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The shooting prompted national and state leaders to issue familiar calls for stronger gun control measures. 

Sen. [Robert] Hertzberg’s bill is conditional on the Texas abortion law remaining valid and not struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

The bill is part of a larger legislative package touted by Gov. [Gavin] Newsom, which includes legislation prohibiting the marketing of firearms to minors, adding further restrictions on ghost guns and allowing individuals to sue gun manufacturers and sellers for harm caused by the products. 

“[Last] week’s unconscionable act of gun violence is a tragic reminder of the lives that are at stake in this crisis that endangers communities across the country,” Gov. Newsom, who is out of the country, said in a statement. 

Sam Paredes, the longtime executive director of the pro-gun Gun Owners of California organization, said lawmakers’ focus should be on “crime control” as opposed to gun control. 

“As long as you continue to put all of your attention and emphasis on some sort of agenda of gun control, we are going to continue to experience these types of horrific events,” Mr. Paredes told the News-Press. “All of the laws that are proposed on gun control only affect law-abiding citizens; they don’t affect criminals at all. 

“By definition, they’re criminals and don’t obey the law. It was an illegal act to shoot people; it was a criminal act to steal the gun that was used at the shooting; it was a criminal act to do a drive-by. All of those things are crimes, and the laws don’t prevent them from happening.” 

— Kaitlyn Schallhorn in California Senate Advances Gun Bill

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  1. “Smiley Martin was granted early release from prison last year while serving a 10-year sentence for domestic violence and assault with great bodily injury, the Sacramento Bee reported. The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office asked that he remain in custody, but Smiley Martin was released in February 2022.

    According to the newspaper, Smiley Martin recorded a Facebook Live video Saturday night prior to the shooting during which he allegedly displayed a firearm.”

    This is not rocket science. Lock up the animals and keep them in their cages.

      • No doubt. The dominate woke perspective is essentially that certain people from certain groups cannot be expected to behave in a civilized way and that’s okay because “culture.” To expect them to behave in a civilized way is exemplary of your oppressive white privilege.

        The wokies and progs are taking a position that would make the most ardent klansmen of yore blush.

        • Whenever Gun Control zealots carrying around an agenda rooted in racism and genocide smell blood they zero in on the Second Amendment…Because they know they can.

          But not to worry proper so-called defenders of the 2A will be on their knees in front of congress explaining, “sporting purposes.” And along the way you’ll have knee jerk “bigots” making indications the perps most likely came from a city populated with a certain race. Obviously some people have sneaky ways to say the n-word without saying the n-word…bigots must find ways to vent or they’ll choke on their own bile.

          So there you have it…The front line of defense for The Second Amendment…despicable.

    • I don’t like calling them “Animals”. I like Animals. They are precious life forms and usually only do ‘harm’ when mistreated or provoked or disturbed by stupid people invading and disrupting their environment and natural instincts and destroying their animal freedom by caging them for no reason other than the perverted profit or gains from their abuse. And I’m not a fanatic P.E.T.A. Activist by any stretch. Although I don’t hunt because I’m not ‘in need’ to do it for the meat although I’m extensively trained in ‘survival’ hunting. Even though I’ve been on African Safaries as a security/bodyguard but personally killing for trophy sport never ‘intrigued’ me after hunting people most of my life…

      I prefer to describe them as Subhuman Criminal Monsters who are obviously and demonstrably way too physically dangerous to the safety and peace of society in general. And historically, in a reasonably objective social construct, the remedy for such people was swift incarceration for public safety until further analysis and evaluation and solution, or summary lethal defensive removal from society if caught by police in an imminent threat of great death or great bodily harm on a victim. The system worked, for the most part. It wasn’t a patrol in the jungle waiting for an ambush or a sniper’s bullet to go for an evening walk around you block. People even slept with their windows open and only a screendoor closed. Psycho home invations almost unheard of.

      Over the course of time and social evolution, the specious notion of ‘Crime Prevention’ snaked into the collective of ‘Public Safety’ and has now morphed into the government obsession of ‘Extreme crime prevention’, even though anyone not absent basic cognitive ability knows that it is almost impossible, outside of SCMs being securely locked up to actually stop their criminal behavior to any meaningful level of success with ‘preventative measures’.

