Police officers red flag confiscation order
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Once the madness of the unconstitutional oppression the Democrats are promising passes, as it will, there will be an accounting before the law. Maybe the oath-breakers will be bankrupted in lawsuits. Maybe they will rot in prison. But the second any protectors who we Normal people revere turn against us, the deference, the benefit of the doubt we offer them for making tough calls in tough situations disappears.

When the Waco massacre happened, the American people were stunned. We never imagined that horrific scenario. We never thought that maybe our premier law enforcement agencies might be in the wrong. And no one paid the price for those dozens of children who were burned alive.

But today, after the leadership of the FBI lit up the agency’s reputation playing political games for its Democrat pals, we’re all watching. Maybe a Democrat administration can block accountability for a few years, but it cannot forever. We will remember. We will demand justice.

If you’re a cop on the street, do you think the elite’s going to protect you like it protected that Looming Doofus Comey?

Remember, the Normal Americans who Beto and his pals presume to unleash their forces upon are the same people who show up for jury duty. And a lawyer like me only has to convince some of them that you were wrong to go barging into some guy’s house because you thought he had naughty pew-pews, and you can kiss your life savings good-bye.

Oh, and that’s if you are lucky. Pray you don’t hurt someone and get a DA willing to charge you criminally. Because, “Well, I knew what I was doing was unconstitutional but I was too weak to say ‘No’” will not cut it.

“I was just following orders” stopped working at the end of the rope in Nuremberg. Today, you have a bad shoot in a raid on some drug dealer and you get our benefit of the doubt because you’re our knight and it’s a tough job. But if you smoke some 12-year-old for twitching after you break down her daddy’s door because somebody thinks maybe he’s got a scary black rifle somewhere in his condo then you’re the bad guy.


– Kurt Schlichter in Violate Your Oath And Turn On American Citizens At Your Legal Peril, Gun-Grabbers


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      • PA law specifically states that you cannot resist law enforcement. You have to take whatever they are doing and try to fix it in court later.

        That will not stop a lot of people from defending their own rights anyway if it comes down to red flags or semi auto bans.

        • A PA law won’t save you, I’d suggest a thorough reading of the constitution, or else a plate held in front of your forehead constantly.

      • I remember. Stories abound. Katrina 2005 and L.A. “Rodney King” Riots 1992. Cops went door to door searching for and taking guns from law-abiding people who had done nothing wrong, all because their supervisors wanted to avoid any “possible” violence. And the LEOs stormed with their guns drawn.

        YouTube used to have video from a local news outlet showing the 1992 LAPD going to homes to preemptively take guns at the point of an AR muzzle, but it’s no longer available. Gee, wonder why?

        And then there’s the abundant video of Boston SWAT going all-in with their stacked teams and MRAPs into homes to find the Boston Marathon Bomber. 4th Amendment be damned, they had orders from the mayor and Police Chief to do whatever it took to search those homes. There also used to be news video of SWAT with guns drawn and pointed ordering a young mother with her infant in her arms – and her elderly grandmother – to exit their home with their hands visible, but that’s gone too.

        • You can thank the war on drugs for the existence of this militarized police force.
          There will be confiscations, and there will be dead cops, thousands of them, before all out war erupts. The Left loves death, will laughingly bring it to pass. I hope we all band together and show up en masse to cut the head off the snake. Otherwise, they’ll divide and conquer for as long as they can…

        • Haz, I can’t speak to L.A. or Boston. I wasn’t there. I was at Katrina. The only firearms I confiscated were brought to me by citizens that had found them in the debris. They were inoperable due to exposure to salt water. The closest I came to confiscation of a working firearm was when I was supplemented the Charlottesville, N.C. S.W.A.T. team guarding a field hospital. (Drugs and drug seakers.) On a regular basis we had citizens show up with injured persons. One or all often armed. We would confiscate the weapons upon entry of the perimeter and return them upon exit. Still loaded. Just my experience.

        • @gf,

          What you explained appears to be “appropriation” for venue safety, not confiscation. I understand the need for procedural appropriations at certain locales (such as Federally commandeered centers during emergencies), and it seems you lawfully returned the citizens’ arms to them upon their egress. While I don’t fully agree with the disarming of law-abiding citizens in any manner, I cannot demonize what you did. Disagree yes, but not demonize.

          Very different from actual confiscation.

        • I remember. Just think… the cops have lots of cool “toys” at their disposal. It’s human nature to want to “play with them”. Of course they’ll use them. I remember Ruby Ridge, too. The guy and his wife weren’t terrorists or pre-ISIS anything. The cops wanted to use all that cool stuff….and had orders to do so. Permission to kill a woman and baby? How cool is that?? (sarc.) I wonder if any of them regretted it.

        • @Victoria,

          Totally agree with you that the LEOs were amped up in the beginning, but I’m sure many of them wondered how it all went off the rails after Mrs. Weaver and her infant were sniped in such a cowardly fashion. Men (especially testosterone filled LEOs) tend to want to protect women and children from the “bad guys”. When it turned out that some of their own were the bad guys who did the murdering, they undoubtedly experienced an emotional fallout and introspection. I’m sure the entire FBI team at that scene later fell apart and became ineffective for future tasks.

        • @Haz — oh, I don’t know. Lon Horiuchi, the sniper who murdered Mrs. Weaver, went on with his career just fine and was present at Waco, too.

        • Victoria Illinois – No, they asked the POS FBI agent who murdered that man’s wife at Ruby Ridge if he regretted murdering her and he sarcastically said no he did not. There are way too many in law enforcement who really would enjoy the opportunity to kill Americans, especially Americans who have no chance to defend themselves or their families. In all eras of history evil tyrants have never had a problem finding people just as evil as they to carry out the murderous plans. We are surrounded by sociopathic people who have no problem killing you or your children, they are just waiting for the go signal. For now theses cowards are content to be antifa fazist foot soldiers but it is only a matter of time before they will be able to roam the country murdering at will in the name of the fazist-marxit demoncRat party

        • Lon Horiuchi was once one of my neighbors for a couple of months when the FBI transferred him to Texas. That guy shouldn’t have been left unsupervised with a bag of marbles. He made no secret of the fact that he liked to kill people. Last I heard of him was a news article saying he was finally sent to prison in Idaho.

        • I’ve never seen any news that Horiuchi went to prison. Ever. Last I knew he was working for Troy Industries.

          You must be mistaken.

        • Mistake about the prison, I checked just now and sources say the charges in Idaho were dismissed by the prosecutor.

        • HAZ, your concept of federal gun storage during an emergency makes sense, only it must be voluntary. I have more guns than I can carry, some place I could turn them in for the duration of an emergency and then get them back would be welcome. Forced confiscation will be met with full-on armed resistance to the death, if necessary. We have seen that game and it has ALWAYS been wrong.

      • This topic has come up on Walther Forums.
        The majority of confiscated guns from New Orleans came from occupied homes, entries were accomplished by breaking down doors while yelling “(group/agency affiliation), is everyone inside OK?”. Homeowner were NOT given the chance to respond to a door knock.
        Homeowners have a right to privacy and control over WHO enters their homes ALWAYS, even during a natural disaster.
        If FEMA/National Guard/Fed,State,local LEO try that garbage after a natural disaster in the state of Texas, they’ll need a HUGE supply of body bags.
        Private property remains private property, even post disaster.
        There were vids online of elderly people being slammed to the ground when they pulled on old revolver out when asked if they had weapons in the home. Inexcusable.

        • I remember that video. The old woman wasn’t even holding the revolver in a position that would have allowed her finger to be near the trigger. She was simply walking around her own home with her own property when the LEOs entered (with a news cameraman in tow to record the incident). Multiple LEOs literally dogpiled an old woman for no good reason.

