David S. Cohen (courtesy drexel.edu)
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Rolling Stone is as anti-gun as they come. But how a Jewish writer could pen this polemic is beyond me (a Jewish writer) . . .

I’ve made it clear in the past that I want extreme measures in response to gun violence – such as repealing the Second Amendment to the Constitution – and I strongly urge people who agree with me to that extent, or even to a lesser extent, to do more to voice these opinions.

To me, we as a country must act on this issue immediately. Sensible gun control, even while keeping the Second Amendment, should be easy, but there are too many politicians who refuse to act. To all of them, and to their supporters, we must ask this simple question – “what will it take?”

I’m glad you asked that question, Professor Cohen. It will take a fascist dictatorship to institute the kind of “sensible gun control” you favor.

That’s because there are millions of Americans who understand that the right to keep and bear arms is all that stands between them and the government-controlled “paradise” you envision: a world where the state has a monopoly on the use of force. Millions of Americans who will not surrender their guns, come what may.

How could a law professor be that ignorant? Backing-up one paragraph, I think I can ID the root cause of the Professor’s horrific blind spot: angry contempt for people who don’t share his utopian vision of a gun-free America:

But if the answer to “what will it take?” is that nothing can change their mind, then anti-gun control folks are saying that mass shootings everywhere in the country just don’t matter. That killing scores of school kids every day would not be worth changing anything. That guns slaughtering millions of Americans every year wouldn’t move them.

If the answer to “what will it take?” is nothing, if they really think that outrageously high numbers of people being killed by guns won’t matter, then that person is admitting that human life is absolutely valueless when weighed against possession of a gun. They are saying that people don’t matter, only guns do. Anyone walking down this road should both a) be forced to articulate this position clearly and then b) be shunned from public life entirely.

Professor Cohen sees Americans as two classes of people: amoral (subhuman?) pro-gun Americans prohibited from “public life” and moral anti-gun Americans running things for the public good.

This is exactly the kind of thinking that underpinned the Nazi party, leading to the Final Solution, which exterminated millions of Jews, including my grandparents and their entire community.

The fact that Professor Cohen can’t, make that won’t connect these dots is scarier than the Parkland Florida spree killer. ‘Nuff said?

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  1. Civil War 2 is going to make the last one seem like a quaint playground squabble. But I suspect this one will be more definitive as we see an entire ideology completely eliminated. Can’t happen soon enough for me.

    • Joe McCarthy might have been on to something. I agree, if this issue does boil to the surface the left will not know what happened to them for the fury they unleash will be without mercy. Socialism will not be allowed to flourish in the USA. I am sorely disheartened that such a large percentage of our population truly despises the Constitution and all that we stand for.

    • “an entire ideology completely eliminated” Looks like you are a strong proponent of other freedoms. Yikes. On a side note, I think calling a Convention, or Amendments Convention on the second amendment is not going to go the way Professor Cohen thinks it will go.

      • Don’t underestimate the commitment level of rabid leftists and the apathy/laziness of the regular folks who wouldn’t agree with the leftists.

      • I……..LIKE IT!!!!! (Although most of the time I’ve been calling it the Great Restorative War, as in restoring our nation to what our Founders intended)

  2. “Guns killing people,” and “people killed by guns” are my two favorite quotes. The guns did it! Put them instead of the killer in jail!!!

    • It is amazing to me how often these self-professed intellectuals trot out this “Millions of Americans shot every day/year” line.

      Somehow I have to believe that if a million Americans were shot every year we would see some sort of reaction involving liberalization (small l) of gun restrictions already on the books so the rest of us could defend ourselves from whoever was doing the killing.

      Historically these levels of carnage only come from governments AFTER they have disarmed the populace.

  3. Considering how well all the gun control talk worked out for the Dems last election cycle, I hope to god they make repealing the 2nd part of their official platform.

    Republicans would have a super majority in short order.

    • *snort*
      For all the good it would do us. After a hard won victory achieved by taking a stand to preserve Americans fundamental civil rights – the newly elected Republican would know damn well (from the excoriation he got from the media during the election) that he has almost no political capital to spend on rolling back some or any of the restrictions already in place on our rights.
      Nothing would change.

      • Yep, and that useless Mitt Romney will end up as Senator for Utah. Good old useless left of the wimpy Republican line Romney will vote against every attempt to roll back pointless gun control laws, and will actually use the verbiage of the anti-gunners to justify himself!

        Romney will be every bit as bad as John McCain since he will play to the media to get the favorable treatment they have poured forth for McCain.

        • So true. I will not vote for him no matter what. If he gets the nomination, I will write in a candidate, but no way do I want him as one of my senators!

  4. The left always have the ‘either you’re with us, you’re you’re against us’ philosophy. There is no compromise and no middle ground with them.

  5. —That guns slaughtering millions of Americans every year wouldn’t move them.—

    quite the typo. That’s “Thousands”.

      • To be fair, I think that was a hypothetical, not a statement of fact. He was saying that even if millions of Americans were killed every year, it would not change the views of those who disagree with him.

  6. Well, comrade, how about we shun anybody from public life who doesn’t accept that saving a few dozen at the expense of a few million is pants on head retarded?

    Apparently not being able to prevent the next Holocaust, Holodomor, Cultural Revolution, etc… is acceptable just so long as we get rid of those icky guns.

    For those trolls who say “that could never happen in America”… It already has. Your “progressive” aka socialist hero FDR is the only president in US history to throw American citizens in concentration camps based on nothing more than their race. He’s also the president you have to thank for effectively disarming large portions of the US population. It’s almost like he didn’t want his victims to be able to shoot back. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.