      So what do we do about the so-called epidemic of violent crimes? Drive a Military Tank down the boulevard Russian Style in Ukraine and open up on anybody looking funny with a GE minigun?

      Marxists want to not waste a ‘good’ problem by making more laws specifically designed to increase their Population Disarmament agenda. Then, like Australia, et al, they will worry about locking up all violent criminals AFTER everybody forfeits their firearms.

      Like the general consensus here agrees, there are already enough criminal laws to take them off the streets if conscientiously prosecuted? But why isn’t this happening? Could it be a similar sinister agenda plot to really NOT want to prevent crime so it keeps on spiraling out of control and gives their disarmament agenda false validation to instead make more gun restriction laws while simply ignoring everything else like prosecutors and Marxist Police State proponents are ignoring the criminal prosecutions of those in government and law enforcement who are, instead, more concerned about illegally depriving American Citizens of their Constitutionally guaranteed 1st, 2nd, and4th/A rights under 18-241-242?

      By expending no limit of resources on investigations and prosecutions and Due Process cruel and unusual punishment violations for the so-called criminal prosecution of our 1st/A rights to redress grievances under the law through mass assembly and untold expenses by alphabet agencies for illegal spying upon law-abiding citizens NOT in the process of committing and real crimes under the fake agenda based category of ‘Domestic Terrorism?

      But for some vague and suspicious media rationale, they simply can’t stop gangbangers from continuously ‘Shootin up the Town’ anytime they feel like it, unless they make more and more and more laws and rules and mandates to ban guns, which proves THEM to be part of the miscreant morass of malevolent MORONS acting as governing authority over the blatent Deprivation of Rights Crimes!

      Now, in big cities like Chicago, for instance, where a plethora of major and minor Criminal Street Gangs exist–2nd and up and coming 3rd Generation membership– I might add– and are responsible for committing most, if not all drive-by and drug-related shootings and other violent criminal enterprises like increased carjackings for the catalytic converters– it already automatically is a crime under 18-US-521,
      18-2-46.2 and other similar state level varients of the Criminal Gang participation crimes to be an active member of recognized criminal street gang that has a history and current record of criminal enterprise. These federal gang activity laws are enhanced at some state levels.

      Back in the day along with RICO statues the feds used these laws to take out serious organized crime and eventually literally broke the back of the Mafia forcing them to endeavor to make money in less violent business enterprize like Casino gambling and Sports book making.

      With the emergence of neighborhood punk street gangs in Chicago and so-called ‘gang-banging’ wars and violence when the CPD was mandated to take control of the streets, the gang problem was quickly ‘ameliorated’ under the Mayor Daley family dynasty because once the Beat Cops were given the green light to clean it up and made it a point to solve the problem they didn’t even need these specific gang activity laws. They had enough probable cause just to identify a bunch of punks who belonged to a known street gang and they knew every one of them, to stop and frisk because all such observations invariably involved some kind of illegal drugs, weapons, extorsion, theft, and etc.

      The difference back then was that if the punk gangs even looked at a cop sideways in the performance of his/her duty, or failed to immdiately disperse as ordered they’d be cuffed and brought to jail to spend a day or so on disorderly conduct charge besides any other offenses they were caught committing. This was a quick, effective way of criminal interdictdion. The blanket charge of ‘drunk and disorderly’ was a cover all, used primarily to diffuse and end the problem or disturbance. There was usually no criminal charge and you were dismissed before a magistrate, sometimes the court clerk, with a warning. Hopefully learning your lesson after a cold night in a wretched jail.

      If a group of bangers got too irritating, they’d cool out pretty quickly and often re-think belonging to a street gang after getting tired of spending sometimes every other night of week in a stinking jail cell.

