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And so began former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s speech at a Republican fundraiser in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Of course, it’s great to be anywhere where they pay you tens of thousands of dollars for a few hours of your time and present you with a free engraved Big Boy 44 Magnum rifle. You know; if you like that sort of thing. Full press release from Henry Repeating Arms after the jump.

ARKANSAS, February 17, 2010 – The Republican Party of Arkansas presented keynote Speaker Sarah Palin with an engraved Henry Repeating Arms Big Boy 44 Magnum rifle last night at their fundraising event at the Verizon Arena in Little Rock. The rifle was personalized with serial number PALIN‐001, the brass receiver was inscribed with ‘Presented to Sarah Palin ‐ February 16, 2010 ‐ Republican Party of Arkansas’ and the Republican Party of Arkansas’ logo was carved into the buttstock.

Palin began her keynote speech in front of a cheering crowd of 5,000 by thanking the Republican Party of Arkansas for the beautiful rifle, noting that she even called her son Track to tell him about it, and stated, “It’s great to be in a state where it’s okay to cling to your guns and religion.”

President Lincoln was presented with a Henry rifle during his presidency. It hangs in The Smithsonian and has become a priceless national treasure.

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  1. As a proud clinger to both my guns and my religion, I say give her all the money, guns, publicity, and votes that her identity-politics-based populist appeal can garner. But please, God, don't let her start a third party.

  2. Find a politician who clings to their guns and religion, but also has a shred of integrity and maybe even a brain bouncing around up there.

    The third party idea is dead, Palin said so herself.

    Bottom line: you can choose between a politician who (A) supports what you support, or (B) is Sarah Palin, who is a liar, a thief, a quitter, and outwardly hates smart people.

    Palin's too confused to be president. She's all about small government except when it comes to invading our homes and phone calls. She's not a Ron Paul idealist. She's just an opportunist.

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