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Terrorists in France (courtesy

“At least 12 people were killed in Wednesday’s attack on a satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris,” reports. “The gunmen ‘will be chased as long as necessary, so that they can be stopped and be brought before judges,’ French President Francois Hollande said. Earlier, the President said, ‘This is a terrorist attack, there is no doubt about this.'” The magazine had run cartoons spoofing Muhammad and ISIS leadership. [Example after the jump.] Meanwhile, the three attackers remain at large. No word on whether or not any of the writers were armed at the time of the attack. What are the odds? . . .

Hebdo cartoon (courtesy


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  1. Well, how long before it’s turned into a anti-gun story and the terrorists and their affiliation is swept far, far back as to not offend them or their cause. Unless Allah forbid they had been Christians, then they would be religious terrorist and the anti-gun crap would be played side by side on the news. Either way, guns caused this..the severity and the scale of the attack on the motivation will just be a sideline..Those evil fundamentalist guns. They have no tolerance.

    • You got that backwards. If they are muslim then that will be mentioned as often as possible, if they are non-muslims (like the majority of terrorists) then that detail won’t be mentioned.

        • I believe we are on the same planet, but considering there are people like you here… I sorta wish we could terraform the moon and I could GTFO out of here.

          Always when reading the news I have experienced them shutting up about the religion/ideology of the perpetrator if it doesn’t fit their agenda (muslims bad… ooga booga). Like the Utøya shooter here in Norway, nobody gave two f***s about him being Christian, but they did care about his childhood and whatnot.

  2. Will the French stand strong and defend French liberties or will new measures to ensure a polite and tolerant doormat society be implemented?

    Once upon a time terrorism didn’t work. Now thanks to PC garbage terrorism is the quickest way to get what you want and get away with it.

    Maybe the anti’s will stop trying to take my rights if I change my name to Muhammed Muhammed Muhammed. Suddenly I’m a disenfranchised minority. Bend over backwards to love me and serve me.

  3. Just wait they will use this to further fuck them out of their gun rights in France and here as well.

    Just wait they will blame the NRA…

    Why are we letting in the 3rd World into the West?

    What do we gain besides poverty, crime, and all things bad that the left uses to gain and keep power?

    • There are no gun rights in France. That’s mostly the reason this kind of garbage happens in hellholes like Paris. I think it’s time for the french to break out the guillotine and make some socialists a head shorter.

      • Don’t talk about things you apparently don’t seem to know, you’re almost sounding like most of “gun grabbers” in the US that try to talk about guns when they actually don’t know anything about them.

        There’s gun rights in France! Just because they’re not just the same as the US, it doesn’t mean there’s none…

  4. A Frenchman told me that until the 90’s they had very liberal gun laws and that it was easier to own full auto’s there than it is here. I think since the EU days that’s tightened up considerably because they don’t have a big gun culture.

    • Someone told you wrong… Full Automatic guns have been banned in France since WWII.
      Semi-Autos in the other hand, are legal, but required an authorisation after an hefty background check and paperwork…

      And regarding the “gun culture”, you might want to check again. Sure, it’s nothing close to the US, which is by far the first country in the world regarding the “gun culture”, but France, like some other countries (Serbia, Switzerland, Yemen, Sweden and Norway come to mind) is amongst the top countries regarding the number of guns per capita:

  5. Obama said it, “The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam”….this is just fulfillment of that statement. Nothing to see here folks.

      • The context of the speech was lies, untruths, pandering, and propaganda. What’s new….we have the JV team in the White House.

        • Jv team haha when someone uses your quote against you. Good stuff but yeah nothing to see here. Don’t remind anybody about any connections from our white house to Muslim extremists or you will get called a nut.

        • Frank: “JV”= “junior varsity”–what, in ages past, was called “the B team”…

      • So here is the whole paragraph “in context”

        The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. But to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see in the images of Jesus Christ that are desecrated, or churches that are destroyed, or the Holocaust that is denied. (Applause.)

        It is a vapid statement that does not hold up to any kind of thoughtful analysis. As it reads it would be “credible” if Muslims condemn slander of Mohammed (in their own special ways of murder and mayhem) as long as those same Muslims condemn images of JC being desecrated. That’s the typical idiotic ramblings that BHO gets away with time and time again as he preens with up-turned chin at the podium while having his ass kissed by the MFM.

