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There are a lot of stupid things you can do when pulled over by the police. The first most stupid thing you can do: try to shoot the cop. The second? Throw the gun at the cop. Sigh.

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  1. That there a law enforcement officer has some very quick reaction time. And who does something that stupid wouldn’t it be better just to leave the weapon in the vehicle and let the officer know with your hands at 10 and 2 with all the windows rolled down handing your ID when you ask for it along with your concealed weapons permit. Or if not needed just your ID if you’ve got it secured your vehicle like in Florida it’s got to be out of accessible reach in a snapped holster and cannot be in plain view and you’re good to go or the original box the firearm came in or the center console or the glove box as long as your registration isn’t in there and insurance card. I hope the person wasn’t seriously hurt.

    • That assumes someone is thinking rationally. To rational, non criminally inclined people it would make far more sense to just let the officer know where the firearm is so it can be addressed at the forefront of the traffic stop. My guess is we are not getting an entire picture. Motorist could have been on drugs, could have had some kind of mental health issue, could have been fleeing a crime already and thought the stop was connected to it etc. All we really know is that this is a good way to get yourself shot.

    • Looks like he was attacking him to me. Hard to do that with the weapon still in the vehicle.

    • Are you serious? If that guy was attempting to surrender that firearm he had to attempted one of THE WORST possible methods by which that may be accomplished. That was assault with a deadly weapon.

      • I don’t buy that bullshit at all, I watched the video, the guy tried to Rifle butt him in the face so the deputy jumped back and shot him. I’d say that anytime anyone charges law enforcement with a rifle whether to rifle butt them or shoot them then it’s not a bad idea to shoot or return fire. Asshole was trying to do the whole suicide-by law enforcement thing he wasn’t trying to surrender shit.

  2. What in the world was that idiot thinking?

    And all those people just driving by. If I see a cop (or anyone) with his gun out, I’m backing up and turning around.

    • Or just keep driving? Why insert yourself into an already deadly force encounter? The last think a frantic officer needs is someone driving by to stop in the middle of a freeway, reverse into traffic, and insert themselves into the situation, possibly armed as well. He doesnt know your intentions and there is a good chance that stopping your car and producing a firearm ends very poorly.

      • I see I did not phrase myself clearly. If I approach a scene and see guns drawn, I don’t want to put my car and family in a possible line of fire. That one SUV drove past in the wrong lane because the cop is standing in the right lane after firing on the moron with the AR. The driver had to sense something was wrong.

        In this case, the police officer fired multiple shots. Fortunately, no one but the assailant was downrange. If you drive around a gun battle in progress, you’re putting yourself in the line of fire. No thanks.

    • I don’t know about that, but if I see a cop in a struggle on the side of the road, I might turn around.

    • I’ve been in this situation, driving past a scene with officers with guns drawn. It goes like this: See the flashing lights of police cars, begin to slow and move to the left, watch for traffic behind to make sure I’m not going to be rear ended, continue to approach at about 55mph, realize cops have guns drawn, stopping now would put me right even with action and likely get me rear ended, floor it once clear ducking my head low and putting space between me an the potential bullets.

  3. Looks like he was trying to rifle-butt the officer in the face as he came around the corner.

    • Since the population as a whole seems to be continuing the IQ nosedive that has been apparent over the last couple of decades, I think the Darwin award factory is now running 3 shifts.

    • No, but in the spirit of the times we’re making many of them participation trophies.

  4. Citizen or Dreamer?

    Seems inappropriate either way, but if it’s someone ‘doing a job Americans won’t do’ then we have direct recourse against the importer.

    • It looked to me like when he looked in from the passenger side he saw the driver exiting without having been instructed. This may have triggered his defensive posture when he rounded the back of the vehicle.

      Situational Awareness…it’s a thing.

  5. Another chorus of the Ballad of Dindu Nuffin…

    Dinduuuuu, Dinnn-du Nufinnnn
    Momma say ‘he a real good boooy’

    Dinduuuuu, Dinnn-du Nufinnnn
    Was just about to get his Gee-Eee-Deeee

    Dinduuuuu, Dinnn-du Nufinnnn
    Just gettin’ his life turned arooound.

    Dinduuuuu, Dinnn-du Nufinnnn
    Hanging out with the wrong crooowd.

    Dinduuuuu, Dinnn-du Nufinnnn
    Accidently butt stroked a cop.

  6. Officer stopped to see if the guy was broken down and needed help. Shows how fast things can go south. As we tell our recruit classes, there is NO routine encounter.

  7. It wasn’t a stop, it was a motorist assist. Guy was pulled over at the side of the highway, no flashers on, or anything. And he had no ID, and they’re not getting a hit on his fingerprints. No idea who he even is.

    Very, very strange. Don’t bother asking questions – you’re not getting any answers.

    • They say there’s a magazine capacity limit, but I haven’t reached it yet. If I have to, I can buy 30’s over the counter all day long.

      • SHHH! Shannon reads this blog…hate for her to find out the mag law doesn’t say what she thinks it says…

  8. I am surprised the officer chose to stand out in the open with no cover and in the middle of a highway after the dreamer pulled a rifle on him. Danger from in front and behind.

    • Going around the vehicle would require him to lose sight of the suspect, as would checking his six for traffic. Advancing on the suspect makes the most sense, but for some reason he chose not to.

