the eyes and said, “I love you, and will always be with you, but if you prevent me from getting a bike, then you will never ger kids from me.” Nearly 11 years later, and we stillndont have kids, but we do love our two-up trips on the bike :-).

    I also enjoy my shooting. Did my wife have concerns(?), sure(!), and I think having endless concerns is the domain of married women. Once the gun was in the house, and she saw that nobody instantly died, or was maimed she relaxed. While shooting isn’t for my wife, I do try and include her when she is feeling up to it.

    Just because my wife didn’t have to much of a say in the gun and motorcycle purchase stories, doesn’t mean that they should be excluded from the activities. None-the-less, I think that a healthy marriage should also demonstrate the husband expressing his own values.

  79. Sorry, but any man that lets his wife tell him whether he can have a gun or not deserves whatever happens to him.

  80. I uh, guess I’m the only homosexual here haha.

    My spouse and I have gun arguments that go like this: “do I get to buy my 6.5 Creedmoor bench rifle or do you get to buy your Shadow 2 from CZ customs?”

    It’s easy when we both have no children and a massive love for firearms.. he just likes precision rifles, I like the handguns the most. It’s pretty amusing.

  81. WTF? Men need to realize that women like real men, period! I’ve been happily married for going on 15 years now and I truly run my household as a man should. My wife respects my authority and is happy to let me provide for our well being and safety. Men should never have to ask their wives if they can purchase or do anything with the money that they make, mine surely doesn’t. My wife is very happy to let me run things as I see fit and when I get home from work my dinner is on the table and her ass is up in the air! She also gets up every morning, prepares my breakfast, lunch and coffee for the day. She’s also super hot but that’s what you get when you run your house like a man.

  82. My wife introduced me to guns. At the time she had two hand guns and one long gun. Now we have 12 guns after 20 years of marriage.
    You are a weak man if you have given up the means to defend your family. Evil offten seeks out the weakest first.

  83. Way back when, before I married my first wife, she told me “I hope you understand that after we’re married, there will be no guns in the house.” Without even thinking, I replied “Well, I hope you realize that means we won’t be getting married.” I’ve always been sorry she backed down on that issue, it would have saved me a lot of money and heartache in the long run.

  84. 1: He should have known that BEFORE marriage, not WHEN married.
    2: He shouldn’t marry anyone that stupid.
    3: He should grow a pair. Some things simply aren’t negotiable. Even if you have to live alone, at least you get to live.

  85. My Manhattan raised hoplophobic left-wing academia raised spouse hates guns. But they’re an issue that I am not willing to yield on (compromise – everything is responsibly kept under lock and key when I’m not carrying). So I guess she likes me more than she hates guns.

  86. 1st date:
    She: “I don’t like guns! Gun control is a good idea!”
    Me: “Enjoy paying for your dinner, we are done, here.”

    1st date:
    She: “My daddy taught me how to shoot”
    Me: “What calibers?”
    She: “9mm, .45 and 5.56NATO- and the 5.56NATO is my favorite, because the recoil is so light.”
    Me: “You want this diamond ring?”

  87. it aint no secret…

    half the married guys i work with their wives wont let them have a gun

    for that reason all four of my sons are leaving the house with at least (1) centerfire handgun (1) ar-15 chambered in .223/5.56 and (1) .22lr rifle

    they will be adequately armed before they get married

    i told em all if youre thinking about getting hitched to some chick and she insists you get rid of your guns


  88. And she keeps his balls in a jar on her desk.
    That’s not a marriage, it’s a dictatorship.

  89. LOL! What a wuss! I don’t know how people live like that. Wife knew I had guns, I was in Special Forces at the time and I became a state trooper. I have LOTS of guns – even more since we were married. I learned to build and gunsmith so I can make my own (some) and repair them, which cuts down costs. Any man who would live their life like this – well, it’s tragic.

  90. I’ve said it before here and I’ll say it again. The literal first thing I told my gf immediately after we began dating, like technically even before we went on the first date, was and I quote: “I like smoking, drinking, and guns and none of that is changing for you.” And here I am ten years later and bought a house with her.

    My best advice to any man or woman is be honest and uncompromising on what is most important to you… and there are better methods of delivery lol

    • I was an Army Engineer officer when I married my wife. The subject actually never came up. 🙂

  91. Guns, shooting, personal defense, my military background and just plain freedom are all major aspects of my lifestyle and personality. Why would anyone marry anyone who is anti-gun? That would be a show stopper to me. I’ve been through a couple of wives, but guns were never part of the argument. They all shot and owned guns of their own.

    The dude referred to in the article needs to grow a pair and be the kind of man who is ready to defend his family if the need arises.

  92. My Wife does not like Gun either BUT first time she said “I don’t like Guns” I said “”well I don’t much care for “Versace’s Black Leather Medusa Sandals” either”.
    When she said “You do not need another Gun!” I said “and just how many Purses do you need?”
    When she Said “Do you Really Need more Fishing Lures?” I Said “Do you really need all those Beauty Products?”

    Now she just Rolls her Eyes when I say, Ewe Nice Gun I would love that in my collection. – I understand.
    Now when I go through the Fishing Department she Points and Says, “Ewe that one is Pretty Do you have that one?” And I say “Yeah but not in that Size!” She places it in the basket.
    I Love my wife. She understands me.

