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To quote the man whose name has become synonymous with cover-ups, let me make one thing perfectly clear: Adam Lanza acted alone when he shot and killed 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The Newtown massacre was not a “false flag” operation; no outside person or agency colluded in the killing. But I’m sure . . .

that there’s an ongoing official and unofficial cover-up of information revealing the failure of Lanza’s parents, the police, school officials, his doctors and other agencies to prevent the slaughter. For now, let’s talk about the media . . .

In the immediate aftermath of the Sandy Hook spree killing, the mainstream media threw its full support behind to politicians promoting gun control, such as the [thankfully ill-fated] push for “universal background checks.” The main players gave thousands of hours of free airtime and gigabytes of internet exposure to the bloody shirt wavers calling for civilian disarmament — and precious little space to defenders of firearms freedom.

But aiding and abetting the enemies of the Second Amendment is one thing. Downplaying and/or ignoring vital information about the Sandy Hook spree killing is another.

In the dark days and weeks after the incident, the press accepted indeed promoted the narrative that Adam Lanza was a bolt from the blue. That no one could have predicted the deeply troubled teen’s actions on that fateful December day. A “conclusion” that [supposedly] supported the [erroneous] idea that gun control is the only way that the Sandy Hook mass murder could have been prevented.

As information about the killer emerged — his long history of mental illness, his father’s neglect, his mother’s poor parenting, the Newtown public education system’s decision to allow him to completely withdraw from school (without treatment), his mental health care providers’ repeated failures, etc. — it was clear that this pro-gun control “hidden lone wolf” narrative was deeply flawed.

Post-Sandy Hook spree killing New York Daily News headline (courtesy

The press pressed on, putting gun control front and center of the “debate” over the killing.

Flash forward to today and CBS reports that the Newtown police knew of Adam Lanza’s plan to kill his mother and murder Sandy Hook Elementary school children. Setting aside the press’ failure to unearth this fact in the five years since the tragedy, how do you think the media’s playing that story today?

The hard core left-leaning news orgs are ignoring the CBS story, focusing instead on the 1500 page FOIA-forced Sandy Hook-related FBI document dump. And what part of the dump leads their coverage?

The fact that a witness said he’d known about Lanza’s fascination with mass murder for two years? That Lanza kept a spreadsheet “meticulously documenting the details of hundreds of spree killings and mass murders”? Nope.

FBI: Evidence shows Newtown shooter had sex interest in kids proclaims via the AP (whose report goes to hundreds of newspapers and websites around the country). Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza Was Pedophile Who Wanted to “Save” Kids, New FBI Documents Say. huffingtonpost.comNewtown Shooter May Have Had Interest In Pedophilia, FBI Reveals.

The idea that Lanza was a pedophile comes from the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit. Their report concluded Lanza “had an interest in children that could be categorized as pedophilia.” Conjecture, then. But supposition that Newsweek considered more important than the just-revealed warning signs ignored or dismissed by people who may have been able to prevent the Sandy Hook massacre.

The FBI said there was no evidence that suggests Lanza ever acted on his interests in children, but the revelation do [sic] help pinpoint why he would open fire in an elementary school.

The “Lanza as killer pedophile” theme takes precedence over other factors at the news desk of these publication for two reasons: salaciousness sells and pedophilia protects their pro-gun control agenda.

If you think I’m wrong that the mainstream media suffers from politically-driven willful ignorance on the Sandy Hook killing, ask yourself this: will any of these news orgs investigate CBS’ charges of police incompetence? Will any of them help force the FBI to un-redact the huge swaths of missing information? If not, why not?

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  1. “The Mainstream Media Continues Its Cover-up” N O T _ A _ S H O C K

    Hillary paying for Russia “Pee Pee” Dossier N O T _ A _ S H O C K

    The POS MSM is evil (D)

    Every problem we are forced to talk about is evil (D).


