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San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore is up for re-election. In the run up to that blessed event, Sheriff Gore is facing mounting criticism for his department’s extreme reluctance to issue concealed carry permits to law-abiding citizens. Gore’s playing the unrepentant, don’t-blame-it-on-me, steady-as-she-goes, no-gun-for-you-bub card. “Gore says that would require a change in the state law,” reports. “Under existing law, he said his department requires someone to prove that they are ‘a specific target in contrast to a random target’ that distinguishes the person from the general population.” Like . . . being female? Homosexual? A non-criminal living in a high crime neighborhood? No, no and definitely no. So, what then?

That can mean a documented personal threat, or proof that the nature of one’s business inherently makes it a target, such as a jewelry story.

Gore reckons the National Rifle Association’s behind the anti anti-concealed permit campaign. Not fair! The permitting process is none of his business, really. And he’s such a Second Amendment kinda guy. Or so his latest statement says.

When Sheriff Kolender was elected in 1994, he delegated issuing authority for concealed weapons permits to the Sheriff’s Licensing Bureau so neither he nor the Undersheriff was involved in the issuance of such permits. I have continued Sheriff Kolender’s policy. I am not personally involved in the permitting decisions, nor should I be. I am not personally involved in the permitting decisions, nor should I be. . . I personally support the 2nd Amendment, and support issuance of such permits consistent with California state law.

And I personally support having Ben & Jerry’s Turtle Soup ice cream every day, consistent with my diet’s prohibition against eating ice cream.

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  1. Another big take away from Bill Gore's anti-constitutional stance on CCW issuance is that he as been lying about the existence of a "state law that prohibits him from issuing a ccw permit for personal self defense." He's been saying that for nine months now, yet refuses to cite the law. Now, ever so slowly, he is trying to escape the backlash from this lie by saying "I've been following the existing "department policy". Why can't statists just own up to their fear of armed citizens???

  2. I wrote an article where at the end I mention Sheriff Gore. The article concerns 4 court rulings, including a Supreme Court ruling. The title of this article: Is the Second Amendment Relevant? You bet your life. If your interested this may open some eyes and shed light on abuse of power.

    My site where this article is listed on my Blog is


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