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Serial adulteress and professional homewrecker Paparazzi fave Angelina Jolie stars in Salt, a summer espionage thriller in theatres this month. Jolie stars as CIA agent Evelyn Salt, accused of being a Russian double-agent sent to kill the President. The movie was the recipient of some juice just before it hit the cinema, courtesy of the FBI, who arrested a dozen Russian spies and deported the lot of them. Talk about “ripped from the headlines.” According to the promotional video (above) the producers employed both CIA and KGB agents as technical consultants, to give the film as much of an authentic feel as possible (read: try not to make it any more stupid than it has to be, in order to both entertain and not lose all credibility).

Does it work? I dunno…I caught Interception with my offspring this weekend, instead. I’ll get around to seeing it – frankly, it looks like it might be pretty good, despite my reluctance to line the pockets of someone with whom I have some serious reservations regarding her behavior in public. (Along those lines, I’ll pass on Sean Penn, Miley Cyrus, and Brittney Spears in ANY movie.) But Salt looks as if it could be entertaining enough to make me overlook my personal bias. So…we’ll see.

Here’s what Rotten Tomatoes has to say about it:

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  1. I think I've reached the Get-Off-My-Lawn age where I can't suspend disbelief anymore for action movies like Salt.

    When it came to realistic violence, "The Sopranos" did a fine job. "Breaking Bad" is good – although, IIRC, there's an explosions that's missing necessary nose and ear bleeding.

  2. My suspension of disbelief fails when a woman with arms the size of toothpicks hits a full-grown man and knocks him down. I'm sorry, I think my 14 year old son can take her, easily.

    She can't be a very good wife at all, with arms like that there's no way she can lift the cast iron skillet and cook my dinner. (Maybe that's a tad too much?)


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