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Three enterprising young men who were aspiring to become successful carjackers chose poorly when identifying a potential victim on Sunday. One of the budding entrepreneurs selected a woman in a Little Rock apartment complex because he apparently decided that he wanted her ride. Instead of giving the her car, the intended victim drew her pistol and exchanged gunfire with one of the three, Kenneth Perkins, fatally wounding him.

Meanwhile, the soon-to-be dead wannabe carjacker’s compatriots — brothers aged 15 and 18 — didn’t provide medical aid to their newly ventilated buddy. Instead, all three ran like scalded dogs into the night.

Ultimately police caught up with the trio who are now operating as a duo. Perkins died of his wounds shortly after arriving at a hospital. The brothers, Daryl Jones, 18, and Tamarion Jones, 15, have earned themselves capital murder charges in the death of their former partner in crime.

KARK has the story . . .

Affidavits released Monday show investigators believe a juvenile died after being shot when he and two teens attempted to carjack a woman outside a Little Rock apartment Sunday night.

The teens, identified as 18-year-old Daryl Jones and 15-year-old Tamarion Jones, now both face a charge of capital murder in the case.

According to the reports from the Little Rock Police Department, officers responded to a building in the Eagles Nest apartment complex off of Torrey Pine Court after receiving a report of gunfire. The officer said they found the driver who had called 911.

The driver told the officer three people had come up to the driver’s car, with one of them, who police later identified as Kenneth Perkins, tapping on the window with a gun and telling the driver to get out of the car. The driver then told officers that they asked Perkins, who police said was the juvenile who died in the incident, what they said, and in the confusion, pulled out their own gun.

The younger Mr. Jones apparently waived his right to remain silent and told police that Sunday night’s escapade wasn’t anything new for the three wayward yoots.

Daryl Jones and Tamarion Jones were both taken into custody, with officers saying they each said the other was carrying a weapon during the incident. Investigators claimed the younger Jones said the older Jones and the juvenile who died were “always stealing cars and robbing people.”

At least Mr. Perkins died doing what he loved.

Good on the driver for successfully protecting herself from three violent armed criminals. We sincerely hope she recovers from the trauma and stress of having to use deadly force to defend her life.

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  1. Will the Soros funded prosecutor decline the case because of their age, to not stigmatize them, and because it is Christmas?

  2. You know, I never conduct a study (sorry Dacian), but as I recall, every suspect I ever arrested that had been resisted by the intended victim was astonished that had happened. It messed up the game plan. I also recall that most of those that resisted were successful.

  3. I live in Arkansas. It ain’t Texas, but it’s close. You just don’t take stuff, unless you think it’s worth your life. You sure as hell don’t go around brandishing and threatening, because SOMEONE will take that challenge.

    In this case, the Billy the Kid wannabe was bested by a girl. Imagine that.

  4. Am I reading that right? A 15 year old possibly faces the death penalty for felony murder? Or does capital murder mean something else in this context of an accomplice dying in the commission of a violent crime?

    • does capital murder mean something else in this context

      Capital murder makes the perp ELIGIBLE for the death penalty but does not mean that will be the punishment IF a jury finds him guilty of that it could be reduced to life without parole by the jury. Lesser charges could (and probably will) be added to assure a conviction or they could use the death penalty to coerce the perp into a plea deal…

    • I believe just awhile back that SCOTUS ruled that juveniles can’t get the death penalty nor can they get mandatory life sentences. But an extremely long sentence is absolutely available for them.

      • I thought life was still an option for murder 1 and a few upgraded felonies with minors when tried as adults depending on what state. Will need to read up on that again as it has been a while.

  5. I imagine state prison in Arkansas is at least as unpleasant as Angola state prison in Louisiana.

    Not pleasant. Enjoy the stay, boys! 🙂

  6. And another one bites the dust…

    21 year old woman in Richland MS grabs a Walmart employee and threatens her with a gun, cops shoot and kill her when she refuses to release the woman and put down the gun… Riots will commence in 3-2-1…….

    • well at least there will be no Soros Pimp Prosecutor to lessen charges, release OR, plea bargain, or simply “forget” to prosecute. She has already been rid, convicted, sentenced, and is being punished. Forever. And at very little cost to the taxpaying public. (maybe process some paperwork, pay someone with a backhoe a few bucks to use it for a few minutes, and let her chuck up a few daisies………..

  7. Ohhh, I thought you meant the girl lived in a little rock apartment. Little Rock a town , ohh duh on me.

    • Next up, check out Slippery Rock, in Pennsylvania. I don’t even want to talk about Throg’s Neck, New York.

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