      Additionally, there was a seriously enforced Curfew in those days. Absoulutely NO punks under 18 allowed out on the street by themselves after 10:30 with television ads runnning between commercials that said “It is now 10:30 pm. Do YOU KNOW where your children are?” Cops sucked up every underage teenager they spotted like shop Vacs in a .35 cent car wash, took them home and warned their parents and filled out a ‘Card’ on them that they turned in at the end of every tour with their tickets and other activity paperwork. If a kid got enough of these curfew violations the parents could get a call from a youth officer informing them that one more stop and they’d put a JVD report in their file and maybe bring them before a judge officially for a conviction on their record to begin the notorious ‘Rap sheet as long as your arm’.

      The general public, especially in the poorer ghetto hoods appreciated this kind of police work and often pointed out to the police where the punks ran to or were hiding.

      The difference between then and today is that nobody got away with everything so long that it got so bad that there nothing you could do about it anymore.

      The point here is that with modern technology like instant I.D., facial recognition, ALPR, immediate vehicle I’D’s and surveillance cameras literally on every sreet corner, computerized records, etc., It’s virtually impossible Not to KNOW anybody and everybody who is a member of a street gang, where they’re at, and what they ‘might’ be up to?

      Then, instead of waiting After the crime is committed, simply enhance the current gang associated laws to make only the ‘Membership’ in one of these street gangs a crime in and of itself. Then make a concentrated effort to police up the long time known members, at least the leadership and main bad actors, to assess if they are currently ‘active’ in the gang despite their denials. This can be easily determined by interrogations of their recent activity substatiated by other witnesses and corroberations and other obvious indicators like tatoos, priors, and associations.

      So as not to overcrowd jails and prisons initially, release them under court supervision until a hearing six months out the determination at that time for incarceration not unlike parole violation standards, depending upon whether they really departed gang membership, or not. If they are caught being involved in any gang related acts or ‘business’ and arrested during this 6 month probation, it is a mandatory 5 years just on the membership charge.

      I think that would immediately curb the gang war shootings and violence. At a fraction of the cost the Marxist legislators want to spend on more gun laws, registrations, illegal investigations of Unconstitutionally prohibited political or religious groups, Massive needless Surveillance of law-abiding citizens, and maintaining so-called enforcement agencies which do nothing but violate the Constitutional rights of people doing nothing violent or anything wrong.

      Remember, it is the Guarantee of swiftly being caught and seriously punished, that is the deterrent. NOT merely the ‘threat’ of it.

      That’s how you stop the rise in violent shootings.

      Assuming the extreme Leftist Marxists in government really wanted to stop them.

      Hopefully we’ll be able to rally and fix that this coming mid-term in Novermber.

      • I am afraid jfkjr is living in some Never Never Land. Chicago cops have long been known as the crookedest cops in the country. Starting with that other grand experiment in outlawing something that everybody desired, Prohibition, Chicago cops were an adjunct arm of the bootleggers. That almost absolute corruption has extended to present day. How many cops do you think give gang-bangers a pass on a weapons charge because they are getting a piece of the action with illegal drug sales? I don’t know if it is still the practice but it used to be standard practice to carry a folded $20 bill under your driver’s license so that when you were stopped the cop got your license and the 20. He kept the 20 and handed you back your license with a warning.

        Yes, cops were generally safe from punks because when arrested the punks would have problems avoiding doors and had a bad habit of falling down stairs when in the station house. That was just when the cops got carried away. Certain cops on the force were specialists in working you over so that all your injuries were internal and didn’t show. Corruption has been with us since the goobermint first tried to impose a tax on the manufacture of alcoholic beverages back in the 19th century before the country was 20 years old. If you would like to read about corruption, read the book, “Paddy Whacked.” It itemized in detail corruption in the bid cities starting with the late years of the 19th century all through the 20th century.

        It doesn’t say anything about corruption in small towns which also was rampant.

  2. New California laws will do little to end California’s and America’s rivers of blood flowing in the streets on an hourly basis.

    Only Federal Gun laws reduce the availability of firearms to criminals and psychopaths, that is exactly why ghost guns suddenly became so popular and prevalent in crime and mass murders. It also why Biden has banned them.

    Federal laws in other countries have reduced crime with firearms and certainly mass murders as well.

