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Nicole Hockley tells panel not to release 911 calls of crime scene photos from the Sandy Hook spree killing where Adam Lanza murdered her son Dylan (courtesy

“The mother of one of the first graders killed in the tragedy at Sandy Hook pleaded today that the 911 recordings and the crime scene photographs never be released,” reports. “A special task force on crime victims’ privacy must make recommendations to the General Assembly in just sixty days.” Special task force on the victims’ privacy? Isn’t that a matter of settled law? And isn’t a complete police report on the events surrounding the Sandy Hook spree killing the dictionary definition of “in the public interest”? Since when do the victims of a crime get to decide what, when and how the public gets to know about the crime? No question: this is a coverup. Whether or not the coverup is driven by the facts of the matter or political correctness is irrelevant. Check this out . . .

Bill Sherlack says he thinks the correct compromise is to only release written transcripts of the 9-1-1 calls.

‘If we need to get someplace in the middle, and that’s what a negotiation is all about, that’s what balance is all about…could we accept that?  I would be able to accept that,’ said Sherlack.

And Nicole said today that she wants anything that would identify individual victims in the final police report to be removed before it’s released.

“Anything that can identify anyone in terms of exactly where they died, how they died, their wounds, anything like that…that is just as bad as a photo,” said [Nicole Hockley, gun control advocate and mother of Dylan Hockley, murdered by Adam Lanza].

And Nicole said today that she hopes that the final police report will not be released anytime near the December 14th, first anniversary of the tragedy. [Click here to see her testimony in front of the privacy panel.]

We still don’t know when it will be released.

TTAG reader Pascal (who sent us the link) responds:

Isn’t it nice? The parents of the Sandy Hook spree killing victims were able to ‘negotiate’ about our gun rights, got free trips on Air Force One and are now ‘negotiating’ what information about the crime we are allowed to see. Let us not pretend that they will only do this with 911 calls. The parents are now also not wanting the police report to (be) released ‘so close to the anniversary.’ It is likely now we will not see anything until 2014 — maybe, because I am sure there will be yet another excuse then as well.

Meanwhile, we’ve learned nothing about protecting our children from spree killers and lost gun rights. Clearly those two are linked.

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    • Then release what you have, and release the rest when it is completed.

      That wasn’t difficult at all, was it?

      • Agreed. It’s been 10-1/2 months and still no report.
        They didn’t allow any outside agencies to investigate the scene and now it’s being demolished with explicit instructions to destroy all evidence.
        It’s all a bit fishy.

    • I just got around to reading the rest of the comments on this, other than the one I replied to way down at the bottom, and I couldn’t make it past the first one.

      “Last I heard they don’t have a completed report to release.”

      Well, why the !@#$% not?! The Warren Commission was established on November 22, 1963 and delivered its report on September 24, 1964. (Please, for the love of God, hold the tinfoil hat shit.) That’s 10 months. The 9/11 Commission was established on November 27, 2002, and their final report was released on July 22, 2004. That’s 20 months. The bombing of Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City occurred on April 19, 1995. McVeigh was stopped and arrested for unrelated reasons that same day, but was linked to the bombing within two days. The investigation was concluded and he was on trial within 24 months. All three of those were massive investigations involving thousands of people. This was one guy, in one place, for 20-ish minutes, and the major facts of the case were known (to investigators, if not to the general public) within 48-72 hours. Most of those facts were known to the public within the week. There is zero excuse for them not being done with this report by now. Zero. As RF said (and you guys know I’m not a tinfoil-hatter), this is a coverup, however noble the reasons. Meanwhile the Civilian Disarmament Movement marches on, vomiting their disinformation and FUD, while the report that would likely dispute much of the tripe they spew remains unheard from.

      • Have to counterpoint here: what exactly is being covered up?

        This is relatives of the victims asking that personally identifiable information about how their loved ones died be stricken from the public record. I’ll give you a hint – they were shot.

        Use of the term “this is a coverup” would seem to imply that government officials are somehow involved or culpable in these deaths.

        Please, enlighten the rest of us as to what is being covered up? That some nutjob went into a school and shot a bunch of people?

        Or something more Alex-Jones-ian?

          • “Name some hard evidence that this actually happened…”

            Since it was said (sort of) in response to something I wrote, and it (sort of) agrees with where I was going, I feel it necessary to dissociate myself completely from this comment.

        • I’m with Andrew on this. I fail to see what a full, accurate and completely un-redacted report will give us. Seriously, outside of tinfoil hat BS, what do all of the reasonable people out there think is being hidden? Are we still wondering if he really used an AR-15, or how many victims were slain with it? The police response time? Success or failures of schools security measures?

          Again, to the logical, reasonable readers – outside of a full blown, Alex Jones conspiracy, what exactly do you expect the report to contain with will validate our arguments? If we find out that the killer didn’t use the AR (and I feel there is zero possibility this is the case), or used handguns as well, or changed magazines frequently, or whatever else, do we really think that the anti’s are going to acknowledge that gun control wouldn’t have done anything to stop this?

          I’m not against demanding information, and I do want to see the report, but this is getting ridiculous. The only thing we’re accomplishing right now is making the lot of us look exactly like the egregiously idiotic and insensitive lunatics accusing these people of staging the whole thing, while also playing into the notion that somehow the killer’s choice of firearm increased the number of casualties rather than the killers choices and actions.

          Eh. Rant off.

        • “Please, enlighten the rest of us as to what is being covered up? That some nutjob went into a school and shot a bunch of people?”

          What is being covered up? The reason for a 20 minute response time for an active shooter at an elementary school.

        • “What is being covered up? The reason for a 20 minute response time for an active shooter at an elementary school.”

          I don’t know if that counts as a cover-up; it sounds more like the police department covering it’s own ass. This is a small, wealthy suburban town PD here, not an elite SWAT team. The simplest explanation is that these guys simply weren’t prepared to deal with this kind of situation, and we can see from video that they all assembled out front and then charged in. That’s not even cop bashing on my part, it’s just a simple, logical assessment.

          “The truth is being covered up. What’s the truth? We don’t know. Its being covered up.”

          That sounds more like truther coping than anything else. You’re effectively denouncing anything that doesn’t fit your conspiracy paradigm and leaving the definition of “the truth” open to literally anything.

        • I agree with JT and Matt.

          “Seriously, outside of tinfoil hat BS, what do all of the reasonable people out there think is being hidden? Are we still wondering if he really used an AR-15, or how many victims were slain with it? The police response time? Success or failures of schools security measures?”

