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The Super Bowl is not the place to use pathos to promote civilian disarmament. That is what they’re doing, right? In any case, I sure would like to know the ID of the anonymous donor bankrolling the trip.

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  1. I know they’re singing America the Beautiful, but still, singing at the Super Bowl makes me think of the National Anthem.

    …the land of the free and the home of the brave? (question mark)

  2. This is pathetic and sickening. And right out of the Dem’s playbook. Crank up the emotional victimization feelings to 10!!!

  3. Your reaction is knee-jerk. Carpe Diem. Use this as an opportunity to point out that if there had been armed teachers at the school, this tragedy would not have happened, or not been as severe.

    For people who spend all their time congnizant of the OODA loop, you seem to be overly reactive in precisely the way the master psychologists behind this totalitarian power grab want you to react. Granted that we don’t have the financial or media resources they do, but if we can’t use our training to outwit them, then this movement, and this site, are narcissistic irrelevancies.

    First stage: recast, attack, shame. Second stage: then find out who the anonymous donor is. Maybe. Because it won’t make much of a difference if it’s Soros, Bloomberg, or Vladimir Putin if stage one is not enployed.

    And don’t forget: emotion is much more powerful than logic. Always has been. Always will be.

    • How would we use this to enlighten when the kids will probably be ushered onto the field on a football shaped coffin, so to speak. Randy

  4. waiting to see if bloomberg ponies up for an anti-commercial spot during the SB.
    Would be super smart for a pro-2a group to do though.
    don’t you have a million unique visitors per month RF? we could all pony up a dollar. I might have two actually, its a payweek.

  5. The only thing that could make this a more disgustingly heart-wrenching spectacle is if they set up the choir with empty spots sprinkled throughout to “honor the kids who died”. Gag.

    The America I strive to live in is a meritocracy. Want an elementary school choir? Pick one that won a state or national competition and invite them.

  6. I hope that a well-funded group puts in a good advertisement that is thought provoking on behalf of those who support safety, and also those who support their second amendment rights.

  7. what the hell. superbowl is suppose to be an all american pastime and now they are gonna ruin it by politicizing it!!

    • Nice to meet you, Rip Van Winkle.

      I’m just a tad concerned about the safety of those kids, if you know what I mean. I put NOTHING past these people.

      • yea well do you think whoever donated the money for the kids to play cared about their safety???

      • If they were concerned about the safety of these children, they wouldn’t be putting them in motor vehicles, which are the leading cause of accidental deaths among children aged 14 and younger in the US:

        Way many more times than the accidental firearms deaths in that age group (remember, firearms deaths of “children” as reported by anti-gunners usually is inflated by including those in late teens and even early twenties).

  8. What is wrong with these people. I’m surprised the Liberals are putting these children in cages and using them as circus animals. Let these poor children move on.

  9. As the Dems see the Sandy Hook shock wearing off and people getting back to their lives, they find another way to try to hook people back in.

    And they find a low way to do it at that.

  10. Ugh. All exploitation and 2nd amendment stuff aside, there’s very little I dislike more than children singing. It’s supposed to be sweet, but it’s just nauseating. I’ll have to make sure to miss this “performance”.

    • Agreed. It’s only sweet when its your kid. No offense to those with kids, but that’s the way it sounds to us.

  11. Zionist propaganda, much like that used during the initial stabilization period of the Iraq occupation this is designed to undermine a pathology and idealism.

    Blue Birds = Twitter

    Rainbows = Rainbow nations such as the list of failed Negro-supremacist states such as South Africa & Zimbabwe.

    Watch the big White fail whale beach itself trying to rescue its herd from the Siren calls on the shore.

    • Read Vigilant Citizen much? At least use Occam’s Razor and say “roided out kaffirs fighting eachother at wealthy men’s behest hurts America” or something.

  12. yeah, because the NFL is the perfect sounding board for gun control…I mean, look at all the nice professional athletes that have never used a gun to off their girlfriend and then themselves in front of their coach. And none have ever been in a NYC nightclub packing heat, or accidentally shot themselves…Seems logical to me….rolls eyes
    Guns are bad…mmmkay

    On a side note…what are the chances Soros is hoping for a wardrobe malfunction of some sort???

  13. I just sent this to ABC:

    I’ve heard that Sandy the Hook Elementary School Choir will Perform at Super Bowl to draw attention to “gun violence”. I think this is sickening and in extremely poor taste. My family will NOT be watching the Super Bowl this year, nor will we be buying anything from any of the sponsors. I will be sending letters to the sponsors letting them know.

    I would encourage you all to send similar messages.

  14. Will Bob Costas, DiFi, and Bloomberg sing along with the children?

    I will not watch the Super Bowl this year.

  15. Between the faker Beyonce, the half-time Costa rant and now this, I WILL NOT be watching the Super Propaganda Bowl.

    And I’ll be writing the NFL to let them know this.

  16. It’s not just Sandy Hook children who will be singing.

    It was announced they will be accompanied by Jennifer Hudson (whose mother, brother, and nephew were killed).

    It will be interesting to see how the NFL and announcers plan to exploit the situation. Maybe Bob Costas will be given the chance for another monologue.

  17. Yeah, how dare those kids have the temerity to show up in public. And they were at the school on the day of the massacre? How convenient.

      • A good thing, too.

        Now we can maybe get back to having a Constitutional republic.

        I presume Bob Costas will be doing voiceovers and maybe subtitles.

  18. I think it is a sick paradox to have them sing “America the Beautiful” after having their friends gunned down in cold blood in December. Is America all that beautiful to them at the moment. Why not have them sing a song praising peace, love, and understanding…not bolster more nationalism when not needed. Watching kids place their hands over their hearts reminds me of Hitler’s youth during the height of propaganda in the 3rd reich.

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