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It’s called the Dream Keeper Fellowship, and is borne from SFPD data showing that more than half of all San Francisco gun killings involve the same 12 criminal groups and gangs. The idea is to target those at high risk of being on either end of a shooting with a $300 monthly payment. Subjects could then receive up to $200 extra for other certain milestones like getting a job interview, complying with probation conditions, or participating in a mentoring program, in what’s sure to be a highly controversial intervention.

“What we are talking about is saying we are going to invest resources in this 25-year-old who has eight previous arrests, who is on parole, who is a proud member of a neighborhood clique and who is not even seeking services,” National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform executive director David Muhammad told the Examiner. “It’s just not a popular decision to make and may not be politically palatable, but that’s what you have to do in order to reduce gun violence.”

— John Kukura in SF Will Begin Paying People to Not Shoot Other People

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    • Lunacy…let’s talk about lunacy…

      So San Francisco can be considered a microcosm of our larger American society as a whole. I have an idea…let’s demand that all mention of a Creator – and traditional Judeo-Christian values that previously served as the bedrock of our great nation – be pushed out of the public square, schools, and conversations so we can raise up a new generation and tell them they can do whatever they want without those pesky moral consequences. You know…wanton sex, no-fault divorce, perverse lifestyles, etc.

      Now let’s watch that generation raise the next one, which will now grow up with even less general influence of a moral foundation. And they’ll raise the third a couple of decades later, which will then be entirely self-centered and nihilistic. Once all concept of God and eternal consequences is purged from these young minds on a large scale, we’ll now have to deal with the natural result. Rebellion against everything they disagree with or makes them feel sad. Entire abandonment from the traditional social fabric that once held together family and community. Theft, murder, riots, demands for money and entitlements, widespread acceptance of petty crime and “normal”.

      So instead of coming to the conclusion that all of this is happening because we toppled the first domino of faith long ago and should perhaps return to encouraging a moral foundation for the soul of America…no, let’s offer criminals money…because we certainly don’t want to ever acknowledge we need God.


      • “So San Francisco can be considered a microcosm of our larger American society as a whole.”

        Your initial statement, in and of itself, is what constitutes “Lunacy”. (I believe/hope that was what you were trying to say in a roundabout/sarc manner.) There is no way that San Francisco can be consdiered a “microcosm or our larger American society as a whole”.

        As per the rest of your post, this has already been accomplished in many places in CA, NYS, the upper east coast and entire west coast. No need to wonder. My Creator has to be embarrassed by his “little masterpieces”. I pray He seperates me out.

        • I stand by my statement of San Francisco being a valid example of the direction toward which America has been sliding for the past three generations. SF is now the prime example of what our larger society as a whole may possibly become if we don’t halt the lunacy.

          I lived in the southern SF area over 30 years ago, back when it was still beautiful. Of course, CA was still generally a conservative state at the time…

        • “ I stand by my statement of San Francisco being a valid example of the direction toward which America has been sliding for the past three generations.”

          You stated that it “can be considered” a microcosm- as in: NOW/IS. (“So San Francisco can be considered a microcosm of our larger American society as a whole.”) I suppose anything is possible for an individual to consider- no proof or evidence necessary. All kinds of people out there right now with penises claiming to be females, some making pretty good money and notoriety off it. And all shocked and offended when there are a majority who won’t go along with it. Oh, a lot of “dissenters” won’t speak up- they’re scared of being cancelled if they do. In the end, I have faith most will get over it and let truth return.

          You really need to get out more.

        • Wow, Craig, you seem to be rather triggered by my example. That’s curious.

          I still stand by my comment.

        • “Wow, Craig, you seem to be rather triggered by my example.”

          “Triggered”. How very woke of you to use that word.

          The pendulum swing to left has pretty much come to a halt and the proof is the momentum fueling the purchase of firearms by people who 2 years ago would never have considered it. Taking on the responsibility for one’s personal safety, particularly because those that traditionally were hired to provide it have abandoned the American people is a large first step in reversing the trend and I have faith that this new-found (for some) responsibility will not end only with purchasing the means

          Time will tell, but even with the seeding of “red states” with the weeds of the “blue” ones will soon lose its influence. The only real hope of the leftists lie in the importation of new, non-Americans onto the voter roles. After 2022 this may become more than problem for them. One thing is certain- people who probably know better trying to insist that the “battle” is lost only give aid and comfort to the enemy.

