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From SB Tactical . . .

SB Tactical is now shipping its new SBT line of Pistol Stabilizing Braces with models available for a number of the latest large-frame pistols on the market.

The SBT series features a lightweight, integral right side-folding strut with a rubber arm cuff based on the popular SB-Mini™. These complete and ready-to-install braces come with an adjustable nylon strap for a custom fit to almost any size forearm.

Veteran designed and made in the United States, the SBT line offers models to fit the CZ Bren 2 (BREN2), the CZ Scorpion Evo (SBTEVO-G2), and a single SKU (SBT-G2) for the B&T APC, the HK UMP and the LWRCi SMG45.

The BREN2 comes with an integral Bren 2 adapter and features tool-less disassembly for easy field stripping while the SBTEVO-G2 features an integral QD sling socket.

Users, especially those with strength or other physical challenges, will find greater stability, control and accuracy using a Pistol Stabilizing Brace®. Designed for use by wounded veterans, SB Tactical braces have helped many return to the shooting sports and hunting activities they enjoyed before their injuries.

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  1. Everytime I see articles like this I wonder if my legally purchased unmodified Springfield Saint pistol will become a short barreled rifle according to the BATFECE’S point system.
    I really like this thing! 300 Blackout is a lot of fun.

    • The rule change isn’t implemented yet, and of course it will probably become a lawsuit and wind along for years.

      As for if your rifle configuration becomes an unregistered SBR, hard to say, but that seems to be the intent of the rule changes, likely most useful or functional set ups would be prohibited, plus the ATF gets the final say to decide. Doesn’t seem like they would be going to door, instead these rules could be used with prosecutor’s discretion especially if they need some leverage or charges to stick when looking in on something else. A red flag or reported domestic issue, uh oh, is that an illegal rifle?

      • More like “you purchased a what? Oh oh! Red flag swatting has been scheduled for 0 dark thirty when you least expect it. Say goodbye to your pup and don’t worry your kids will love their new trans CPS parents”

      • Pisses me off the ATF can pull these rules out of their behinds. Just lets Congress get away without doing their jobs and coming up with legislation. That way they don’t have to vote on anything consequential. This crap is totally Unconstitutional but in order for anything to get to the Supreme Court you would have to spend 10 to 15 years in prison to get the your case heard.

    • Well, that was kinda dumb. Specifically identifying a brace pistol in your possession.

      I understand the intent of frustration as the product you bought came that way from the factory. Sadly, it doesn’t matter to them.

      The good news for you is that they simply don’t have the manpower to swat every single brace owner. My suspicion is the highly vocal ones, perhaps some of the guntuber community, will get swatted to send a message and the rest will get caught up incidentally as they come by them. Used it for home defense? Well off to jail for a decade comrade! At the commercial range the same time an ATF official is? Papers please.

    • Do you not read this page?
      Springfield Armory are traitors and anyone who buys from them is a traitor.

  2. The ATFE is not attempting to ban arm braces. According to them, it will only be illegal to have the arm brace attached to a pistol that exceeds the arbitrary point system they are putting in place. Oh don’t worry about Constructive Posession, the ATFE would never tell you something then go back on what they said.


  4. Bold move on their part. But, it’s still unknown what will happen in the released determination.

    If a brace isn’t attached, it doesn’t affect the classification of the pistol as far as we know. All I have to do is remove mine and no Form 4999 is going to make it an SBR. Despite some pontificating on forums, they don’t show a connected train of legal decisions making it so. It’s all speculation.

    As for Constructive Possession, it’s an ogre to throw in the conversation, most of the time it’s listed it was added on – a seatbelt charge when drunken driving was the real offense. It’s used by prosecutors to get something on someone when they think their major accusation has some weak areas. To really prosecute Constructive Possession they have to literally search door to door, another fear tactic spread to annoy gun owners. And just because they can prove you have parts on hand isn’t necessarily good enough for a Jusge. You could likely make the same accusation about having the necessary ingredients to make meth – are there more than one box of old style kitchen matches in someone’s prepper hoard? Oooooh not good! Someone is a potential Drug Lord!

    A lot of these wild accusations aren’t coming from actual friends of the 2A – they can often be shown as speculation with few actual court convictions. Their intent is to stir up emotions, not reason with logic. Much like some posters here.

    Why not put your goods on the market when you have spent the development money on them? At least recover some of the costs, and happy customers still result. This Brace thing is far from over, especially after August.

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