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Weapons Prohibition on Campus

Possession of firearms or replicas, ammunition, explosives, knives/blades longer than 2 1/2 inches, other weapons, or fireworks are against the law in the College community or at College -sponsored activities. California Penal Codes 626.9 and 626.10 also prohibit the possession of firearms (including pellet and BB guns) on College property without specific written permission of the Chief of Police.

If you are a witness to a crime involving a weapon, please call 9-1-1 immediately. If you see a weapon of any kind on campus, alert SMCPD by calling (310) 434-4300 or 9-1-1.

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  1. I’m glad Santa Monica has common sense laws like that to keep us safe from those gun nuts. I bet they don’t have problems with people bringing assault weapons in and- oh wait…

    • I guess the shooter must have missed the memo.. You know along with the one about murder, arson, car jacking, illegal carrying of a loaded firearm in public, i.e. open carry, discharging a firearm in city limits, high capacity magazines, shooting at a public transit vehicle, I am sure there is a special code for that one. Assault on a police officer, a few times over, resisting arrest, etc etc….

      The straw the broke the camels back though was when he brought the gun to school!! OMG how dare he! Think about the CHILDREN!!! 😉

      I am sure he broke a few more laws in there before he even got to the school, but I can’t think of it. I was reading an article that said no one in the library was injured. Is this true? We know there were two in the house, one lady on the street, two in the car that crashed. That makes five. hhmm no mass school shooting if that was the case, all of those deaths were off campus. No wonder why MAIG has been silent. All the laws they want we already have.

  2. I thought that was the case, but withheld comment because I wasn’t sure. No surprise to me.

  3. Dial 911, then a GOOD GUY with a GUN will stop a BAD GUY with a GUN….

    It takes a GOOD GUY with a GUN to stop A BAD GUY with a Gun…..

    wher have we heard this before…….

    Outlaw all the GUN’S and only Outlaws will have GUN’S …….

    • You can now tell everyone you know that this incident never happened. IT IS ILLEGAL. Show them the rules if they don’t believe you! NEVER HAPPENED because it would be AGAINST THE LAW.

  4. I looked this up right after I heard about the latest tragedy because I feared it was true.

  5. True this. I just wish ya’ll wouldn’t post pictures, of any kind, of the killer. Notoriety is what he wanted, in all likelihood. That is all.

  6. I guess someone forgot to tell the shooter that.

    Hey Feinstien, go tell that guy he’s not allowed to have his gun here. I’m sure he will listen to every stupid word of your gun ban law.

    • You know she said they would stop using them because no one else would have them… lol

  7. Well, then how the hell did this happen??????? Couldn’t be the grabbers new argument for total disarmament is laws aren’t effective enough??? Hmmmmmmm?

    • Hey I see what ya did there!
      Free guns for everyone!!! Yup that would be popular..

      • Sort of like all of the supporters of Oduma after the election in 2008 when interviewed saying, “I ain’t gotta pay my mortgage no more and Imma get me a free phone and what not?

        • They actually HAVE free gun zones in certain places in Texas.

          That having been said, the free gun is a single barrel 12 gauge break action shotgun. That’s like HALF a Joe Biden Special. Better than nothing, but kinda small consolation if you miss.

    • Try: it’s the same for the whole City of Los Angeles (by local ordinance), and may also be true for the whole county.

  8. One thing I haven’t seen mentioned yet: did the shooter have a bullet button installed on his AR? Did he use 10-round magazines, or standard-capacity magazines? I would guess that the answer to both is no.

  9. Local elected officials & college adminis-trators condoning the murder of its citizens.

  10. Classifying “BB and pellet guns” as firearms never sits well with me. No fire is involved.

    Oh, and you can enforce GFZ with buckshot. Grab a handful and fling it at them. Wait, counts as sling shot ammo and is thus banned? Nevermind, you’re boned.

    • Don’t worry, nor does the ATF.

      They define firearm as a weapon using an explosive means to propel a projectile. An explosive is a result of a chemical reaction. Air-compressed arms use a decompression of air. ..

  11. So all those people that followed the rules were unarmed and defenseless… The rule didn’t keep the bad guy from coming in and shooting people… This is a TEXT BOOK EXAMPLE of why gun free zones do NOTHING but make more victims. The California gov’t has blood on their hands.

  12. I know this is serious but I feel like I should post this video every time I hear the words “gun-free zone,” maybe this will lighten things up a little:

  13. As I work at a “gun-free” CA school, I have changed my name to Sitting Duck. If the shooting ever starts, I’ll throw an H in there.

  14. Is it also a drug- and sex-free zone? ‘Cause that would defeat the whole purpose of going to college.

  15. In WI if a place of business posts a “Gun-Free” sign then the business is liable for damages resulting from a gunman coming in & shooting the place up.

    We only need inform them of this fact & the sign usually comes down in a matter of seconds.

    • Hmmm, as I remove my Al Mar Havana Clipper from my pocket and put it away for a plane ride tomorrow.
      Sharp enough to shave the end off of a ceegar… Yeah, damage could be done with this…

  16. Actually the whole city of Santa Monica, and every other city within about a 50 mile radius, is a gun-free zone. The sheriffs of L A County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and San Fernando County refuse to issue any Concealed Carry Permits. Without a CCW permit, you are only allowed to have your gun in your home, place of business (if you are the owner), a gun range, or a gun store.

    ALL of the shootings by this spree killer were in a gun-free zone, except the two inside his parents’ house.

  17. If you are a witness to a crime involving a weapon, please call 9-1-1 immediately.
    So… if you witness a crime not involving a weapon just mind your own business. These are OK

  18. My favorite ‘call 911’ quotes;

    … your call is important to us… Please cower in fear until the next 9-1-1 operator is available…

    If you want to call someone who cares; call your mother.
    If you want to call someone who doesn’t care; call the government.
    If you call the government and expect them to care; you really just set yourself up for disappointment.

    It takes seconds to call 911. Waiting for the police to arrive may take the rest of your life.

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