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Courtesy FBI and US Army
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Thanks to the wonders of social media, the  intellectual giants of Hollywood are able to grace us with their brilliant commentary on politics, current events and life in general. One of the most frequent topics of their missives — particularly after a high profile incident like Gilroy — is guns and gun rights, about which these over-paid, under-worked celebrities know so much little.

Enter has-been actress Rosanna Arquette, member in good standing of the Twitter Blue Check Mafia(tm). She shared her thoughts on “gun violence” in America in a simple tweet.


Apparently Arquette hasn’t been to Chicago, where 8 were killed and 43 wounded this past weekend and the overwhelming number of suspects in those shootings aren’t white.  That’s almost three times as many fatalities as Gilroy. And easily three times the number of wounded.

The weekend’s tally includes a pair of anti-violence activists.

Chicago Police department photos (Collage by Boch)

Against all odds, the CPD actually nabs some of these suspects occasionally and while most are male, few of them can be classified as white.

To be fair maybe her tweet was just poorly worded. Maybe she was only referring to high profile mass shootings such as those at Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, San Bernardino and the Washington Navy Yard.  But even then, non-whites and mixed race mass murderers outnumber whites.  Significantly.

mass murder offenders by race
Courtesy Emma E. Fridel

But don’t let little things like facts get in the way of the Blue Check Mafia(tm).


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  1. Apparently, Twitter thinks that spewing blatant racist lies is ok so long as they are directed at white people… Somebody want to get up in front of Congress and tell them all about how social media is “politically neutral” again?

      • The goal is to hate all males. Any male that acts like a man is a toxic devil.

        White people have already been taught to hate black males, now the statists want them to hate white males too. They want all men to be good-for-nothing.

        Don’t fall for the trap they setup to distract you from their true goals. Race fighting is a psychological operation intended to cause the self destruction of the resistance to tyranny.

        • “White people have been taught to hate black males”… that’s why so many of them voted for Obama. I hate to break this to you, but your race card is overdrawn and expired.

        • [(“White people have been taught to hate black males”)… that’s why so many of them voted for Obama…]

          True and True. Obama got a lot of white sympathy votes because whites are getting tired of being called racists. It was kind of trendy, in a politically-correct kind of way for a white guy to be able to say that he voted for a black man.
          Color is not suppose to make a difference yet people of color are continuing to want recognition for being a different color. They view themselves as ‘victims’ and teach their children these values. This kind of attitude creates an immediate disadvantage by casting a mold around the young and impressionable.
          Hate can be taught or learned by both sides.

        • @pwrserge

          Look at the policies from the government after the war. Look at the arguments made by Democrats for slavery. Look at the laws made to imprison black men.

          Don’t tell me Democrats never made an effort to make white people think less of black people and to fear black men. Don’t defend the KKK.

        • Holy Shit! My tablet just autocorrected “User 1″ into ” Used 1″ So much more fitting. …and frackin hilarious! Way to go tablet.

      • As someone remarked on another site yesterday, “Arquette used to be hot and dumb. She’s not hot anymore”.

      • What is an “uber-conservative” and what does it have to do with being white, liking whites or anything directly relating to race?

        • Jonanthan, that is a academic study out of Stanford Universality’s ANES study center. What is your objection to it? It illustrates what is going on with Arquette’s false claims.

          By far the most bigoted group in the US is white liberals, and their bigotry most targeted at white conservatives.

    • Don’t you know someone out there has it in their agenda to dehumanize Caucasians in the United States for political purposes. It’s propaganda on par with the propaganda the NAZIs used to dehumanize the Jews.

      I’m white but it doesn’t push racist buttons in me like it’s supposed to, although it does put me on the defensive in the sense of wondering who the hell is doing it, what the agenda is and how do we counter it.

      I’ll add that the term “white” has become the scapegoat adjective for anything that is not pro-progressive socialist and it’s being used to undermine our culture based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. White supremacists, white militia, white industrialists…if you want people to think it’s evil and you want them to hate it just explain why it’s evil and then label it as white.

    • White people have a right to exist, to live in peace in their own lands and to build a future for their posterity.

      White, as well as American nationalism is on the rise because Americans are sick of the diversity agenda. Whites have every reason to be pissed off.

      • Living peacefully in your own lands and ensuring a future for your children is evil racist Nazi colonialism when white people do it.

    • White People ? That is made up Census Welfare Terminology.We are caucasian.On the Road to Emmaus Jesus told his Followers We are 1 race but many cultures.or
      nationalitiesThe creatons who are Atheist and LGBTQ now P who deny Jesus
      also deny God. and Every Knee shall bow weather you like it or not.Hell is
      waiting for you.Be Careful what you wish for, trying to take out Christianity
      on U.S Soil.

    • Because the propaganda war is another front on the war that we must win to preserve human civilization in any form suitable for free minded people.

        • True, like Don Lemon on the debates, “what do you say to voters that prioritize economy over Trump’s bigotry” or some such, it’s like the ol’ “when did you stop beating your wife?” Lemonhead is just saying “we know Trump’s a bigot, that’s beyond debate,” has zero to do with legitimate journalism. Even though they were liberals, can you imagine Cronkite, Rather, Jennings, any of those notorious lefties actually framing a question that way? When you keep beating that drum, and people don’t get a lot of other sources of information, then it becomes their reality. He should be FIRED for such behavior, it’s outrageous. Likewise with the comment in question, keep saying it, people keep hearing it, it must be true, whites are the problem here.

      • The propaganda war is very real and democrats easily have the upper hand since they control media, academia, and entertainment. Case in point: Two recent polls of the best president (one poll the best ever, one poll the best in your lifeteime) in the United States had OBAMA as the clear winner, easily beating the likes of Washington, Lincoln, etc!!

