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“There is a massive loophole in California,” said San Francisco Supervisor Catherine Stefani, who authored the bill. “It’s very scary.”

Yeah that’s not a “loophole.” Homemade firearms are and have always been legal — explicitly and intentionally so — in the U.S.

From the the ABC 7 News article:

According to data from SFPD, the seizure of ghost guns have more than doubled from 77 in 2019 to 164 in 2020.

Shocker. As San Francisco in particular and California in general make it increasingly expensive, complicated, slow, intrusive, and otherwise cumbersome to purchase commercially-manufactured firearms, citizens move increasingly toward alternatives such as making their own. Which, again, is legal everywhere in the country, but is also more straightforward and less expensive than jumping through the Golden State’s ridiculous and unconstitutional hoops required for a Title 1 firearm purchase.

If California wants more people to purchase guns through retail channels complete with background checks, etc., it needs to make that process less burdensome, not more. As it stands today it’s literally a punitive process. It’s creating clear incentive for this growth in those “scary” “ghost guns” and, without a doubt, the growth of a black market.

How’s your utopia working out, Cal-unicorn-ia?


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  1. Don’t the residence of San Francisco have a right to homemade sex toys and homemade guns?

    • Just curious, could you refrain for one day from making reference to sex toys? You are as bad as the people you are criticizing.

      • Because of what happened in Austin Texas University, as far as I’m concerned sex toys have been made a symbol of tyrants. They should not be. But the gun grabbers made a serious mistake. And I will continue to remind them of it.

        I’m not embarrassed by talking about the stupid things gun grabbers do. Carol Bowne in NJ needed a gun. Not a sex toy. And she is still waiting to get permission from the state to buy a gun. The stupid intolerant, sexually liberated, gun grabbers don’t care about people like Carol Bowne.

        A woman who was terrified and died an agonizing death, at the hands of a known to the governemnt, dangerous criminal.

        These people think being sexually liberated is more important than anything else. Including staying alive by using a gun if necessary. Now if you are confident in your sexuality, whatever that is, you should not be uncomfortable.

        The Left politicize everything. Including sadly sex toys. And I’m very angry about.

  2. What do you expect from a city where a majority of population thinks pissing and defecating in the street is perfectly normal

  3. Never mind so called ghost guns what should always be the primary concern is the racism and genocide that rides along with Gun Control everywhere it’s been and everywhere it goes.

    The high and mighty jack booted dominatrix supervisor catherine stefani’s time would be better spent on her knees scraping poo off the streets of san francisco.

  4. This was always the goal of the Libertarians Liberals and the Left, for their support of Prop 47. Raising the level of a misdemeanor to $950. They have never supported private property rights. The local bay area flea markets are being well supplied with stolen goods. The drug addicts are now able to pay for the habit. This libertarian plan has turned out to be a complete success.

    As the three L’s say, “the police should only chase after serious crimes”. Not these small not very important misdemeanors.

    “Police say shoplifted merchandise being sold at Bay Area flea markets” video 4 min long

    • You sir, are completely lost.

      Libertarians are pro-free market, pro-property rights, and pro-second amendment.

      Libertarians believe in small, limited government.

      The only purpose of government is protection of the borders, to enforce contracts, and punish assaults against people. Theft is a form of assault, as someone has taken the product of your labors, so, no libertarians and Libertarians do not want to ignore small property crimes. Civilized society cannot exist with out strong property rights.

      One suspects your attacks against Libertarians has more to do with the fact that people are turning from the big government / big business Republican party, towards the small government, laissez-faire philosophy of libertarianism.

      • You sir are a dishonest person. At least the three L’s of 30 years ago would be trying to convince me that “low level property theft” was no big deal.

        As I said before Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri was a shoplifter. Who was shot to death in a defensive gun use by a white police officer. Do you agree with that? Do you believe that story to be true? Or do you believe what Black Lives Matter says that “hands up don’t shoot” is true?

        Do I need to check you on what you said on TTAG in the past? Or can you be honest with me?

      • I keep my receipts.
        From 2014:

        “California Voters Make Possession of Most Drugs a Misdemeanor Offense”

        “The success of this measure indicates that sentencing reform is starting to become palatable to more than just libertarians, but the general public. Criminal justice reform is certainly an issue both Democrats and Republicans agree is going to play a central role in the 2016 presidential election. Let’s hope that what happened in California last night may be replicated elsewhere, either by legislators or voters themselves.”

        • The article you quote is in reference to drug abuse, not shop lifting. You are using bait and switch tactics in your arguments.

          Justice reform is not the same as penalty free crimes.

          Drug possession is not the same crime as shop lifting. Drug abuse used to be treated in this country as a medical and social issue, not a legal one. Not until Nixon started the drug-war.

          Drug possession and drug abuse are not depriving someone of their property. Shop lifting is.

          As a tax payer I want low level crimes punished with some penalty OTHER than spending $50,000 a year of my tax dollars keeping some low level criminals locked up.

          You sir, are being dishonest in your diatribes.

      • AR Libertarian – you sir are living in 1990. Now it’s just about the pot for the liberts.

    • A bunch of merchants should mob the flea market and take all the stuff. See how they like it.

    • Wasting your time with this guy. He is part of the problem like all Republicans but still in the closet about it. He sure likes talking about gays and sex toys though, this is also something all Republicans seem to obsess over.

  5. 77 in 2019, 164 in 2020. Okay, let’s pull that thread.

    Compared to how many serialized guns seized in those years?

    And how many of those “ghost guns” seized from criminals committing another crime at the time? How many from people whose only “crime” was possessing an unregistered (or assault-weapony) gun?

    • They should be required to show the exact numbers of home builds vs firearms that have had the serial numbers removed.