          Schools are zones where the RKBA ends, so that kind of implies that Police need to respond to those sites lickity split when things go down. What happened? Were they too far away? Were they not paying attention to the radio? Did it take a long time for someone to actually alert the police? How long did the incident last from start to finish? What was the official timeline of events? Did the attack happen so quickly that the police couldn’t have responded in time? The Newtown PD Station is roughly 4,250 feet from the Sandy Hook Elementary as the crow flies. That’s .80 miles. I have heard that it took them 20 minutes to respond. Is that true, or is that simply internet speculation? If it is true, why was that response time so slow?

          I have a feeling that if the questions above showed the Newtown Police in a positive light, we would already have the answers. The plausible explanation is that a PD for a low-crime, wealthy town probably grew complacent. Now that that complacency may have contributed to the deaths of those children, they will stop at nothing to cover it up. Self-preservation. Sure, we may not be talking about a vast government conspiracy. Aliens did not conspire with the government to fake the shooting as an excuse to take our guns, thus paving the way for invasion. But it is a cover-up and unlike Matt I don’t think there is anything noble about it.

        • BlinkyPete,

          “I don’t know if that counts as a cover-up; it sounds more like the police department covering it’s own ass.”

          That IS a cover-up dude. I am not saying that the shooting was perpetrated by the CIA or that the disappearing bees are related to Adam Lanza and ancient aliens. However, an official entity withholding or altering information is a cover-up, regardless of the motivation.

        • As I said, that’s more covering one’s ass than a cover up, but beyond that I largely agree with you. That said, other than allowing people to carry at schools, I don’t realistically see a solution here. We can’t expect every cop in the country to be part of a crack team of Navy SEAL like tacticians, and frankly, I don’t think we want them to. Small town cops are small town cops, and situations like this are to rare statistically and unique in nature to reliable predict or counter. I know that’s something that neither side of the gun debate wants to hear, but it’s true.

        • There are a couple of inconvenient truths they might be hiding. The most obvious is why it took 20+ minutes for LEOs to enter the school when their HQ is only 3 miles away. I’m guessing first responders were there in 5 minutes or less, but waited until SWAT showed up before entering the school. The potential outrage due to LEOs listening to Lanza kill 6 year olds and their teachers while waiting for SWAT could detract from the anti-gun message they are intent on pushing. There might also be some liability tied up with this unconscionable delay in response.

          The other (less likely, I think) reason is that another weapon besides the Bushmaster AR15 was used in all or most of the shooting. Again, this would be an inconvenient truth for those with civilian disarmament ambitions.

        • “Have to counterpoint here: what exactly is being covered up?”

          Andrew, I appreciate your question, because it allows me to clarify my position, which (because of the hour) I did a bad job of laying out. No, I don’t think it’s something Alex-Jones-ian. My point was twofold, one specific and one general.

          My specific point is that the non-release of the official report has allowed the Civilian Disarmament Movement to say whatever they wanted, and push whatever agenda they wanted, based on this “horrible event,” and we’ve not had any facts to counter anything they say (assuming there are any). We know this fight often comes down to facts vs emotions, and while they have emotion on their side, for almost a year, we’ve been denied the facts. They have a big truck full of ammo crates, while we’ve been pointing our rifles over the berm and yelling “BANG!”

          My general point is that this is just one more in a long pattern of concealment and obfuscation by this administration. I realize that (I’m pretty sure) it’s not a federal investigation per se, but I don’t for a second think that if the federal administration wanted the report done now, and quit messing about, that it wouldn’t happen double-quick. Hasdrubal did a very eloquent job of explaining the concealment and obfuscation point down below, here. The gist is, “This may not be a big conspiracy with a specific goal. It may be a knee-jerk reaction or an extension of a blanket policy of obfuscation.” I really recommend you read that comment, if you haven’t already.

        • Phydeaux – Indeed, the response time is a massive factor, and regardless of the reason for it, we need only look at other gun related mass murders with high casualty rates to see there is in fact a trend. At Virginia Tech the killer chained the doors shut, hindering law enforcement efforts. In the two deadliest mass shootings ever (I believe they are; correct me if I’m wrong) – Port Arthur in Australia and the youth camp in Norway the law enforcement response was dreadfully slow. There’s no question that the biggest single impactor is the amount of time it takes law enforcement to arrive and act; most mass murderers will then off themselves; some will be shot by police, and even in the rare cases where there’s a protracted engagement with police it’s rare that there are more fatalities after the standoff begins.

          “My specific point is that the non-release of the official report has allowed the Civilian Disarmament Movement to say whatever they wanted, and push whatever agenda they wanted, based on this “horrible event,” and we’ve not had any facts to counter anything they say (assuming there are any). “

          To your first point, again, perhaps I’m just being obtuse, but the CDM is going to do that regardless, and the MSM generally takes it’s cues from them, not us. I already pointed this out below, but when’s the last time you’ve heard anyone mention the V-Tech report that indicated that “large capacity” magazines likely had no impact on the number of victims (and that the killer probably could have caused the same damage with revolvers and speed loaders), or the department of justice study that concluded that the AWB was ineffective?

          To your second point, I feel we have tons of facts to counter roughly everything they say. Our argument rarely has to be case specific, and in the instances that it does there’s enough case evidence from other mass shootings to apply here.

        • Hal – I missed your last comment. It doesn’t make sense to quibble over the definition, but when I think “cover-up” I think of a willfully orchestrated campaign to hide, destroy or deny evidence of something. I simply don’t see that here – I see the police failing to acknowledge that they screwed up (if they did) and a failure to produce information. Will it come out that they actually destroyed or manipulated evidence? I dunno, but if they did you can bet it will eventually come out.

          A few threads ago I brought up the murder of “Dimebag” Darryl Abbott. He was a guitarist that was slain in a mass murder where some lunatic jumped on stage, shot him, and then started killing others at random. The first arriving officer, James Niggemeyer had been told there was an active shooter, and despite being advised to wait for backup grabbed a shotgun and entered the building. When he made contact with the active shooter, he had his handgun to a still living victims head. Officer Niggemeyer then shot the killer, mostly confiscating his head. The last victim survived.

          This is what I’d call the model for success in police response to an active shooter, but it isn’t realistic to expect this to happen in every situation. If the Newtown cops stood around coffee and donuts before heading it I’d call that a pretty massive revelation; otherwise I’d say that like most people, they were unprepared for carnage on this scale. Given that police aren’t generally the most forthcoming group when it comes to admitting error or ill-preparedness I’d be more inclined to call this ass covering than anything else, particularly given the connotations of using the words “cover-up” in regards to Sandy Hook.