    • We care because:
      1) She has some followers especially among older white women — the group most likely to get the facts of gun laws , gun crime trends and firearms in general objectively wrong (and because of those false beliefs the group most likely to oppose the Second amendment).
      2) the fact that she can tweet such racist nonsense and not be banned by Twitter is telling
      3) because 80% of US multiple shooting, 54% of US murder, and 21% of US mass shootings are done by blacks, who constitute 13.7% of the US population — and if you were to post those basic figures, citing them in FBI UCR or NYTimes where they are sourced, you would be banged by twitter with thousands of people calling you a racist.

    • Sister of David. Mother was Jewish. Father was converted Muslim. Had a tranny sibling as well. Her only child claims she was raped in her pre-teens.

      A lovely family.

  2. Give her a break, she is trying to compete with Gwyneth Paltrow and that requires drastic measures;-)

  3. Actress Rosanna Arquette is full of Bravo Sierra and she isn’t even aware of it,or perhaps she is just delusional.

  4. You with the FACTS, take them and leave. We don’t want them. We don’t need them. We hate them.

    Courtesy of Al Gore. Thanks Al. 😉

  5. Main stream America doesn’t care about inner city gun violence unless Mothers is padding the gun violence numbers. The shootings they care about aren’t even bank robberies but the ones that they can’t predict. This scares them!

    The ones that do this, the school shootings, garlic festivals, are predominately white males. Then they blame the gun anyway. When there is an ideology as a motive it swings the conversation so that perhaps the shooter felt aggrieved so it’s “justified” in some liberal universe.

    This isn’t about white males. These miscreants are spoiled and because of that have no emotional regulation. They aren’t men. They’ve been coddled by first their parents then the system. Here’s a participation trophy! Safe space! Parents let them watch R rated video in middle school and they can’t handle discussion of the Killing Fields in high school or college. It’s too upsetting. Then they want to toss the Constitution.

    I’m glad someone is pointing this out. Because blaming the gun is useless.

  6. Maybe she was talking about school shootings after seeing the Gilroy shooter being a light skinned teen.

    Are mixed race whites not white enough? Sounds like white supremacist rhetoric.

    I heard a lot of east coast whites are actually mixed with some native American DNA and we know modern whites are mixed with Africans, which would make some Americans a trifecta… We also know Elizabeth Warren is as white as a white person in Europe can get, which is amazing for an American to “accomplish.”

    Let’s not forget that some black Americans are actually white too. Barack Obama has a white mother and in his early years was raised by his white family as Barry. Colin Kaepernick has a white mother and was raised by white people whom adopted him. I heard both their fathers are black and did what most black fathers in America do today: they left once they got the girl pregnant.

    Black power, no doubt. Strong enough to run from your child’s life…

    • So… now we have the Demokkkommies circling back to the old “one drop” rule so long as it helps them heap scorn on the honkeys… Yeah… funny how people’s race entirely depends on what is convenient for the Demokkkommie narrative at the time.

      • Race is about politics. Has been since the beginning. It’s a distraction and a form of manipulation.

        Family environment, intelligence, culture, etc, are more important to talk about but such discussions will actually fix problems. Can’t have that. No way does a leftist want to fix problems, they want to create more. Perfect example would be gun control, they admit their “solutions” wouldn’t and won’t stop mass murder but they got to do something.

        Passing more gun control causes other problems. They know that and don’t mind admitting it to the public. Yet they still win because emotion is what Americans thrive on.

        Race politics is highly dependent on emotion over logic.

        So I combine both with Black Guns Matter memes to make a mockery of it all.

        • The Party of Science wants to deny actual data and pretend that skin color explains everything.

          Nigerian American average income: $61,000
          Indian American average income: $110,000
          Taiwanese American average income: $82,000
          White full time worker average: $48,000
          Black full time worker average: $37,000

          1. White supremacy isn’t working worth a flip
          2. Nigerian Americans make more than white Americans and over 1.6x more than black American born citizens.

        • @ Dude those are almost all Nigerian born, and we only take educated professionals from Nigeria. Nigerian farmers can’t get visas to immigrate to the US.,

          You’d probably get the same elevated income looking at Bangladeshi Americans a generation ago since there was a massive brain drain. Bangladesh was the poorest country on earth but could still manage to educate their >135 IQ people fairly well– and we got half of those top intellect people from there coming here

          If you want to look at ethnic or ethnic background groups in the US you ave to separate immigrant populations from native born, and look at immigrant, second gen and third gen. We are getting massive waves of the lower educated persons from Central America since you can walk here from there, and we get the top 1% of lots of further afield countries.

  7. This the sister of “it’s da jooos” David Arquette?
    It’s strange watching all these entertainers brains rotting in real time.

    • There’s also the (now dead from AIDS) transsexual actress in their family, Alexis Arquette. His real name was Robert and did the worst impersonation of Divine.

  8. Back in the day Rosanna had a really nice pair of tits and liked to show them off in her movies. Unfortunately, tits aren’t brains.

    • Yeah, she was a babe but then so is AOC for that matter but as the old Lovin Spoonful song goes “Only Pretty, What a Pity{

      • @33Charlemagne I have a friend who thinks AOC is attractive. He told me he would like to take her home and screw her brains out. I told him, sorry, somebody beat you to it.

  9. “The United States had become a place where entertainers and professional athletes were mistaken for people of importance.”

