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With former President Donald Trump’s recent conviction on felony charges, New York is preparing to revoke his gun license and Trump haters are calling for all of his firearms to be confiscated.

But one pro-freedom group, which has long held that it is unconstitutional for nonviolent felons to have their Second Amendment rights taken away, has pledged to fight for the current presidential frontrunner.

Those on the anti-gun side of the Second Amendment debate are crowing over the conviction and pushing for the former president to be forced to relinquish any guns he might own. In fact, a headline at Bloomberg-funded crowed, “Trump’s Conviction Bars Him from Owning Guns. Will He Hand His Over?”

The subhead read: “It’s unclear when the former president will be required to surrender any guns following his guilty verdict in New York. The situation underscores the lack of procedure for how recently convicted felons should relinquish their firearms.”

As anti-gunners clamor for Trump’s guns, last week the Second Amendment Foundation sent out a press release vowing to defend the former president’s gun rights from those who would deny him based on the recent felony conviction.

“If Donald Trump is further prosecuted for owning firearms, we will offer to defend him and challenge the law,” SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb said in the press release. “Donald Trump has no history of violent crime. Under the Supreme Court’s 2022 Bruen ruling, which requires gun laws to have some analogous connection to historical regulation at the time the Founders wrote the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Mr. Trump should not lose his Second Amendment rights. There is no historical nexus to deny someone, including Trump, of their gun rights over such a conviction.”

In fact, the organization has long held the position that Americans should not lose their gun rights due to a conviction for nonviolent crimes.

“SAF has litigated challenges in the past to restore gun rights for people convicted of non-violent crimes and we will do so again,” said SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut. “In fact, we are currently litigating a challenge to the denial of carry permits for some former plaintiffs whose rights were restored due to prior SAF lawsuits.”

In the end, Gottlieb believes the attack on Trump’s gun rights emphasizes the need to revisit existing gun control laws and change them to protect an individual’s Second Amendment rights.

“Until that happens, we will be more than happy to meet New York State or the federal government in court,” he said.

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    • He doesn’t care about their legal representation, he cares about how much money they can contribute to his presidential campaign.
      Win or lose, shuffle the money

        • So no need for the SAF to step up and virtue signal right.
          Trumps got enough money he doesn’t even have to ask for campaign donations, right.
          Saint Trump the patron saint of money.
          Such a nice guy, never stepped on any toes as he made billions.
          That’s a first.

    • “Hmm ready representation, funding available, and standing in court…….oops.”

      If he were smart. he would have transferred all his guns to one of his immediate family members *before* the jury returned the verdict, since it will most likely be eventually overturned.

      If anyone knows, why didn’t he demand to be tried pretty much anywhere else than NYC? The fact the jury pool was over 80 percent fascist left is proof he wasn’t tried by his peers…

      • Meanwhile, Hunter is being tried in Delaware where they’ve been overwhelmingly electing Uncle Joe for decades. They have buildings named after him there.

        • That it is in court at all is impressive, I doubt Hunter will get any relevant time but may be able to chip away at the 4473

        • Not that there isn’t great grounds for appeal just on that. Yeah this was about getting headlines not any legitimate conviction, and even the headlines backfired.

  1. The “convictions” are based on concocted who knows exactly what, the whole shebang has more holes than imported Swiss Cheese. And if course If the name wasn’t Candidate Trump there would be nothing said. The backfiring tactics used by sleazy democRats are no different than the Jim Crow kkk democRat Party used to block Black Americans from holding public office…FJB.

    TRUMP 2024.

  2. It s an big mistake that s law banned any felons (and some misdaemors) from owning guns BUT don t forget trumps bump stock ban make over night lawfull people to felons and give a shit about your propertie rights without any granfathering !

    So no big mercy with him

    • I look forward to the Leftists putting President Trump in prison.

      And the “gun community” agrees with President Trump. They said the bumpstock is just a waste of ammunition. They said there is no rational reason for the general population to own one.

      • No the gun community does not agree with the bumpstock ban. This is why it’s currently being fought in court. As usual your comments don’t make any sense.

        • I’m correct. And you are wrong. The “gun community” has a serious problem with 21st century gun technology, and the newest manufacturing methods.

          The 3D replicator, right out of Star Trek, will become a serious threat to conventional gun makers. When that technology is perfected. We will see just how loyal folks are to these old gun makers.

