Salt. Shaken. Stir.

Serial adulteress and professional homewrecker Paparazzi fave Angelina Jolie stars in Salt, a summer espionage thriller in theatres this month. Jolie stars as CIA agent Evelyn Salt, accused of being a Russian double-agent sent to kill the President. The movie was the recipient of some juice just before it hit the cinema, courtesy of the FBI, who […]

Book Review: The Defector by Daniel Silva

I was mesmerized by news coverage of the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in his Dubai hotel room.  Al-Mabhouh was a co-founder of the paramilitary wing of Hamas, the militant Islamist group that governs Palestinian populations in Gaza.  January surveillance video from the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel shows the Hamas commander checking into the hotel along […]