    • As it stands now law enforcement would be violating their oath of course currently congress is more than willing to violate their oath,so take it for what it’s worth as the Constitution has become nothing more than a doormat.

  1. Like many other things, imagining eventual “justice” is comforting to victims. Delivered by some deity, or government they ‘know’ it coming

    Sadly, they never see it

    • I’ve watched the Clintons and others get away with so much for so long. Whether the Obama DOJ will get away with the FISA abuses is a key canary for me.

      Or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking. These days, one could plausibly argue that we already up to our chins in dead canaries.

      • Yep. I don’t expect this one to turn out any differently (maybe a couple of token sacrifices, Oliver North style at most). I hope it all explodes and a *lot* of people go down hard, but I’m not holding my breath. The swamp swallows everything in the end.

    • Not “some deity.” Jesus Christ will mete out justice for all. Some will be rewarded with heaven, some with hell. You might want to figure that out for yourself.

      • Jesus Christ watched a lot of people suffer and die. I remember “The living will envy the dead” in the Bible . I think a lot of people thought that in Poland, France, Siberia, Serbia, Armenia. I”m sure a lot of them prayed, too. That’s something to ask Him when you see Him.

        • Not sure what you mean by this, but if you make the decision to punch me in the face, I can’t blame Jesus for your behavior.

        • I’m going to ask Him why there are mosquitoes, too. What purpose do they serve? Other bugs are food for birds, but they don’t spread malaria etc. (That’s assuming I get to go there.)

        • Mosquito larvae are food for Dragonfly Nymphs, newts, frogs, small fish… The adult Dragonfly feeds on adult Mosquitoes and Midges.. Everything for a purpose…

        • I already know the answer Victoria. Jesus saves. We are all guilty of sin and deserve hell. But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. The suffering you see in the world is due to our rebellion against God. One day Jesus will return and give all of us perfect justice. He came to the Earth from Heaven to pay the penalty for our sin. My sin. And your sin Victoria. He gladly went to the cross to suffer and die for all including you, Victoria. He loves you and wants the best for you. Confess your sin and receive him as Lord and Savior.

  2. Any law enforcement officer must have a Warrant or Court Order to confiscate any weapon. The defendant must be clearly identified in the documents and the guns to be seized must be listed by make, model and serial number. The Crime the defendant is convicted of must be stated and all appeals must have been exhausted. The Defendant must have been convicted of a violent or drug related felony or international terrorism under state or federal law and the Defendant must have been advised of the conviction and had the opportunity to defend themselves. Otherwise any “confiscation” is without merit and Unconstitutional under the Second Amendment and Fourth Amendment as well as Fifth Amendment. If anyone attempts to seize weapons illegally or unconstitutionally they may be repelled by lethal force as necessary! Any so called “red flag” law MUST require a public court hearing with the Defendant present and a Conviction of a Felony by a jury of one’s peers and all appeals exhausted. The government cannot seize our weapons except upon full legal and constitutional protections being afforded the defendants!

    • All appeals needn’t be exhausted. Once there’s a conviction, you’ve list your rights, and it’s off to the pokey. Convicted murders nor shoplifters get to walk around freely because the US Supreme Court hasn’t decided if it’s going to hear their cases. The government also doesn’t have a list of your guns and serial numbers. Besides, if you have lost your right to a gun, it includes the one you bought since the order was signed, the one you stole, and the one with the serial number filed off that you traded for some meth. If a raid on a crack house also turns up heroin, child prostitution, and illegal guns, they don’t say “Pardon us, citizens. Please continue your illicit activities, and we’ll come back with a separate warrant for these other things.”

    • You need to read the language of the ERPO’s being proposed, because all those Constitutional Actions you’ve quoted get flushed down ol’Thomas Crapper’s invention for waste disposal if the legislation is passed and enacted. That’s the point of the article, under this legislation Due Process is erased. Is the legislation unlawful won’t be determined until it makes its way through the Judicial Steps to the Supreme Court. How long that will take, God only knows, but I suspect years. How many lives and livelihoods lost, false seizures, unlawful incarcerations will occur, is anyone’s guess. Since there will be SWAT teams No-Knocking down your door, do you really want to sit in your Laz-E-Boy, in Body Armor, Ready to shoot the first unlawful step across your doorsill? Because, guess what, under these ERPO laws, Castle Doctrine no longer exists.

  3. Just a polite reminder to all the scumbags threatening to violate people’s constitutional rights… We hung most of the scumbags at Nuremburg.

      • GS650G,

        You bring up an incredibly important point. Most Nazi supporters — probably upwards of 99% — died of natural causes. In other words the Nuremburg Trials only prosecuted a teeny-tiny fraction of Nazi supporters.


        First of all, no government has the resources to suddenly prosecute 500,000 people. (Collecting evidence to build a solid case takes a lot of manpower and assembling juries and scheduling trials for 500,000 people in a short period of time is logistically impossible.)

        Second of all is a huge and dirty secret. Those Nazi supporters would have fought to the death if they knew that they would ultimately be prosecuted and executed anyway. And in fighting to the death, those Nazi supporters would have maimed/killed tens of thousands (if not millions) more people. In other words the Nazi supporters who had nothing left to lose put the rest of us in a lose-lose situation. If we go after them, countless more innocent people will be maimed and murdered. If we let them go to radically reduce the death toll of innocents, we let them get away with mass murder.

        Thus, various governments put on a show (prosecuted and executed the most prominent/heinous Nazis) to assuage the masses and quietly swept everything else under the proverbial rug. Tragically, I don’t know that there was any better solution. (For the record, what the Nazis did was unspeakably horrific and I wish that all of them had been promptly executed at the conclusion of World War II.)

        And so it would be in the United States if 100s of thousands of law enforcement officers maimed/killed thousands of people in the process of “following orders”.

        • The victims of the Nazis handed out their own judgement. Netflix ran this doc sympathetic to the Germans which eastern Europeans took it out on after the war. Name the people,country or culture and they kicked Nazi German ass.
          That’s what happens when you stomp on people then lose a war. Paybacks are a bitch translates in every language.

        • Being a Nazi wasn’t a crime. War crimes were the issue.

          The people hung were guilty of crimes against humanity. Being a nazi was just what you had to do to get a job in 30’s-40’s germany.

        • Kyle,

          My comment about executing all Nazis meant Nazis who were active participants in the death camps. Every single guard, secretary, clerk, custodian, maintenance technician, radio/telegraph operator, transporter (including both vehicle and train), etc. And everyone in the military command structure who had a death camp and any associated personnel in their sphere of influence.

        • @uncommon sense:

          The big reason most Nazi’s were not prosecuted or were given shortened sentences was the Allies needed them. For two reasons:

          First, they needed to maintain the bureacracy in post-war Germany. All the lesser positions in the government, right down to the postal workers, couldn’t just be purged out with any hope of establishing a functional goverment once the fighting stopped. So a lot of Nazi’s were just given a pass, sent back to their desks and told to carry on.

          Second, Cold War fever was already setting in. The western allies felt it was imperative to re-build Germany, or at least their portion of it, as quickly as possible as a bulwark against Soviet expansion. A lot of Nazis and sympathizers, including many that were on trial at Nuremburg, served only minimal sentences and were sent back to their industrial empires.

      • Yeah… close enough… English is my fourth language. I really don’t see why one special situation needs a dedicated word that makes no grammatical sense.

        • Because we have to have “hung” so we can have comedy like this:

          “They said you was hung!”

          “And they was right!”

        • “I really don’t see why one special situation needs a dedicated word that makes no grammatical sense.”

          That’s English.