  10. I am a white male and it is a well established fact that white male domestic terrorists are responsible for far more mass shootings than foreign born, females, minority or Islamic terrorists. Somewhere on the Internet is a copy of the FBI report from 2015 that shows the statistics.
    Why someone would say “all” is really stupid since it doesn’t take much to find examples of shooters who are not white males (such as the Riverside murderer couple).

    • This may be true. Perhaps a better way to classify them is to say no mass shooters have ever been members of NRA, FPC, GOA, SAF, etc. So they clearly don’t support responsible gun ownership. 😐

      • It isn’t true. That 2015 Eric Holder (Obama’s DOJ chief) report is not PER CPAITA and it leaves off Hassan at Forth Hood who exchanged scores of emails right up until the attack with senior Al Queda and calls that “workplace violence” even though Hassan was totally politically motivated. its definitions somehow excludes the shooting of 15 people in a racist and terrorist attack on cops by BLM supporter Micah Xavier Johnson and excludes scores of racist and or terrorist attacks by Muslims or non-whites in the US.

        it counts nasty white identity gangs as race based but does not count Hispanic identity (Ms-13 et al) or black identity (Crips/Bloods, et al) gangs as race based identity gangs when that is what they are

    • Are you being sarcastic? Did you actually read the article, or at least look at the FBI data posted?

    • you are completely incorrect when you look at PER CAPITA.
      Muslims mass murder more per capita in the US, both in workplace killings and terrorist mass killings than no- Muslim whites do

      And 80% of US multiple shooting, 54% of US murder, and 21% of US mass shootings are done by blacks, who constitute 13.7% of the US population. As far as politically motivated whites actually commit less per capita than their per capita numbers.

      The “Muslims commit less, whites commit more” is based on not counting Al Qaeda sympathizer and Muslim fanatic Hassan (Ft Hood), not counting Omar Mateen, in the case of blacks not counting tepooritst and BLM motivated Micah Xavier Johnson, and not counting many other mass killers who were Muslim or black and motivated by terrorist goals.

  11. Who in g×ds name gives a crap what a has been washed up actress thinks or says??????. Just go and fade away into the woodwork please.

  12. She can read newspapers. Sorry about this people but guys yelling Allahu Akbar are not “white” and would probably be pissed if called that to their faces. And the blacks would probably feel the same way. It’s too bad lying whore is not a politically correct expression.

    • Aren’t Arabs and Jews technically white according to geneticists? I know they are not considered white because of politics and white supremacy ideology. Even Italians and other Europeans were not considered white for a long time.

      White supremacists think only Germans and British are white.

      • If you define white as European then no. If you look at genetic clusters of Europeans then also no. If you want to pad your crime statistics to make whites look more violent then Arabs and Hispanics are white

        • I forget all the genetic research I looked at because I don’t care about “race.” I care more about psychology than ethnicity. The consequences of societal culture is more interesting than genes.

          From what I remember, middle eastern people are mixed like other Europeans and most can be considered white in terms of race. Obviously, ethnicity is a different thing and creates more distinctions, which is why the Nazis argued Italians (and other ethnicities) weren’t white.

          There is said to be 3 human species that combined (aka made babies) to create the modern humans of today, I guess you could consider those branches as races. Current “whites” are a combination of African and European species of human, East Asians are a combination of European and Asian species. I guess if you are straight African you haven’t genetically combined with the European or Asian spieces.

          White supremacists argue that ethnicities that live closer to Africa and East Asia are not “white.” Their science was based off physical appearance and politics, but even today those arguments remain as if scientific fact (to white supremacists).

          Some black supremacists are very proud not having any Neanderthal DNA. They like to tell white people they are the true pure race. Some even go as far as to say the Americas were populated by Africans not Asians. They also take credit for Egypt.

          In the end, most of the race stuff is based in politics and ego.

        • USER1 it is the left that insists on maintaining race enshrined in US law, politics and policy, and discourse, insisting on race based double standard advantages with college access, college financial subsidy, work quotas, as well as the definition of electoral problems and even criminal justice.

          The left insists on lecturing on how unfair it is that 40% of Americans who are imprisoned are black, when they are 13.7% of the population, when in fact that cohort commits 42% of violent felony and 54% of US homicide.

          it is the left that insists the only relevant metric of electoral administration and result is if racial minorities participate more or less.

          In my state 27% of the population is African American. We hear endlessness that the fact that 36% of those shot by police here are black shows a per se shows a bigotry by police. It turns out that in my state 45% of shootings and stabbingsof police are by black males, and black males commit 77% of all murder in my state.

          Fair minded people want to be fair about race. Everyone rational and fair wants to be color blind and look at each individual without prejudging them. But we are also living in a wold where utterly false narratives by BLM and its supporters right up to our prior president and his racist AG, Eric Holder, were used for political gain.

          The double standards are self evident. The issue is not what Rosanna Arquette thinks but what would happen to any persons (“D-list” “has been” celebrity or not) if the statement were inverted.

          Forget Arquette. We had Senator and presidential candidate Corey Booker talking about how 50% of gun murder victims are black, quoted everywhere, retweeted favorably. What would happen if an opponent of his were to note the also true fact: 54% of US gun murder PERPS are black?

          As far as ethnicity (different from race) there absolutely are crime correlations as well, and they are relevant since ethnicity do often carry with them trends on family structure, attitudes toward family violence, work ethic etc. That influence by ethnicity and an ethnicity’s subculture is covered in standard sociology. no one is jumping up and down shouting “racism” when sociology studies note the fact that average Jewish Americans are in top three education and income . It is not ‘racist” to note Muslim men do engage in very serious domestic violence more often — per capita — than the average American. yes some people are immersed in their ethnicity and its affect on their behavior, and some with the same background not at all, but on average ethnicity does have an effect, at least for the first few generations.