  6. What, in France? Impossible! That would be a Category B Firearm (at the very least, if only semi auto) – which is Subject to Authorization. Did they get their annual sign off from the Doctor and visit the range at least 3 times a year??? Reports are that they spoke fluent French with no accent… If Full auto, that would a Prohibited Firearm!

    …Oh, that’s right… Criminals don’t follow the laws. The Laws only apply to the law-abiding.

    “when all the guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns”


  7. First reply marked as spam…not sure why, here we go again:

    I wonder if we have a member of the Armed Intelligentsia in France who can pen a thorough piece on French firearm law similar to the piece on German law that was published in 2011 on this site:

    I’d be interested to know what laws may have been violated in order to acquire the guns used in the attack, and which laws were followed which resulted disarmed victims who could not defend themselves. If I was a journalist who plied my trade by riling up extremists, you know I’d want to be able to defend myself…

  8. Tragic. To me these incidents are pushing for more armed citizens. But if our gracious gun-banning crowd wants something to bark at give them a rocket-launcher. There must be some gun-show loop to get that.

    • I haven’t seen any description of their specific actions so it is hard to say if being armed would have reduced the number of casualties.

      Did the attackers just stand in the street and blast people through exterior walls and windows? If so, armed employees may not have been very much help … although armed pedestrians on the street could have put a real damper on the attack.

      Did the attackers go inside and casually execute people one-by-one? If so, armed employees would have definitely reduced the casualty count.

      Either way, it is nice to have the option.

      • hello paid acorn monitor. armed resistance always reduces the duration and severity of terror attacks.
        They all stop when a good guy (cop of civilian ) shows up with a gun.

        • @Greg- The anti-gunners are exactly the same breed as these savage muslim fundamentalist perpetrators of evil, and the only difference is muslims are directed by religion and liberals are driven by state control and brutal enforcement over the freedoms of others if it is against their beliefs.
          @Miforest- common was taking a logical approach to see if self defense with a gun was an option to stop the threat and in what situations it would be beneficial. It is France they don’t have the second amendment, but just like in America these victims would have been disarmed in their workplace by their employer’s political belief or breaking the law by carrying despite irresponsible and emotion based decrees of others. Speaking of Acorn in Chief-is it muslim terrorism or workplace violence

        • miforest,

          Apparently, reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

          Or perhaps you can explain how an employee armed with a handgun would do anything to stop a 5 second attack where three men with machine guns let loose into a building from the outside shooting through walls and windows.

          After you finish with that one, please explain how my comment that “… although armed pedestrians on the street could have put a real damper on the attack.” is wildly different from your comment “… armed resistance always reduces the duration and severity of terror attacks.”

          Finally, explain how my last comment “… armed employees would have definitely reduced the casualty count.” is at odds with your comment “… armed resistance always reduces the duration and severity of terror attacks.”

          I was simply reminding us of important points that we have covered on this website multiple times … that firearms are not magic talismans and action beats reaction. An execution squad with the advantages of numbers, surprise, superior firepower, excellent planning, and outstanding tactics is probably going to prevail pretty much every time. And I stated that it sure is nice having the option to be armed even facing such awful odds.

      • An employee with the pass code was forced to let them in.
        She was with her child, I would guess they threatened to kill them both, strangely she was not killed but ten others inside were.
        What would you do.
        Be killed or let them in, to kill 10 others hoping for 5 more minutes of life or hoping to somehow be spared.
        Her decision will be a tough one to live with.

        • @KCK- You raised an important scenario of sacrificing your life for innocent lives of others. To me hands down no choice involved as it is my duty as a man to protect innocent life. I will die fighting on my feet before being put on my knees, or my actions allow others to be placed upon theirs.

          Man has a gun to a loved ones head and says he wont harm them if you drop your gun. What do you do? The only option is to shoot the attacker to save hopefully everyone, otherwise you surrender control and are at the will of a violent savage.

    • Armed citizens would be nice… even armed police would be a first step. The cops who arrived had to leave because they were unarmed. Thus these guys got to kill 12 people and get away no problem.

