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Officer guarding Shoreline school district school (courtesy

“All schools in the Shoreline School District are closed and in lockdown due to police activity in the area,” reports. “The King County Sheriff’s Office reports the lockdown is a result of a report of an armed man on the grounds of Meridian Park Elementary. Police have described the suspect as a male wearing camo pants and a dark hoodie carrying a firearm. His race and age is unknown. The sighting of the armed man was reported by a school district employee at Meridian Park Elementary. ‘They had a short conversation and the employee ran into the school,’ King County Sheriff’s Sgt. DB Gates told KIRO Radio. ‘They were concerned about what this person was doing on school grounds.'” Hopefully, this will turn out to be some kind of open carry confusion. Meanwhile, TTAG reader JB wonders about the wisdom of multiple school lockdowns . . .

I went to school in this district. I don’t know the circumstances, but they are closing and locking down all 15 schools with 9,000 students. These schools are spread out across several miles, like 8 miles. The original threat was to Meridian Elementary, what sense does it make to lockdown a school 5 miles away, I don’t know.

I know – if the gunman is targeting schools – let’s hold them at the school until the gunman gets there. “Hey crazy f*cking nutcase, we are going to hold the kids here at the school until you get here to shoot them all”

It would be akin to a game reserve for the gunman. Sheeeit.

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    • Puget Sounders have a different definition of “cold” than Georgians. It’s low 50s, high 90s humidity. If I weren’t sick, it would be shirt sleeve or light jacket weather.

      • I rode into work in a medium jacket and overpants. I didn’t even turn on my heated grips.

        There was a chilled wind crossing Lake Washington at “60mph”, but nothing too bad.

        I found January in Columbia, SC colder than this, back in the ’90s.

    • I thought the same thing. It was 19 in Gulf Shores, Al last night. I just moved here last month and am wondering why I moved if the weather is just going to be the same wether I’m living at the beach or not.

      Also, locking down schools that don’t have gunmen at them only costs money and panic. It doesn’t do a dang thing for safety or to increase the student’s attention to their lessons… Well, that may actually be a good thing if they’re teaching Common Core there. I’d hate for anyone to have to learn the crap they’re trying to stuff down those kids throats now. They’ve even broken math. In Common Core there can be multiple accepted answers for math questions as long as the student can explain his answer. I’m sorry, but 40X10 is not 50 no matter how well you explain it!

      • a great many school district supervisors are idiots. Generally more worried about keeping their cushy, high salary jobs. If they order a lock down only on one school and another gets massacred, they will be on unemployment. BUT, if they lock em all down, no matter what other stupid things happen (or don’t), they can safely say they did everything humanly possible.

  1. “They [school employee and allegedly armed person] had a short conversation and the employee ran into the school …”

    How truly dangerous was the situation if an unarmed school employee carried on a conversation with the person who was allegedly armed?

    I can only wonder if the conversation went like this:
    employee: “What are you doing with that firearm?”
    person: “I am building up the courage to attack the school.”
    employee: “Can you spot me a head start so I can lock the school and call police?”
    person: “I suppose it is the sporting thing to do.”
    employee: “Much obliged.”
    person: “Have a great afternoon.”

  2. “It would be akin to a game reserve for the gunman. Sheeeit.”

    I believe the term you are looking for is “fish in a barrel”.

  3. Nothing to be confused about here. The lockdown is to continue the brain washing of the students. They are teaching their kids to run and hide from the scary guns. You do recall the traitor Holder’s desire to “brainwash” people against guns, don’t you?

    • Almost right, this is an attempt to get the parents in a frantic state. If ALL the schools were on lockdown, it MUST be serious.

      Instead of waiving the bloody shirt, the school districts have taken a bunch of Ketchup and thoroughly pre-soaked the shirt in this case.

      • Well yes this and of course it never hurts the police state to start the kiddies off young learning all about unlawful search and seizure. I’m sure there will be plenty of “open up its the police”… Homeowner-“go away”. Police-“open up we have no warrant to search your property but I’m going to imply you have no choice so really it is you inviting us in”. And in walks the “invited” vampire.

  4. This situation would have been soooooo much worse without Washington state’s universal background check law.

    Fortunately, a cabal of billionaires bought Washington and are now running it even more effectively than the Veterans Administration runs its hospitals.

    We are all saved.

    • I’m with you Ralph, Ill bet the teen is making the FFL transfer right now to hide his weapon… all the cops gotta do is wait for his paper trail.

    • I’m sure the convo between the school employee and this guy ended something like this:
      guy: “Oh, you know, you’re right, I shouldn’t have this here. Here, you take it and give it to the police when they get here.”
      employee: “I can’t; that would be a transfer per i594, so it would be a misdemeanor for both of us.”
      guy: “come on, please…”

      employee runs back to the school, to avoid being part of an illegal transfer. Claims to not know anything about the guy, for fear of being implicated in an attempted crime.

    • You are a funny guy Ralph, but what happened in WA isn’t funny. The best stupid gun laws money can buy. I suppose that the worst of I594 will be overturned in the courts, but by then I won’t be here.

  5. Seattle-area school district would be a better way of saying it. “Seattle School District” brings to mind the school district of Seattle proper.

  6. That pic makes it all so clear! It’s a tactical gut all these cops have. To keep the barrel from smacking your junk.

    • “I’m not saying I invented the beer gut. But I was the first person to realize its potential as a tactical appendage. The tactical tummy! The… tactlegut!”

  7. I have a modest proposal: Fire all High School principals and superintendents now. Replace them tomorrow with Iraq and Afghanistan combat vets. Qualifications n’importent quoi. Just pick them from at random among our unemployed combat vets. Then, watch silliness like this stop.

    • You really don’t want that. We’d get sued by the second day. When Little Johnny comes in telling us that Jimmy pointed a finger gun at him, or worse, pushed him, we’d just laugh and tell them to “nut up, bro” and start a fight club to settle all the stupid arguments between kids.

      That or by 9:30 we’d get so fed up with all the BS that we closed all the windows, turned up the heat, and told the entire school to “push until it rains inside.”

      • I expect you all could figure out what to do with the lawyers who sued you, couldn’t you?

        Yeah, I’m not hearing any down sides here.

  8. It’s a scare tactic. You’re going to see more of these mysterious man with gun, lock down the entire school district before the next election. They are going to want to keep scaring people and reminding them about Stockbridge. It’s also super suspicious how it came about the morning after the Frontline propagantary.

    “Only a vague description of a man carrying a gun was available from witnesses, deputies said. He was described as wearing a dark hoodie, camo pants and holding a firearm.”

    Yeah, it really happened – not!

  9. i agree with those who feel this is a tactic to brainwash the kids and stir fear in parents and anti-gun nut jobs.

    this all does sound suspicious to me though. the scenario has a funny smell to it. and shutting down an entire district and suspending activities until Wednesday? as if they could not wait until Wednesday to do something so the danger and doom will have passed.

    the over reaction is impeccable. who is to say that employee didn’t make it up (either on his/her own or in cooperation with the anti-gun agenda) to keep the fear fire hot.

  10. I’m glad I don’t drink every time some buffoon says “libtard” and thinks they are being original or even moderately witty.

  11. Yesterday on the Dori Monson radio show (KIRO FM) a caller near the locked down school reported seeing the police questioning a man fitting the description – hoodie, camo pants – who walked with a limp and was using a black cane…

    I’m sure the FBI has linked the suspect to North Korea,


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