      • Yeah, Joe, I caught that too. I hear that mistake on the TV news all the time…also, they say “I” following a preposition. It’s fun to watch for it.

      • Next you’re going to tell me that Von Braun wasn’t basically forced to join the party at gunpoint because he had a Gestapo minder following him around everywhere.

        • Von Braun was interested in rocketry and to get funding you had to present a military angle. Then the top secret weapons research came under the control of the SS who set up V2 production in Mittlebrau/Dora. More people died making V2s than were killed by them.

        • You might also notice that Von Braun wasn’t a member of the party until said SS transfer where he would have been kicked off of the project and probably killed if he didn’t.

  4. In order to restore accountability to police and every other public official, “qualified” and “total” immunity must be abolished. Immunity shields rogue public officials from the consequence of their (mis)behavior…
    Presently, police can get away with murder, and often do, because of their immunity which makes it nearly impossible to sue them for their misbehavior. In fact, quite often, police laugh at their “mistakes” which result in needless innocent deaths.
    If federal officials did not have immunity, there would have been no Ruby Ridge or Waco.
    If the SHTF and the police succeed in alienating enough of those they are supposed to “serve”, all bets are off. Those who are disaffected and strike back will see only the uniform, and not the person wearing it.
    Most people are unaware, that in the present-day and for some time, American police departments have been receiving “training” from the Israeli military on how to handle “dissidents”. I guess that “we are all Palestinians, now”.

  5. The optics of family men being arrested and killed in their own homes because some bed wetter doesn’t like their guns is not going to be good.

      • It is of no concern to those who create unconstitutional policy that those whom they order/pay to carry out their unconstitutional policy get hurt or killed.

        People who create unconstitutional policy need to fear the repercussions directly and personally.

        • The problem with that is it only makes them martyrs. If Beto caught a round right in the middle of “I’m coming for your guns!”, Feinstein would wave his still warm shirt to prove why he was right.

        • Do the politicians ever suffer the consequences of their bad laws or bad behavior? No. Did Stalin or Hitler ever suffer? They never cared if their minions were killed, unless it was thousands of them. The phrase “cannon fodder” comes to mind.

        • @Tired
          That’s why patriots must not use firearms until it gets real hot. It’s hard to call for firearms bans and not look like an idiots, when gun grabbers are offed with broken bottles, sharp sticks and big stones.

    • Unfortunately, the media is on the side of the collectivist authoritarians. According to news, any citizen killed in a raid, whether they actually resist or not, will be a “terrorist” and “enemy of the people.”

        • Dead reporters owned by the left and those who create said plans in the first place. Let’s hope it never comes to that but it’d slow it right down. The police couldn’t protect them all. If the police were busy shielding them it’d make it hard to seize arms.

        • You want to be the first to take the life of someone whose only crime is to lie or at the very least withhold the truth? Yeah I can see how that would be helpful to our argument (NOT)…..

        • Madd, if you wait til the team stacks up at your door to grab your guns you’ve already lost. And so has your family.

          The people that are knowingly and deliberately spreading these lies are attempting to commit treason and are guilty of crimes against humanity. They are hoping, praying fervently, to get you and yours killed.

          Tell me again how they’re just lying?

        • Nothing, but *nothing*, will make it harder to seize arms for those who seriously propose spending $17 trillion to alter the weather, instead of simply cussing at it, which would be just as effective for no cost. Hiring another 25 million cops is barely of interest, we can source them from the prisons. It will all be easy, we only need that REGISTRY!!

      • Unless one of their own gets it. Meetoo was about getting bill oreily off the air and it snagged Charlie rose, Matt Lauer and al frankin

  6. Sadly, no DA will charge a cop with anything. Cops have more latitude than they have ever had in America to kill and ask questions later. Even the Supreme Circus, I mean Court, has given them incredible power to largely do as they please. In St. Augustine, Florida, a cop whipped his car around to give chase to a suspected DUI. He had neither lights or sirens on when he whipped the U-turn. He managed to hit a man crossing the street with his bicycle, who could not have anticipated the cop’s actions. The man was killed by the police officer. What did the police department do? Demonize the dead man! They claim they BELIEVE he was impaired when he was crossing the road and he had been arrested for battery and DUI in the PAST and was homeless. None of these have ANYTHING to do with the fact that the police officer mowed him over and killed him! There were ZERO consequences for the police officer. Here’s the link:

    • Red, “Sadly, no DA will ever charge a cop with anything.” Then, I must have been dreaming when I testified in Federal Court against my Captain for violating a suspect’s constitutional rights. He got seven years. Lost his retirement, career, everything.

    • District Attorneys (and I’ve dealt with a few myself) focus on their careers, as they’re elected by their local constituency. This means they’ll pander just like any politician for votes, and they’ll go after any case they think they’ll win to get another gold star for their resume. Believe me, a DA will love to go after a LEO if he/she thinks the cop is crooked.

      • Has, my Captain was crooked. And as for the racial thing, everyone involved (suspect, the Captain, federal prosecutor, judge, witnesses, etc) were white.

    • Here’s the math for you. It’s 2025, and in the past 6 months 462 LEO have died while searching citizens’ houses for firearms. You are assigned to spend next week searching every house in a community which has been told to welcome you by the gun grabbing politicians, who will remain in their locked, barricaded, and closely guarded offices waiting for you to report the results. You are almost halfway from the station to the target area when you approach a Starbucks right beside a Dunkin’. Clearly a sign from above. A week later, you return to the station to report “mission accomplished, no guns there!” and collect your paycheck. Multiply by 100,000 nationwide, then rinse and repeat as required. Any questions?

  7. For those law enforcement officers to be held accountable by the others would require a significant % of the remaining law enforcement to honor their oath. That’s not going to happen, at least not with the current members of law enforcement.

    If that weren’t the case, we’d be able to talk into any gun store an purchase a poat-1986 full auto rifle without fear of reprisal. Sure, some rogue agent of the state might try and arrest you for it, but brave men holding true to their oath would quickly involve themselves and work to rectify the situation. Sadly, I think we all know this is not the case.

    The Nuremburg trials were imposed on the Nazis by an outside force. It wasn’t an internal reckoning from within Germany for violating the rights of it’s people. There were internal attempts and insurrections against the Nazis party, but it was usually ~a dozen men quickly put down by 100s.

    Are there good law enforcement officers who honor their oath? Absolutely! They are, sadly, outnumbered 100s to 1 by the those who will eagerly dishonor it. Don’t rely on the good ones to save you or secure your rights.

  8. “But if you smoke some 12-year-old for twitching after you break down her daddy’s door because somebody thinks maybe he’s got a scary black rifle somewhere in his condo then you’re the bad guy.”

    That already happened to Tamir Rice, with no consequence for the LEOs.

    • That’s bullshit and you know it…the LEO’s had NO way of knowing that was a pellet gun, rice had been seen pointing the weapon at others, and when told to show his hands, he chose to draw the weapon from his waist, and THAT’S what got tamir rice killed, his own actions…

      IF you want to be some sort of SJW, then you need to consider ALL the facts and not just the ones that fit your narrative…

      • “IF you want to be some sort of SJW, then you need to consider ALL the facts and not just the ones that fit your narrative…”

        If you want to be a SJW, ignoring all the facts which don’t fit your narrative is one your signature moves.

      • I’m not necessarily supporting Tamir in this, but the responding officer’s dashcam video showed that he rolled up in his vehicle, unholstered, and shot Tamir to death within only a couple of seconds, with no clear evidence that Tamir had withdrawn any gun (though it appeared that he may have been reaching for something). The cop was amped up on adrenaline and didn’t exercise the same control you or I would need to avoid prosecution for homicide.

        Based upon that dashcam video I reviewed, I did not see enough evidence to justify the quick draw-and-shoot response from the officer.