        • Well, let’s see. This was a shooting in a gun-free zone, where office staff saw a man with a gun approaching and locked everything down, and the principal and counselor went out unarmed to meet the threat. This is what I collected from reports. Then the shooter shot his way through a glass wall, reached in to open the door, followed by simply shooting the principal and the counselor to death before pressing on with his important business. The school had just successfully completed a security test. Say what?

          Doesn’t it seem that an obvious takeaway would be that if everything else was the same, except the principal unlimbered her 12-guage pump while the counselor jammed a 30-round mag into her AR before they went to meet the threat, it would (not “could”, but “WOULD”) have ended differently? I would suggest with no deaths (except the shooter’s mother, of course), just the shooter missing the hand he reached through the door with when a shotgun blast removed it. That simple conclusion is what is being hidden.

  1. Liberals,liars and crooks,lie cheat steal,whatever it takes to get their way.Facts be damned,
    release the real truth,lets see the eveidence,what gun did he use? .Here’s one for ya ;what medication was the shooter on? Boy ,the drug companies don’t want that one out there.

    • As an FYI, the medical examiners released a statement that the shooter had no legal or illegal drugs or alcohol in his system. What does this mean?.

      Its possible he stopped taking the drugs it is also possible he was taking none. Given this task force has the power to redact whatever they do not like or whatever is not politically convenient, we will never know the whole truth. This is the real issue. Even if they are honest in their assessment, given how all this has been done with closed door meetings and the parents getting to decide on legal matters, who will ever believe a report that is so tainted?

      CT passed gun control that will do nothing and will not save any lives given the homicides this year in the big cities, but have done less than zero for mental health a problem that impacts a could be used to improve the lives of some 100,000 CT residents. Tell me again how this was not all about a political agenda?

      • I’ll do some digging, but I don’t think SSRI’s would be in a standard tox screen. Neither would many other anti-psychotic drugs.

        • They released the toxicology report:

          There was news early on that Lanza was on Fanapt, “Adam’s uncle […] said he was taking an anti-psychotic drug called Fanapt.”.

          With so much of the early news being outright incorrect it was never clear if that was fact or false information. Obviously if there was a factual release of information, say in the State Police report it would clear things up immediately.

          As it is I would wonder if the toxicology would detect all drugs as implied. Would it detect Fanapt? Was Lanza supposed to be taking medication?

          Hypothetically, if he was supposed to be taking medication, could his not taking it be a factor? There are endless possibilities, all simply answered if they had released the report. Seriously, releasing a reporting of “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” would serve society much better that concealing the facts.

        • You would be correct. However,
          upon learning that the shooter
          should have been or was taking
          any specific drug any competent
          MD examiner would have run a
          complete test. Finding traces can
          still depend on the drugs makeup
          and the person’s metabolism.

  2. Does it matter? Is there something I am missing. Is there more than one gunman? We all know it took way too long for the police arrive and do their job in protecting the children or letting more children die. Was there an order to stand your ground and not move in while Adam shot up more kids? Is there a theory that the police were told not to do anything and wait just for a political agenda? My kids not involved, I do not need to know what happened. I take care of my family and my close friend’s family. That is all I need to know.

    • Yes, maybe. Three gunmen in all were reported. One was chased through the woods, and caught. We were told it was one of the parents… in a camo jacket, running through the woods behind the school. A daylight snipe hunt, perhaps.

  3. It seems somewhat unusual, to say the least, that the whole story needs to be edited before official release. Is there an aspect to the whole incident that doesn’t ring true all the way? Are the players in this drama trying to get the story straight between all parties before it becomes a page in history? Just wondering………

    • Follow the money? If they don’t come out with just the right wording on the official report, how much legal and financial liability does Newtown face?

  4. As we discuss this the Sandy Hook Elementary School (a still-serviceable school facility, I might add) is being obliterated complete, “vanished” without a trace. In other words, a crime scene is being obliterated.

    It must be all these silly conspiracy theories. I thought it was against the law to destroy the scene of a crime.

    • No? Not sure if you’re serious or being sarcastic… I’m all about public disclosure, but why keep the school around? There isn’t anyone to stand trial.

      • Uh… it can’t be investigated by disinterested parties if it’s gone. The crime scene cannot be compared to the official story.

        Or do you think that Dealey Plaza should have been destroyed after the assassination? After all – the Lone Gunman was dead!

    • The destruction of a crime scene is only illegal as long as it is part of an active investigation… The Sandy Hook investigation was closed months ago now the evidence and crime scenes may be destroyed.

      • There has been no official report released. What about the other 2 people of interest running through the woods? What if something in the report doesn’t jive with the school scene . . .

        • DUDE – I have personally posted links on this site several times answering the “two other guys in the woods” question. That information is readily available. Your inability or unwillingness to take three seconds out of your day to perform a simple Google search doesn’t indicate a coverup. It indicates the full commitment of the part of conspiracy theorists everywhere to wholly ignore anything that doesn’t fit their dumb agenda.

    • If it is being destroyed it means the investigation is over. If the investigation is over, where is the damn report? With no crime scene and a delayed and redacted report, no independent person or group will be able to determine facts from discrepancy. If there is or is not a cover up, we will never know. This will create the opposite income some of parents had hoped for. When the light is shown then you will be set free from the facts. With darkness they will have a lifetime of speculation never freeing themselves from which they wish to be protected and forgotten. As in many things in life, emotions force you to make poor decisions.

  5. It’s most likely that there were three significant failures in the Newtown massacre.

    First, Adam Lanza was not identified as a danger. Chances are there were some obvious indications. Perhaps letters or comments or previous contacts.

    Second, that it was too easy for him to breach the school’s security. I don’t think he shot his way in.

    And third the police hesitated before entering.

    I don’t know this to be true but I know this to be true: the delay of the report is a coverup—that allowed civilian disarmament to gain ground. And the report itself will likely be a coverup continued.

    It is up to the mainstream media or someone who gives a shit about the truth to find out and release the information to the public, to which it belongs.

      • Ever test breaching doors with large glass panes that are BULLET RESISTANT, no such thing as bullet proof, and were the frames standard frames or were they also, bullet resistant as modern breaching loads are still an effective tool against such up armored doors.

        In order to stop a 5.56 mm round, it needs to be a level 5 armoring,

        Anyone know how many schools have level 5 armoring which is rated at 10 meters, not 3 ft to defeat a 5.56mm round, which of course fired into the same spot several times will still blast a hole into the glass, its just simple physics!