    • This is a rhetorical question. Its just some food for thought. Is it possible that you only see faults with Ds because your political affiliation has left you either unwilling or unable to acknowledge any faults with the Rs. This is the problem with our society. The Ds only acknowledge the problems with the Rs and the Rs only acknowledge the problems with the Ds which at days end further perpetuates the status quo because constituents dont hold their respective representatives accountable for their misdeeds. And as is often the case, ideologues are completely oblivious to the fact that they are employing this strategy because they truly are unable to see fault with those who share their political leanings. If Hill was President and did everything exactly the same as Don except for enacting left leaning policies instead of right leaning ones, cnsrvts would be just as irate about her texts, bombastic persona, and perceived misdeeds that the left is upset with Don for currently. And liberals would support her just as cnsrvtvs are supporting Trump right now. Its a bitter pill to swallow. And clearly this is something that is difficult to come to terms with for many people (probably more so for lbrls) but it is the truth. The internet has facilitated the demonetization of those that dont share our political views which has increased the tribal nature of the parties by making it easy to completely avoid any opinion, rational, or stance from the other side. And this avoidance is extenuated by the media. If you are D, you watch lbrl media which only highlights the faults of the Rs and visa versa. Most of them are not monsters and most of us are not monsters but it is difficult too convince the opposition of that truth.

  2. Promoting Conspiracy theories again Robert?

    May this monster and every gun-reich supporter that encouraged this gun-obsessed maniac to do his dark deed forever rot in the deepest pit of oblivion.

    I still weep for the innocent lives that to this very day didn’t deserve to have it cut short by the NRA’s call to genocide against innocent Americans. I still weep for losing a high school penpal who was killed in 2005 school shooting by a racist NRA lunatic. I still weep for a former neighbor of mine who was shot by 2 NRA worshiping maniacs that killed him for his country music CDs in his truck. The former community in my area still weeps to losing a kindly woman to her gun-obsessed husband who shot her dead over a domestic arguement HE STARTED and he had no criminal record when he did it.

    Tell me hicks?, What if you nutbars lost your own loved ones to a senseless act of gun violence. I’m sure you nutbars would be singing a different tune. But your moonshine-adled brains refuse to see any reasoning whatsoever,

    Keeping lying to yourselves that the world is dangerous. These types of incidents don’t happen everyday in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia.

    • Other than the mass shootings in Canada, and Norway, and France, and Germany…. just in the last year.

      Hey, why worry about knowing things when you can spout off, troll much.

    • Names and dates of the dead guys and the NRA connection to the killers or you’re lying out of your ass. Complete nonsense.

    • That stupid “song and dance” is well known here, and I don’t think anyone is buying it. Give it a rest… or go find some other place to spew it.

    • You post but never engage in any debate or back up your assertions with anything more than emotion driven dribble.

      Why do you obviously fear so much?


      • Because there is no debate between me or any of you lunatics and never will be.

        It’s the same song and dance with you hicks.

        I post numerous posts that call you FLAME DELETED many times along with links that debunk your many fake news articles and posts but you deleted or alter them.


        Then we can debate like adults.

        • So you admit that its your way or no way. How very leftist of you. Well guess what… i live in the chicago area. Strict gun laws. And one of the highest murder rates in the country.
          Us racist hicks…. as you so eloquently put it, have no use for keyboard cowboys sitting in mommies basement.
          By the way i do enjoy when people who have no idea who i am call me names…. just proves how narrow minded you really are.
          And shall no be infringed…. live it. learn it. Cause once the 2a is gone, it becomes a lot easier to repeal more.

        • I’m happy that you are so angry.

          I’m hoping that you, and others like you, get soooooo mad that you stroke out and save the world from your continued bloviating and associated verbal diarrhea.

          When supporters of mental illness (socialism) such as yourself oppose something, it is good evidence for supporting it.

          I don’t give a tinker’s damn what the rest of the world thinks, or does, or supports. I don’t live there, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s because the rest of the world, for the most part, is deciding to progressively regress.

          Socialism was and is the creed of mass-murderers. Over a hundred million dead, directly due to this horrendous system of mass enslavement.