        Thin Blue Line

        • Thank you, Patriot. However, that’s a grainy off-location video. It’s not the actual LE vehicle dashcam recording I saw, which shows the incident in much more detail.

          I stand by my earlier statement.

        • WI Patriot,

          I need to retract my entire comment. I’m getting this incident confused with another similar one. I can boldly support my view for the other one, but not this one, so I withdraw and admit I don’t have all the facts on it.

        • The LEO Dashcam video shows that the officer shot tamir rice in under two seconds, the cruiser had not even completely stopped before the officer was out screaming and immediately shooting.

          The kid did not have his hand on a weapon, and did not have any time in which to respond to any command before the LEO shot him.

          The caller clearly said that the weapon was probably a toy on the 911 call.

          Don’t worry, once confiscation starts these same rules of engagement with no meaningful warning and instant execution will be the rule for white people as well as minorities.

        • Okay, you’re right. So I *AM* thinking of the correct dashcam video.

          Ahem — I hereby reinstate my comment.

          Thx, Miner. I haven’t been able to find that vid anymore. I’m thinking YouTube was given a LE request to have it declared as “evidence in an ongoing investigation” and removed.

      • The video briefly shows Rice talking on a cellphone, and sitting at a picnic table in a gazebo. A patrol car moves at high speed across the park lawn and then stops abruptly by the gazebo. Rice reaches for his waist band before Loehmann jumps out of the car and immediately shoots Rice from a distance of less than 10 feet (3.0 m).[24][25][30] According to Judge Ronald B. Adrine in a judgement entry on the case “this court is still thunderstruck by how quickly this event turned deadly…. On the video the zone car containing Patrol Officers Loehmann and Garmback is still in the process of stopping when Rice is shot.”

      • Bullshit tamir didnt have enough time to process tbe command to follow their command.cops killing. Kids for carring a pellet gun cowards wearing badges they the cops can shove it up thier sperm filled ass kill as many as you can

      • Nope, never suggested disarming anyone or allowing only LEOs to have weapons.

        I do think that unrestricted sales of weapons to anybody with the cash will continue to cause POTG great heartache and loss of their rights.

        But go ahead, talk about killing Democrats and liberals, the thirst for violence of many on this forum will prove to be their downfall.

        • Anyone with a brain can see that the narrative surrounding gun violence, white domestic terrorism, mass shootings etc. is a false pretense in order to browbeat the masses into accepting disarmament. Acknowledging such premises as if they’re legitimate at all is patently absurd, and willingly accepting “compromises” in order to keep the police away from your own door in the name of keeping weapons out of the hands of “dangerous” individuals (YOU) can only end one way. In the end you’ll lose it all anyway in spite of your lack of moral courage.

        • “white domestic terrorism, mass shootings etc. is a false pretense”

          There ere are several folks in El Paso, Sunderland, Las Vegas, etc. who would disagree with this comment… If they weren’t already dead from domestic terrorism and mass shootings.

        • Hey, Miner, were any of those shootings legal? Because if not, how about we enforce the laws we have, instead of blindly clamoring for more? When there are no drugs on the street, start talking to me about guns.

  9. There will never be a Nuremberg for gun confiscators. There will only be gun owners in the ground, stars on the wall for fallen confiscators, and media sheep celebrating how wonderful things are now that the government has finally disarmed or murdered all the formerly legal gun owners.

    • The only way confiscation is workable is if guns are surrendered willingly.

      That is, of course, what the grabbers are hoping for… I don’t see it happening, though.

      Owners heavily outnumbers confiscators … and a few bloody incidents would likely serve as a major call to arms.

      • Florida is just one state.
        Rubio has been bragging that they’ve successfully robbed 2-3 citizens per day, people who aren’t even accused of breaking any law, since ex-governor Scott signed it into law.

        How many have resisted?

        The only resister in the entire country I know of is Gary Willis, who was murdered for hanging on to the gun the robbers wanted to steal. When somebody has made the conscious decision to commit armed robbery, they’ve already determined that they’re OK with killing you to steal what’s yours. When dealing with such murderous thugs, just saying no is not an option, as Willis found out the hard way. You either cooperate and hope they don’t just kill you anyway, or you try to run away, or you kill them first. Those are your only options, and none of them are good options.

        • I agree 100%. I think evidence shows most people don’t have the stomach to fight back, and that its easy for internet commandos to pretend they will, but reality is that they won’t. What’s going on is a culture war. If they incrementally ban guns/gun related things (ex. ammo, bumpstocks, set capacity limits, etc), then over time, stigma will grow.

          The issue is one of time and of culture. If culture continues to go the way it has, there is a real chance that generation by generation, we will lose our rights. I may be able to own my belt fed RPD now, but will I be able to pass it down? Remember, its not just about being able to literally hand it off, but if my future son/daughter can’t shoot it anywhere for fear of being reported, they might hold onto it because I raised them that way, but eventually, it is either forgotten, left to languish in rust. People have to WANT to fight back, to be part of the ‘anti’ culture. I’m not a defeatist, and want us to be able to push back against all gun laws (I own my own safety, and don’t see the point in any gun laws whatsoever).

          I’m willing to stand and fight, but my point is that this is a generational war, and as a Millennial bordering on gen Z (I think), we have lots of culture to change to get there. Just my thoughts.

    • Confiscation can’t work. Once they start going door-to-door looking for guns, drugs, contraceptives, booze, or whatever, the people will start hiding them away. Tearing a house down to the studs to find something takes time and doesn’t find things that have been buried somewhere or hidden in a location that was already raided. They’ll find a lot, and some people will be cooperative, but others will be combative and lives will be lost on both sides. In the end, there will still be millions in possession of whatever contraband.

      • They know it’s impractical and dangerous to go door to door. Which is why they want “universal background checks” so badly, or any other kind of de facto registration. So they can just fine you $1,000 per day until you either turn them in or you are ruined.

      • A vacuum sealer, long roll of “cut to length” material, and “Brake Free Collector’s Oil” makes for guns that can be stored for decades.

        • If they know you have them, they can keep looking for decades. A diversion would be good. When I saw the demand that we had to surrender our guns, I went straight to the Governor’s house (or Mayor’s, or chief of police, etc) and handed them over. he said he was going to hide them in the walls in order to sell them later to his friends.

          Now they can tear somebody else’s house down!

  10. We have this thing called Qualified Immunity, which says that if a controlling court hasn’t already ruled that it’s wrong to enter a backyard with children playing, prone out all the kids at gunpoint, and kneecap the oldest one (10 year old), then you aren’t financially liable for any damage you did to the fourth grader who will never walk right again.

    You really think the courts will bankrupt a bunch of oathbreakers for following court orders?


  11. Any individual (or group) who shows up at my door to TAKE my shit had better be covered in at least level III armor from head to foot or I won’t be the only one that will not be home for supper. A lot of talk about ropes and war criminals, that won’t happen, in spite of Trumps efforts to balance the courts it is still not enough and it is not that difficult to find a liberal judge to get that “warrant”.. Be prepared to give up your shit or to die defending your God given rights, In the end either way will be insignificant in the grand scheme though I will be in the latter group… And yes I DID feel that our PREMIER law enforcement agency was wrong, Waco was mismanaged from the git, no one had to die, Koresh could have been taken any number of times on the road or in town and as if they felt the NEED to confirm their incompetence they did basically the same thing at Ruby Ridge just a couple of years later……

    • Not arguing with you, MADD, but consider how a SWAT team will approach a breach strategy for a homeowner believed to have guns inside who may wish to hold on to those guns. I’m not SWAT myself, but have had discussions with two members (of separate teams)…there will be surveillance of your property, and possibly thermal imaging of the interior to determine the location(s) of the occupant(s). Then a stack formation will be set up at the optimum entrance, with secondary officers or assets positioned at another door or window. And all of this will happen within seconds as the “Breacher” slams open your door to allow the stack to enter and clear. The strategy will be to overwhelm and disorient the occupants to allow for detainment of everyone – children included. Any animals that are in the way may be perceived as an obstacle and shot, though the team will wish to avoid any gunfire because all actions will need to be recorded in the resulting department reports.

