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A harrowing video is making the rounds online after German police said they shot and wounded a man armed with a knife who attacked a right-wing demonstration in the southwestern city of Mannheim on Friday.

Social media footage showed a bearded man in glasses attacking people in the city’s central Marktplatz square with a knife. One person appears to be stabbed in the leg and a policeman who tries to intervene appears to be cut in the neck. That policeman, a 29-year-old officer, later succumbed to his injuries. In all, six people were stabbed. Another policeman ultimately shot the attacker, ending the violence.

“A firearm was used against the attacker,” Mannheim police said in a statement.

Man goes on stabbing rampage in Mannheim, Germany
byu/dosageofjoseph7 inPublicFreakout

No information was initially available on the identity or motives of the attacker, though it was later learned he was a 25-year-old immigrant from Afghanistan.

A livestream broadcast from central Mannheim showed anti-Islam activist Michael Stuerzenberger preparing to address a small crowd at an event put on by the anti-Islam Pax Europa Movement.

A colleague of Stuerzenberger told Bild newspaper the activist had been stabbed in the face and leg.

The injured policeman had undergone an emergency operation and was placed in an artificial coma before passing from his injuries yesterday.

The violence comes in the final stretch of a European parliament campaign in which the far-right Alternative for Germany party has campaigned partially on what the party says is the danger posed by migration from Muslim countries, Reuters reported. And then of course, the attacker, then went out and proved it.

“If investigations show an Islamist motive behind the attack, that would be yet another confirmation of the great danger posed by Islamist violence, which we have been warning about,” Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said in a statement released prior to the attackers nationality was available.

“The attacker must be punished severely,” added Chancellor Olaf Scholz on X.

Stuerzenberger, 59, who describes himself as an Islam-critical journalist, has been a member of several far-right anti-Islam organizations, including the PEGIDA movement that holds regular marches in cities especially in eastern Germany.

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  1. Female officers as usefull as ever.
    “Hello, hello, drop the knife, drop the knife please. Hello!”

    • There’s always useless fukheads who can’t wait to zero in on gender, race and other non essentials following a murderous, maming violent rampage especially one where everyone was screaming.

      For those who make light of knives hopefully you learned a lesson. For those who carry you need to shave a second off your times. For those in states with no Constitutional Carry you need to forward the video to your congressmen and let them know you are not going to walk around unarmed and subject you and yours to such potential Violence.

      By all accounts the butchered victims would probably say…Being an obedient defenseless citizen catering to an agenda Rooted in Racism and Genocide called Gun Control will sooner or later be the cause of your demise.

      • Hard not to zero in on “ideology literally calls for killing all nonbelievers” and also “police officer unable to do job, can only yell and not use force”.
        Both are extreme problems and must be named. I’m not blaming every person with a middle eastern taint nor all woman, yet one has to observe a 99% or so correlation between those groups in like every police video.

    • I seem to recall a very famous video of a smoking hot LAPD officer doing her job brilliantly while confronted by a knife wielding nutcase.

  2. I already know the answer; but, Why does the media always label anyone who is not progressive, communist, or Muslim as being “far-right”?

  3. Wasn’t this the incident where a cop was stabbed cuffing one of the victims in the assault that was fighting the assailant or was that another odd example of German policing?

  4. I didn’t notice this at first when watching the video but after going back and watching it a few times, realized a terrible, terrible mistake the police officer who was stabbed made. While the death of anyone except the attacker in this situation is tragic, and I hate being critical of police doing their job since I’ve never been one so can’t speak from authority, but if you watch the video, the officer who was stabbed and sadly later died, was mortally wounded because he was too busy trying to subdue one of the people who jumped on the knife-wielding attacker, rather than worrying about the real threat…the guy with the knife. In fact, he apparently even tackles the guy who had the best grip on the attacker and rips him away so the crazed man could go on to attack him. He is so focused on the unarmed old white guy, that he never even notices the military-aged Muslim attacker with the big knife until he’s been stabbed in the neck and the side of the head. Even the guy he was trying to subdue, had the wherewithal to grab the knife and throw it away from the attacker after another officer finally shot him. Even then, one of the female officers bent the old guy over trying to cuff him, like he was the threat. This appeared to be a case of some horrendous policing. But I welcome insight from some of our readers who have worn a badge to get their take since they might know better how that particular officer should’ve responded. Me, personally though, I’d deal with the real threat, white, brown, Christian, Muslim, whatever. Then we can worry about social politics…if that actually played a role in how that officer viewed what was playing out before him.