          You prattle on about how the rest of the world is safe. Even if that was so, which it is most assuredly NOT, I will be the arbiter and decision maker for things directly affecting my life and that of my family. Anyone questioning my human right to do that is a predator. You are using the terms predators do, to use the socially ingrained levers of shame (which is fine in a polite society, but because of filth like you, we no longer live in such).

          But since it is also clear that you work in a Troll-farm, paid for by some iteration of SaurBloom, I don’t expect any of this to penetrate your psyche, since you are most likely suffering from NPD (that’s narcissistic personality disorder for you non-DSM-V readers) and either mild or moderate sociopathy.

          There is no “conversation” to be had with your ilk. Continue to swing your “opinion.” Just have a care, because your right to swing your opinion ends at the tip of my nose.

        • “Because there is no debate between me or any of you lunatics and never will be.”

          And that’s why.
          When you call those who disagree with you “lunatics,” there can be no debate because you say there can be no debate. You can’t debate with a lunatic.
          It’s your obvious belief that only you can be right that precludes any debate.
          This is, unfortunately, a continuing theme within those who think they are better, smarter than everyone else. Unfortunate because it precludes you from learning anything that interferes with your preconceived notions.
          In other words, you refuse to learn anything new, because anyone who disagrees with you is, in your word, a lunatic.

    • “Keeping lying to yourselves that the world is dangerous.” That’s an odd thing to say right after talking about a bunch of people you know who were murdered. The world you describe sounds pretty damn dangerous to me. It’s clear you live in a rough neighborhood – maybe you should consider carrying.

      • What happened in the UK?

        Oh wait, One incident that is statically rare in the UK versus the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of incidents that happen in the US EVERYDAY!

        Come back to me when you can actually post reasonable facts and statistics FLAME DELETED.

        This article is about how an NRA-worshipping maniac killed innocent people and children in the name of the “2nd amendment”.

        Are all you right-wing militia nuts just crazy or is it just me?

        • There you go again with the “hundreds of thousands a day” lie. You’re not good with math are you?

          You are FLAME DELETED

        • So by your stupid math, you said hundreds of thousands a day. Let’s just go with a minimal 100,000, that would be 36,500,000 a year, and that’s with your minimum number. So your saying America will be depopulated in 9 years, at most, next year at worst.

          Classic stupid, say stupid things.

        • Why dont you look up the amount of violent attacks in genral per capita in all your countries. Deaths by knives, hammers, fists, they are all as significant. Oh but you dont care about that do you? You dont care who is killed unless its from someone pulling a trigger. And you ignore the fact the UK is immensely smaller than the continental United States. People are violent, evil,…dangerous. To ignore that is to ignore reality and it is extremely irresponsible. But go on, believe in your head that the NRA is orchestrating mass killings and that anyone who enjoys firearms is an NRA worshipper. (Im not an NRA member btw.) Your ignorance is radiating with each childish reply, you call us idiotic hicks but i have yet to see an intelligent statement come out of your mouth [or keyboard i suppose].

        • No, this is you ranting like the genetic reject you are about something that makes no sense. Congratulations kiddo, you are a poster child for eugenics.

        • Hundreds of thousands of times a day????? Seriously???? How stupid are you?????
          Do the math.
          Lets say in your fantasy world it happens 100,000 times a day. 10%are fatalities. Thats 10,000 people a day killed. Times how many days in a year? 365?
          So 3,650,000 people are killed by guns in the US every year? And amazingly only you know this. You must be all seeing and all powerful.
          Or just plain full of shit. Im gonna go with the latter.
          Typical leftist, when the stats arent on your side, just make stuff up.
          Give it up. The rest of the country is waking up to the liberal bs. Maybe you should too.

        • Better get RealAmericanblahblahblah’s IP address. I predict he will be our next mass shooter that goes off on a rampage since life isn’t fair, and clearly also isn’t working out for him.

        • “Are all you right-wing militia nuts just crazy or is it just me?”

          It’s just you. Shoulda listened to your mama and went for that High School diploma. Now you’re just a trailer trash loudmouth. Who can’t write.

