Gun blogger Say Uncle has something to say about pro-gun Democrats on election day. And it’s not very nice. “While I do applaud the pro-gun Democrats exactly because I want gun rights to not be an issue, I hate the company they keep. Notably, I hate that they appoint anti-rights judges like the unwise Latina and Kagan. And, even if as speculated Kagan is on the right side of the gun issue, she kinda sucks on other issues that I hold dear. In the last decade, there are a few supreme court cases which I personally consider to be the most important in terms of affirming individual rights. Those cases are Heller, McDonald, Kelo and Citizens United. In every one of those cases, the supposed liberals/progressives/whatevertouchyfeelyeuphemismtheygobynow voted on the side of evil. And that is why I won’t be pulling the lever for someone with a D after their name for a long time.” So much for single issue voting, then. I think.


  1. Say Uncle should be careful what he wishes for. Heller and McDonald are excellent cases, but Citizens United is a sword with two edges. By pretending that corporations (and shell corporations) are the same as living human beings, it weakens the influence of true grass-roots movements like the NRA which depend on the support of large numbers of actual human beings.

    It clears the way for Michael Bloomberg to devote his vast personal fortune to his vendetta against private firearms ownership, by letting him (or his shell corporations and nonprofits) fund anti-gun candidates in other states. For every pro-gun millionaire like Ronnie Barrett, there are two anti-gun billionaires like George Soros and Michael Bloomberg who want to spend their money to distort democracy.

  2. It’s going to come down to wrecking the economy, so as to kill off 90% of the population, and rebuild the US into something that is a lot more respectful of individual rights. Those who want to enslave us will not stop short of killing them. They are NOT “misguided” or ignorant, they are actively evil, and should be treated as such.


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