      There will be several heavily armed and armored LEOs who train for this stuff on a regular basis. If you somehow hear them approach and have your gun ready by the time they breach, you may be able to get a single shot (better be a shotgun with a slug, because they’ll be wearing Level IV plates) before you’re put down. And after they see one of theirs down, they’ll be fully “weapons free” and may consider anything that moves from that point as a deadly threat, so your wife and kids who hear the commotion and come running out of their rooms may be shot dead as well.

      This is what many husbands and fathers will wish to avoid. I think the tip of the resistance spear will be led by those who don’t have such concerns. At least, at first. Then true resistance will turn into “guerilla” warfare, with retaliations happening to cops as they’re in their vehicles or homes.

      I pray our country never comes to that.

      • IF a confiscation law is passed I will take up permanent residence in my mountain home in Va. Log house 16 inch thick walls, limited ingress easily booby trapped and I too will be doing surveilance (trail cameras, drone).. I may be just a tad more situationally aware than the average head up their ass citizen and any (even subtle) changes in my little piece of the world will not go unnoticed.. Once settled it will not be necessary for me to leave for several months and anything short of an all out aerial assault can and will be vigorously defended against.. Their game but my rules, Yes I realize that it is ultimately a losing strategy, but maybe I can make some of them rethink their course of action and they will most certainly understand that there are SOME men left in this country with whom NOT to fuck… Just another TOXIC male…

        • I like you. I’m with you brother. We are all going to die someday and I’m not about to submit to tyranny. Better to die free than live a slave.

      • “Then a stack formation will be set up at the optimum entrance”

        Disrupt the ability of a stack to form at an entrance via obstructions, etc.

        • There will be time, when some won’t wait for the SWAT to come to them, but hunt them when they are off duty, much easier targets then, at a diner, at home, jogging…

        • When you have the SWAT team at your door you have already lost. Who would be so naive and wait to be a sitting duck?

  12. I think they need to fear law abiding citizens who are also gun owners. Why do you think it’s politicians that want to take the guns be then they don’t line up with the cops to actually do it. Because politicians are cowards by nature.

  13. What the author of this article describes certainly is justice. Unfortunately, our government employees rarely put forth a serious effort to deliver justice. Rather, virtually all government employees universally prioritize their own personal gain above justice. That being the case, what the author of this article describes is pretty much guaranteed to NEVER come to pass.

    Sooner or later government will declare our firearms to be contraband and will set about confiscating them by force. And the awful, terrible, horrible truth is that nothing short of determined use and devastating application of counter-force will stop it. Other police forces will not stop it. The courts will not stop it. It will be up to us, We the People.

    Our nation’s Founders knew all of this, which is precisely why they codified the Second Amendment.

    • Yep. WE’ve got to be willing to use lethal force to retain our Liberty. Government’s ALWAYS, every single time, since the beginning of history, get to the point where they are willing to use lethal force to take our liberty away.

      • That lethal force won’t do any good if people wait for the enforcement to come knocking. The only way it will be stopped is to go after the ones who made a law making it possible. We don’t have to fight the police, military or alphabet agencies. We only need to take out a few hundred politicians and their families to bring about very rapid reversal of the laws they were stupid enough to pass.

    • “Sooner or later government will declare our firearms to be contraband and will set about confiscating them by force.”

      That’s the moment when the government declared itself a tyranny. We should not suffer a tyrannical government. The 2nd amendment is in place exactly for this reason. If the time comes we need to burry our guns, it’s time to use them!

      • True fact. I have several guns, lots of ammo, and no shovels. But I am also old, little to lose, tyrants do not want to come here. I do not believe that LE will *ever* attempt to enforce such shit, should push come to shove. If they do, they may rethink after a few thousand dead cops. If I am wrong, I will never know it. Similar to my brother and I on a flight overseas at the end of September 2001. Most seats were empty, everybody cancelled, but he and I agreed that if somebody was going to fly that aircraft into a building, neither of us would know anything about it. Suddenly, the whole problem disappears. If you simply determine that you, personally, are going to do the right thing, regardless of the cost, then life becomes clear and simple. And you have discovered actual freedom.

        • There is only one thing like that moment of clarity, ALMOST better than an adrenaline rush.. But what the hell, I too am older, been there done that, stuff I really liked I did twice, bucket list is all checked off… If they want my shit they will have to take it, but I will do my damndest to go through several thousand rounds and a few of them before they get me…. I won’t live as a slave or a prisoner and I won’t die without a fight…

  14. MSNBC just did a Poll that produced an interesting result…now, you and I may justifiably have serious doubts about “Polls” in general and anything MSNBC puts out there specifically, and it is very possible MSNBC got trolled big time on this one, but it’s delightfully fun and worth a look:


    Personally, I think many Police would never obey a population wide order to confiscate civilian-owned firearms, but that’s just me being optimistic.

    • I went to the actual poll at MSNBC’s website and even voted myself.

      The poll is here:

      Sure enough, 93% of respondents (766,000 out of 824,000 votes) said that we should be allowed to carry firearms in public.

      I am having a hard time explaining the voting in this poll. One plausible explanation is that many/most Second Amendment supporters are quite passionate about our rights and are motivated enough to spread the word about this poll and vote. Thus, far more Second Amendment supporters showed up to vote than gun-grabbers and the poll would then fail to represent a cross-section of our nation.

      • Trying to explain such a high percentage of support that we should be allowed to carry firearms in public:

        Many states who have had shall-issue concealed carry laws for several years show us that easily 10% of the eligible adult population have concealed carry licenses. I am going to go out on a limb and assume that virtually every person who has a concealed carry license holds the position that we should be allowed to carry firearms in public.

        Now for the interesting part: what is the ratio of people who have concealed carry licenses to the number of people who do not have concealed carry licenses and, nevertheless, hold the position that we should be allowed to carry firearms in public?

        For starters, I imagine the non-licensed spouses of concealed carry licensees support our right. That means about another 10% of the eligible adult population supports our right.

        And I can easily imagine four more people (who do not have concealed carry licenses and are not spouses of a concealed carry licensee) for every one concealed carry licensee who support our right.

        That alone would put us at about 60% of the eligible adult population who supports our right. Another 33% though? Maybe much of the public has finally come around to the real-world utility of being armed in public and finally supports it.

        • @ uncommon_sense
          I’m not an expert on this, but common sense (on pun intended) suggests that it’s not a “scientific” poll unless the pollster does the calling to get a cross-section of humanity. Any poll where you call them just attracts special interest people and is useless. How do they go about getting that cross-section? Now there’s the rub.

        • I took the poll, and for grins, selected the “Only for self defense” option, which frankly, is the only reason I carry a one and a quarter pound S&W 642 in my pocket.

          Imagine if all cell phones weighed that much, and could only be used in the most dire emergency, and came with all sorts of legal repercussions, even if you believe even if you felt the absolute necessity to do so? Plus a license to carry said device, and the costs and training to acquire it?

          Nonetheless, only 3% chose self defense. I was kinda surprised by that.

          @Dave G, There’s a lot of back and forth about “opt-in” polls vs. the “old fashioned” polling methods. On one hand the sample size is huge(it will probably break the 1 Million respondent mark before PMSNBC shuts it down), compared to the paltry 500-2000 people called by pollsters..