        • Dear fake RealAmerican: I would point out this: In Sweden last week the Director of Sweden’s national police begged the government to allow the military to help the police reenter and gain control of the infamous and often-denied “no-go zones.” Subsequently the parliamentary leader of the Moderaterna (the major political party) asked the legislature to approve, act on, this request. The stunning part is this, that the Director was not referring to the worst no-go zones, which are in Malmö (the far south) but was referring to four specific zones in Stockholm, the capital.

          You really haven’t got a clue.

    • Boring…. You just aren’t the psychopathic nerd that the “Cisco Kid” is. He’s also a better writer, and you, you’re just a FLAME DELETED. Really, do you have to make up these sob stories so people will actually read your BS? At least be more original than, ” I still weep for a former neighbor of mine who was shot by 2 NRA worshiping maniacs that killed him for his country music CDs in his truck.” Boohoohoo…. Next time add a link. Not a missing link. And please take some writing lessons from the Cisco Kid. I know, I know, a middle school education doesn’t do much but at least give it a shot.

      Your buddy, NOT

    • There are kids out there who worship mass murderers, more so the young murderers. They have websites, videos, etc, glorifying them. They look at these murderers as if they are their personal heroes. They are obsessed with the young murderer because they see themselves — they can relate. Some of those kids are trying to build up enough hate that will allow them to summon the demented courage to murder and die.

      That isn’t really what you have in places like Japan. Japanese kids rarely go down that road. When a little Japanese girl murdered a classmate at school using a blade, Westerners fell in love…

      Korea seems to have a lot more murders and suicides than Japan. They are right next to each other, yet Korean society is more negative.

      In other words, the blade isn’t, nor the firearm, to blame for the horrible products that your society produces.

    • “I still weep for the innocent lives ”

      No, you don’t. What you weep for is more gun control and statism from your beloved militant left wing saviors. Like I said before, do us all a favor and move your sorry ass to Europe. The fact you still do drive by trolling here is hilarious and sad all at the same time.

    • You cite multiple murders in your community and then tell us that the world is not dangerous. Which is it? Are we all completely safe or are violent crimes occurring?

      And you never answered from my last question. Given the rape rate in many “gun free” 1st world nations is multiple times higher than the US, why is it that you prefer women to be unarmed? Why are you pro-rape?

    • And how do you feel about the 2,000+ abortions every day in the USA…lives that never even got a chance…?
      I am pro-choice and pro 2A…not like many hypocrites on both sides.

      • So you support self defense and taxpayer funded infanticide under the guise of “choice”. Ha!

    • Fear not, for Esoteric Inanity is not here to castigate absurdlylongnamedandagitatedamericanadhocxyz, but rather to congratulate him/her for excellence in provocation, histrionics and satire.

      absurdlylongnamedandagitatedamericanadhocxyz has done a phenomenal job in his/her earnest application of such an art, but made one dire mistake.

      “I still weep for a former neighbor of mine who was shot by 2 NRA worshiping maniacs that killed him for his country music CDs in his truck.”

      In all honesty, everyone knows that rubes like “2 NRA worshiping maniacs” don’t have any use for “country music CDs” as they all still use cassettes, being such a backwards bunch as they are.


    • Just remember, if anything happens in your ivory tower, dont call anyone with a gun to solve the problem for you. No cops, neighbors, nobody.

      Just talk to the perpetrator, sooth his ego, maintain calm demeanor and everything will be A OK!

    • You know, when all those native Americans were slaughtered at Wounded knee….
      You know, when all those people were rounded up in camps….and exterminated……
      You know, when all those Polish officers were killed in Katyn forest……
      You know, when the germans invaded Poland under the auspicious of Poles being “inferior”…..
      you know, when Vietnamese civilians were slaughtered in My Lai……
      you know, when Islamist animals kill and maim thousands….
      you know, When Mao slaughter, yes, millions…..
      you know, Stalinism…
      you know, Fascism…..

      ….do you know what all these atrocities have in common?…Hmmmm???…..they were perpetrated by VICTIMS!!!!!…..victims just like you, Mr. “real american”…..your rage has not one thing to do with the safety of others….it has to do with your own feelings of inferiority and lack of control…….and because you CANNOT control your feelings you feel in necessary to control the behavior of others…OH…..just like…..ADAM LANZA…… 🙂

    • When i lose a loved one to violent criminals i shoot those criminals.

