Saturday Evening Post: The Green Hornet

Coming later this year, the long-awaited version of the classic show The Green Hornet. Sort of. From the trailer, this looks like another one of those “reimagined” things where Hollywood just can’t be bothered to do what everybody wants to see, and decided to turn it into a vanity project for some semi-talented actor, an overly-indulged director, and a nod to “modern tastes and sensibilities” (read: “fart jokes”). I loved the Green Hornet TV show, back in the 60’s. It was a little campy, but who really cared? It had Bruce Lee playing Kato. This new version seems to be a tailor-made vehicle for Seth Rogen. That’s not good . . .

Rogen is kind of a one-note actor – he plays a frat-boy schmuck with a heart of gold. Not seeing how this is gonna make for a dynamic, heroic Brit Reid/Green Hornet. And if they screw around with Billy May’s theme song (nee: Flight of the Bumblee riff by Al Hirt) I’m gonna boycot the entire thing. But at least there looks like there will be mucho coolness in the firearms department. Stay tuned…


  1. avatar Robert Farago says:

    Green Nebbish? No thanks.

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