  9. Can we be honest, it’s a cancerous cult not a religion.
    Islam has EVERY characteristic of a cult.
    In the end, any enterprise must be judged by the fruit it bears.

      • True, I hear that Christians, Buddhists. Doaists, Bahai and Hindus are commanded to kill any of their members that convert to another religion or become athiests as well.

        Oh no, sorry, I think only Islam does that. Oh, and also cults.

      • Pretty much. I work in an office that is about 80% Hindu. So… they worship a three-headed elephant. Is that any crazier than believing that Moses parted the sea or Jesus rose from the dead?

        I think it was George Carlin who said: “My invisible man in the sky is much more powerful than your invisible man in the sky.”

        • George is dead. I’m sure he knows who’s in charge by now. I also think he might be sorry for some of the things he said.

        • …OR…he’s just dead and you’re just being sanctimonious and claiming otherwise to make your feeble point.

        • He has not appeared to me since his death. You? I’m thinking he’s probably dead, and that does not surprise him at all.

      • I did not realize that the other religions had convert or kill orders in their holy writs. Point me to them, please.

        • Sorry. I did not make my self clear. Only Islam, cults and various violent drug gangs will kill you if you try to leave.

          Most of the other various major religions don”t have this as part of the commandments, that I am aware of.

  10. Back to the OP– real tragedy. Not to sound cruel but how many TTAG readers here are surprised that something like this could happen?

    Stay safe and stay aware.

    • I first saw this story in my Bing news stream labeled “Shootout in France leaves 11 dead”, and the first thing that popped into my head was, “The shooters were Muslim, weren’t they?”

    • Given the large Muslim population in the UK and France and that Mosques now out number churches, my only surprise is there have not been more.

      Of particular note, you will hear no Muslim groups that will condemn what happened.

      • How is that possible since all the PC wimps say that Islam is a religion of peace? As for me, I’d rather be accurate than politically correct.

      • Well, you know, as several people on this board will attest, Christians are no different. Wasn’t Andres Serrano beheaded when he sunk a crucifix in a jar of urine? Oh, he wasn’t? Well, when that newsweekly in Santa Fe showed the Virgin of Guadalupe slurping a margarita with her boobs spilling out of a teeny weenie bikini, the Christians burned that place to the ground–didn’t they? Oh, they didn’t you say–Well–well, they’re still no different, because—uhh, because—uhhh, never mind…

        • Nah, Christianity is all about forgiveness. Anyone can call him/herself something, yet act like something else.

          Islam, otoh, they wanna kill us all. I say, “sure, bring that over to my hood; I got something for you, Ali Baba.”

      • Another comment with two wrong statements.

        There’s around 2,300 Mosques in France… which is virtually nothing in comparison to the almost 100,000 Churches (at least one per town).

        And the greatest muslim authority in France immediately and publicly condemned this action.

        Don’t act like most of the “gun grabbers”, get your facts right if you want to talk about something, even if you don’t like it.

        • That point is yours. However, it sure does seem like we are – throughout the world – having a lot of terrorist attacks being committed by Muslims, ISIS, Al Queda, etc. which obviously includes the single greatest terrorist attack in US history on 9/11. So I remain incredibly skeptical of the “Islam is a religion of peace” schtick.

          Certainly not every Muslim is a terrorist. However, Islamic extremism is definitely on my radar. I say that in part as a senior individual of a security team at a Christian church.

        • The “40k” churches number is wrong… because it only counts some kind of dedicated catholics buildings, excluding all catholics places in non-dedicated building (like it is most of the time for Mosque). So, if we only count dedicated building, therefor there’s not even 2,000 official Mosques neither…

          And however it would be more or less, this is not the problem. In Malaysia there’s 17 millions of muslims (over 60% of the population) and we don’t hear anything about it. Islam is one of the biggest religion in Asia and we don’t hear anything about it… Therefor, this has nothing to do with muslims, but with some fanatic extremists from middle east, which represent less than 1% of the muslim population.

          Once again, it amazed me how some gun owners could be fool enough to fall into this… this is exactly the same thing that crying out loud about “gun owners” when less than 1% of them are actually bad ones.