      There, solved your puzzle.

    • I’m an NRA member, and I would guess that NRA members are actually underrepresented among murderers. (Unlike other folks who shoot up our streets and homes, my NRA buddies and I shoot only on the range.) I’d be interested in seeing any documented data on how many murderers turn out to be NRA members, if you have any links on that specific topic.

    • For every example you cite, I can cite a situation among my own extended family where a gun was the only thing that stopped them from being a statistic.

      Your foolish emotional diatribe makes you seem like a hopped up Revival preacher trying to scare more people into the pews to pad the offering plate.

      American has a high gun crime rate, and high firearm related death rate, which pretty much is inflated due to black on black crime, not genocide as you infer. Take black on black crime and suicide out of the equation and America slides towards the bottom of the pack for firearm related crime.

      In closing, you are entitled to your opinion, this being a free country after all, but dont conflate emotional vignettes with statistical evidence.

    • Hicks? Really? I live in one of the top 5 largest metro regions in the nation. I am college educated. My household income is about $175k. Same for my father. Both lifetime NRA members. Your “logic” is flawed. Go troll somewhere else. Coward.

    • Blaming a lobby is trite. Want to blame lobbying let’s start with Big Pharma. They affect every single person in our country from birth to death.
      Dangerous place? Hmmm 400 million guns here. If they were a problem then there would be a lot of violence. But you know this.
      Safer place for you is Venezuela. Used to be very civilized oil rich/beef rich. Wouldn’t play patty cake with US so slowly gets taken down. Disarms citizens in the name of curbing murder rate 2014. 2017 the police and army go crazy on the people. Uh huh.
      Can’t happen here.

  3. Isn’t Trump able to release the information if he feels like it?

    I wonder if Alex Jones is going to help make excuses for his best friend [Trump] if he doesn’t release the info about Sandy Hook and Las Vegas.

    • What in the world does Trump have to do with this. This is a massive failure of local law enforcement, prevention, as well as response. His mother was an idiot, he was a nutbag, obsessed with mass shootings, and now maybe a pedo too.

      • Will any of them help force the FBI to un-redact the huge swaths of missing information? If not, why not?

        If Trump is the hero the Alex Jones and Alt Right crowd says he is, he would release a lot of information that is being hidden/withheld by the government.

        • Trump can’t even make his DOJ release exculpatory evidence on HIMSELF. The DOJ is corrupt. Leave Trump out of it.

        • So you think Trump has time and energy to point out the failings of the Sandy Hook police and parents, when he is at the moment faced with the reality that our national police, the FBI, 35,000 strong, appears to be led by five or six executives who apparently tried their level best to cover up the Uranium One corruption, tried to lend validity to a massive effort to drive an elected president from office, and failed to notice that one presidential candidate violated the statute forbidding the employment of foreign citizens in a political campaign? You really are mad!

  4. The Fake News media will willfully run with total lies about police shooting Black’s in cities, but when it’s obvious crooked cops are covering up the truth to save their pensions and the media won’t cover that because it doesn’t fit their anti-gun agenda you can see that there is no justice in society today. Don’t rely on the system working even when you have done everything right.

    • it’s obvious crooked cops are covering up the truth to save their pensions

      Why would their pensions be in danger? Even if they had a credible tip that the massacre was going to happen, down to exactly when and where, so far as I can see they had no specific legal duty to intervene and stop it.

      • Gross dereliction of duty, resulting in loss of life, could be cause for demotion. Retiring at a lower rank would impact one’s pension.

        • By way of answering my own question, there is one notable law enforcement SNAFU that did result in two reductions in rank: the Waco Siege. That one resulted in 4 dead ATF agents, 16 wounded, and 82 dead Branch Davidians, including women and children, 76 of which were char-broiled. That ought to give you some idea of the scale of f*ckery required to merit demotion.