          Given that this poll is on a supposedly “neutral” site, as opposed to a gun site, or an anti-gun site, there’s equal opportunity for both sides to marshal their legions to participate.

          AR15.com is renowned for getting to the word out about these polls, and urging their members to “hit it”. I believe they call it a “Fire mission”. The thing is, Shannon Watts, Gimpy Gabby, the MSD “survivors”, and VOX, and Democratic Underground have an equal chance to do the same for their side..

          Convention pollsters were certain that we’d be under the reign of President Hillary and First Dude Bill right now. How’d that work out?

          Most people, gun owners or not, realize that societies that only have firearms in the hands of the police and military, can, and have, turned tyrannical and genocidal in the end.

        • Why in the WORLD is it difficult to understand that 93% of Americans would support our Constitutional rights? Of COURSE they do! Why did you ever believe the lying pieces of shit who told you that 127% of Americans wanted desperately to surrender their rights? This is not that tough, guys! When the constant screaming about everybody wishing to do something we know is a lie results in some manner of action, the demise of those who told us that should demonstrate the truth.

  15. You can try and sue, Mr. Liar (sorry, lawyer), but qualified immunity will protect them, especially since these red flag seizures are coming as a court order. Especially when the democrats running the courts want the red flag laws, they will be fine.

  16. I work for a local LEA (im not a cop just fix their stuff) and I was dumbfounded by many of the officers ignorance. Don’t get me wrong, most of the guys are good people, but of all the officers I have spoken to they all cant even fathom having to go to peoples houses and take their guns. Im not saying they wouldn’t do it, but in their minds it seems they cannot believe a law would ever be passed that would lead to them having to go door to door so most of the officers laugh when I asked them about it. There are a few “molon labe” gun guys here but not many, most of the officers are genuine good model citizens and the worst they have ever done is went 60 in 55. For those officers they are used to the same people in the same places making all the trouble and cant even understand what it would mean to have people just decide not to follow the law. its shocking how much more mentally prepared 2a defenders are than LEO when it comes to the reality of a gun grab.

    • Hopefully, they’ll be at the rear of the stack, and will take out their overzealous, tyrannical compatriots from the rear. First time that happens, and it will, sooner or later, house to house raids will stop in a New York Nanosecond.

      • JR, I don’t believe that, but I could be wrong. I think before that happens, a stack will assault a house of law abiding citizens and be shot to shit. The next stack will wait for the guy issuing the order to lead the assault, and they’ll be waiting a long time. Their next assignment will be to protect the guy who gave that order against the 10,000 taxpayers advancing on his home, and they will not notice when he and his family are hanged. Then the hunt will begin.

    • Hey, MIO, you dumbass! Do you have some figures on how many bumpstocks were sold, vs how many have been surrendered? I’d bet money that fewer than 1% have been surrendered. Nobody gave up their stupid bumpstocks, when are YOU going to come and take them? #Chickenshit

  17. All I got from this article is “revere” cop’s. I’m not one of the “revere” crowd especially in Southern Cook county. Rarely have I seen(in 65years!) cops do anything save give out tickets and harrass everyone who wasn’t white. And I believe the vast majority will “just follow order’s” commandant…arm up accordingly.

  18. We never thought that maybe our premier law enforcement agencies might be in the wrong.

    Only if you’re naive. Books have been written detailing how corrupt agencies such as the FBI are.

  19. If you aren’t willing to retain your Liberty with lethal force, then you aren’t going to retain your liberty. Make no mistake, the left is demonstrating the willingness to use lethal force to take your liberty from you. If you’re burying guns “until it gets real” it’s too late. You’ve proven that you don’t have the resolve.
    What needs to happen, is that thousands of us MUST begin showing up at county commission meetings, city hall meetings, state legislature committee hearings, and any other place where politicians officially gather and make it plain that if there’s just one confiscation without due process in our district, we’ll come back with more friends and a steely resolve to see traitors imprisoned. Whole legislative bodies may have to be detained to get the message across. There’s no hope that the system is going to fix itself, as many of you have pointed out, red-flad confiscations are happening NOW. There are traitors in our midst and We.Are.Doing.Nothing. We should also be meeting with our like-minded neighbors and working together to establish confiscation watches, and action plans so that if neighbor Joe is getting raided, neighbors Bob and Bill should put the “stacked squads” in a hail of crossfire from trees and rooftops, (with full caliber dangerous game rifles, not ARs) that punch through current police armor. Once the seriousness of their mistake is realized in blood, we may have begun the process of retaining our Liberty. Anything less is just so much philosophical masturbation.

    • Burley, I hear ya, and I hope you kids go and do that, but I am too old. When I head out to such meetings, I will be armed, and carrying extra ammo.

  20. It does seem that the left is becoming more aggressive in asking for proof of why the Second was written, ratified, and so strenuously defended. The referenced long Train of Abuses in the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence doesn’t specify whether the reference is to time or the length of the Train.

  21. I was just following orders won’t cut it.

    Civil War is inevitable. We are in a Fourth Turning crisis according to Professors Strauss and Howe.

    Economist Martin Armstrong’s cycles indicate Civil War 2024/2025.

    I fully expect ambushes and political assassinations when they start kicking doors.

    120 million gun owners you know some will resist with force. That will actually be the least of the problems.

    • “I fully expect ambushes and political assassinations when they start kicking doors.”

      Unfortunately, that’s what I expect as well. Not much resistance to 7-member SWAT stacks rushing a house, but rather retaliations against patrol LEOs via ambushes, as they’re passing by in their vehicles (snipers from concealed cover) or perhaps even at their personal homes (arson). The more determined will go after the higher echelon officers such as Lieutenants, Sergeants, Captains, etc. It will be a bad day for everyone.

      Pray to God this doesn’t happen.

      • “Pray to God this doesn’t happen.”

        Governments always increase in power and move towards tyranny. If “this doesn’t happen” then liberty will die with a whimper. I would rather pray that liberty wins quickly with minimal suffering to all. The sooner it happens, the less overall bloodshed is likely and the more likely freedom wins. You know… The Tree of Liberty.

        • You know what I mean, John. I’d rather the forward slide be halted and reversed, than continue into a conflagration involving many deaths. There’s possible hope…the conversations we’re having today on a national scale are more fervent than 30 years ago. The Clinton AWB was terrible, but it expired and resulted in an explosion of interest and AR ownership. With Beto’s verbal declaration in 2019, gun owners are becoming even more galvanized. And with the NRA scandal, we’re demanding more focus and accountability from organizations that take our money and claim to represent us.

          It’s likely that the slide will continue if/when the Dems take control in D.C. again one day, but that’s why Trump’s nominations of so many conservative judges to Federal benches across the nation is so important. He just announced several more nominees to the 9th Circuit today. Big ships take longer to turn around, but we’re seeing *some* results, at least.

          If this whole Lefty gun-grabber nonsense ever goes hot one day and we must take action to defend our liberty, then so be it. But I’m wishing for change and improvement, not the fabled CW2 that many think is necessary to get there.

          So yes, I pray it doesn’t happen. But if does and you and I find ourselves in the mire looking at those who are coming for us, I’ve got your back.

        • I get what you mean, I Haz A Question, My response was intended more towards the uninitiated reading here who currently think that there is never a reason…

          I know that’s not you. I should have worded my response differently or noted that it was directed towards the cloud and not you.

  22. Boobus Amerikanus will not resist, by and large. Compliance and secret non compliance and boot licking persist in places like NY, NJ, CA, etc etc. Game over man. Matter of time.

