Saturday Evening Post: What Would Papa Think of TTAG?

Ernest Hemingway was about the least-contradictory human being to walk the planet. He was what we used to refer to as a “man’s man,” a hard-drinking, hard-living S.O.B. who didn’t care what you thought of him. (On the downside, he was also a clinically depressed alcoholic who took his own life, so there’s some brickbats […]

Saturday Evening Post: Home Decor Edition

For the man who’s got everything (except of course for taste) comes this innovative design from customizedshowercurtains. Apparently, since they are hand-painted, you can get any design you want. Kinda makes me think of the Al Queda version of Clue – Ahmed in the Shower with an AK-47 for some reason. Or something. All I know is […]

Saturday Evening Post: A different kind of shooting.

[HTML1] Photography and Firearms. We load. They load. We shoot. They shoot. We have calibers. They have focal lengths. We have sights. They have viewfinders. We have safaris. They have safaris. We have tripods and bipods. They have tripods and monopods. We have shotguns. They have shotgun mics. Are we so different than they?

Saturday Evening Post: Old Spice Guy.

If you watch TV (and let’s face it…who doesn’t?) you’ve likely seen the weirdly funny Old Spice commercials featuring the “Old Spice Guy” who is simultaneously a man’s man and a ladies man (nice work if you can get it). Recently, the Old Spice Guy replied to a number of questions posed to him via […]

Saturday Evening Post: The Green Hornet

Coming later this year, the long-awaited version of the classic show The Green Hornet. Sort of. From the trailer, this looks like another one of those “reimagined” things where Hollywood just can’t be bothered to do what everybody wants to see, and decided to turn it into a vanity project for some semi-talented actor, an […]

Saturday Evening Post: My Father’s Gun

In honor of tomorrow’s celebration of dad-hood (and an acknowledgement and anticipation of all the bad ties, questionable after shaves, and lopsided, handmade ashtrays we fathers will see tomorrow), here’s a recording of Elton John’s “My Father’s Gun.” Given his well-documented preferences, not sure Sir Elton will ever become a father (although I know some […]