          • No we don’t unless you are counting the “I support the 2nd amendment but” type fudds. But on a closer reading if you are referring to advances in technology making gun companies go out of business due to people being able to readily make their own stuff from 3d metal printers and more advanced stuff down the line……. That I would point out that most gun companies tend to invest heavily into such tech and equipment and often drive it’s development if only in part. They will have more advanced setups than 99%+ of anything private citizens have but I will say that eventually what is typical of today Glock/AR/insert current my favorite meme gun here will be as readily producible at with such tech as a break action shotgun if not easier. The more advanced stuff which may see proof loads starting at 120kpsi may be beyond the reach of consumer future printers and remain the domain of companies to manufacturer reliable versions. Not that we haven’t seen this pattern play out a few times over the last several centuries.

    • “BUT don t forget trumps bump stock ban make over night lawfull people to felons and give a shit about your propertie rights without any granfathering !”

      By the end of the month, the SCotUS returns a verdict in the ‘Cargill’ bump-stock case. Most likely they will say the ATF ruling was unconstitutional, because congress made no law banning them.

      Also in our favor, the ATF not long back ruled bump-stocks were perfectly legal…

    • No Chris a non violent or very violent felon can have a gunm if he so chooses, he just don’t ask .givs permission.
      And here we are again, Laws, Lawsuits and Lawyers. None of that is going to save the day when shit it’s the fan blade.

      • So 38 states have prison slavery. They can vote but can’t have a gun.

        Free people have guns. And lots of them. A slave doesn’t. And they are killed or imprisoned if they try to get one.

        • And that’s why they say “no guns for you surfs, they are only for us enlightened ones” (of course demoncrats truly believe they are enlightened just ask fjb).

  3. How it all works.
    I have not received any thing from the NRA since 1994, recently I donated some money to the RNC Trump.
    Two days ago I got a gloom and doom ” They’re coming to take your gunms away from the NRA, join now, only we can save you.
    Hmmmmm, donate money to Trump, then NRA correspondence.
    Now ain’t nobody getting nothing on account of they just play games to get my money.
    More emu that’s where my money is going because the Supreme Court rules but that doesn’t matter. BATFE does whatever it wants.
    Local Cops side with the Feds.
    I’m beginning to admire the gawd damn dope head crooks more and more each day, at least their honest about their theiving and are the only ones who actually exercise the right second Amendment.
    Law abiding,,,,= subjects to the law.

    • “ATFE does whatever it wants.”

      Maybe not for long, if the SCotUS rules in a few weeks that ‘Chevron Deference’ is unconstitutional…

    • Anti gunm law, What’s that?
      Do you mean an infringement on a constitutional right backed by the might of 5 supreme court judges banging a wooden hammer real hard.

  4. Edit.
    Infringement protected by 5 Supreme Court judges banging a wooden hammer real hard,,,,ooooh scary huh Dettlebach.

  5. Great opportunity to fully convince Trump to get on our side. I didn’t like his “take the guns first, due process second” one bit. But this is the opportunity to win him over and secure Trump as 100% pro 2A. Because even with “due process” in the communist clown state of NY, Trump got this outcome. Now tell him about nonviolent felons not getting their gun rights back and the NFA. And have him abolish that once elected again.

  6. I would argue once a criminal, violent or not, has served their term, they can have a gun. After all, it is a right guaranteed by the Constitution and nowhere in the document does it imply anyone loses these rights forever. This is Supreme Court nonsense, not the Constitution. This illegal trampling of constitutional rights needs to end.

  7. They should be fighting for the guy that can’t afford his own fight, who got railroaded by the system (without trying to screw the system first) and a guy that has never signed an executive order limiting gun rights.

    Let Trump con his mob into paying for his legal woes since they all seem so keen to do already. There are many other who do are not wealthy and cannot get others to pay for their screw ups that deserve 2AF support far more.

    • Not saying you are incorrect but a few things to consider. Attention, this case is not going to disappear and be forgotten easily like many that would apply to the railroaded description. Public opinion, like it or not it is a a perfect storm of person disliked by government getting hit by government in ways that could happen to anyone. Finally Resources, between the organization and Trump there are plenty of lawyers and funds to fight it properly. With that said crowd funding state level challenges is a thing.

    • Fight for the guy with no money.
      This is America, where freedom and justice is for those with the finances.

      • Unfortunately accurate in a lot of the jurisdictions as well as most of the world. Still better than communism in that you do actually have a ghost of a chance instead of just being a ghost.

    • Ernesto Miranda was a piece of shit but we generally don’t have a problem with how his case turned out.


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