        • I think you have that backwards on both counts. Churches are in decline, and mosques and “other” islamic centers are on the rise. My 40k number is real, not fantasy, and not limited to Catholic edifices. It includes, for example, over 2000 Evangelical churches. Overall, churches are declining in number, especially Catholic churches. Some are even being converted to mosques.
          But feel free to keep making up the numbers as you go.

        • I as a gun owner do not subscribe to a creed that says my highest calling is to kill those who are not gun owners.
          Muslims do have that concept as the highest calling of their religion, whether they act on it or not. Those peaceful verses are from the early days of islam, and are rendered moot by the later calls for violent conversion, subjugation, or murder of non-believers.
          Stick to comparing apples with apples.

    • Not if but when! If “children” can get across get across our southern border, what would stop radicals from doing the same thing. Blood will not run in the streets of USA due to concealed carry or open carry. It will run in the streets of of America due to unprotected border. Think it won’t effect you if you don’t live in border state, think again. Lock & Load people!

  11. They’re French journalists. Instead of advocating for arming law abiding French citizens they will go silent on anything concerning the muslims. Self imposed censoreship based on fear.

  12. There was an attack with this level of violence, in an urban area, with many witnesses, and at least two different people videoing it, and they got away? There are so many fails here, on such a tragic and criminal level. What the hell has happened to that country?

    The best threat the goverment could come up with was “we will chase you”?

    • JWTaylor,

      If the attackers stole the car that they used in their attack and managed to avoid surveillance cameras during the theft and dumping of the stolen car, no one will ever figure out who they are. I don’t fault pedestrians or police for incompetence if that is the scenario.

      • Whats the point of Europe having a police state if it can’t track 1 group of terrorists shooting up the middle of the city? Oh, forgot, the police state isn’t for stopping criminals, is it?

        • “Oh, forgot, the police state isn’t for stopping criminals, is it?”

          Zing! You, sir or ma’am, win the Intertubez for the day.

      • no one will ever figure out who they are.

        They are jihadist terrorist nutbars. They will do it again, probably as soon as they clean, lube, and reload their guns. No danger of not finding out who they are.

        My question, nearly instantly, was why was that magazine not prepared for this attack? They made fun of muhammed or whatever, cartoons etc., in a country providing sanctuary to these idiots, millions of them. I would have expected a hundred men armed with machine guns waiting for the attack. The attackers spoke French without any trace of accent. Work on it. Coming to a neighborhood near you. I think, in most of America, they will attain their virgins on the first try.

    • “we will chase you”

      Could be a bad translation. In French, “hunt” and “chase” are the same (“chasse”), like a “hunter” is a “chasseur.”

      I don’t actually speak French, just know about chasseur due to being a Napoleonic-era history buff.

  13. The tragic part of it? None of the victims had a chance in hell of defending themselves.

    The ironic thing about it? Most of those victims would happily satire American’s ability to defend ourselves.

    The depressing thing about Europe? It’s an entire continent operating in Condition White, with the expected consequences.

      • As a “shitskin” I’m not sure what to think of this except I’m glad that I can defend myself from the likes of you.

        • whatever: for the record, i’ll have your back, if the time comes. and i’m maybe the third or fourth whitest person in north america.

        • Sorry “whatever”, but this little PoS is going to have a hard time getting through me to get to you in the first place. Eh, I don’t know, we can flip for it I guess. I’m not greedy. JWT

        • Holy crap, I’d never heard that term before. It didn’t even occur to me that it was a racial term until I googled it.

          Some people. Man, I don’t even…sheesh.

      • @Pigsdie- You are disgusting and should go back to stormfront. I always enjoy meeting lesser people like yourself and showing what I do for a living that earns me the respect of my Brothers. I happen to be a fan of freedom association, which includes no black people blaming me for their inadequacies and failings of their larger cultural subgroup. I associate with Jews Natives, Asians, and hispanics for work relationships.
        I am a proud American patriot and humble Christian who happens to be of pure Nordic descent, which makes me superior to your inbred bloodline. I spent some time around your kind, that is the knuckle dragging full of hate type. There will be a time when Nazis like yourself meet Christian white men who know they are superior to your ilk and you might not enjoy the results of being the brown shirts.