        • First of Arabs are genetically white and Hispanics aren’t a race.

          Race is not strictly color it is a set of physical properties. If you were to lay skeletons of an Arab, Ethiopian, European, Indian (sub continent) African and East Asian side by side a forensic anthropologist would group the first four together. Color does not determine race. According to the description of King David in the Bible you could drop him in a pub in County Cork and he would fit right in and yet some of the tribes were dark skinned. Same thing with other Caucasian groups. They range from Vikings to dark skinned Hindus.

          Now, Hispanic is defined as a Spanish speaking or surnamed individual from the Western Hemisphere. Spaniards and Sephardic Jews do not qualify even if they have Spanish surnames or speak Spanish or Ladino as their native language. An Hispanic can be white like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez or Pope Frances, or the can be black like David Ortiz or Mariano Rivera.

          And the assumption that the human populations that emerged from Africa are identical to the people who live there now is a bad assumption. We have no idea what those people looked like and we don’t enough preserved remains to ever know.

      • White supremacist ideology?…..just when I thought I’d read the dumbest fing comment online……

  13. I can prove with geometric logic that 100% of white male shooters are white males. It’s been proved!

    • Funny…I’ve never met a Jew who hated white people. They’re a bit leery of Iranian leaders, sure, but white people in general?

      Please explain.

      • I know a lot of Jewish people that “hate” other white people. I know of Jewish people that think they are better than everyone, including certain Jews. They consider themselves the chosen people and they deserve to be treated as such. To them “white” people need to follow the chosen people, if they don’t they are considered racist.

        • Interesting take. You must hang out with the Jews from across the tracks.

          I’ve only interacted with Jews who view Americans in general as brothers, and Christians in particular as their “spiritual” brothers. Certainly have never hung out with any who hate Whitey. In fact, I’ve never even known any with a bad attitude.

          I’ll concede that there are exceptions to every rule, but I guess they’ve gravitated to you for some reason.

      • A quick look at who produces all of the anti white propaganda should be educational.
        A search of who has been running all of the minority grievance organizations (hint, NAACP wasn’t founded by blacks) should also be educational.
        Once you’ve done those things look for “Twitter fellow whites” examples, that should be entertaining.

        • Dan, I do believe that you or I could type a few keywords in Googlez and find *some* articles here or there that would show an individual or organization run by a whitey-hating Jew. But that’s not my point. You made a rather broad statement that clearly conveys your belief that Jews in general hate whites in general. I could type in a few keywords and find articles supporting the view that Jews are friends of whitey.

          I fully disagree with your assessment, and I’m saying that my own experiences over my lifetime convey the complete opposite. All the Jews I’ve ever interacted with have never expressed any hate for whites.

          And I have no hate for them.

          Aren’t we supposed to be talking about guns?

      • I don’t segregate myself from the various people of the world. I wouldn’t call most people friends even if I associate with them regularly. I can’t create an artificial bubble/safe space for myself and pretend the world isn’t what it is. It’s better to be enlightened. It allows me to see all perspectives but at the same time it brings hate from all directions.

        Most people just want to take the safe route and create a safe space to be proud of.

        I have been called a leftist by the right and a right winger by the left. I have been called racist towards whites by white people and racists towards blacks by black people. I have been called a cop hater by cop lovers and a cop lover by cop haters. On and on…

        I am not that simple of a human. I don’t fit in a political safe space where I can team up with a tribe to battle other tribes until extinction. I guess you can say at this point of time in human existence I can live such a luxury. Most people are trying to take that away.

        • That sounded wonderful.

          If I could only understand what in means, and how it pertains to my original statement. I *think* you’re suggesting that I prefer a safe space just because I don’t see the hate in others that you see as being so prominent?

          When I was in high school long ago, the only racism I was ever aware of was in the history books (Jim Crow, Civil Rights of the ’60s). My three best friends were black, Taiwanese, and Cuban. Racism never crossed my mind. Fast forward to college, and suddenly people are getting into my face and telling me I really, really, really needed to be angry over all the supposed racism in the world around me. And yet after half a century, I STILL have not ever seen it on a grand scale. Sure, some whites have made some low-level comments in their conversations with me, but so have blacks and Latinos. But Al Sharpton-style deep hatred, especially by Jews toward whites? Nope, never seen it, despite the few examples one might find out there on the Interwebs about extremists.

          So am I seeking a safe space? Hardly. I just happen to live in the real world, where (here in Los Angeles) there is certainly a mix of every ethnicity you can think of. And despite living here my entire life, I have yet to personally encounter a Jew who hates white.

          And in case Dan Zimmerman is reading through this…guns, guns, guns. 🙂

      • I’ll concede that there are exceptions to every rule, but I guess they’ve gravitated to you for some reason.

        I was just explaining how I know what certain people think although I may not think like them or agree with them.

    • This is an important and relevant topic because Jews vote overwhelmingly left/anti-gun, and despite only being roughly 2% of the US population, they have a near MONOPOLY of our media, and thus are extremely influential. They also spearhead organizations, such as the ADL, SPLC and other radical left wing orgs that constantly try to censor any right-wing viewpoint across social media. Not only that, but they are also vastly overrepresented in pro open-borders and pro amnesty NGOs. These organizations have been disastrous to the US and European demographics. (Notice how they ONLY advocate for mass immigration in white majority countries)

      A lot of the conservative, Fox News (aka Zionist news) watching boomer generation seems to have this romanticized viewpoint of Jews and Israel. What they don’t seem to ever realize is how extremely hypocritical the Jews have been. In Israel, they have one of the strictest immigration systems in the world and are constantly deporting non-ethnic Jews, but when they come here, they advocate for more immigration.