      • I was thinking the same thing Somebody; advancing the the drivers door of the suspect vehicle is an intuitive place to go for some cover while maintaining good observation…except the vehicle hasn’t been cleared and there may be more suspects concealed there. If that is what this officer was thinking though, there is still a serious dilemma., Given that he could be shot through the rear and and side windows of the suspect vehicle where he appeared to be he had no good options: Either retreat to the cover of his vehicle, lose sight of the suspect and the momentum, or remain in potential jeopardy from the suspect vehicle.

        I suspect he stood where he did because he automatically prioritized maintaining visual contact with the suspect over…possibly everything else. Tunnel vision and threat fixation would be my diagnosis based on this evidence.

        • Well, he had a good reason– the guy would not get to the ground. How many times did he scream it at him? Vehicle is not cleared and the dummy keeps trying to get up.

        • The drivers door is not cover, or even concealment. Maybe it would stop a rimfire round, or a .32, but not a rifle.

      • One factor is that he didn’t know if there was anyone else in the vehicle. Advancing would put the vehicle behind him and out of sight, and checking the vehicle would require him to take his eyes off the known aggressor.

        • If there was somebody still in the vehicle, they could have attacked at any time right where he was standing. Watching the video again, it looks like he was screwed in the cover/concealment department any way. His cruiser is too far away, as are all the concrete supports from the overpasses. From the position he was in he had the engine block of the GMC as extended cover from the dreamer at least.

    • One possible reason is that had he gone around on the shoulder side of the vehicle, any shots fired from there may inadvertently go across the road, endangering passing drivers.

  9. That’s one of the dumber things I’ve seen.

    Is it just me or does this sort of appear to be an attempted suicide by cop? Maybe my earballs are just shot but the guy seems to alternate between saying he’s sorry and asking what the cop is “waiting for”… after he says he just wants to go home.

    • I really wonder if:
      A. No Ammo.
      B. Bullet Button or some such thing.
      C. Dummy/fake AR.

      I thought I heard the rifle hitting the tarmac, and it sounded real. So scratch C.

      A. and/or B. make sense if it was a stolen AR.

      That leaves motivation. I can only surmise that the dude knew he wasn’t going to win a footrace or gunfight, and bet it all on being able to one-hit KO the cop before taking off. Everything he says after being shot, I’ve heard from other morons who’ve just received a ballistic correction to their life choices.

  10. I’ve got to give¬†credit to the Peace Officer with having quick reaction time and staying level headed.

  11. I was on the side of interstate 64 with a flat tire and had just discovered that my bumper jack had ceased to work. Up pulled a state trooper that loaned me his jack and stood windbagging as I changed the tire.

    No one got hurt. No one got shot.

    What did me and that trooper do wrong?

    • You didn’t create a situation that spawned a YouTube video showing rank stupidity and gunfire. The cop didn’t racistly attack anyone or, based on your narrative here, even mention how he hated minorities and wanted to shoot one but didn’t have the chance yet. He also didn’t beat the shit out of you for no apparent reason or even apply his boot to your neck. Hell, I bet you didn’t even have an interesting radio call during the whole event!

      Pretty high on the fail scale if you ask me.

      So I would say you both did most of it wrong. Next time one of you needs to at least mention (in an approving sort of way) shooting minorities for no reason other than outright racism or some rabid hatred of the long acronym community.

        • Remember: It’s not a good traffic stop unless there’s a video of gunfire or at least a taser deployment against a minority.

  12. I’d say things like this make me paranoid, but I’ve already been that way before watching this video.

  13. That shit only works in Halo and other first person shooters. Still trying to think of why he went for the buttstroke and not just wait for the officer to round the vehicle before opening fire.

    • Still trying to think why he is such a moron, I mean just park somewhere in the woods put the rifle in your mouth so you won’t force a cop to try to get the job done for you.

    • And imagine if old Doomberg & Squatts find out about this proof-of-concept. Nationwide Neutered ARs and Nerf-Padded buttstocks for everyone!

      And when we ain’t looking, they’ll mandate pool-noodle handguards.

  14. Is it just me, or are the officers commands post-shooting pretty much guaranteed to get the perp shot again? “Don’t move!” “Get on the ground!” … I’ve heard this before in other cases as well. Don’t departments drill on this sort of thing? What to yell, and who yells it?

    Don’t get me wrong. The shoot was righteous. I’m just curious. Can any of you police out there what kind of instruction you receive?

    • It varies by state, but “get on the ground” is a very common command. “Don’t move/stop resisting” are also common. Your also trained to give other “clear and consise” commands pertaining to the situation. Generally during a high stress event though your most likely to shout what you use most due to muscle memory.

    • The best thing to do imo would be to have him lay on his belly, arms and legs spread, keep him at gun point and wait for backup to handcuff and check for more weapons (and of course secure the rifle ASAP). You also have to worry about traffic in your back. It would be dangerous to approach alone, stay near the guy’s vehicle so you have cover if needed. The approach from the passenger side of the subject’s vehicle was a good call and maybe saved the Deputy’s life who knows.

  15. That guy was crying like a little girl. If you’re going to attack an officer and get shot, at least take it like a man. The way he was acting he’s lucky he didn’t get shot again – to shut him up if nothing else.

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