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Left to right: MPX PSB (adjustable), SB (Folding), SBV SBM4, Scorpion PSB, Uzi PSB (courtesy

SB Tactical invented the pistol-stabilizing brace. Using an SB brace-equipped AR-15 pistol, handicapped shooters — and Jerry Miculek — can fire a PDW (personal defense weapon) one-handed. While there’s not been a single case of enforcement, the ATF looks askance at shouldering an SB-Tactical pistol-stabilizing brace-equipped AR-15 pistol. Luckily, there are also plenty of fun and accurate ways to fire one without shouldering it. Regardless, SB’s expanded their line to fit a large number of OEM AR-15 pistols (press release after the jump) and created a direct-to-consumer website. They’ve also scheduled a big product reveal at NRA, and TTAG will be there . . .


Saint Petersburg, Fla. (May 10, 2016) – Since 2013, SB TacticalTM has been at the forefront of accessories development in the PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) Pistol category, as the originator and manufacturer of the popular Pistol Stabilizing Brace. Widely known for their partnerships with SIG SAUER, Inc. and Century International Arms, SB Tactical is undergoing an aggressive rebranding campaign; expanding its product portfolio and strategic OEM partnerships.

SB Tactical’s product offerings include Pistol Stabilizing Braces for a multitude of AR, AK, HK, and specialty firearms platforms, like the CZ Scorpion, the Kriss Vector, and the IWI Uzi Pro. SB Tactical is now an official OEM for companies such as SIG SAUER, Inc., Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), KRISS® USA, LWRC International, Century International Arms, and Zenith Firearms. The aggressive brand and product evolution is designed to take SB Tactical to new heights.

SBM4 with SB-Tactical pistol stabilizing brace (courtesy

“SB Tactical was first to market with a product that revitalized the AR pistol, and established the new and thriving PDW Pistol category,” said Amy Pevear, VP of Marketing, SB Tactical. “The evolution of our brand and products showcases our commitment to growth and innovation. This is an exciting time for SB Tactical; we look forward to forging strategic relationships with new partners and fans of the PDW Pistol community.”

In conjunction with the launch of additional products and new OEM partnerships, SB Tactical is excited to unveil a new company logo and offer consumer direct sales on The updated logo reflects SB Tactical’s commitment to resonating with the shooting community and will set a new tone for the brand, acting as a catalyst for upcoming marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Visit SB Tactical at to check out the full line of SB Tactical products and follow @SB Tactical on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

About SB TacticalTM

SB TacticalTM, the originator of the Pistol Stabilizing BraceTM and manufacturers of industry-leading firearms accessories, is setting the bar for innovation and product development in the PDW Pistol category. The SB Tactical line of products is veteran designed, BATFE approved, and manufactured in the U.S.A. For more information on the brand’s growing line of products for multiple firearms platforms, visit

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  1. NFA rules are lame, completely illogical, and the juice of tyrant fruit. Go ahead and shoulder that brace, at least until killary is elected, I’m sure she’ll have it at the top of her executive orders list.

    • Dont try to teach them logic

      Once they learn, they’ll ban all the pistol lengh uppers and barrels and any and all tools that can cut down a steel bar

      And oil filters

    • Why aren’t you writing you congressman, senators, and any primary canidates for those offices asking for NFA and GCA repeal?

      It’s far better to cut off the ATF’s head that try to cage them.

    • Great defeatist attitude man. Republicans are so used to losing. Born losers in facts. Hillary thanks you for the vote.

  2. “…the ATF looks askance at shouldering an SB-Tactical pistol-stabilizing brace-equipped AR-15 pistol”

    Apparently “looks askance” is now a new term for “federal felony”. Manufacturing of an SBR/SBS without a Form 1 is a federal felony.

    Remember that Randy Weaver guy (Ruby Ridge)? How about Sammy and Vicki Weaver? His crime was cutting a tube of metal too short, so the ATF looked askance at his wife and son.

    • Really Jeremy? Randy Weaver is your go to? That dude probably shouldn’t have been hanging with the Aryan Nation and selling guns to undercover agents. THAT is where he went wrong! Jeez man. Way to ridiculously oversimplify things to suit the point you want to make. Fail sir.

  3. It strikes me that, as foolish as current law is, the only reason to buy one of these pistols is to go through the process to legally SBR it The rules are stupid, they don’t prevent a criminal from shouldering the brace or illegally SBRing the “pistol” without a Form 1, but I didn’t get the write the law and I doubt very much that it will change in the near future.

    It can still be shot one handed if you want, but once SBRd it’s much more useful.

  4. Why not just buy a more accurate and perfectly legal 16 inch barrel (or barrel and pinned and welded muzzle brake)? Then you can use whatever stock you want.

    • Because in close quarters, (aka inside my home) shorter is better.

      Because in my truck, shorter is less in the way.

      Because the right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed..

      Because I want one.


    • I never used to understand SBRs or AR pistols, until I got one for myself. Now all my lightweight 16″ ARs seem enormous and ungainly.

      I built an 8″ barrel 300BLK AR pistol, and that thing goes everywhere my car goes. Keep a 20rnd mag in it, and it is literally more maneuverable than a pistol (two handed spread-grip instead of two handed overlapping grip).

      That, and a red-dot equipped SBR is about 20 times more precise than a handgun.

    • Longer barrels aren’t more accurate. The only thing they have an sbr length one doesn’t is velocity. And weight.

  5. Didn’t the ATF letter say that if you built it with the brace with the INTENT to shoulder it, you had created and illegal SBR? What if you built it with the intent to shoot one handed, but did indeed shoulder it unintentionally in a firefight?

    • It is quite fascinating how the ATF completely mindfucked the american people to some hardcore orwellian vibe. Now you guys worry about ATF agents jumping out of a bush if someone dares to touch the shoulder with the brace.

        • He (overzealous cop) could try. I doubt very seriously the ATF would return his call.

          How would you prove it? Video of the person assembling the pistol while chanting “I intend to use this as an illegal SBR!”??

          Even if someone took video of you shouldering it, what constitutes “shouldering”? Were you using a cheek-index and it just incidentally touched your shoulder at one point?

          Seriously guys – this is straight fear tactics. The ATF’s opinion letter is laughably arbitrary and unenforceable, and they full-well know it… well, the 3 ATF agents that have even heard of a Sig brace know it anyways.

    • You realize the ATF will LITERALLY NEVER prosecute someone over the sig brace thing, right?
      Because that would mean trying to take this to court, where they would get laughed at by the judge right before he dismissed the case.

      I mean seriously – “we issued a formal letter certifying its legality, but then later we issued another letter saying the exact opposite, and we just expect all the people who got the first letter to magically know that.”

      ..and that’s not even taking the “Arbitrary and capricious” and “Wildly Unconstitutional” arguments into account.

      • Not quite. I think they may prosecute it when they charge someone with unrelated charges, hoping that out of a bunch one will stick and secure your verdict against you. Or for makin plea bargains with public defender lawyers who don’t understand gun law.

  6. Why/how on earth are they charging $150 for a chunk of plastic and some straps?

    I’d give em maybe $30 for one of those.


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