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Okay, the gun isn’t actually real. But Samson did an excellent job cutting together this video mocking the California legislator who proved to the nation on-camera that he has no idea how guns work. It’s worth a watch.

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  1. I wouldn’t put it past our legislatures to start using selectively edited YouTube clips to make it look to the dumb Marxist sock-puppets that keep re-electing them that these guns are real.

  2. “When you open this little door on the side, tiny humans run out of it and bite the ankles of your enemy.”


    • Yes, absolutely.

      Politicians hate it when someone ridicules them, and it is very difficult to respond to ridicule.

      That’s what it is one of Alinsky’s Rules.

  3. Didn’t Star Trek : Generations have a ghost gun that made suns blow up? Surely this is just the *first* model of a series of really badass evil vanishing guns.


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