  14. I lived near Lackawanna, NY. Lackawanna, NY is adjacent to and south of Buffalo, NY.
    I’m not sure of this part but the story goes in the 1920’s the steel mills imported Yemeni workers, they were used to the heat. Thus a Yemeni community developed in Lackawanna, NY.
    When 911 occurred, in the high school they cheered, no BS.
    That’s where the Lackawanna 7 came from. I think they are due out of jail or already out.
    Keep allowing Muslims into the country, their next step will be a kindergarten in this country. Hope they realize kindergartens are gun free zones, so not to worry.

  15. I read that they brought a RPG with them. I don’t understand how that could have happpened. Isn’t the possession of an RPG against the law?

    • Your comment is wrong in some many levels… LOL

      And no, they haven’t banned guns in France. And in comparison to some states/places (CA, NY, Washington, DC, Chicago, etc…), the French gun laws are definitely better on some levels (no NFA paperwork or taxes for a suppressor which is nothing more than an accessory, no SBR taxe either, no Magazine locker or 5 or 10 rounds magazine, front grip on pistols, etc…).

      For god’s sake, don’t act like most of the antis that talk about guns without knowing anything about it. If you want to talk about French gun laws, educate yourself about them…

      PS: And yes, no laws could prevent what happened… another reasons why it’s important to look at this event and learn more about French gun laws to serve it as exemple to the antis on “why any additional gun control laws will have no benefit effect and won’t reduce _gun violence_”

  16. “The gunmen ‘will be chased as long as necessary, so that they can be stopped and be brought before judges”

    Maybe it’s lost in translation, but here in America, you’re brought before a jury of your peers.

    • That is the difference between English Law and the Code Napoleon. I have heard defense lawyers say that if their client is guilty they prefer the American system but if he is innocent than he will get fairer hearing under the Napoleoonic Code.

  17. This comment from Fox News,
    “[French President] Hollande added that the publication had been threatened in the past and was already under police protection and surveillance. … Elsewhere in France, newspaper offices, shopping centers, museums and stations were placed under police protection.”

    So attackers killed 12 people and wounded about 15 more at a business that was under police protection … but everyone else is safe because several other buildings are under police protection. How is this not insanity?

  18. Again the violence is brought to bear on the unarmed by cowards armed to the teeth in a place where there are strict gun control laws.

  19. The religion of peace strikes again.

    I’ve read the Koran. These individuals were just being “good” practicing Muslims.

    When a religion is based on the concept that a “good” Muslim is commanded to kill any Muslim that converts to another religion, or becomes an athiest ; then any violence committed against an infidel is simply icing on the cake.

    Of course the apologists will say this is the actions of a “radical few”. Sorry people, this type of terrorism is the norm for countries that have a large minority of a Muslim population like France and England.

    Any place in the world where there is on going terrorism or oppression and tyranny of the population is mostly Muslim or Marxist/communist in origin.

    We in the US have already had incidences of homegrown muslim terrorist events, like Hasan and Fort Hood among others. Once our Muslim population becomes larger, these type of attacks will simply increase and become more common and bloodier.


  20. A glimpse of our future, America. The more of these Muslim “religious” people invade our lifestyles the better chance of this happening in your town and mine. We have the chance now to deport or see it happen here. Little by little they keep wanting more, more mosques allowed, more rights to wear their garb. I know, I know, save the keyboard….. for now. But be warned, it will happen to someone you love if we allow them to grow here.

  21. What was the joke about only-been-dropped-once French rifles?

    I think that definitely applies here.

    This is also a very clear lesson as to exactly how and why gun control does not now, never has, and shall never work. Not for anyone, not in any place, not at any time, and not under any circumstance. Regardless of the intention, regardless of the wording, and regardless of its enforcement or lack thereof.

    There is no valid, peer-reviewed, scientific study that has ever shown us any differently. There is no valid argument for it; whether legal, moral, or logical.

    I am not at all surprised that this happened, and I’ll tell you why.

    First, let me tell you something about evil. Evil exists, despite every effort of the PC police and their completely mindless moralist drones in the media and the general public to assure us that it does not. Evil will always find a way, confounding the efforts of these uncouth, uncaring, uneducated, ignorant, arrogant, and belligerent bureaucrats to legislate it away; guided then not by the letter nor the spirit of the law but by some arbitrary and contradictory moral template that they use as a cudgel to implement it.