    Assault rifles and high capacity magazines , are weapons of war, and are now banned or severely controlled in all civilized countries and the laws have proved very successful and effective along with severe vetting, registration, and mental health tests in vastly reducing the amount of weapons available to criminals and mentally ill people.

    • Dacian, I know you’re just trolling. I probably shouldn’t even bother with a comment. But your comments do display a remarkable level of ignorance. I’m guessing you’ve never read US Code Title 18, Chapter 44, sections 922 thru 931 — that’s 40 pages of specific regulations). Nor have you perused The National Firearms Act (26 USC Chapter 53 — another 9 pages of regulations). Nor taken a gander at the Arms Export Control Act (22 USC Chapter 2278). Nor considered the Undetectable Firearms act of 1988. Nor even looked at the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990. Nor even skimmed the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993. Nor seriously pondered the futility of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994. Nor have you read the arbitrary rulings of the BATF enforcing these federal regulations. A plethora of federal laws exist. Laws rarely prevent the occurrence of crimes. Laws punish crimes. Gun control laws mostly infringe.

      • quote————-Dacian, I know you’re just trolling.———quote

        This is the standard Far Right response to anyone who disagrees with you. After all you scream we should destroy the 1st Amendment.

        Except of course Jimmy, like most of the uneducated Far Right, you ignore History which has proven you wrong decades ago. The foreign gun laws of Europe and Asia have been very successful in cutting way down on the amount of weapons that find their way into the hands of criminals and psychopaths.

        I might add the NFA Act in the U.S. has been very successful in regards to Machine guns and silencers. Just look at what happened in the U.S. before the NFA Law was passed. Once again ignorance has proven you wrong in your above mention of the NFA act.

        And after the 1994 Assault Rifle Ban the stats showed crime did go down as Robert Reich posted last year when quoting the studies.

        • “The foreign gun laws of Europe and Asia have been very successful in cutting way down on the amount of weapons that find their way into the hands of criminals and psychopaths.” Seems to me that Mr. Putin has all the arms he needs.

          The DOJ did a study of the effect of the 1994 Assault Rifle Ban and could find no statistically significant evidence of an effect one way or the other.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. Speaking of uneducated, your education is not “education” in any way shape or from. It was and is indoctrination.

          Again, this is not Europe or Asia. We have had a culture which has espoused gun ownership and the right of self defense since our inception. This is something that you Leftists refuse to accept.

          It is correct the 1994 “Assault Rifle” Ban shows that this “ban” did absolutely NOTHING to enhance your gun control agenda claims that it would stop murders. Crime went down, not because of the ban but because of economic conditions of the time.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead, your “gun control” laws do nothing to end gun violence. You see, a gun can’t kill anyone.

      The problem is a laxed justice system which lets criminals go free even after they are found guilty after short stays in prison or jail.

    • LOL “all civilized countries”

      like France where if you are Jewish and wander into the wrong part of town you get beat to death? Or teach the wrong thing and get your head chopped off?
      the UK wander into the wrong part of town and get knifed, or have acid tossed on ya?

      ‘Civilized’….ya right!

      • Japan which has among the strictest weapons control laws in the world. If you are a foreigner you are limited to carrying a knife with a blade no longer than 2 cm which is less than an inch

        Unless you are wealthy or a politician or a high ranking bureaucrat, you can’t own a firearm at all. There are a few exceptions. Hunters, after undergoing a very lengthy training period and apprenticeship can own a rifle or shotgun. It is interesting that the majority of Japanese hunters are elderly, having started during the war in order to keep food on the table. They got grandfathered in when the government got organized and starting regulating people’s lives.

        You need a permit to own a sword.

        Yet despite that crazies set fire to buildings and kill more people than anyone with a gun. They attack schools with large sushi knives and wreak havoc with the little kiddies. Yakuza prefer knives to guns because it limits civilian involvement which always gets the cops hot on crime due to the citizens raising hell about the crime problems. And the Japanese cops have some unique crime fighting tools at their disposal. They can hold an arrestee up to fifteen days incommunicado. That means you can spend 15 days in a holding cell without being able to tell anyone where you are. 99% of Japanese crimes are solved by confession which should tell you something. The cops can no longer question you non-stop for fifteen days. They have to give you a break from questioning. I am not up on how long the break has to be. That is a result of a rule from the Japanese Supreme Court who finally grew suspicious of so many confessions later recanted and somebody else being accused of the crime. So pointing to how peaceful Japan is vs. how violent the U.S. is is comparing apples and grapefruit.