    • Yup. When it comes to violent resistence against the govt I bet not one single member of this message board who talks the talk l has the balls to actually walk the walk. I don’t even know that I would be able to but I’m not one of those making prideful boasts.

      • You know EXACTLY jack-shit about me and my neighbors, I am a man of my word and if I tell some shit head I’m going to kill him he’ll already be dead before the words leave my lips… There might be a Rambo wanna-be or two on here but I would not want to be the one knocking on doors to find out who they are… Lay down if you need to but do not pretend to know the hearts and minds of freedom loving MEN….

        • I live in a world of absolutes, I say what I mean and I mean what I say, I don’t use words like might or maybe. People around me do not have to guess about my opinion of something just ask and you will walk away with no doubt where I stand.. I have found over the years that this sort of attitude makes a lot of people uncomfortable and occaisionally hurts someones little feelings but if you don’t want the truth don’t ask the question.. So saying what I MIGHT do does not compute, if I say there will a gunfight if the law comes to fuck with my Constitutional rights then by god you can bet your ass there will be a gunfight It’s not bragging it’s not bullshit but it should be considered a warning. It’s like the line from Steve Earles Copperhead Road…. “I learned a thing or two from Charlie don’t you know” Well, I have my own little Copperhead Road and I learned a lot from Charlie and the ROK Marines…..

        • I am very thankful for men like you. Far too few of you these days. I have also drawn my line in the sand and am ready to die if necessary.

  23. I admire Kurt’s optimism that disputes will enjoy due process when society breaks down to defending your home from the guvment.

  24. Could not agree more.

    When the clearly unconstitutional actions of the police are finally decided, the “I was just following orders” should be no defense.

    The police who do this should face prison.

  25. The Police sit by and do nothing when Mobs of Antifa beat up Patriot Prayer members and that means they are complicit. I know a lot of good cops and I also know several assholess who would do what they were told. The Left will fill the ranks with the latter.

    • Don’t seem to be doing anything as Somalia Muslims mobs beat, strip and rob whites in Omar’s district.

      That’s truth not racism. Remember the Somali cop who shot and killed a White woman with a cell phone in her PJ’s for thing to report a possible raped in progress?

      • What you see in Omar’s district is the future of this country. Anarcho-tyranny where the “New Americans” imported by the millions to subvert the democratic system are free to turn our streets into replicas of the third-world warzones they came from, yet we are prosecuted for posting something edgy or controversial online.

        All social dynamics are trending in one direction, and it’s not going to be pretty.

  26. The threat is real get all ur family,kids,Friends to write to all the GOP Congress & Trump with links below Plz!

    Please Turn the heat up on EXTRA HIGH on the GOP & Trump to STOP Gun Control!

    Contact Congress 202-225-3121

    Its sad we have to do this but, liberty requires eternal vigilance! Make sure u tell them everyone u know.. will not vote for them & stop the millions in donations u have been giving them….that will get their attention!

  27. There will be no accountability or justice through our current legal system. Waco and Ruby Ridge are proof of that. And in case anyone thinks it’s just Democrats who are involved in shredding the Constitution and turning the US into a total police state, Trump’s AG Barr is the one who worked pro bono to gain immunity for the sniper who murdered Vicki Weaver. The same guy was present at Waco.

    The Constitution is ultimately just words on a piece of paper. The entire reason behind the inclusion of the 2nd Amendment was to give it actual teeth. When our government will not abide by the Constitution, it is our duty and responsibility to enforce it. The question is, will we?

  28. Here is my Compromise & should be yours too!

    NO NFA,NO FFL,NO NICS,NO 4473,NO 1968,All guns ship to ur house or tyrants tried 4 treason!! This is the 2nd Amendment! Erase ALL gun laws!

    Back when Machine Guns were in the Sears Catalog & shipped 2 ur house there was hardly any crime!

    No guns for the Police/Gov/Military that civilians can’t have!

    We the people are in charge! Time to let them understand that!

  29. As a main beneficiary of the hypocrisy we call “the law,” the Crushers will have nothing to fear from it.

    What they should fear is the people whose homes they raid. They will all be armed, and some of them will be well and truly p!ssed off.

  30. Bullcrap. I can’t recall a time in the US when a cop has been held responsible for upholding an unconstitutional law. The only thing the cops have to fear is loss of their paychecks. So they’re going to break down the doors and take the guns if that’s what they’re told to do.

    For every rare cop that might conscientiously object, there’s some below-average IQ thug fresh out of LEO training school eager to take his place.

    • It getting harder and more difficult for many cities to recruit police officers. This is happening all over. A lot of the reasons have been covered here.

  31. “protectors who we Normal people revere”

    If you revere the police I’ve got news for you: you have Stockholm syndrome, and the Founders would be ashamed of you. People who use violence against peaceful people to enforce the unjust scheming of politicians are not worthy of your reverence – they’re just gang bangers with badges. These united states got their start because “normal people” literally began shooting “law enforcement” over way less than the garbage we put up with today.

    I am NOT advocating for violence, BTW. But cop-worship is a cancer in our society.

  32. Most people are first order thinkers. Qualified immunity has a set a problems associated with it but so does ending it. In the real world we live in, qualified immunity will end policing in the United States. Nobody is going to take a proactive policing stance when then can be financially ruined even when they win the case. Look at what happened to Darren Wilson. Ending qualified immunity means the Ferguson effect writ large. Now, if you live a community like mine it probably won’t make a difference. Over the past 20 years the murder rate is about 1 per 100k and you still literally can leave your doors open. But if live in most places the crime rate is going up and in many areas way up. So what are going when your wife/daughter/girlfriend gets raped. You are going to scream about where are the police? Why aren’t they doing their job? Outside of a few keyboard commandos I don’t think many people here are looking forward to defending themselves. So get real, qua.ified immunity sucks but the world will suck more without it.

  33. When LEO’s violate their oath to the constitution, they become criminal entities: assaulting and robbing under color of authority. It becomes then necessary for free men of this nation to defend themselves. LEO’s should today NOW organize with their unions and refuse to carry out unconstitutional laws. This will allow them to stand together rather than be singled out by their superiors and fired.

    • “LEO’s should today NOW organize with their unions and refuse to carry out unconstitutional laws.”

      The cops’ unions are the problem, not the answer.

  34. It will be impossible to confiscate at gun point all the guns within a day, a week, even a month or a year, there will be millions and millions out there, with citizens knowing how to use them.
    There will come a point where law abiding citizens will not wait for a visit by thugs during the night to maybe have a last stand and take one or two with them. Any person wearing a blue uniform will become a target, it won’t matter anymore, the Constitution is dead, there will be no rule of law, only thugs going through houses killing dogs, babies and whoever doesn’t simultaneously lie on the ground walks towards the thugs and kneels at the same time. Why wait to be at a disadvantage, not knowing when your enemy will come? You take the ‘fight’ to them, when they have coffee and donuts.

  35. Both parties are guilty of not prosecuting senior Federal level criminals. And the Libertarians don’t seem too upset when the democrats are conducting illegal wars, running guns or supporting single motherhood as a “lifestyle” choice.
    Did they ever call for Obama to be impeached for his crimes?

    • “democrats are conducting illegal wars”

      You mean Reagan’s Iran Contra secret war, where he supplied millions of dollars of weapons to Moslem fundamentalists in Iran?

      • No I was referring to President Kennedy starting the Vietnam War by sending 16,000 “advisors” to that country.

        Also the Clintons, war criminals both, who bombed Serbia and later invaded Lybia and brought back black slavery to that Arab country.

        Same for the war criminal and gun runner Obama.

        • It is sad that you are not aware of the true history of the United States. First, Kennedy did not start Vietnam. Perhaps you might want to research Op plan 34A and Eisenhower’s involvement with the fridge in the 50s. There are many who believe Kennedy was assassinated because he did not follow the direction of the military industrial complex and agree to escalate the war in order to bankrupt American taxpayers.