    • “The Newtown massacre was not a “false flag” operation; no outside person or agency colluded in the killing.”

      Methinks somebody didn’t do their due diligence before writing that…

    • I always wonder if the conspiracy theorists on pro-gun websites are actually Soros-funded trolls trying to make the majority of gun owners look nuts.

      • Aaron,

        Quite the opposite.

        The Sandy Hook op was likely funded by Suaros (sic intentional).

        Have you actually looked at the “crime scene” photos? They look even more contrived and sterile than the Mandalay bay “leaked photos.” Clearly you have never seen an actual crime scene where anybody is violently killed.

        Sandy Hook had been decommissioned since ’08 due to asbestos and black mold concerns. The internet wayback recorded zero internet activity between ’08 and ’13. Surplus warehouse depots for the school district don’t generally maintain internet connections.

        The term “conspiracy theorist” is a pejorative used to marginalize those that actually ask questions (remember that?)

        Same with “truther” (which is indicative of the state of the world, when someone who seeks the truth is marginalized).

        The reason for this is manifold, but mostly because most people don’t actually want the truth, since it’s messy, complicated, and often unsavory. People simply want assurance that what they believe is the truth. That’s fine, as long as you realize that it’s a delusion.

      • That’d be great, but one of the senior editors on another “pro-gun” website (that I no longer visit) spends an awful lot of bandwidth espousing his baseless Sandy Hook conspiracy theory, so I think there’s just some assholes in every community.

        • John,

          Why do you consider anyone questioning an event with such obvious plot holes an asshole? Unless you mean he is pushing the official conspiracy theory (that over 20 kids were killed, but no forensic evidence, bodies, or photos were ever released, because feelz. Yeah, not good enough.

          People that hide behind the “it’s insensitive to question this, people died” schtick need to have their peepees slapped, VERY hard. Your sensitivity can go fornicate with itself. Put on your big boy pants, and actually use your brain. The stupid is getting stronger and stronger every year.

          You decry the “conspiracy theorist assholes” for having “no proof,” while sitting smugly behind the official story that you believe because you saw it on TV.

        • Gundoc, why are you here? The institutions we rely on every day, an albeit leftist but still independent media, a federal system of separate government entities, and a free and open communication network all work together to ensure that there are always too many selfish individuals to keep any dirty laundry a secret for long.

          All of those institutions, the media, each level of government from federal departments down to the local police, and your access to the internet would have to be compromised beyond mere corruption but to enslavement to a totalitarian ideal. If you believe your own conspiracy theory, then America has been a lie for such a long time that again, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be hiding in the woods preparing for the roundup? Why are you online where they can find you?

          Your theory requires so many additional components to make it work that if they existed to the point of orchestrating the murders of a mere 20 children, then actually they would not need to murder 20 children to get whatever they want.

    • Fellowship of the MInds?
      Couldn’t you find any group even further out there? Have you actually read their fantasy writings?
      Their idea of “facts” is worse than the MSM.

  5. Considering the fact that the Newtown police were informed about what Lanza was planning and did nothing to prevent it – Lanza certainly DID NOT act alone.

    Every individual in authority who were informed about what was planned, and did nothing is complicit.

    • TBH there’s probably nothing the police could have done. People are in deep denial about mental problems, and as a society we have been since the well-intentioned worldwide dismantling of our mental health institutions.

      • Eric
        Families with mentally ill members are finding out just how society is in denial about not forcing mentally ill people to take their prescribed medication.

        The three L’s, Libertarians, Liberals and the Left, are against forcing a mentally ill person into treatment. That is a fact. The mother of Adam Lanza, found this out. She tried to get her son help. The system and the three L’s, are also complicit in the Lanza mass murder case.

        The legal obstacles put in place over the last four decades have allowed seriously mentally ill people to murder others they don’t even know.
        The same people who support “rights for the mentally ill” are also against gun civil rights for the citizenry.

        • This absolutely. The prison system is the largest mental health institution but our mentally ill have to commit a crime to get treatment.