    • Review how German (amongst other non rights euro and British empire derivatives) policing went during Covid on those that refused the vax or protest unchecked immigration for the last 20 odd years. Apply what you see to some of the policing you see in bail reform areas and it should begin to make sense. Also yup is the incident I thought it was.

    • Couple of things here. Retired LAPD here. Stupidity shows, as you said, when officer attacks gent trying to subdue suspect. No situational awareness. No audio on my setup, but I wonder if the citizen was yelling at the officer about he was trying to do. Second point…female officers…I started when only males were cops. 5’8” or more. Of the first 4 females assigned Rampart; one was good, two were so-so and one was useless. Example…male officer sees vice unit having problems with suspects. He exits vehicle and assists. Female cowers in car, does not assist, doesn’t even put out a radio call. I was stuck working with her for 4 days while they figured out what to do with her. I was 6’7”, 230# but made sure not to get into any sticky situations. She is whisked out and assigned an undercover assignment…makes a lot more rank than I did when I retired. Yeah…this is you Connie. Also, notice long hair. Cops wear clip on ties to prevent being strangled, long hair is just as bad. Women aren’t strong by nature. AH grabs a ponytail and controls her, maybe breaking necks. I am a dinosaur, and admit it. But then in the early 70s, we had to be tough and ready to fight. 3L120 out.

      • As if every man on the force was a Rambo, far from it donut. So why didn’t you gather up all the ponytails and voice your complaints face to face tough guy?

        • Deb had to deal with female MPs for the better part of a decade with similar results. 5-10% were at standard for the male standards and were typically high performers in general. 40% barely met standards for either gender and were marginally useful even compared to the bottom end of male soldiers (mental and physical). The remainder ranged from useless to detrimental and needed to be separated from any unit that was actually doing anything important. I get you are pushing for some misguided equality thing but sometimes things just don’t fit and shouldn’t be forced.

      • For all we know, the officer that tackled the vic was jihadist, too. Or a symp. Which would make this a friendly fire incident.

    • I think your supposed to lob five or six flash bangs into the melee and then fire up the flamethrower.
      No ones innocent until proven guilty.

    • Given the circumstances and the country in which this happened, it’s an open question if he made a “mistake” or not.

  5. Why are the supposed ‘right wing’ folks the ones that are being attacked by the other wings? The ‘other wings’ seem to have a monopoly on the violence.

    Exercise your right to prot4est and get stabbed. Who is the ‘right wing’ here?

  6. Muslims are the scourge of a free modern civilized society! End of story! They will not comply or assimilate!

  7. Too many of us insist on glorifying the police, who, far from being holy, are a collection of order-taking employees of municipal corporations, not much different from other such groups, including all the other government employees we bitch and moan about after interacting with them.

    I an guessing that the reason this group is immune from prosecution from whatever criminal or negligent acts they may commit is because their true purpose is to support the posers that be, rather than the average law abiding “citizen.”

    Most cops were “ok,” once upon a time. and many still are, but a few bad apples really can spoil the whole bunch, in this case.

    At the same time. the general public and the criminals and mattoids who they elect and support are an equally nasty part of the problem.

    As for the real criminals, they need a genuinely speedy trial, with a one way trip through a trap door — feet first — if they have murdered, raped. etc. Anyone guilty of a crime (meaning a real crime) netting more than five years in a very dismal prison should also be put to death.

    As for bullshit so-called “laws,” well as Moe Tzu put it, “the more laws there are, the more criminals there will be. You should take that to heart: to have a real crime, THREE things are necesssry: action, intent, and an injured party.

  8. “No information was initially available on the…motives of the attacker…”

    Why the eternal focus on determining motive? The victim of an attacker remains, injured, disabled, cut, stabbed, shot. When a crime is committed, does “motive” serve to protect a criminal from charges because, “he/she/it” had a “bad life”?

    Does “motive” somehow make a crime not a crime?

    • “Does “motive” somehow make a crime not a crime?”

      No, but in some cases it may illuminate future solutions to prevent such things from happening again.

      Like maybe no longer having a political class that spends well over a decade importing people of, shall we say “questionable moral character” into your country under the cover of “inclusivity”.

      How do you know that the “far right” label in Germany is grade-A bullshit?

      No one’s burning Angela Merkel in effigy. Which, honestly, is pretty tame compared to what she actually deserves. (Being lit on fire for realz might be a good start. Though, personally, I’m rather preferential to the St. Catherine Wheel.)