          Regarding Serbia, we did indeed have a worldwide coalition to stop the violence in Serbia, there were no war crimes committed as a result of the policy. Perhaps you’re aware of individual soldiers who might’ve committed atrocities, but there never was a plan from the top to ignore international law and attack an innocent country.

          And I noticed while you called Obama a war criminal, you never specified any particular war crime. Care to elaborate?

        • You are correct in that there were war criminals involved in the Serbian conflict. Perhaps you remember this gentleman, a convicted war criminal of the conflict. I don’t think he was related to the Clintons in anyway.

          “Radovan Karadžić (Serbian Cyrillic: Радован Караџић, pronounced [râdoʋaːn kâradʒitɕ]; born 19 June 1945) is a Bosnian Serb former politician and convicted war criminal who served as the President of Republika Srpska during the Bosnian War and sought the unification of that entity with Serbia.”

          You apparently think that Clinton was a war criminal because he did indeed ordered the bombing of Serbia, and I suppose you think Donald Trump was a war criminal because he ordered the bombing of Syria, a nation that had never attacked the United States in recorded history.

          And in regards to bombing Libya, do you consider Reagan a war criminal because he ordered the attempted bombing assassination of Qaddafi? Or was that a OK in your world because he was a Republican?

  36. Nothing like that happened in the Australian confiscation and buy back. Yes it took awhile just as its taking awhile in New Zealand but the people complied because they had too much to lose financially like all there assets, their job and of course being incarcerated. The people eventually realize its not worth taking a chance on keeping banned weapons.

    If there would be a few raids where gun owners who refused to give up assault rifles were liquidated there would be little sympathy for them among the General Public who view such owners of assault rifles as back woods yahoos or Paramilitary Lunatics planning on taking over the government.

    When you look at the history of the corrupt Supreme Court they have almost always voted along with public opinion whether the subject was slavery, voter discrimination, racial discrimination, religious discrimination, LGBT discrimination etc, etc. Only when the tide of public opinion turned did the courts rule the other way, morality was never part of the picture. The courts would never dare overturn an assault rifle ban because they know they would soon be out of a job through impeachment because of the general resulting public outrage.

    The Second Amendment was deliberately written in the vaguest of terms so the people in power could stay in power by banning guns if they deemed it necessary and ban them they have since 2A was written. Just about every gun ban and ammo ban and capacity ban has been blessed by the power mad corrupt courts.

    • “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” could not possibly be written in a more clear or concise manner.

      • And you left out the rest of 2A. Its called quoting completely out of context. Remember the phrase “a well regulated militia”.

        • Anybody who’s actually passed an eighth grade english class should be able to clear up your confusion over dependent and independent clauses. Unless of course you’re just being willfully stupid, and in that case there’s nothing anybody can do for you.

        • “Anybody who’s actually passed an eighth grade english class should be able to clear up your confusion over dependent and independent clauses.”

          Eighth grade English class? Have you ever read anything I have writed? I couldnt even pass sixth grade English class but I still know all about quoting out of context and lying and exaggerating and making things up and pretending I know what I am talking about. My award winning keyboard vomit pays the bills or at least it pays for the meth.

        • To Hunt Crapper

          quote——————–Anybody who’s actually passed an eighth grade english class should be able to clear up your confusion over dependent and independent clauses. Unless of course you’re just being willfully stupid, and in that case there’s nothing anybody can do for you.———————-quote

          Sorry oh arrogant one. You flunked reading comprehension. Historical Scholars all have come to the conclusion that 2A is a farce and was written to confuse and be interpreted either way by the people in power. And I might add the courts have always voted with the anti-gun crowd which proves what Historical Scholars have been saying for decades. Take 2A and wipe your ass with it because that is all it has been good for.

        • And I might add Historical Scholars also all agree that all of the other amendments in the Bill of Rights were just a trick to get people to vote for the Green New Deal and this has been scientifically proven.

        • I’m not the one who fails to comprehend the meaning of the simple phrase “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” That would be you. I also have in my circle of friends a few certified historical scholars with Ivy League credentials. They aren’t on board with you, regarding the 2nd Amendment. You can call it arrogance if you wish, but I’m pretty confident that you don’t speak for them.

    • The United States is not Australia, which is a much more urban environment. Here, there is a huge rural population, and the rural gun-owning populations will NOT take kindly to police storming into people’s homes and killing them over guns the government wants banned. The United States as a whole, as a people, Right and Left, are far more resistant to and suspicious of governmental authority than the peoples of the other so-called liberal democracies. In Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, etc…the governments can get away with things that would result in heavy resistance here. In Australia for example, the government is currently engaging in infringements on privacy that would never be allowable here. The United Kingdom restricts “hate speech” and you can get shut down or even arrested for such. In France, after the mass shooting that killed 30+ people, the entire country was put under martial law. The United States had 9/11, which killed 3,000 people, and to the extent anything was done afterwards, it faced EXTREME scrutiny and criticism. So what works in terms of governmental power and authority in other countries, including with guns, is not going to go over the same here.

      • quote——————United Kingdom restricts “hate speech” and you can get shut down or even arrested for such.————quote

        Quite true. That is how civilized countries are run. The idea that Americans would not agree to gun control is only your Right Wing Fantasy. The facts are they have been agreeing to gun control en masse. Only someone living in a cave would not be aware of the avalanche of State bans on guns and magazine capacity in the last several years and all sanctioned by the corrupt power mad courts. And yes in those gun ban States “The Sheep” have complied “or else” and they all know what “or else” means.

        • Why do you think Americans bought 100 million guns during the 8 years of the Obama presidency? They bought them just so they could turn them in to the government Americans have always demanded the government take there guns that is why they fought the Revolutionary war. The British wouldnt take the guns so the Americans got mad at them and they fought a war to force the British to take there guns.

    • Wrong: The average Cop is not a gun person. Those I have known are lucky to fire their guns once a year at most. They become Cops because of a variety of reasons, too lazy to work, insatiable lust for power over people, sadism, brutality and other anti-social mental hang ups. Most would be only too willing to blow people away who did not comply with the law and they know that the general non gun owning public would support them. Its like giving them a free pass to kill at will.

        • “You do realize you’re insane, right?”

          That is what the so called doctors keep telling me and all the presciptions for anti psychotic drugs are the reason I spend most of my days sitting in the basement staring at the walls and drooling on the floor.

        • It does not matter what I want because I do not have that power but Congress and the Courts do. That is reality like it or not.

        • It does not matter what I want because I am way to lazy to get a real job and support myself but the democrats have promised me so much free stuff I really want them to take over Congress and stack the courts so they can take all your stuff and give it to me.

  37. In Florida, and I would guess in other states as well, resisting arrest, any arrest, lawful or not, is a crime in and of itself. No other crime need be committed or alleged. Any use of force, any force of any type against the arresting officer escalates the resisting charges significantly. And, even if eventually a judge agrees with you that you were illegally arrested for resisting an illegal arrest, you will still be out of more than just pocket change, possibly losing your job or more likely having to explain to every current and future employer (the record does not disappear and even if it could, the internet is forever). So, while you are turning severely cyanotic from hypoxia as you hold your breath waiting for justice to be served on the “Cops Who Carry Out Unconstitutional Gun Confiscation Orders,” your life will be irreparably destroyed. I am very appreciative to have attorneys like the author on our side, but unless we keep these laws off the books, more than someone is going to get hurt while we wait for the gears of justice to grind away.

  38. They should fear for their lives is what they should be fearing – trips to hell via the friendly skies of 3″ slugs.


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