  93. My first wife had no problem with guns, but she did prefer swords. I built her an AR and helped her with handgun choices.

    My new wife likes both. She prefers old doubles and 1911s, but is cool with anything.

    If both parties are agreeable, then that’s fine. But it’s obvious from his commentary that it’s not mutual, and he’s wearing the pantyhose in that relationship.

  94. i moved to NYC for work, so i got rid of my shotgun.
    I moved out of the city with a woman and she was ANTI, so yea…
    having a kid i wanted a shotgun, we fought about this and many other things.

    NEVER get involved with an anti gun woman, unless she is willing to try!

    I am now happy with a pro gun woman and have a very nice collection!
    (my Kid is a little gun nut, the best revenge!)

  95. My wife and I had one discussion about gun ownership before we married. She told me she wasn’t raised around them and they made her uncomfortable. I told her I already owned one and would be getting (and inheriting) more so she’d need to get used to the idea of them being in our home.

    That was 20 years ago. We’ve been married for 19 of those years. I carry everywhere we go and she doesn’t complain.

  96. WoW! So damn many males with no balls! In 1959 I was 11 and bought my 1st gun, a 22 from a pawn shop. No parents, no forms, just a weekly 50 cents. At 18 Uncle Sam sent me on a paid vacation to SE Asia. I volunteered to go back twice more. I had a Colt Det Spec 38 under my tux when we were married. My wife neither likes nor dislikes guns. My daughters began shooting at age 13. I carry every where I go where legal and avoid places that do not permit carrying. I have put holes in rabbits, deer, bear, and people and know what those holes do. No one is going to do that to me or my family if I can prevent it by putting a few holes in them 1st. I don’t care who likes guns or who pisses their pants at the thought of one, but NO ONE is going to take mine away! At no time will there not be one within reach.
    The antis are not smart enough to understand~~ what cities have the strongest anti laws in the country? Chicago, NYC, PHILA, LA. Places where criminals know they are safe to rob, rape, and murder as citizens are not permitted to carry. Why do you think idiots target schools and other no gun zones? Where else can they do their damage and feel safe?
    Remember, when seconds count the police are only minutes away. They cannot protect you but can put you in a body bag and find the perp after the perp does what he wishes to your unarmed butt. YOU and only you are responsible for your safety.
    I carry concealed!

  97. Lotta angry guys here.
    Most of the ‘I wouldn’t let the bitch tell me what to do’ tough guys don’t have to worry about that anyway….Even women who like guns wouldn’t want them and their bullying ways.
    Which adds to the anger, which leads to getting another gun to fill the hole where a woman should be.
    Rinse and repeat.

  98. What compelled Deputy Dawg to target our humble correspondent regarding the reported gunfire? Does Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office maintain a firearm registry?

  99. Bring up guns early before you have invested too much money, time, emotion in her. A poor attitude toward firearms is a peephole into the emotion-driven irrationality of her thinking. Drop her like a live grenade.

  100. No, it doesn’t apply to him, he’s a watered down genetic defect with an overwhelming XX chromosomal malignancy. Unfortunately this sorry situation will continue to deteriorate due to the overwhelming influence of women undermining the traditional masculine institutions of our society(soccer vs football). The only way this can be stopped or reversed is thru socially isolating and enhancing the positions of those who believe in and practice the old ways.

  101. It was true then and it’s true now – Sex is good, but it ain’t that good.

    Also, women are just like buses. If you miss the current one, no problem. Another will come along in around 20 minutes.

  102. I got some great deals from a guy that was getting married. His husband to be didn’t like guns, and forced him to sell. I joked with him that maybe he shouldn’t have fought so hard for the right to get married if that was what he had to look forward to. Then explained to him that marriage kinda sucked.

  103. My wife has one but she isn’t One! She is a better shot with a pistol but I am a better shot with a long gun. Oh, I almost forgot, she purchased the last two firearms that were bought in this household. I guess I just hit the jackpot all the way around when I got married to her.

  104. Yeah, but so what? What’s the point of this article that just got reposted on the TTAG fb page?

    Because they’re married, men also:
    Don’t have STDs as much;
    Don’t get arrested as much;
    Don’t DUI as much;
    Don’t waste money in strip clubs as much;
    Don’t fight in bars or football games or tailgaters as much;
    Don’t waste money buying drinks as much;
    And so many other behaviors.
    Dimwits can lament that doing those behaviors less means they’re not “as much man,” but it also means they’ve grown up and are making better life decisions. Therefore, having fewer guns is little different than having fewer motorcycles, or fewer fishing rods, or whatever.

  105. I like this humor piece. TTAG needs to do this every once in a while….create a little fiction editorial for guys to laugh about.

    Ever heard of gun safes and biometric opening pistol safes? If there are men out there who need to justify to a woman why a firearm is needed in the house for basic protection and can’t or won’t do it and back down, then they need to stay in the kitchen with the apron on and fix their he-man wives dinner and be quick about it. Turn in your “Man Card” and start swishing around in a pink leotard.

  106. I don’t believe this article completely. This story is more of an exception than a rule.
    I told my wife, when I met her, that I own guns, and would not get rid of them. She married me anyway.

  107. Guns in the house was a point of conflict, but I decided it was too important an issue to allow a veto. Now we are armed and still a married. It can be done men, don’t back down. Protecting your family is YOUR job.

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