        • Open our eyes, please. Other than OT Scripture foretelling the Messiah, I’m curious to know your thoughts on this.

        • In hell in a lake of boiling shit. This is what Jews think of Christ.

          Christianity and Judaism are as different as can be. Christianity is the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord, Judaism is the rejection of Christ.

          Jews were chosen to receive Jesus and they killed him. I guess they liked being special and didn’t appreciate salvation being open to everyone.

        • Um, Dan, are you trying to be as wrong as you can get on purpose? A boiling lake of fire for Jesus? Are you kidding us all with this?

          Jews believe very much in the Christ (Messiah). They most certainly do not reject Him or the concept. They simply did not believe that Yeshua was the Christ, and orthodox Jews are still waiting. They overlook Isaiah 53, which clearly foretold what would happen.

          Sounds like you are neither a Christian nor a Jew, and understand neither.

          So anyway, back to guns…

      • Well, when you live in a small country surrounded by nations who have tried to wipe you off the map for over half a century, and still openly declare that they will one day – oh yeah, and launch rockets over the border into your people over and over again – then I’ll listen to your stance on how it is to be a Jew living in Israel. Right now, you sound more like a college student griping about things she knows nothing about.

      • “What they don’t seem to ever realize is how extremely hypocritical the Jews have been. In Israel, they have one of the strictest immigration systems in the world and are constantly deporting non-ethnic Jews, but when they come here, they advocate for more immigration.”

        Israeli Jews =/= Jewish-American Persons

        If the Israeli Jews did not deport non-Jewish “refugees”, they would soon by outnumbered in their own land.

        Jewish-Americans, by about two-thirds, advocate for “refugees” to swamp us, and by extension, their own country. Whether they are villainous or fools, I can’t say. In either case, two-thirds of Jewish-Americans are infected with Leftist ideology.

  14. Hollywood experts… sigh. Racism is BAD! (True) Now I’m going to draw a color line! (Hypocritical)

  15. Most Of America’s Terrorists Are White, And Not Muslim
    Right-wing terror is real, and it’s a problem.
    By Sarah Ruiz-Grossman

    When it comes to domestic terrorism in America, the numbers don’t lie: Far-right extremists are behind far more plots and attacks than Islamist extremists.

    There were almost twice as many terrorist incidents by right-wing extremists as by Islamist extremists in the U.S. from 2008 to 2016, according to a new report from The Nation Institute’s Investigative Fund and The Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal.

    Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard.
    Support HuffPost
    Looking at both plots and attacks carried out, the group tracked 201 terrorist incidents on U.S. soil from January 2008 to the end of 2016. The database shows 115 cases by right-wing extremists ― from white supremacists to militias to “sovereign citizens” ― compared to 63 cases by Islamist extremists. Incidents from left-wing extremists, which include ecoterrorists and animal rights militants, were comparatively rare, with 19 incidents.

    When it comes to right-wing extremism, attackers are also ‘mostly men’ and ‘almost purely white.’
    Reporter David Neiwert
    While the database makes a point of distinguishing between different groups within right-wing extremism, lead reporter David Neiwert told HuffPost that “those are all gradations of white supremacy, variations on the same thing.” When it comes to right-wing extremism, attackers are also “mostly men” and “almost purely white,” Neiwert said.

    Attacks by right-wing extremists were also more often deadly, with nearly a third of right-wing extremist incidents resulting in deaths compared with 13 percent of Islamist extremist cases resulting in deaths. However, the sheer number of people killed by Islamist extremists ― a total of 90 people killed ― was higher than the death toll at the hands of right-wing extremists ― 79 people killed.

    Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has focused his rhetoric and policies almost entirely on countering Islamist extremism, and not white supremacist extremism.

    “As with a lot of things related to Trump and the Islamophobic right, the reality is viewed through an upside-down looking glass,” Neiwert said. “The reality is the most significant domestic terror threat we have is right-wing extremism.”

    Jeremy Christian, accused of fatally stabbings two men who tried to stop Christian from harassing two young black women
    Jeremy Christian, accused of fatally stabbings two men who tried to stop Christian from harassing two young black women who appeared to be Muslim, in Portland, Oregon — May 30, 2017.
    The Investigative Fund’s findings reflect those of previous studies of domestic terrorism. The New America Foundation, for instance, which has been tracking deadly terror incidents on U.S. soil since the Sept. 11 attacks, also finds an almost two-to-one ratio of attacks by far-right extremists to Islamist extremists, with 21 deadly attacks by far-right extremists, compared to 11 by Islamist extremists.

    Despite the facts, many Americans still associate terror attacks with Islamist extremists rather than far-right extremists, Neiwart noted.

    “I think the larger perception in the public ― and this includes many progressives and liberals ― is the inversion of the reality: that the greatest threat we face is Islamist radicals,” Neiwert said. “And it’s reflected in the way the press report upon various kinds of domestic terror attacks: When it’s a white domestic terrorist, they underplay it, write it off to mental illness.”

    The reality is the most significant domestic terror threat we have is right-wing extremism.
    Reporter David Neiwert
    The media has a long history of double standards when it comes to covering terrorism ― starting with how slow mainstream media is to label attacks by white perpetrators as “terrorism,” and quick to label them as such when attackers are perceived as nonwhite or “other” ― and specifically, Muslim.

    Part of problem is the complex nature of how officials choose to categorize attacks as terrorism. The FBI has specific criteria its uses to classify terrorist incidents ― but the public doesn’t always agree with officials’ labels. For instance, many people condemned the government for not labeling Dylann Roof a terrorist after he killed nine black churchgoers in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015, even though he specifically said he was there “to shoot black people,” according to witnesses.