        It is my understanding that if the Brit cops find a body in the street it isn’t counted as a crime until there is a conviction of a crime. That’s a very convenient way of hiding the true crime rate. It’s the same as the LAPD which rather inconveniently was found exposed. The C.o.P wanted to show low crime rates. The body was found and the cause of death was listed as loss of blood. True but the loss of blood was due to several severe knife wounds. No mention on the autopsy report about the knife wounds. Just loss of blood is natural cause and not a crime. Dead of loss of blood from stab wounds just might be a crime and that was an unwanted statistic. Didn’t matter, just a street bum, so not a major loss at least as viewed by the police.

    • You know, I crossed two rivers today. Twice. In two different states. One of the states just passed Constitutional Carry. The other has had Shall Issue for decades. We were promised rivers of blood then, too. Oh, I was turkey hunting so open carry was an option also. No blood in those rivers Pencil Neck. Or in the half dozen creeks I crossed. No blood in the streets either. Only blood I saw this morning was when Casey closed the deal on that 3 year old with a 10″ beard I called up for him. Your arguments are just weak.

    • Oh enlightened luminary of the masses (so seething with sarcasm it is dripping). Do pray tell how criminals who already fail to follow many state laws, and a lot of federal laws too, will suddenly follow FEDERAL firearms laws?

      Is it because the MIGHT and POWER of THE STATE is behind them?

      You are a very special kind of stupid.

    • Lock-step leads to lock jaw then locked up… and speaking of mental illness can you define it first? Your comment is the example of what a brain thinks shortly after it goes haywire.
      Your government is loathe to give up or give back the power the People granted it since The People seemed to be unaware of that. Non-intrusive govt was the idea but professors claimed we have a “living” Constitution and must adjust it everytime Madonna adjusts her G-string. Homosexual, Black, female are not qualifiers for any job or position that I know of but that is the path it seems. Middle-age homosexual, balding with a paunch is nothing to brag about but it will get you the job of governor in Colorado. Can we never get through an election anymore without genitalia and extreme kink being the deciding factors. I do not want that image in my head. These are the people that background check you! Visions of little girls feeling bidens fuzzy legs in the pool with Corn Pop lying dead in another pool, one of blood while creepy joe nuzzles the girls necks whispering sweet nothings into their rears, i meant ears… oh please God, make them stop. I shall file a report to the Department of Redundancy Department in the AM.

  3. Lot of folks are still convinced the “grabbers” are just doing this to protect them……they need to be forced to see what the real agenda is, hint; it doesn’t involve your safety!! You’ll just become a lot easier prey.

  4. The legislature in Sacramento is filled with grandstanding COWARDS, who have, and never will, address the Criminal control problem. It is far easier for these morally bankrupt COWARDS to write, and pass, more controls and restrictions on the law abiding, knowing that man will follow these laws “and accordingly all Experience hath shewn, that Mankind are more disposed to suffer, while Evils are sufferable,” up to a point where the infringements become insufferable, and a change in Government, becomes duty!

    • For the most part these “grandstanding COWARDS” do not live as We the People do on a daily basis.
      They, “grandstanding COWARDS”, feel safe and either don’t care or have no idea how We the People go about daily life.

  5. I’m convinced if Gavin Newsom hadn’t gone into politics, he’d have been a televangelist.

    Same skill set, you know…

    • Same fake-ass hair, too. Gavin Newsom is Gray Davis for idiots. Unfortunately, most “Dimocrats” in KKKalifornia are . . . mouth-breathing idiots.

        • Your Reckoning I doubt that. Lamp has more brains in his head than you can muster in your whole body. Do us all a favor and just go back to your corner and put that dunce cap back on.