    • What, exactly, do you think could/should have been done?
      Today, we can’t force anyone to take medication without that person being in custody, with a court order that he/she take the meds, by force if necessary.
      And we can’t put them in custody without a court order that requires, in the vast majority, actual evidence that they are a danger to themselves or others. That usually means they have made actual threats or have actually assaulted someone or attempted suicide.
      That takes care of Lanza himself.
      As for the family, good luck with that. Proving that the parents are abusive again requires actual evidence, not just reports by “interested parties.” Doing so in a timely manner is well neigh impossible absent actual physical abuse.
      So, blaming the authorities would work if the world worked the way it “should” work, but we know it doesn’t work that way. Instead, we have become a “civilized” world (at least here in the US) where everyone has “rights” that means even those who present a clear and present danger must be allowed to demonstrate that danger in such a way that no one can possibly deny that danger.
      This is why so many drive without insurance or even a license, even after being caught multiple times. The ‘system’ is so overwrought about “rights” that we can’t do what’s needed.

      I just wish the system could be more overwrought about not being able to notify me about followup comments by email.

  6. Spree killers ALWAYS give signs. Lanza gave some pretty clear signs, including stating his intent prior to actually acting.

    And if the Las Vegas shooter doesn’t turn out to have given signs foreshadowing his actions, he will be the very first. Of course, the investigation seems to be amateurish and the local yokels aren’t going to be eager to reveal facts that are uncomplimentary to them.

    It’s about damn time we started profiling these signs, and institutionalizing dangerous nutbags.

    • It’s been done. Pick up a book titled The Gift of Fear. Author escapes me. Also his follow up book Protecting The Gift. The author claims and backs it up that in every instance such as Sandyhook or Virginia Tech or Columbine there were signs. Clear signs that were missed or ignored.

    • The ACLU demanded we get rid of asylums…civil rights and all that, you know…
      it would be great if we had mandatory mental health checks…
      those that fail can’t get guns…vote…drive…or have kids…
      let’s start with all the politicians…then the cops…then the military

    • At what point do “signs” turn into grounds for removing someone’s constitutional rights? I get what your saying, agree that there most assuredly were signs, and it’d be fantastic to prevent this tragedy but at what point do we decide that a person should be punished without any guarantees that the person would have actually committed the crime?

  7. Some police are evil. Some are stupid. Some are corrupt. Some are good people.

    The problem is you will never be able to tell the difference. I personally believe the people in charge, whoever they are, are using the Las Vegas mass shooting and others as a weapon to disarm the civilian population. Even the so called “gun experts” and so called “defenders of the second amendment” are willing to call for banning the bump stock even before an investigation starts or even completed.

    The gun walking program during the Obama administration got hundreds of Mexican citizens murdered. They wanted to use those murders as a reason to disarm American citizens, as they stated in government emails. The police, federal, state and local work for elected officials. They both hide the truth all the time. They lie by omission. And then they just lie.

    The police I have interacted with over the years I like and respect. I do believe I’m safer, in Kentucky and Tennessee, than California where I was born and raised. I carry guns, hand and long, everywhere I go. And I open carry a hand gun all the time.

    “On April 30, 2014, about three weeks before the attack,[35] Rodger’s parents contacted police after becoming alarmed by his behavior and YouTube videos”

    “Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown later said that the deputies “determined he did not meet the criteria for an involuntary hold” and that Rodger told them “it was a misunderstanding” with his parents.”,_Connecticut,_home_invasion_murders

    “Komisarjevsky struck William on the head with a baseball bat found in the yard and then tied him up at gunpoint in the basement. The children and their mother were then bound and locked in their respective rooms.[1][11] Hayes said that he and Komisarjevsky were not satisfied with their haul, and that a bankbook was found which showed an available balance.”

    “Hayes convinced Jennifer to withdraw $15,000 from her line of credit when the bank opened.[1][11] Bank surveillance cameras captured the transaction which shows Jennifer Hawke-Petit, on the morning of July 23, as she informed the teller of her situation. The bank manager then called 911 and reported the details to police while Jennifer was still with the teller. The manager reported to the 911 dispatcher, in real time, as Jennifer left the bank and was picked up by Hayes, describing his clothing as he drove away with her.”