      • “Though, personally, I’m rather preferential to the St. Catherine Wheel.”

        While tempting, there’s a bad precedent of torture death eventually being met with the same when the tables turn, AKA, France 1790s… 😉

        • There’s no need to concern yourself with cycles of retaliation at this point.

          If the Democrats ordered all Conservatives to be rounded up and executed the Conservatives would trip over themselves to form and orderly line for the trains.

          • “If the Democrats ordered all Conservatives to be rounded up and executed the Conservatives would trip over themselves to form and orderly line for the trains.”

            That’s because Conservatives believe in the rule of law. We will hold the moral high ground all the way to the grave.

      • Guess I am very binary on this. If a crime is committed, it is committed. The reason does not matter, and a criminal is no less, and no more, guilty because of…reasons.

        I would like a list of motives overcome in the future because society “understands” what led the criminal to commit crimes in the first place. And a list of people less dead because society “understands” what led to those deaths.

        As I understand it, “motive” is not a legal element of proving a crime (which is one reason I am opposed to the death penalty).

        • I would like a list of motives overcome in the future because society “understands” what led the criminal to commit crimes in the first place.

          A singular, theoretical example:

          He did it because he’s a radical Muslim –> Don’t let Muslims immigrate to your country –> There are no further Prophet-Inspired Stabbings because there’s no one to commit them.

          It’s not very “multikulti” (Thanks Chancellor Merkel!) but it is a means to an end. The question is if that end is 1. desirable and 2. desirable enough to pay the costs of attaining it.

          The rest is bullshit. There are no solutions, only tradeoffs.

          • “He did it because he’s a radical Muslim –> Don’t let Muslims immigrate to your country –>”

            Seeing that as more along the lines of, “propensity to harm and destroy”, rather than “motive”.

  9. I just watched the video.

    it was a male officer who FUBARed by accosting a good guy citizen.

    it was another male officer who shot the perp.

    the two female officers didn’t exactly distinguish themselves but they were late to the party and weren’t a disgrace either.

    how did this discussion degenerate so severely?

    • Mix of the last 20 odd years of European history and pattern recognition. Read up on the French yellow vest rioters to get most of the background then try to figure out why the EU is so pissy with Hungary. Unless you meant the female police stuff in which case it is the projected message of propping up the minority of really good ones as being the statistically relevant norm instead of the edge cases they are.

  10. Dumbass tackled the wrong person and got knifed by the *right* person.

    Political bias against the person that got tackled? Honest screw up in a chaotic situation? Something else?

    You be the judge on those, but let’s get down to the real, burning question:

    Was that knife large enough to be called a “pig sticker” before it got stuffed inside that cop’s neck? I mean, quite obviously it was afterwards but what about before?

    • “Was that knife large enough to be called a “pig sticker” before it got stuffed inside that cop’s neck?”

      You think France will go all in on ‘knife control’ like the UK did?

      • Acid would be the immediate alternative and hilariously it is easier to legally get a pistol in France than some areas of NY. So no I doubt France would go for knife control. Germany……… maybe but that may get even the Germans acting up like the French do occasionally.

      • No.

        I agree with SAFE but also because France has a bit of a problem with machine guns, mostly subguns floating about the street.

        The choice of weapon in France’s “immigrant community” seems to vary by origin of the person, mostly related to supply lines. The North and Central Africans have guns. The Middle Easterners have knives.

        Which is kinda odd if you look at what you can buy off social media pretty much anywhere in the ME in terms of firearms. If you want full auto US issued gear, social media in the ME will hook you up, legally too(!) real quick for cheap.

        There’s a bunch of X (Twitter) accounts that repost that stuff. It would have the people here drooling to see what $500 will get you in Baghdad or Amman.

    • I believe the rule is is if the knife blade is 7 inches or longer it’s a pig sticker, if its shorter then that it’s called a pork poker.
      Dessisions, dessisions, should I stick my pig or poke my porker?

  11. Pro-tip: if you decide to intervene against a knife attacker when he/she is low to the ground (e.g. not standing), I recommend kicking his neck like an NFL punter would punt the football rather than trying to reach for his/her knife wielding arm.

    This was also one of those times where it would have been incredibly advantageous to have a VERY sturdy cane and put it to use on the attacker.

  12. How did you miss the story with this article?

    The cop got stabbed because he tackled one of the heroes holding the stabber down!

    Then some woman cop decides to help and continue arresting the hero after they shoot the bad guy.


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