  6. Incentive?
    Naw, it’s an excuse.
    They were already plenty motivated, they just needed an excuse so they can pretend they’re justified.

  7. “[Last] week’s unconscionable act of gun violence…”

    If that had been … “[Last] week’s unconscionable act of car violence…” would they want to enact laws to further restrict or ban cars for law abiding citizens?

    If that had been … “[Last] week’s unconscionable act of riot violence…” would they want to enact laws to further restrict or ban speech for law abiding citizens?

    If that had been … “[Last] week’s unconscionable act of gang violence…” would they want to enact laws to further restrict or ban law abiding citizens from assembling together?

    If that had been … “[Last] week’s unconscionable act of domestic violence…” would they want to enact laws to further restrict or ban law abiding citizens from being in relationships?

    If that had been … “[Last] week’s unconscionable act of domestic violence…” would they want to enact laws to further restrict or ban law abiding citizens from being in relationships?

    If that had been … “[Last] week’s unconscionable act of baseball bat beating violence…” would they want to enact laws to further restrict or ban law abiding citizens from having baseball bats during baseball games?

    If that had been … “[Last] week’s unconscionable act of rape violence…” would they want to enact laws to further restrict or ban law abiding citizens from having sex?

    On average: annually in California, of all the things people in California die from annually firearms account for about 0.9% or less of deaths (homicide, accident, suicide); Yet, despite the laws in California banning or restricting certain products (not firearms) ~100,000 annually people die from use of those products anyway in California (including fatal car accidents) and despite laws in California making murder illegal another ~30,000 die directly (murdered) by the hand of another (not using firearms – but including other means such as for example knives, clubs, strangulation, fists, feet, other blunt objects) and another ~40,000 die by other means not firearm related (e.g. accident or suicide).

    But, out of all this death in California, all you hear is “[Last] week’s unconscionable act of gun violence…” which only accounts for, on average, 0.9% (or less) of deaths in California annually.

  8. If one were an optimist they could believe that someone snuck that “right to sue gun manufacturers” into the bill knowing the whole thing would be struck down as violating federal S.397 – Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

    But then this is California.

    It could be that they are all Liberals and just stupid.

  9. what Commiefornia needs is an electric couch.. not just an electric chair…all inmates over a natural life sentences and child killers/rapist “have a seat!”….start cleaning house and making room…these people have no place in our society anymore…I volunteer to pull the switch for a steak dinner afterwards..

  10. Maybe instead of controlling the tool, which by the way, is the job of the wielder, they should work on controlling the criminal? More expensive bail, harsher sentences, less time off for good behavior for violent criminals. You want to rehabilitate? Fine! Do it during long periods of incarceration. I’m sure you can find many Fine Liberals willing to spend much of their time inside the prisons working with the inmates to better themselves. Get with the Religious organizations. They can give them training. Let us on the outside live in Peace and Tranquility know the offenders are off the streets, and behind bars.

  11. Not all that long ago if someone was convicted of a violent crime, they got sentenced to hard labor. But, hard labor was deemed as being cruel. Then it was chain gangs, again, deemed cruel, then the work farms were shut down. So now someone sentenced to prison has little to do but network with the various gangs, and learn how to be better at being a criminal.
    Now, I grew up in a farming community. Most of us farm kids didn’t get into the trouble the town kids did for a very simple reason. We worked and went to bed tired. Sure, we had our fun and got into the usual dumb stuff most youngsters get into. Thing is, most of us had firearms and knew how to use them. Had anyone checked the student parking lot, they would, in season, found enough weapons to outfit a company of Marines. Again depending on season, it would be anything from single shot .22 rifles, to shotguns, to heavy rifles such as Mausers, Springfields, and Garands. While handguns were not available until you were 21, many of us had used a parents pistol and had access to them.
    Now, here’s the difference in culture from that time and place, and what we see in the cities today.
    If you had a beef with someone, you took it to the street/parking lot and handled it 1 on 1, knuckle and skull. No weapons but your fists. In my home county, from as when I was a kid in the late 50’s through the late 70’s there was a grand total of 5 murders and about a dozen suicides involving firearms. 1 being both a murder followed by a suicide.
    We were taught to respect law enforcement. Perhaps not the individual officer, but police in general and to act accordingly. We were taught to respect our fellow man and ourselves.
    Today we see many young men, and some young women with no real self respect, no hope of being or having anything beyond what they see in the “hood”, and no respect for the law. A culture of violence and hate.
    it has taken generations of gang and thug life to bring things to the place we are now. It will take generations to repair the damages. Most of which were caused or promoted by the socialist/Marxist/Progressive policies and programs pushed by a single political party who’s agenda seems to be to get as many poor, miserable, disarmed, displaced and dependent on government as possible. Basically a return of a few lords and masters with the rest as serfs and slaves.
    Gun control has never been about public safety, controlling crime, disarming criminals, or preventing tragedies. And all about giving control of government over the populace and disarming the citizens to make them into subjects and servants of government.