    Evil never tires.

    Evil never sleeps.

    Evil ever blinks.

    Evil simply waits for us to have just a single moment of inattention. Now, let me tell you about us in that moment. We — and we alone — are the first responders when that moment happens and evil chooses to strike. Us. John and Jane Q. Public. Not the police. Not Fire & Rescue. Not the military. The ordinary citizens that evil chooses to prey upon. Whether by shear happenstance or by court precedent, it is well-known — despite the ignorant and incoherent rantings of the aforementioned PC police and their brainless moralist drones to the contrary — that none of the aforementioned entities have any legal responsibility to protect us.

    They don’t.

    They never did.

    They’re never going to.

    That means, by default, that it is completely up to us to hold out as best we can until such time that the police, fire and rescue, or the military can come sort things out. This is why gun control not only does not work on any conceivable level, but it is counter-productive and costs lives rather than saves them. It is from a historical context a classist ideology, wherein the aristocracies of olde disarmed the Proletariat because they feared a popular uprising; wherein the state bureaucracies of yore feared subjugated classes of peoples (or non-peoples in their own view) of different skin colors; wherein the theocracies oppressed (and continue to oppress) the so-called “fairer sex” to make them demure and compliant.

    Gun control is a racist, sexist, classist, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist agenda.

    So is everyone, everywhere who supports any part of it.

    The blood of innocents belongs solely and exclusively on the hands of those proponents of civilian disarmament, no matter what level of gun control they support. Never let them tell you any different. Never even let them argue against it; there is none and shall never be.

    • I was with you right up until “solely and exclusively”. Really? The people who commit the acts have NO responsibility for their action. Great rhetoric, but have a sense of proportion, otherwise you are just another propagandist….our propagandist, but still.

      • You’re absolutely right. First and foremost, we must blame the perpetrator(s) of the crime. Then, we must look to those that deliberately facilitated that crime: gun control advocates. They at least share equal blame, whether they want it or not.

    • “none of the aforementioned entities have any legal responsibility to protect us.”

      Well we could change that with little trouble, simply pass a law. What would not change is the fact that, legal responsibility or no, none of them ever WILL protect us, even if they could, and they can’t.

  22. Looking at the pictures of the police car windshield that the police officers where killed in appears to show the rounds hitting in 3 round bursts. So my question is do AK’s have a 3 round burst option or were the gunmen well disciplined(trained or experienced)? I have also noticed in many of these type of attacks the attackers seem to operate with 2 man teams or 2 man groups of teams.

    • The guns were illegal, as were the murders, so my guess is the latter. They may have been in combat in Syria or Afghanistan, sent home to kill French. Clearly no strangers to murdering the helpless. I am sure we are going to see how well they handle the prepared here, shortly. Anybody thinks this is over is living in la-la land.

    • If you are reading the posts using the “Previous” or “Next” buttons to the side of the screen, you are correct. There is no “Jump.” If, however, you are reading them from the main page where there is just a snippet and a “Continue Reading” button… TADA! There’s your jump.

      Now, if this was an attempt at a “Princess Bride” type joke, I apologize… and I mean it.

      Anyone want a peanut?

  23. Just yesterday the news of the day in the Czech Republic was a gun shop using ISIS murder picture as its advertisement with words “With empty hands you may soon find yourself kneeling” and “The largest choice of AKs in Christian Europe.” [the Czech Rep is 80% atheist, but I guess the pun sounded better for the advertisement this way]–1440389

    Looking at this massacre taking place in a country where CC is basically forbidden, the advertisement gets a completely new context…

    • “Czech Rep is 80% atheist”

      All the more reason to tool-up. Islamist thugs hate athiests more than Christians, and that’s saying something.

  24. When I see the video shot from the roof top I find myself wishing that instead of video cameras, the citizens of Paris had rifles. Very sad.

  25. France disarmed its people, open its doors to Islamic terrorists and is now reaping what it sewed. Sorry, Frogs, you didn’t deserve this, but it was inevitable.


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