    “There’s actually a debate over whether what Dylann Roof did was domestic terrorism, when it so plainly is domestic terrorism,” Neiwert told HuffPost. “A lot of this has to do with embedded judgements about where these threats come from ― and that has to do with fear-mongering around Islamophobia.”

    Investigative Fund’s interactive map showing terrorism incidents by ideology since 2008. 
    Investigative Fund’s interactive map showing terrorism incidents by ideology since 2008.
    The solution, according to Neiwert, lies with the government first acknowledging the scale of the problem of far-right extremism, and then dedicating resources to fighting it.

    So far Trump has shown a clear double standard in his response to terrorism: After Islamist extremists attacked London on June 3, for instance, Trump condemned the violence on Twitter the same day ― but after an attack in Portland, Oregon, by a white supremacist on May 26, Trump waited more than two days before tweeting about it. After the London attack, Trump also called on the courts to reinstate his travel ban on certain Muslim-majority countries ― which was roundly criticized. After the Portland attack, Trump made no calls to change policy to prevent future attacks.

    The Trump administration also reportedly just dropped funding for nonprofit Life After Hate, a group that helps people leave the white supremacist movement.

    Bradd Jaffy

    Trump administration has dropped funding for a group dedicated to de-radicalizing neo-Nazis and stopping white extremism. via @playbookplus

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    9:18 AM – Jun 23, 2017
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    But it’s not just Trump that’s the problem. The Fund’s database goes back to 2008 and shows clearly how government resources have been disproportionately dedicated to tackling Islamist extremism over right-wing extremism. The government succeeded in interrupting the vast majority of Islamist extremist terror cases since 2008, for instance: 76 percent of incidents tracked were “foiled plots,” which the group noted showed “a significant investment of law enforcement resources.” When it came to right-wing extremism, only about a third of incidents were interrupted ― 35 percent ― and the majority of the cases included acts of violence that led to deaths, injuries or damaged property.

    At the end of the day, it’s not only on the government to acknowledge the reality of the growing threat of far-right extremism, according to Neiwert, it’s on everyone from members of the media to average Americans.

    “First thing we need to do is recognize that it’s there, it’s a problem, it’s a threat ― as great a threat as Islamists,” Neiwert said. “And it needs to be taken seriously.”

      • Vlad is a lefty and the left has mainstreamed a anti-Semitism. You have to understand Vlad thinks Nazis are bad because they want to kill Jews because they aren’t white. Vlad thinks Jews should be eliminated because oppress people of color. See the difference?

  16. “Rosanna Arquette: All of the shooters in America have been White males. White terrorists. The end.’”

    Well, it’s blatantly obvious she’s color blind…

  17. The white Liberal, (communist, socialist, progressive, or whatever they call themselves, homosexual or straight) is the worst kind of human being. They are racist to the core. They have always been gun grabbers. They have always supported telling who you can have sex with and what kind of sex you should have by passing laws they love to enforce.

    They loving using government force. Including deadly force.

    And you Libertarians, are not all, but nearly just as bad. And your F*ckups started even before you were so happy to have former gov William Weld as you choice as VP.

    Hypocrite pig Libertarians say the government should stay out of the bedroom. But they support taxpayer funds for abortion. They support gay marriage. And support the welfare industrial complex, because they support single motherhood. And THEY KNOW what they are supporting when all of the social consequence are created in places like West Baltimore Maryland, FROM SINGLE PARENT FAMILIES. And having no father and his guns in the home.

    Trump is right. Why do white Libertarians care so much about the illegal alien kids but not american kids. They are like Rep Cummings in Baltimore.

    • At least throw some criticism of Republicans into your call outs. You act as if Republicans are perfect goody two shoes.

      By the way, is not the Libertarian party as much as FOX isn’t the Republican party.

      • Sadly the republicans use to support gun civil rights without question. Is that better for you now???

        • I’m simply giving you advice so you don’t come off as a political shill for a particular tribe over principle. It’s not about me. Plus, a good rant requires everyone to get roasted.

          I think you are doing it wrong if one part of the room is cheering. Once you get to a high level the entire room cheers for the truth.

        • user1
          I know that homosexuals, Liberal blacks, Democrats and Libertarians think they are above reproach. They think their “sh*t don’t stink”. Well they are WRONG. They all have and still support policies that deny civil rights to american citizens. Libertarians have joined them to become Internationalist. And that I find very sad. Because they have given up on their principles to join the “I want to be popular” crowd.

          As far as I’m concerned you didn’t get to hide behind your sex (male or female), skin color, or sexual orientation. These folks aren’t use to being held accountable for the things they support. Its new to them.

          So they call you a racist or a homophobe. They call you intolerant. A hater and so on. These words have been so diluted they mean nothing now.

          Just as the NRA never should have endorsed Mitt Romney, who signed anti-gun civil rights legislation. The Libertarian Party should never have put William Weld on their ticket who also signed anti-gun civil rights legislation.

          I notice that Libertarians like to say that Bernie Sanders voted against the Iraq war. They say thats proof he is antiwar. They are WRONG. Sanders voted to support the bombing of Serbia. Bernie supports the war criminals Bill and Hillary Clinton. As do EVERY SELF DECLARED ANTI- WAR big mouth.

          “Bernie Sanders, First Libertarian Socialist?”

          What is Libertarian socialism???? I think this is what happens when you choose to become popular. Instead of sticking to your principles. Probably caused by excessive drug use. And there are consequences to that to.

    • It’s sad to say but reason has a terminal case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. They need to be humanely put out of their misery.