    • The issue with chain gangs was the institutional abuse of the prisoners. In Louisiana , a sentence of hard labor on the chain gain of seven years or more was a virtual death sentence, since one in seven prisoners died annually. Prisoners were rented out to business men who did not provide adequate clothing, food or housing while working in the high humidity heat for which the south is so famous. Little wonder the practice was outlawed.

  12. “Federal laws in other countries have reduced crime with firearms and certainly mass murders as well.”

    Cue the Useful Idiot. And, there goes our “Special Kind of Stupid” Dacian again, right on que.
    Yeah, federal laws worked really well in Russia, China, Cambodia, Venezuela, Mexico, Rhodesia, Congo, pre-WWII Germany, and on and on wherever tyrants reign supreme…… Coming to a street, front door near you should ATF, Xiden, Pigloosi, Slummer, FineStain, continue in power and have their way.

    Dead bodies in school halls, WalMart aisles, slum streets et el are merely Useful Idiot Tools for the politicians’ agenda to control the law abiding, good guys willing, able, and endowed with their Creator’s inalienable right to keep and bear the tools to defend their freedoms, rights, liberties, and lives of their loved ones, themselves, and other law abiding citizens.

    Come on, Pigloosi and Xiden, hurry up and do your best RBG impression. Got my dancin’ shoes on and my bladder is full.

    Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns.
    They only control the good guys, which is their true agenda.
    “Tyranny is that which is legal for governments, but which is illegal for citizens.” so saith Tommy…..Tommy Jefferson.

  13. Apart from anything else I cannot for the life of me see the connection between the ABORTION LAWS and GUN CONTRL LEGISLATION. One of the other things that continuosly bugs me is the sheer vitriol in the USA that goes with any difference s of OPINION. It’s also beyond me as to why anybody who offers and contra -opinion, from gun-control legislation to abortion law to the establishment of a Nationally Funded Health Service is ALWAYS labelled as a COMMIE [which I take to mean a COMMUNIST] when the commentator obviously has no bloody idea as to what a ”COMMIE’ or COMMUNIST actually is.!!

    I think it’s about time for a little logic and CRITICAL THINKING here.

    There has never been as far as can ascertain any though of BANNING firearms inn the USA and unless I’m mistaken it’s always been about restriction of completely UNNESSESSARY possession.
    On medicien I have never understoof whyn it seems to be perfectly acceptable to have State Funded Medicine for the elderly but not for the young.

    Abortion? I’m not a great fan myself and I think that all too often abortion has replaced RESPONSIBILITY. But I am not a woman but I do support freedom of choice for women. I do wish sometimes though that those women would perhaps show a little more responsibility in their sexual mores and of course so should men. But inevitably it’s women who have the burden and responsibility of childbirth. I brough up me daughter as a single MALE parent to trust no man and accept that nature had ultimately given HER as a female [and in so much of animal life] the ultimate responsibility for child rearing so she had better bloody well get used to the idea and get her self in a position whereby she migh have to cope with children on her own!! AND SHE DID. And they’ve all done well for themselves at that!!

    • Albert Hall, Face it, you are a Commie. We all know it. You are for unlimited socialist control of the people and government. That my Leftist “friend” is Communism.


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