        Unless of course you know anyone who re-uses a bullet proof insert in their body armor once it has taken a hit, no?

        • “Anyone know how many schools have level 5 armoring which is rated at 10 meters, not 3 ft to defeat a 5.56mm round, which of course fired into the same spot several times will still blast a hole into the glass, its just simple physics!”
          Not if the glass contains “chicken wire” reinforcement. Then you have one or more holes about the size of a quarter. I’m of the opinion that someone just buzzed him in, or the door was left ajar for whatever reason.

          Never underestimate the power of stupid.

        • Yeah, I dont underestimate how stupid people are, I read the annual Darwin Award winner and realize there are tens of thousands more that by sheer luck werent the winner that year!

          However, understanding physics, and the ability to solve such a problem of getting past such armoring, it is also not smart to underestimate someone smart enough to also bypass said passive technology.

          Those two boys in Arkansas who set off the fire alarms at their middle school to bring their victims out to them, didnt have to break into the school.

          A simple slam device with an edge after 2 or 3 shots will take chicken wire out if it weights around 5 lbs, total time to breach such a door with chicken wire..time to do so, 20 or 25 seconds maybe?

          They are just announcing a shooting at LA X I believe…back later…

      • The description I got was one of those decorative walls made of glass bricks BESIDE the door, which would not be rated at all, but would make the entryway prettier. I wondered about the “security inspection” not questioning such an arrangement, also wondered why there were no pictures (that I could find) of the entry area itself, one pic would make it obvious how the kid entered past a locked door (everybody agreed it was locked). Any story is now possible, since they dozed the school. Why would they do that? What was the hurry?

    • Mainstream media??? Really RF you think they care about telling the truth?? Especially since it probably won’t fit their agenda.

      • He said “mainstream media or someone who gives a shit about the truth.” RF knows how the MSM works. They may not be interested in the truth (certainly not for its own sake), but they surely could uncover it if they wanted to.

  6. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the parents of the children that were killed asking or pleading for pictures to not be released. It’s their right; freedom of speech and all of that…. I will have a problem if the government doesn’t follow the letter of the law and release the report or try and bury evidence. Except for the school, I don’t care that it’s being torn down; that town needs closure and as long as their closure doesn’t infringe on my rights I don’t care what they do.

    • They have a task force setup to skirt the law. That its only purpose. The law is otherwise clear, look at other similar shootings. The right of the public to know will be infringed. Every tax payer in CT will pay especially when inevitably cost overruns occur. More importantly, as the anniversary of the event nears, the parents and politicians will use the even to wave the bloody shirt again to further dissolve your gun rights. And since it is near the holidays they will use all emotions possible to fool people into believing your gun rights should be taken away… and this will repeat until the politicians find something else to use to further limit more of your rights.

      And this point the only thing that will prevent it is if the Obamacare problem and the next debt ceiling takes center stage. We have seemed to have forgotten that there are still people dying in Syria.

    • I don’t have a problem with them asking… you don’t ask you don’t get.

      My problem is the hypocrisy of the request. How many people involved want nothing more than to broadcast every detail about every gun owner out there? How many people want every little bit of everything in your life added to your dossier and reviewed often if you own a gun? But when it affects them we have to show some restraint because they are still butt hurt about the whole situation?

      I feel for their loss, I truly do. But your done. Move on. Get over it. Start rebuilding your life and quit trying to make being a victim into a profession. Your being a victim is not going to change laws, you don’t get an extra vote on the matter, you don’t get the bigger slice of pie just because something bad happened to you.

    • Well, the parents in question made it a national issue by running around with the Gun Ban Lobby, Barry et al. pushing for the gun ban agenda in April based on the events and Newtown. Yet, there is no official account as to what happened. On top of that, the claim it is to traumatic and so much so the school has to be razed. B.S. or they wouldn’t be on tour. Lastly, there have been a few parents against the gun ban agenda but the next to never get brought up. Sorry, the dragged the nation into and they can’t have it both ways.

      I will use one of the banner’s favorite lines, “if you have nothing to hide, what are you afraid of . . . “

  7. This town has been through an unusually gruesome nightmare, 30 children murdered. There is a lot of healing needed. Death of a single child almost guarantees a divorce. The turmoil of these families seems unimaginable to me. A final police report is overdue, to be sure. Redact the children’s names when released. I can see no reason to release what must be horrendous pictures of the carnage. Let’s acknowledge that these townspeople went to bed in a terribly different world than the one they woke up in. For everybody’s sake we need to move forward towards closure here.

    • The problem is that while in one hand they say they want closure, with the other hand they are willing with their political partner more than happy to use the event and their children names to take away our gun rights. I would agree with you if they stayed out of the political arena and did not get involved in the gun rights issues. They have shown they will not stay out of the politics so they really do not want closure.

      Leave us alone but when we are ready we will come bother you to see what rights we can take away with our emotional pleas does not work for me. They will not pass the anniversary in solemn and silence they with the gun control crowd will use the anniversary to forward the gun control agenda. I don’t care what you say, that is not getting closure. And that is the issue.

    • Just for starters, TWENTY children were massacred, not 30. This has to be difficult for their parents and for their community, but it does not give them any special rights, much less the right to actively campaign for the reduction of MY natural, civil and Constitutionally protected rights under the Second Amendment. Lots of people and communities throughout history have lost children and loved ones to madmen. They got over it.

      Perhaps they deserve some compromise. I will give them that a transcript of the 911 calls is as good as listening to the tapes, as long as the transcript includes nuances in the voices of the callers. If it does not then it is definitely NOT as good as the actual tapes. They have torn down the school and do not want to release the photos of the victims. I’ll give them that. I/we don’t need to see the actual photos so long as the autopsy results are available. We do not need the crime scene photos so long as an accurate diagram of the scene and the positions/locations/wounds of the victims is available. Yes, they deserve some privacy from complete strangers pouring over pictures of their murdered children, but they have no more right to DEMAND special recognition than any other survivor or victim of a crime.

      Even with transcripts and diagrams we must rely on the word of the authorities as to what happened. Conspiracy theories will abound and they will never get closure if the try to withhold the evidence from outside review.

    • I don’t see that anyone involved in this will ever “heal”, the nature of the tragedy is just too huge. Maybe time will ease the suffering, with the crazy exploitation of the families I expect some will never recover. I also don’t see the sense of trading the truth and FOI for some false hope that burying the facts and truth about what happened will “make things better”. By holding back on the facts and evidence and playing “rope a dope” with the public it is just creating a festering wound and preventing “closure”.