    • “How come no one pointed out that CA already has a law preventing homemade firearms?”

      They just need to make them more illegal, you see.

      That’s how Leftist Scum is ‘Tough on crime’, making it more illegal, and then never enforcing those laws, unless you are a ‘Racist’…

    • They don’t have a law preventing homemade firearms that I’m aware of? You have to register them now, though, which wasn’t the case until just a few years ago. AFAIK that’s the newest, strictest restriction on homemade firearms in CA that’s officially in the law. And homemade guns still have to follow CA’s assault weapon laws, but that has been the case since 1994 and isn’t unique to homemade guns.

  6. If you have a homemade firearm, the government doesn’t know you have it. Keep it that way.

  7. Let me see, ummmmm, ghost guns are just now being made illegal. Sooooo, that means the guns with no serial numbers were taken from prohibited persons. WHAT is going to change? NOTHING! Prohibited perspns still gonna shoot with whatever is available.

  8. G G G ghost gun’s! Feets don’t fail me now! So he/her/they/zir think it’s a problem? Like ASSault or murder or rape? 😳

  9. My first ghosty ar is named Casper. Very friendly, just sits there in the corner minding his/her own business. Has never even tried to escape or shoot me, fell over and scared the dog once though.

    • “Very friendly, just sits there in the corner minding his/her own business.”

      His/her? Are you certain it’s not they/them?

      Have you bothered to ask, you thoughtless lout?


      • Not sure how to ask. Someone could take offense if I use the wrong pronoun. I don’t want to get canceled .

  10. As Americans, we are generally free to create our own food, cars, airplanes, houses, and yes, even firearms, as long as we don’t engage in commercial activities.

    However, the leviathan that Republicrats have created seeks to monitor, track, license, and control what citizens do. That’s why Libertarians seek a much smaller government, one too small to control the minutia of your day to day life.

  11. I honestly have no idea how they plan on enforcing this garbage.
    I am just waiting for an illegal alien shoots a store owner with a “ghost gun”
    He will be out on zero cash bond and gone..
    See how that works…

  12. Despite Right Wing propaganda outlawing ghost guns will not make it illegal for you to build your own gun, its just that the pre-manufactured frame you buy will now have a serial number on it and you will have to sign a 4473 form to buy it. If you are not a criminal, anarchist or homicidal maniac I ask you what is the problem? Answer: None if you are a law abiding citizen.

    I have posted previously an entire page of crime committed with ghost guns including some mass murders by people who should never have been permitted to own a gun. Ghost Gun Crime has been exploding across the U.S. and as I posted before in some places it has increased by a shocking 350 percent.

    I think Biden’s new bans on Ghost Guns have zero chance of being overturned by the gun hating courts, Conservative Judges included. And seriously folks when did the gun hating courts ever overturn any anti-gun bans. Remember Reagan’s machine gun ban? Previously the courts ruled only military weapons were protected by the Constitution and then during the Reagan years reversed themselves claiming only certain sporting guns were protected and then the courts upheld the biggest semi-auto ban in the countries history passed under President Clinton.

    Only a Moron would believe the Second Amendment means anything more than a Tinker’s Dam.

    In the Practical Dictionary of Mechanics of 1877, Edward Knight gives this definition: “Tinker’s-dam: a wall of “dough” raised around a place which a plumber desires to flood with a coat of solder. The material can be but once used; being consequently thrown away as worthless”.

    • Every single US Citizen, that’s not incarcerated, on parole or probation, has completed their whole sentence and paid all fines and restitution and hasn’t been adjudicated as a mental case, should have ALL rights restored.
      If they want to make their own weapons its their business just like everyone else. Not the governments business what I own.
      Do you want Big Brother looking in your dresser drawers for your store bought or homemade “toys”?

      • “…its just that the pre-manufactured frame you buy will now have a serial number on it and you will have to sign a 4473 form to buy it.”

        This makes a lot of assumptions, chief among them that the homemade firearm in question is starting with whatever you are arbitrarily defining as a “pre-manufactured frame.” The government decided that as long as it was no more than 80% complete, it was not a firearm. What percentage do you suggest, instead? Clearly 80% is too far down the line of being finished for you, apparently making it too easy for somebody to manufacture that block of useless material into a functional firearm. Do we switch to 60% now? What’s your basis for whatever percent you deem appropriate? Or, perhaps every chunk of aluminum or block of wood or tube of bondo should be serialized and require a 4473, because effectively any raw material could be turned into a firearm? Should simple plumbing fittings at Home Depot require this? I can take two pipes and an end cap and fashion a shockingly functional, slam-fire 12 gauge shotgun in about 20 minutes. Are you willing to see every section of piping serialized and subject yourself to a background check at the hardware store when you want to fix your plumbing?

        Somewhere between a raw cube of aluminum and a functional firearm is a line that is drawn, determining what is and is not a firearm. Right now it’s 80% complete and it has been 80% for a long time. You tell me what you think it should be before a serial number and background check is required, and I’ll tell you why your completely arbitrary and nonsensical assertion is stupid and based in nothing that resembles reality or rational thought.

    • Typical fascist, SA-Mann dacian. ‘If you’re doing nothing wrong you have no reason to fear the police state’.

    • “Ghost guns” render gun control unenforceable. That is why it terrifies people like you. It’s always been an issue just now with technological advances you can print and assemble one from common off the shelf parts.

      FGC-9 is a perfect example of this. I have no real interest in building my own gun but know how much it terrifies you I will out of spite.

  13. Rice-a-Roni is it really SanFrancisco’s treat
    Saint Frances?
    Buttplug a Rectum the San Francisco treat.
    dooie dooie

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