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"ormer DARE Instructors Chief John Weiss and Lieutenant John Wilson with then Juvenile Detective Scott Freeman following a 2008 DARE Graduation." (courtesy

TTAG reader DT writes:

Scotts Valley [CA] City Council voted 5 to 0 to deny Ordinance No 189 (gun store licensing) in a victory for gun owners and free enterprise. The Chief of Police was completely discredited as was SVPD Lt. Wilson (above center, named as the proposal’s author). NO gun store owners were contacted prior to putting the matter before Council. The Chief claimed that an April 2015 attempted gun store burglary supported the notion that gun stores are criminal targets and they lack adequate security because the store’s alarm wasn’t triggered . . .

The store’s owner, Lee Ewing, completely refuted the Chief’s claims. Facts: all 15-20 stores in complex were hit; burglars broke open a wall, but retreated when they saw alarm, failed to gain entry or take anything from gun store. Security is better than PD’s gun and evidence lockers. Police never inspected the store.

The police department claimed that the proposal “grandfathered in” existing stores, but were forced to concede that new requirements (including zoning) would need to be met upon sale or transfer of the store.

One store owner brought in a hand-colored zoning map showing that NO gun stores would be allowed given proposed draconian zoning requirements. Oops – nobody checked. There was about 90 minutes of public testimony limited to three minutes per person. Only one spoke in favor of better security to protect children.

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  1. It’s disappointing only one person spoke about better security to protect the children. one of the reasons I have my guns is to protect my children.

    • “one of the reasons I have my guns is to protect my children.”

      My guns are my children…

      (Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing…)


  2. Completely refutes the notion that police only enforce laws. They in fact, lobby state legislators and city councils creating laws so they can then enforce them…collecting revenue. Nice recession prof business to be in.

  3. History will record how the west coast from Washington to California citizens lost their gun civil rights over a very short period of time. They have legal Marijuana intoxication also supported by their elected officials, who are also anti gun civil rights. They have legal gay marriage supported by their elected officials who are also anti gun civil rights. These are democrat party controlled areas of the United States.

    Have there been protests in California like they have had in Washington and Oregon for gun civil rights? I have not read of any. What will the people of California protest for? The gay power city of San Francisco has been disarmed. The Latino power city of Los Angeles has been disarmed.
    Is the “house of gun owners divided and ready to fall in California”?

    • I am a Californian gun owner who has been to several protests in the last few years. Protests definitely happen here when they need to happen. And it does make a difference; after Newtown we protested and delivered hand trucks full of petitions to Gov. Brown. He ended up vetoing most of the terrible legislation.

      As far as all the other stuff you bring up, I am disappointed that your belief in freedom ends at your gun safe. People should be free to marry whoever they want, or smoke whatever they want. Individual freedom isn’t complete just because you can own and carry a gun.

  4. A careful review of the zoning maps, etc may show that only 1 or 2 stores would be left after attempts to transfer (sell).

    I’m putting my money on a friend, relative etc of the chief or that dumb LT. is the lucky owner.

    With cops and politicians, just follow the money.

  5. My favorite comment was one supervisor who told the chief that this was a “nonissue” and they had wasted the council’s time bringing it before them. From what I saw in CalGuns, the proposal was placed on the agenda without any notice, other than the agenda, to anyone, but still hundreds of people showed up, and letters of support were received from prominent gun rights groups and attorneys. Impressive win for the people.

  6. Wellll…around here(Illinois and nw Indiana) a lot of gun stores do have very poor security(Debs gun range gun theft,Glenwood,Il gun shop owner murder,suicides). Maybe these coppers just want to protect THE CHILDREN-yeah that’s it-that’s the ticket…

  7. I know their Chief City Manager and council members….a bunch of pretentious blow hard liberals…

    • Who voted 5-zip to tell the police chief and his toadie to go pound sound. Every town should be so lucky.

  8. I remember watching a video years ago of some guys driving an SUV through the front of a gunstore. Not sure how you’re supposed to defend against something like that.

  9. The irony of the SVPD starting this issue is that they receive discounts from at least one of the gun stores there. Way to bite the hand that feeds you.

    • The brings two thoughts to mind.

      1) It begs the question, was said shop in on the proposed ordnance to secure the area market?

      2) maybe in no to above, said shop dumps the special treatment for the po po.

  10. I’m confused. The title reads as a loss to gun owners, but the first sentence states otherwise.

    “Scotts Valley [CA] City Council voted 5 to 0 to deny Ordinance No 189 (gun store licensing) in a victory for gun owners and free enterprise.”

  11. Once quietly wise and fiscally conservative City of Carlsbad, now rapidly going progtarded,

    as shown by the elected Council tucking tail and turning power over to an unelected bureaucrat- a single city planner, denying a long contributing to the community local business man and wife the right to add a gun range to their quietly elegant gun store, claiming its not “recreational” enough in the same zone containing lazer tag stores, expensive indoor go carts, golf courses, and ginormous theme parks.

    The same courageous City Council that dithered for years on allowing big-box retail stores within city limits, thanks to left-wing-nuts screaming about Walmart this, and union rules that, all tree-hugging one another in a frenzy holding up any development at all…

    Until those “just not chi-chi enough for the elite boomers of Carlsbad” retailers simply opened those stores on edges of Carlsbad, welcomed gladly by more sensible City Councils in the neighboring towns of San Marcos, Oceanside, Encinitas and VIsta- where those Costco’s, and Home Depots and the variety of grocery stores, shops, and restaurants that sprouted around them were enthusiastically frequented by Carlsbad residing shoppers whose sales tax receipts went instead to those neighboring towns coffers…

    Oddly, the one Yes vote is a former CPD cop, the junior guy on the current team of buffoons.

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