    • If Sandy Hook is going to be used to inform public policy, then it needs to remain open for scrutiny and that means all evidence being preserved. Since the building has been razed before the report has been released, and the report will be censored, then Sandy Hook MUST be off the table for use to inform public policy.

      It has to go both ways. If sandy hook is to be used as a bloody shirt to be waved to rally for more gun control, then we, the people, get to know and examine every bloody detail to make sure the case for gun control is valid. Or not valid.

  8. What difference do the release of 911 tapes make? Keep them secret and release a full report from the state police.

    • You will never see a full report. The task force will decide how much you get to see and nobody on that task force is free of political influence. The CT AG is going to court to have even more redacted. The problem will be, we will have zero idea of the truth once it has been mucked with. Maybe years from now someone’s conscious will bother them and they will write a book, but it will be to late because the damage is done and rights will have been lost. Even worse, if it works in CT, they will try it in other states and the truth and cover UPS will just get worse.

      Look at what we have learned about the NSA. What kind of cover up will we have here?

    • Don’t need to hear the 911 tapes…I want to hear the police radio traffic, from the first call to “any available unit” until they put boots in the building.

      • Good point! Went seconds count the police are minutes away . . . unless they are half an hour or more away.

  9. Actually I’ll say what everyone really wants. Release every word, picture, video, half truth & rumor….period. It’s the only way to improvement..

    My theory on government failure is the more hoopla after an event, the deeper the failure. Boston police congratulating themselves, scared police officers failing to stop an active shooter. All to divert attention of truth.

    • I am not a conspiracy theorist. There are a lot more intelligent people on this forum that may have an answer for my question .Can someone tell me statistically speaking what the odds are on having that many deceased victims and no injured survivors in a situation like this ?Pure statistics on how do you not end up with someone being injured and having a witness to the whole tragedy ? I may be wrong but I think statistically it is damn near impossible. Then they erect a fence and have it guarded 24X7 until the crew comes in to level the building. All of course conveniently signing non disclosure agreements. Yes it is a tragedy but based on analysis of the data available something really is not right with this.

      • Considering the ages of the victims and the time the police allegedly waited before entering the school, I don’t see anything fishy with that. But if there is a more informed and contradictory opinion out there, I too want to hear it.

      • There are plenty of other massacres, with guns and without, where all of the victims were killed. The factor is the number of potential victims, their competency and ability to escapes an/or hid, and finally, the time the killer has. In this case there was a much larger than usual number of victims, but most of them were children who could not understand what was happening. The killer likely targeted the adults first, then the children. Everyone that wasn’t in the immediate area ran and/or hid (thanks to a janitor that raised alarm). It appears that the killer had plenty of time, and several sources report each victim was shot multiple times.

        After 9/11 it took all of 24 hours for chunks of the building to start appearing on ebay. Pictures and videos of people that were forced to jump from the buildings appeared everywhere. This is likely what motivated their handling of the crime scene afterwards. Had there been an actual, large scale coverup (and evidence of it) in that building, all the NDA’s in the would couldn’t stop whistle blowing. The government was unable to cover up a shooting incident between the former vice president and a friend of his. How could they cover this up?

        • It would be good to examine a full release of information, assessing if the policy of ‘lock downs’, if it was implemented, might have increased fatalities.

          I don’t really think there is a cover-up in the strictest sense of the term here nor do I think there is necessarily a conspiracy either. However, I have very little doubt that our government is more than capable of successful cover ups and maintaining conspiracies (Vincent Foster? Mena Arkansas? etc). In this modern age of big brother, whistle blowers being successfully prosecuted and others practically hunted to the ends of the Earth, the motherland er fatherland er I mean Homeland national security circus that’s being accepted by people along with a lap dog media; cover ups and conspiracies are probably more easy to pull off now than they were. AGAIN, I don’t believe there is a conspiracy or a classical cover-up with this one.

        • I agree that it would be helpful in assessing the efficacy of school security measures, but I also maintain that school shootings (and massacres in general) are so rare and unique in nature that it’s very difficult to apply lessons learned from one to another.

          Please don’t take my aversion to tinfoil hat bullsh!t to mean I trust the government. Corruption and dishonesty gets worse with every passing administration. Likewise, it’s not as if the government has never been involved in conspiracies or cover-ups – they most certainly have.

          What I’m saying is that there has never been a 9/11 or Sandy Hook inside job style conspiracy and there never will be. Real conspiracies have consistent signature hallmarks, notably that they generally involve very small groups of people, all of whom are highly motivated to keep the operation secret, and another is that there’s almost always a whistleblower in spite of that.

          While I don’t see the importance of this report, I understand why some other reasonable people disagree with me, and I’m cool with that. My issue is playing into a dialogue that reeks of conspiracy theorism and makes us all look like nutcases. Almost every one of us is capable of successfully debating our position on the 2nd amendment; it doesn’t require a report that the MSM would just ignore anyway. Just look at the justice department report concluding that the AWB had zero effect on crime… when’s the last time you hear a report on that?

  10. I see no reason to release crime scene photos but I have a serious problem with the lack of a report after all this time. To me, this reluctance to explain all that occurred smacks of a cover-up of the incompetence of the law enforcement community in this case. The rush to pass more gun laws, the demolition of the school, the celebrity status conferred on the parents all are part of a greater agenda than child safety. This whole circus turns my stomach.

  11. Everything required to be released by law, policy, and tradition should be released. As the left likes to screech, public services were used/available so some privacy was forfeit. If they wish to stop that trend here then stop it everywhere from now on. I wouldn’t mind a bit if the nanny state got the heck out of my life. Otherwise, release all of the public information already.

  12. Personally I find it a load of horse manure that the reports aren’t done. BS. Preliminary reports would have been done within days. Forensics reports? Ok, weeks or a couple months.
    I got to work a couple of high profile cases and our reports each step of the way would usually be done within 48 hours.
    The whole thing stinks.
    I’m personally not interested in seeing photos of those unfortunate children. But diagrams, written reports. Yes.

  13. We need to get the “anonymous” group working on this….if that fails, does anyone reading this board work for the NSA? Could have that report in five minutes if they wanted too….

    This entire event has reeked of coverup from day one. I don’t like it one bit, especially given the high level of exploitation following the events. I’m going to go and put my tinfoil hat back on now……

  14. “Isn’t it nice? The parents of the Sandy Hook spree killing victims were able to ‘negotiate’ about our gun rights, got free trips on Air Force One and are now ‘negotiating’ what information about the crime we are allowed to see. Let us not pretend that they will only do this with 911 calls. The parents are now also not wanting the police report to (be) released ‘so close to the anniversary.’ ”

    Yet they are so traumatized, the entire school building had to be razed and a new one built in its place at the tune of $50M from sources outside of Sandy Hook.