  18. I’m getting sick and tired of these ultra racist liberals spouting off nonsense on social media.

    • It’s called race baiting.

      They do it to get white people angry and make them behave like white supremacists. They conduct reverse psychology on Republicans to get them to behave like the people Democrats say Republicans have always been.

      White people and Republicans willfully fall right into their trap.

      • It’s to demoralize us. If we actually behaved like the accuse of of behaving they would be much nicer.

        Being the most tolerant and peaceful group of people on Earth has earned us nothing but scorn.

        • White Democrat men were very horrible people, some say they still are. So, no, white people have not been the most tolerant and peaceful people. Some white people have changed, others are holding on strong to their supremacist past.

          Don’t let people dictate your behavior toward the negative. Be your own person and do what is right.

  19. “Wasichu” is the harbinger of death. The indigenous peoples of America have long known this. Japanese Americans who were wrongfully imprisoned during WW2 know this. The Vietnamese immigrant fishermen who had their boats burned in Texas during the Vietnam War era know this. And innocent blacks who have been targeted by white police for the past 100 years know this. But “Wasichu” ignores the facts. “Wasichu” continues the abuse of POC. When will the injustice of “Wasichu” end? It will end in 2021 when Kamala Harris, supported by the greatest president who ever lived, Barak H. Obama, is swept into office by a tidal wave of POC and their immigrant friends. No longer will be POC be treated as second class citizens. And no longer will we need to live in fear of guns.

  20. “All of the terrorists in America have been Muslim males. Muslim male terrorists. The end.’” There.. we’re even.

      • Maybe that’s why some of these Muslims get so angry and shooty. They don’t know where the snack bar is, they keep asking, but nobody will answer, and they’re very hungry.

  21. For some reason, i’m not able to link any bitchute videos on here, but if you want some insight into the phenomenon of jews being vastly overrepresented and influential in the radical left, white-bashing, pro guntrol movement, I recommend you get on bitchute and look up a video called “The Culture of Critique for normies” and a follow-up of American Krogan’s “Jordan Peterson and the JQ”.

      • I’m not exactly sure what the holocaust has to do with this topic, other than spouting “muh holocaust!” to try and quell any serious discussion about jews in general. Whether jews were systematically killed or not, the “6 million” number is grossly exaggerated.

        So to answer your question: Do I believe in the “official” narrative of the holocaust? Absolutely not. Nor should anyone. Why should anyone believe any narrative set when, in some countries by force of law, is not allowed to be questioned?

        • Cory, I read this forum frequently without commenting much, but trying to get rational, critically thought out responses to many of the narratives that deserve questioning is a waste of effort. Come here for the gun reviews. They are excellent. The comments on the articles….save yourself the headache, unless you’re a sadist.

        • @Thetruthaboutthisforum
          Yeah, unfortunately I am seeing that to be the case as well. Stick strictly to guns, indeed.

      • Do you believe the Europeans committed genocide against “Indians” in the Americas? Or are you one of those people that believes a virus killed 90% of the Indians, it wasn’t weapons and European people that did it? That Europeans came, left and returned to find empty land for them to settle on?

        • Why the deflection? Of course the Europeans killed Native Americans. And many Europeans were killed by Native Americans as well. Both sides had blood on their hands. Don’t tell me you’re one of those that think all the Native Americans were all living in peace and harmony until the evil White Europeans showed up. The native tribes were just as brutal to each other long before Europeans came to America.

          The only nations without blood on their hands are dead and gone.

        • @Cory

          Your white pride is clouding your judgement. Come on now, you are supposed to be more intelligent than that.

          I just wanted to know if he picks and chooses what he wants to believe based on his personal politics. We now know you do…

          You got to do better than that, brother.

        • Cory is obviously a petty antisemite loser. I am
          More inclined to think he is a left wing “meat puppet” since the left tends to demonstrate antisemitic statements more often.

          That said on native Americans, while there certainly were racist genocide policies, often openly advocated by Spanish, French, Dutch, British, Portuguese and later US and Canadian and Mexican, Brazilian, Argentinian etc authorities, it is historic revisionism to note peer reviewed work postulating that up to not 90%, but in fact up to 95% of Native American population, were killed by inadvertent pathogen transfer. Measles and especially smallpox is certainly likely to have killed 80% of native Americans in the 16th century and may have killed up to 95%.

          Even more recently cutting edge science with DNA analysis of precontact Native American specimens compared to surviving native populations in north and South America is indicating the sharpest “bottleneck” event known in human history and tied directly to a tiny population of native Americans with what was an extremely rare measles and smallpox resistance gene among native Americans, surviving a mass death event about 450-500 years ago.

          There is also increasing aDNA (ancient dna) science showing mass death waves with broad population impacts on other contact events in Polynesian populations in the Pacific and in trade route development in Eurasia. There are even theories it was disease transfer that killed off the Neanderthal.

          The holocaust is different in several meaningful levels. Yes it shares a lot of roots with other intentional democides and genocide. But it’s use of modern pseudoscience on race, its industrialized and bureaucratic methodology and the unapologetic nature of it make it particularly despicable and noteworthy.

        • @User1
          Where did I say or imply I had any “white pride”? And why the connotation that “white pride” is bad or associated with low intelligence? Are you implying that other people with, say, “black pride”, “asian pride”, or day I say “jewish pride” are bad and low IQ as well? Probably not, but then you should ask yourself… why is the negative connotation only given to whites?