    “The Cheshire police response to the bank’s report began with assessing the situation and setting up a vehicle perimeter, without revealing their presence.[13][14] The police remained outside for more than half an hour, taking these preliminary measures, while the assailants were raping and murdering the women inside the house.[13] The police dawdled at the scene, and made no effort to make the assailants aware of their presence.”

    “Hayes and Komisarjevsky escalated the aggravated nature of their crimes: Komisarjevsky sexually assaulted the 11-year-old Michaela.[15][16] Komisarjevsky, who had photographed the sexual assault of the girl on his cell phone,[17] then provoked Hayes into raping Jennifer. While Hayes was raping her on the floor of the living room, Komisarjevsky entered the room and announced that William Petit had escaped. Hayes then strangled Jennifer, doused her lifeless body and parts of the house, including the daughters’ rooms, with gasoline. While tied to their beds, both daughters had been doused with gasoline; each had her head covered with a pillowcase.[18] A fire was started, and Hayes and Komisarjevsky fled the scene. Hayley and Michaela both died of smoke inhalation”

  8. Hicks?

    Wait, I resemble that remark….

    Sounds racist, does that sound racist to you guys?

    Not sure I’d make fun of “Hicks” or “rednecks, hillbillies, country folk,etc”

    Perhaps a nice long car ride across the US would help bring this into perspective,
    most of this country fall into the “hick” category, so….

    Lets cognitive dissonance…

    Most of the country are “country folk”

    So when its said “the majority of the US wants ____”

    1 + 1 = 2

    • I dont consider it an insult…. much better to be a hick, billybilly, or redneck than some neutered liberal hipster.

  9. OMFG, here we are again bloviating and pretending to be aghast at the lack of morality of the MSM. Can’t we all just agree they suck and move onward? Must we keep repeating the same, same, same, same, same, same, old shit?

  10. Adam Lanza was the scum of the Earth, a piece of human excrement and a cancer on all mankind.

    Come to think of it, he had all the makings of a TV anchor.

  11. In other news today, the Las Vegas shooter removed and disposed of his computer hard drive, and his younger brother was arrested on kiddie porn charges. Am I seeing a pattern here? Hmmm…..

  12. All of you anti-gun nuts need to post large “GUN FREE HOME” signs on the front door to your house, apartment or basement. Six inch high letters, please.
    Otherwise, you are hypocrites & cowards and using the theoretical threat of gun presence to keep burglars & rapists & murderers away.

  13. After reading through the comments on this article, most of which are very well articulated, I feel extremely happy to be a member of this community. I have no doubt that folks standing by the Constitution, and the 2A, are squarely on the right side of this debate. Liberals spewing hate for basic human rights, unable to formulate a reasonable argument utilizing neither facts nor reason, are an imminent threat to society. They prefer to force submission to their ideas by force and violence instead of logic; precisely the reason for the 2A’s creation.

  14. If Europe is such a safe place then we should remove all our military. Any and all finical support for all European Union members should be stopped. Greatly reduced money going to the u.n. I’m sure socialize will thrive. The people will gladly give a lot more money to defend their Homeland. Our government stays in check due to the 2nd amendment. The eu would be doomed.

  15. It is huminaly impossible for a kid let alone an adult to walk into a class room and kill that many people in that time frame ! Sandy hook never happened ! Crisis actors , the whole scene was set up like a Hollywood side show . All for gun control …

  16. Sandy Hook was totally a staged event with crisis actors , a school that had not been used for years , and supported by a community of satanists who were rewarded for there acting by having their mortgages paid off as well as hush money .

  17. A question for RealAmericanPatriot:
    You have two friends who were killed by racist NRA members. Would you be so kind to provide their names? If it’s a privacy thing, I get that. Then how about the names of the three racist NRA members who committed these atrocities?

    • It never had any friends killed by racists.

      It never had any friends killed by NRA members.

      It never had any friends killed by racist NRA members.

      It never had any friends.

      It is a known liar.

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