  15. Actually, I hate to sound cold and unsympathetic, but autopsy reports and photos should be released. I don’t want to see them, but if parents and politicians want to ban an entire class of weapons because of this crime, they should be able to present evidence that said weapon was indeed used.

    I am actually surprised that given the way our politicians have exploited this shooting the photos weren’t released immediately to add fuel to the fire. To me, that reeks of cover up more than with holding the photos.

    • You will find that most sane people do not believe that there was some ridiculous coverup and are turned against the pro-gun movement every time such a nutty claim is raised.

  16. We get more gruesome crime scene photos out of Mexico than we do from almost any crime scene in the US. Typically they are released only to interested parties–i.e., attorneys representing defendants in criminal or in civil proceedings. Trial courts usually preclude the use of the most gruesome in civil trials, so nonproduction of the shattered bodies of a bunch of small children is to be anticipated; any attempt to force disclosure will be met with heavy resistance. I am sure that there are many parents there who never ever want to see any of those photos, and their interest in avoiding the severe emotional trauma of having them published in the press or on the internet may be enough when weighed against the prurient interests of the more morbid among us. But aside from the photos, there is no good reason to suppress the rest.

  17. Lighten up POTG.

    If you haven’t seen what 5.56 will do to a human being, then trust me you don’t want to see photos of first graders shot to death.

    Give these people some privacy, and wait for the police report.
    There will be plenty of time to dissect it then, with the facts.

    • Sorry Charlie, but they went public and dragged the nation into one of the biggest gun ban battles since the Brady Bunch and Clinton Ban in the 1990s. They can’t have it both ways. The want to be in the lime light waving bloody shirts, lets have the truth.

  18. We still don’t know when it will be released.

    A complete report will be released when Magpul leaves Colorado. Which is shorthand for “not in our lifetime.”

  19. This just keeps getting stranger and stranger. I can’t speculate as to what is being hidden. I haven’t seen any compelling evidence that anything is at this point, save for the fact that they won’t release any information, and several high-up people in my state government are fighting tooth and nail to not release this information. I have never before heard of victims families being allowed to dictate the terms of an investigation or it’s release to the public. I feel terrible for them, even the handful that, in their vulnerable emotional state, allowed themselves to be manipulated by those cynical individuals who had an agenda to ban most guns way before this massacre. But the state taxpayers (me included) financed the police response and investigation & had a large chunk of our second amendment rights stripped away, and we have a right to know everything that happened. I simply can’t believe that this report is being delayed/censored just to save these peoples feelings, but am becoming resigned to the fact that the truth may never be told.

  20. Wasn’t it Michael Moore who wanted the pictures to be released? The point being to rub our faces in what WE allowed to happen? If the photos are released, I predict MSNBC will air a special where they show each one of them in sequence while narrating the 911 transcript and half-screening Ted Nugent and Alex Jones at the Alamo rally.

  21. While I respect the parents not wanting pictures of their dead kids released, (which would obviously be plastered all over the internet forever) the extreme delay of the police report leaves me skeptical. I believe that somebody or some group of people fvcked up and that had they simply acted, the shooting would have been prevented if not the death toll significantly lowered. If word of a simple mistake by the school, police, Lanza’s doctors, or whoever got out, the individuals to blame would be all but crucified on the national mall. I don’t think this has anything to do with the heartless parading around of the bereaved by the usual suspects in office, but that gag order the demolition team was forced to sign makes me feel tempted to break out the tin foil.

  22. Call me cold, but I want the pictures released. I want it all released. I want to know the position of every single shell casing that was fired and located after the fact. I want to know the position of every body, and every bullet hole and what caliber killed them.

    I want to show the world what a “Gun-Free School Zone” looks like, and what happens to the disarmed.

    It doesn’t matter to me if it was a crazy lone gunman, or a group of special forces operators at the tip of the conspiracy-spear who killed those teachers and their students.

    In either case, they were unarmed, left without a fighting chance, and slaughtered like sheep.

    • Probably wasn’t SF operators most of them are over 30 with kids the age of most of the Sandy Hook victims. They wouldn’t do that even if ordered to. Oh and the SF doesn’t specialize in direct action operations mostly they teach foreign forces interact with the locals win hearts and minds and gather intel. A Sandy Hook raid would fall to SEALS or Rangers and neither of those would touch it either… so military involvement is well a very bad hypothesis.

    • “I want to show the world what a “Gun-Free School Zone” looks like, and what happens to the disarmed.”
      “In either case, they were unarmed, left without a fighting chance, and slaughtered like sheep.”

      Excellent point. The thought hadn’t occurred to me of showing the details as an example to the masses of why one doesn’t want to be a fish-in-a-barrel. I wonder if they’d actually look and learn or just go back to grazing as usual?

  23. Here’s the rub. I try to very actively dismiss what I consider ‘fringe’ or ‘conspiracy’ theories that surround public debate as I analyze issues on my own. Per Occam’s Razor, I tend to believe the least nonsensical explanation for events I witness or analyze.

    Now, here’s the exception to that policy: when there is a specific socio-political ‘narrative’ that can be advanced through the withholding, manufacture or distortion of facts by the people tasked with investigation, there is little chance that truth will prevail. Note, this is not about individual benefit (i.e. saving your career/reputation if you were, in fact, negligent – that point is important later in this post). This is about advancing a larger (usually Liberal, frequently proto-authoritarian) cause. So, in most cases, I’m willing to accept the circumstances of a crime as described by authorities. Cui bono? If there’s a particularly iffy shoot, well, I’m happy to consider that an LEO may have acted irresponsibly and lied about it. That isn’t my default position on every shoot, however.

    So, how does all this tie together? The Matthew Shepard case. There’s a new book out by a gay journalist, Stephen Jimenez (I’m only adding the ‘gay’ modifier because it is germane to this issue). He’s being trashed by the media and academic Left for writing a well-researched book that basically concludes that what was reported about Mathew Shepard’s death was manufactured to advance the nascent gay rights agenda. That agenda is not an issue I’m interested in discussing here – my views on it, positive or not, don’t matter.

    The (heretofore) massively un-reported, un-investigated issue is whether or not Matthew Shepard was killed ‘for being gay’, that being central in the hate crime prosecution of his murderers. Turns out, Shepard and his killers were all up to their eyeballs in meth and had previously had sex with each other; that sort of undermines the hysterical “he was killed because he was gay” campaign. He was killed because he was heavily involved in the use and distribution of meth, and chose poor acquaintances. Nevertheless, his case (with significant manipulation) proved to be a high-visibility catalyst for social change.