          LOL get a load of this boomer at calling me a “leftist”. The media has done a number on you guys. You should ask yourself why it’s considered “anti-semitic” to point-out or even notice quirks in jewish behavior, while simultaneously it’s OK and even encouraged by the left to do the same to whites. All i’ve done is recommend some reading material/videos to look at, with the assumption that people here are intelligent enough to make up their own minds about it, to shed some light on the subject. But even that is “anti-semitic”, and there is no greater sin than that, apparently. It’s the exact same thing as calling people “racist”. The term “racist” is a word you should look up the origins of. You might surprised who came up with it, and why.

        • Cory, many posters here will call you a leftist when you disagree with them. Ironically they will often do so while they’re taking leftist viewpoints. This forum is full of shadow posters and fake profiles, trying to push the Leftist agenda under the false guise of supporting the 2nd Amendment. It’s a dog and pony AstroTurf show.

    • Cory,

      “… if you want some insight into the phenomenon of jews…:

      I wasn’t, but thank you kindly for offering you putz.

  22. So I had to look up who the hell this lady is.

    As soon as I saw her picture I burst out laughing. Oh, OK, she’s about as smart IRL as the character she plays in Pulp Fiction where she’s the heroin dealer’s wife that Vince refers to as the girl with “all the shit in her face”.

    • I looked her up on IMDB. Some dumb TV shows from the late 70s I remember but not her in particular.

    • She was in Silverado; the pretty young woman with a humble heart and a love for the land (obviously playing against type). Love that movie. And in The Whole 9 Yards, she was hilarious as the dentist-hero’s sociopathically selfish wife.

      I always thought she was pretty, but to anyone who knows who she is (or her actress sister Patricia, for that matter), it was probably obvious that she’s a total moonbat.

      • Her character was rewritten almost out of Silverado. She had a major part in the movie but made the movie suck. Fortunately with the infinite wisdom of Larry Kasdan it was saved. Down side we had to put up with more Kevin Costner.

  23. A) I never thought that she was particularly pretty (apologies to Toto).

    B) I haven’t seen her in a movie in quite awhile.

    C) The Fort Hood murderer wasn’t a white guy.

    D) Oh, snap.

  24. How is it possible that this racist is not shunned by everybody for attacking racial and gender group with her lies?
    Try to say something negative about “all black males” and you might as well commit suicide – everyone will keep big distance from you, just to make sure they are not seen with a vicious racist. But white males are official whipping boy.
    I guess I will have to claim that I identify as a transgender lesbian. Or an attack helicopter.

  25. This lie has been stated before by Don Lemon of CNN. Has been rebutted by The Red Elepants, Vincent James. This quite good.

  26. People are born every day, but there haven’t been any new people in thousands of years.

  27. If guns were ever taken away I think these ass clown celebrities should be very concerned about their well being. They rub a lot of gun owners the wrong way.

  28. If guns were ever taken away I think these ass clown celebrities should be very concerned about their well being. They rub a lot of gun owners the wrong way.

    • That’s putting it too nice. You may say something untrue by mistake. I would go with BLATANT AND INTENTIONAL LIE, AIMED TO DAMAGE A RACE AND GENDER IDENTIFIED GROUP.

  29. Stay away from twitter, face book, instagram, and what other garbage web sites are out there. Dont watch fake news,and dont go to the movies. Stop giving your hard earned money to morons that actively work against your beliefs.

  30. My first thought is why do we have to make a list or keep a count of who does what based on their gender, genetic background or anything else. It’s funny how the liberal left keeps telling us that everyone should be treated the same with respect and dignity and yet they persist to tell us how some of us are evil, racist and others are victims of the cruelty and prejudice of this or that group.

    If we are all truly equal then why do they keep segregating us. And another stupid thing I am sick of is this idea that couple are often mixed, usually a black man and a white woman. Or a black man and a Latina woman. Are white men and black women suddenly inferior to their same race? And was there an announcement that Latinos choose non-Latino partners?
    Don’t worry I am going to provide answers to all this liberal progressive crap. The Hollywood liberal machine is so desperate to make a point or promote their agenda that think it’s progressive and new age and that they can essentially brainwash or re-educate the youth of tomorrow by displaying couples of mixed race.
    The problem and weakness in this endeavor is that they rely on and use a “formula” which often defies reality. They like the black man with a white, Latina or light skinned woman. They think this elevates the black man as equal and the white woman as being a non-racist. The unseen problem is that they don’t show a black woman with a white guy or Latin or Indian or anything besides a black man. It’s as if black women are not allowed to choose or the other races are not interested. Same effect with white men or Latin men. Are these liberals saying these two are less interesting to women? Their “message” is often confusing and full of hypocrisy.

    It’s all smoke and mirrors and highly biased. And then they try to tie race into crime and this thing they call gun violence. Any violence is bad, but they want to focus on firearm usage by criminals and psychos and then blame the industry, specific races or Second Amendment supporters.

  31. Rosanna Arquette is a loser who went straight from small time actress to has-been. Why should anyone care what she says?

  32. Tried to be ok with Rosanna A., thinking maybe she went to a school that didn’t do much research, maybe she doesn’t know how information is gathered and manipulated, maybe she doesn’t understand the importance of verifying facts BEFORE you go spewing false information. Sorry, my bad… She has no education.

    She made a living by pretending to be someone else which is all acting really is, getting naked, and getting married. None of that looks good on a curriculum vitae, and having four husbands speaks poorly of her ability to learn from her mistakes. Why on God’s green earth are we letting drivel from an idiot into our lives?

  33. There are only two types of people in the world. Two. Children of God and children of the devil. Some of the most evil.people pretend to be children of God. Aka believers in Jesus, but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing..Choise,God. The real God who loves all, but also didn’t force us to believe. He’s so fair He let’s you choose hell or Heaven..Choose wisely.

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