      • Ironically, the rich/elites will only send their children to private catholic schools. Gavin Newsom went to St Ignatius with Nancy Pelosi’s and Dianne Feinstein’s kids. They have so deranged the school system that the public and secular private schools are complete dog $#! .

        Fun fact (I am not making this up): When San Francisco residents ask each other what school they went to, they aren’t talking about college or university. To them, the high school you went to tells them everything they need to know about your social cast.

    • Actually, with all the appeals and challenges allowed by our current legal system, it’s cheaper to just lock ‘em up and throw away the key.

      • Going to be interesting to see how our not locking a lot of people up paired with continuing criminal activity costs compare to traditional incarceration. The scary thing is with how much it costs to incarcerate (much like with mental institutions) vs how little economic damage the state actually sees (businesses and victims bear the most of the cost) we may find bail reform is less expensive. Not at all shortsighted or penny wise pound foolish policy here.

        • Safeupstate, it isn’t that simple. When those businesses either go out of business because they can’t take the loss anymore or they have enough and leave, that’s revenue that the state does not get in taxes as well as having to support more on unemployment. In San Francisco for example, there are stores that have limited hours due to all the theft. That means people have less time to shop; people get fewer hours to work, which of course means smaller paychecks; and due to all that, the state gets less sales tax as well as income tax. What you have to understand is that there will be economic damage to the state, but it will take a couple of years.

        • A hoodrat with such a record is unlikely to make it to a job interview, even if they had the literacy to complete the application. Unless the job is unskilled menial labor or tied to a subsidy from the government to the employer.

      • The San Francisco powers that be need to try this on a smaller scale to see if monetary incentive would affect anyone’s behavior. So, I propose the city offer money to try to stop the average cretin there from taking a dump in the middle of the street or in open public areas.

        Everyday, they can line up with their excrement in a Baggie (government-issued, of course, like dope needles), deliver it to City Hall and collect, say, $10, about the price of the Big Mac, fries and drink from which it came. Do the same with urine- deliver it in a government-issued (recycled, of course), one-gallon water or milk jug for which they can collect $4.50, about the price of half a bottle of cheap wine. (Not sure what they could get for all the used needles but using the mayor for a pin cushion would be a good idea…)

        Actually, I propose we offer this in every large metro area in the US. It’d be a great exercise in tracking human behavior modification, and, after all, we’ve been getting about the same thing from our elected public servants now for 5 or 6 decades.

  1. democRats just go around handing out US Munitions to terrorists in Afghanistan and paying money to dirtbags in SF. What a clown show.

    • It’s the Progressive World. Trying to make sense of it will give you a headache. Their basic tenet is to upset the established order.

  2. Meanwhile back in the real world, taxpayers get screwed again by the left,
    Better idea is to snuff a few scumballs & leave the law abiding populous alone.

  3. Why did we let this 8 time arrested, unrepentant, proud gang member out on parole? He doesn’t want to change. I hear those in favor of gun violence interrupters and pay-the-criminals saying “we know who these trouble makers are, we can see the rap sheets, we can buy these guys off…” Ok, sweet, buy them off, or throw them in jail. But strangely the same politicians are arguing out of the other side of their mouths “guns are the problem, too many guns, need to get these off the street, gun dealers are they problem, need to restrict lawful gun owners, etc etc”. If these guys are the problem, give them an extra $100 to turn in their guns to a FFL for resale, and leave the law abiding dealers and owners alone. Problem solved right?

    • Notice how they spun gang membership?
      “A proud member of a neighborhood clique”. WTF! Truly a master class in blowing smoke up the populos’ butthole.

    • According to the Left, that might depend upon your melanin content. Too little, and no soup for you…

      Because somehow that matters. [/sarc]

  4. Ah yes, San Francisco the city with an app for your phone that has color-coded indicators to show the sidewalks with a high density of human excrement and a different color for lots of discarded used hypodermic needles. The same city that has become famous for not arresting criminals or just turning them loose if the cops should screw up by arresting one of them. This along with all the homeless encampments and a burgeoning rats population means a high likelihood of plague. Yes, the same disease that killed about half the population of Europe in the Middle Ages could come roaring back in the third-world hell hole San Francisco has become.

    • Link to the app please? The one I knew of, the developer discontinued to avoid shaming people. (I think shaming is warranted for pooping in the streets, but what do I know.)

      • Only one I knew of is gone. Guess that’s why, not that it matters since the coming bubonic/pneumonic plague is going to wipe out much of San Francisco and the large cities where they have huge homeless populations.