    What matters is that multiple entities were involved in manufacturing, obscuring or distorting ‘facts’ during a nationally-discussed murder (and subsequent trials). For the sake of advancing a cause. So, I really have to consider what’s going on here – it was obvious that the President was quite willing to make extensive use of grieving families to advance the political cause of gun control. What, if anything, is being hidden? I don’t believe the weapons used, number of fatalities, or identity of the victims/perpetrator is really in question. So what is? Anything that could be deployed to make the situation more grisly and horrifying has been – that comports with the political agenda. So, what’s left? Police response time, I suppose, as well as procedure (others have mentioned that police may have allowed the carnage to continue after their arrival – but I have a hard time swallowing the idea that trained LEOs would sit idly by and allow an active shooter to continue for the cause of potential gun control legislation). The higher-ups in the school district, the Sandy Hook administration, and local law enforcement may have screwed up, but that leaves us with the (somewhere above) mentioned issue of negligence. Is information being redacted because one of those entities didn’t perform their job as required (basic CYA)? I certainly think that Lanza may well have been given access to the school, vice shooting his way in.

    So, if you followed that rambling chain, where does that leave us? Who benefits from redaction/non-publication of the facts and the destruction of the crime scene? What ‘angle’ are we looking for? I personally believe that there was extreme professional negligence (which have probably resulted in some serious financial liabilities), but as far as advancing gun control, it seems like there’s little left to gain. Unless some truly crucial piece of information was left out. And at this point, I’d have to say that it would have to be pretty spectacular information (like MKULTRA-style psychological manipulation of Lanza to produce the horrifying result – and no, I’m not suggesting that as a viable theory). I’m just not seeing it.

    Anyone want to parse what I wrote and see if you can follow it? It’s late, I’m tired, and I can’t say that I’ve studied the incident rigorously. I do think the demolition of the school is strange, I more-or-less understand where the parents are coming from, but I can’t connect any of these dots in a meaningful way.

    • What you wrote was not nearly as rambling as you think, and it made perfect sense to me. Sadly, I don’t have answers to any of your questions.

    • I was about to go to sleep, but this is bothering me and will until I figure it out. It may not be a specifically planned or organized thing, though. This is the first time an active shooter has been treated like this, but we are also living with a White House that is the most opaque in living memory. They almost reflexively deny information, which fits with the modern liberal drive to control the narrative.

      Things like the extent of NSA spying on foreign heads of state and use of the IRS as a political attack dog are the same to them as the number of people enrolled in the new health care system or even the text of that law before the vote (have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it)- the public does not need to know. The public has no right to know. The public must accept the lack of factual information and treat the narrative provided to them as gospel.

      Look at Benghazi. How many times did that story change? First it was a protest over a Youtube video. Only later did it become an Al Qaeda attack. There were no military assets capable of responding in time, but then there were. Nobody told them to stand down, but later we found someone did. Then they said they lost the Colonel who knew where the order came from. This morning I read an article saying we actually had some Delta guys make it there from Tripoli, but not in time to save the ambassador. And not on Infowars, either- it was the Washington Times. And all the while, we were told “nothing to see here, nothing to see here, we already told you everything, now it’s old news.”

      This may not be a big conspiracy with a specific goal. It may be a knee-jerk reaction or an extension of a blanket policy of obfuscation. Give the other side facts and they can argue them, can debate and question. Give them a complete narrative and ignore every protest, every question, and wave the bloody shirt again chanting ‘privacy’ instead of ‘regulation,’ and you have a chance of swaying people who don’t pay close enough attention to know better.

      After all, what do the facts matter? It’s for the greater good.

      • Hasdrubal,

        You’ll get no argument from me on any of those points – I actually read the very same Wash.Times piece on Benghazi (and I tend to ignore infowars).

        This administration has been terrifyingly and explicitly Orwellian. Particularly in its Two Minutes of Hate-like treatment of its opponents.

        I think you’re right on another element; I don’t remember other spree killings being treated this way. And I had a few younger friends who were at VA Tech.

    • I didn’t find it all that rambling either, interesting points and a nice dose of sanity Sterling.

      Governments, ours included have always been involved in cover-ups and conspiracies, it’s the nature of the beast. However, our government has the issue of a free press and a (despite the obvious) relatively well informed and free society to contend with. It’s not the non-partisan press we ought to have, or an electorate as well informed as it ought to be, but certainly better than many places.

      Thus the conspiracies of the US government need to have large payoff and appeal to diverse groups within government and all ways with the realization that the conspiracy could become public. Second, our partisan and checked system of government doesn’t allow for very large scale conspiracies, especially within the US (Cover ups are something else all together).

      In examining some known conspiracies within the US government (or rather parts there of) some themes appear: One is that it’s universally a small group within government involved the The Government (TM). When looking at say Watergate and Iran-Contra the number of players involved who had direct knowledge has been very low, and in each case the perceived risk of discovery was very low OR the penalty for discovery was low. The reward has to be appropriate for the total risk.

      The second theme is that the larger the reach of the conspiracy the more likely it is to be leaked.

      Considering a conspiracy involving the deaths of children, local and state police, citizens, teachers, federal law enforcement, state and local government . . . it’s too big with too many moving parts to predict what it would do. Thus only a mad man (or rather a group of them) could conceive of and operate such a conspiracy. In this case when I say mad I don’t mean ‘doesn’t think like me’ or even ‘must be crazy’ I mean clinically, howling, can’t conceal it from others crazy.

      Then there is the risk/reward calculus: If flawlessly executed, a mass school shooting of very young children with an ‘evil black rifle’ might provide a catalyst for an AWB. A moderate gain for liberals and of some use at the polls but hardly a game changer, and unlikely to pass given the solid majority of Republicans in the house (bad timing).

      On the risk side, the problem of disclosure is massive: Highly emotional, completely evil and involving way too many people, including people outside the conspiracy, who would all have to play a carefully orchestrated role to pull it off. Any failures and the whole thing unravels.

      The penalty? Probably execution either after conviction in a court of law or else at the hands of revolutionaries or possibly even a military junta following a coup. The only other likely option is lifelong exile and hiding, and that with a massive price on your head and being hunted like Bin Laden.

      That, in short, is why the theory that this was a government conspiracy sounds absolutely batshit crazy.