        • “…the coming bubonic/pneumonic plague is going to wipe out much of San Francisco and the large cities where they have huge homeless populations.”

          I wouldn’t even complain about having to wear a mask for a while if that actually happened…

  5. Is that the only thing they have to do to qualify for the payment? Can they still use drugs? Can they hang with the homies? Do they have to look for work? Visit their children?

    • …. with an extra $200 to LOOK for a job, on top of $300 to not get a job, on top of the next $1200 freeshit giveaway – and all of it tax exempt, including the past $900 a month. Too bad us poor fucks paying the tab can’t afford to getto blast a hundred rounds into a crowded street, might put a dent in the problem if its the right kind of crowd.

  6. At least they’ll be able to afford more ammo. I wish someone would pay me $300/month not to shoot people. How do you sign up?

    • It is a fascinating question how they will refuse someone requesting to be on the list. Even someone from another state, or another country. How do you justify “We give free money to this guy here, but none for you!”

      Always remembering the concept I learned in school more than 50 years ago, “If you reward something, you will get more of it, if you punish something you will get less of it!” Thus, If you are not currently qualified for free money due to excessive good behavior, perhaps you can figure out a way to remove that disability, like maybe shoot a few gang bangers, then reapply?

  7. I think what you will see happen is these thugs will shoot even more people in the hope they’re going to get more money, as the love of money is a root of all evil the money the city pays will never be enough and therefore the shootings will continue.

  8. Why the fuck does a 25 year old have 8 prior arrests in the first place?

    He should be mining acid off shore at that point.

  9. Zooming out a bit to look at the bigger picture. So the dims are beginning to acknowledge who most of the perpetrators of all these crimes involving firearms actually are? Ya think this acknowledgement will cause them to back off of their insistence on disarming the law-abiding citizens? Sorry, the house is not taking any bets.

  10. So if you’ve ever wanted to shoot someone just take him/her to inside San Francisco city limits, shoot him/her there, and then they send you $300 a month to not shoot anyone else. How magnanimous of them!

  11. “who is a proud member of a neighborhood clique”

    Neighborhood clique? That’s what we’re calling gangs now? Yeesh…

  12. Well hells bells and shotgunm shells, if there going to hold the city for hostage $300 isnt enough. I’d burn down some more mom and pops, kill a few more cops , and demand $30,000 a month.

    • Uh- it’s already been proven that the “mom and pops” and “cops” don’t matter at all, so no money to be made there. The real concern is dead, potential leftist “voters”. or potential ones.

  13. If they are giving money not to kill but the kill regardless of the promise of not killing. Would that able to charge the politicians with accessory to murder.

  14. Why not simply tell the groups that are killing one another that you will not prosecute them for killing one another and then they will eliminate the problem themselves?

    • Not sure why, but I don’t believe that will work, since quite a few cities have allowed that perception for decades, while the problem continues, with Chicago being the prime example, essentially none of their murders are ever solved, although everybody and his brother knows who done it. Yet murders just increase.

    • Really, if I get some gang tats and learn that retarded gang sign language they flash around and I promise not to shoot people, what do I get? Seems like discrimination to not pay me to not shoot people!!!

  15. How about we try a different tactic?
    Since most crime is committed by a few persons, how about we lock them up in jail for a very long time after they are convicted of a violent crime?

      • “…why not just SHOOT the mofos?”

        Because their body parts are valuable, but the usefulness declines rapidly if the person is dead. Criminals need to be put on a national register of body parts available for transplant. As long as a person is jailed for, say, more than a year, any functioning body part becomes property of “the people”. Let’s end these heartbreaking lists of people awaiting transplants.

  16. so… if SF is paying someone to not shoot someone else, and they then go out and shoot someone … do they have to give the money back to the city????

  17. So never thought about hurting anyone just protect my family. But if you would like to pay me $500 a month of my own tax dollars to not hurt anyone, which already do, then send me the check please! This is BS to pay bad people to stop doing bad things. you are rewarding bad behavior

  18. Fantastic idea, now all the gang bangers can update their weaponry from the common handgun to the more popular Ar , Ak platforms, maybe even score an Uzi or better yet head over to Afghanistan and get in line , you might score a Blackhawk helicopter or at least a spare M113 armoured troop transport. Thanks Joe dumb ass

  19. To qualify, do you have to reside in San Francisco currently and have previously shot someone in San Francisco? If not, I promise not to shoot anyone in San Francisco, when can I expect a check?


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