      Now, a cover up to allow spin of a random event in order to make it fit the narrative? That’s certainly still on the table and is very likely currently underway. The payoff is fairly large, there are people at every level who will volunteer without being asked to ensure it happens, and the risk is low, since there will be little actual evidence of wrong doing since the media is on board with the message, it’s a nuance and not outright fabrication, high deniability exists and the penalty if caught is low.

      When you find an anti gun politician willing to hire out a hit man to murder children in order to advance gun control, a hit man who would do it (remember its a suicide mission), a bunch of cops willing to look the other way, and a reporter willing to lie to conceal the fact that the mass murder of children was a political move orchestrated by a cabal within the government and put them all together in a room the conspiracy theory would start to carry some weight.

      Until then, please stop spouting such utter absurdities, it’s making us all look really, really dumb.

      • Ardent,

        Up until the very last sentence of your post (who was that aimed at?) I’m with you. I’ve actually had the bar version of that conversation many, many times. The “Government” isn’t particularly good at covering things up (when an adversarial press exists!), and rarely does so when the risk:reward ratio doesn’t ‘justify’ it. Additionally, there are WAAAY too many moving parts involved with the government to allow anything other than the conspiracies that have always existed amongst men (basically, no more than a dozen people, if that – probably more like 3-4).

        I’ve been a sergeant in the Army and I’m the child of a recognizable (for those who follow foreign policy really, really closely) diplomat/military civilian. I don’t want to name-check, but then again, it’s not name-checking if you don’t use their name, right? For those who want specificity, this parent of mine had a nasty, public brush with Hillary Clinton a few years back over a truly stupid request she made. I’ve been in Donald Rumsfeld’s living room. I don’t really know here, I hate making an argument using the “appeal to authority” fallacy (especially if I’m the ‘authority’), but I am trying to make the point that I’ve spent a lot of time in the presence of policymakers.

        Anyway, in my experience, seeing the government in action both up close, and from semi-lofty heights, I’m surprised anything gets done at all.

        Seriously – that’s one of the best arguments against conspiracy; rank incompetence. The government ef’s up the things it’s supposed to be doing constantly. Why should I believe their embarrassing, controversial, or undisclosed activities are any better?

        In this case, my inclination is to assume that amongst many other issues, we’re discussing an event through layers of left-leaning people. CT is a very blue state, the press is extremely Liberal, and teachers (and schools) tend to be Liberal as a group. I’m thinking that whatever “covering up” is going on/went on, it was used to buy time to assemble legislation, get victims in the public eye, and make opponents look callous.

        • Sterling, I’m pretty sure Ardent’s last sentence wasn’t aimed at you. I think he got off on a rant about the lunacy of believing in massive conspiracy theories, and the last sentence was aimed at those who disseminate them.

  24. Well that’s incredibly selfish. So people shouldn’t be allowed to know the truth and details surrounding a crime? People need to know the truth, despite how utterly soul-eviscerating it can be.

  25. My child attends an elementary in a fairly upscale district, with double the enrollment of Sandy Hook. Two years ago the original buildings were razed and a new, modern facility built. The cost for destruction and construction was less than $20 million. I have to wonder what could account for this type of expense; what would an audit show on payments to expenses outside of the actual physical project?

    • Nobody knows. The work has not started yet. However, the original proposal was put to a town referendum and the original proposal was for a $7 to $10 million dollar school. The cost would go to property taxes and the town shot down the demolition and rebuilding of the school. Then, the state stepped in and all of sudden the cost is now $50 million. Given that public works projects like this always over run, it will be more. The real question is how did we go from $10 million to $50 million?

  26. Personally, based on my analysis of some of the Sandy Hook characters, I do believe that the worst possible scenario here is that this never happened. But who would fake a mass shooting and why? And have they done it for before, say at Aurora CO or elsewhere?

    It might be much less sinister, sure. It could be something that the Police or School doesn’t want to share. BUT if that was the case then why are the PARENTS running this interference? They should want to expose what happened for other parents, shouldn’t they?

    Then there is the fact that so many of these victims’ family appearing on TV to call for our rights to be stripped are rather creepy looking people who seem to display the mannerisms of pathological liars. I think the only motivation for this, if the shooting was faked, is spiritual in nature.

    These people would have to be more than just liberal. I don’t want to call them “witches” but I do suspect that these individuals are motivated by an association with the Occult. I just don’t understand where else these people could have come out of the wood work from to perpetrate such a twisted fraud in order to promote this despicable non-logic they are so obsessed with.

    I say this because in my research into the occult over the years I have come to the conclusion that many prominent Americans are involved and they do engage in large scale “rituals” that are intended to manipulate public opinion for various reasons. Whether true or not that they are behind Sandy Hook, these groups are real and they believe they are following a hidden spiritual tradition that predates all monotheistic religions. The only thing that is really debatable about them is the degree of influence they actually exert over society.

    I know this is going to sound kind of silly, but I really think there is something Lovecraftian about this bunch. Gilles Rousseau is a fine example of just how creepy one man can be.

  27. This is about two things, hiding the incompetency of the police and allowing the rich white relatives of the victims extra rights in the name of compassion and decency by not showing their dead kids to the public. I think it’s BS. Many many crime scene photos, videos and detailed text are available to the public from many murders but it seems these mass/spree shootings like Aurora, Columbine and now Sandy are privileged info for whatever reason. Although even in Columbine some victims and the shooters pics were shown after death. If shutting up the conspiracy aholes was a priority they’d release it but that group of people isn’t even considered in the debate. What should be considered is the public’s right to know what really happened, how, why, and what and how this could be prevented from happening again. There is no national security issue, no privileged info especially after the report is finished and/or the defendant is sentenced, in this case the defendant is dead.
    I understand the families wanting the photos or video to be private, but there has to be some released. A national tragedy cannot just happen and no proof, info or details not released. We all saw people jumping out of windows for 911, hearing the screams of people on their phones as they were burnt to death or when the towers collapsed, we have all seen horrible things in the news, so this isn’t about protecting us from reality. This is about emotions again! The same damn thing that gets the gun control wagon a rolling, emotions. At least when we are talking about the families of the victims. As for the police being incompetent and trying to hide it under the guise of the families fight I find that disgusting. We all know the police response was pathetic, we all know many in the school, police and parents knew about the dangers of Adam and we all know the cover-up began the moment the police arrived at Sandy Hook. It’s what they don’t eventually release that will tell most of the story because most of us have already figured what this is all about.

  28. Issue the report after replacing victim’s names with numbers and using a photo editor to erase all but the outlines of bodies.

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