    • “Apparently not being able to prevent the next Holocaust, Holodomor, Cultural Revolution, etc… is acceptable just so long as we get rid of those icky guns.”

      The Leftists have always had a “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette” (utter lack of) mentality…

      • The view held by socialists, communists, leftists, and other progressives is that utopia will be achieved after the next massacre of undesirable elements, and the next, and the next.

        The trouble with enemies of the state is that every time you look for more you keep on finding them.

      • The Leftists have always had a “You have to break a few eggs to make an omelette” (utter lack of) mentality…

        And isn’t it revealing that after breaking those eggs they have always failed to produce an actual omelet .

  7. I know its been 80 years (more or less), but about 6,000,000 jews got to experience first hand the jews of gun control.

    I’d not be in such a hurry to repeal the 2nd.

    • The vast majority of American Jews (practicing and non-practicing) are diehard Democrats. In Europe most of the Jews involved in politics are leading members of leftist parties and institutions that paradoxically want to bring “diversity” (read: brown people who want to eradicate all Jews and other infidels from the face of the Earth) to the West. They put their party and their idealized Jewish race before everything else, and part of that involves leading all the dissenters off a cliff. RF and his conservative-leaning, pro-freedom friends are outliers.

      To be fair, probably about 35-40 percent (or more) of self-identifying “Christians” in the US are also solid-blue Democrats.
      Most Muslims in the US are Democrats, despite having hardcore regressive, authoritarian (even murderous) social views that clash with the pro-gay, pro-abortion DNC platform, because they feel threatened by the Republican Party.

  8. Millions per year 😂

    Also, I have been saying it for years. The anti gun left has the same mentality towards us, as the Nazi party towards Jews, they want us exterminated in a mass genocide. Difference, is, though, it’s not going to work out that way for them.

  9. Many people have a world view that is incompatible with reality. Cohen is just one of them.

    But, there’s a diamond in his dung pile. He admits that, to accomplish his dreamy goal of banning guns, the Second would need to be repealed. Gone is the lunatic left claim that “gun control” (or whatever they’re calling it today) is not a Constitutionally prohibited infringement. I mean, if the Second doesn’t stand in the way, then why repeal it?


    • Legally repeal, or effectively repeal? I expect this clown leans toward the latter. Consider his proclamation:

      “Anyone walking down this road should both a) be forced to articulate this position clearly and then b) be shunned from public life entirely.”

      In his own words, any opposing argument is to be treated perfunctorily, as an at best amusing formality on the way to meting out his predetermined punishment for those opposing him.

      Anyone with that monstrous mindset likely envisions a five-out-of-nine end run around the Constitution to confiscate guns and exterminate the opposition, rather than a legitimate repeal of the Second Amendment.

  10. One thing is for sure: Almost any gun control violates the second amendment. Therefore, the second amendment must be repealed before any legislation can be passed. And aside from an attempt to repeal the second amendment, any legislator who supports gun control is violating their oath of office requiring them to uphold the constitution (the whole constitution, even the icky parts).

    Good luck with that.

    • One thing is for sure: Almost any gun control violates the second amendment.

      No, all gun control violated the 2nd. All laws which restrict the free exercise of a right are unconstitutional.

        • “court ruling”? sorry but “a well armed militia being necessary to the maintenance of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” means exactly that…. shall not be infringed no matter the type of arms. in fact in the war of independence where the 2A comes from the militia was better armed than the british, the first full auto (the puckle gun) had already been invented despite it still being slow by todays standards (it was a flintlock multi barrel that worked the same as the Gatling gun) so no one can say they were not aware of potential advances in technology.
          IHMO they intended the people to be better armed than the govt and for good reason. therefore any “court ruling” that goes against that is in fact and act of treason.

    • Well… now isn’t this an interesting discussion? If any attempt to legally regulate the keeping and bearing of arms is an infringement on 2A – if no law can touch it – then so too shouldn’t the ruling in Heller regarding the militia preamble having no bearing on the right to keep and bear arms for self defense be withdrawn?

      2A exists because the framers knew that a well-regulated militia was crucial to defending a free nation from enemies both foreign and domestic. We should all be required to take our duties as members of the militia seriously. We should all be armed and well-regulated.

      I’ve said it before – we need a modern day version of the Militia Act of 1792. Every one of us should be responsible for owning and maintaining a military-style rifle and a sidearm, including those rabidly anti-gun liberals. We need to stop allowing them to shirk their duties.

      Of course, as enemies of democracy, their first order of business might likely be to turn those guns on themselves…

      • as heartless as it may sound would it really be a great loss if they did do that? TBH what the left are pushing for is treason and sedition to all freedom loving people. the right to keep and bear arms is a sovereign responsibility that also includes self defense of yourself and also defense of others in your community. this is why in the US local govt was given as much power as they were with the states having less in many ways and the federal who originally had less power again. it was to keep power decentralized and in the hands of the people. over time state and federal have wrested more of that power away from the local.

        the anti-federalists had originally proposed somewhere around 160-180 amendments to the constitution that were distilled down to the original 10 that were put in place. if all of these had remained it would have made federal govt almost completely powerless to do almost anything including all the alphabet soup agencies they currently have. what i would love to know is with how the founders felt about the militia being so crucial to the preservation of a free state, how then would they feel about a federally funded standing army as this can with the right sort of training be turned against the people as has been seen in many countries that have become dictatorships. don’t get me wrong i am not against the service members of the military, only against how they could be used with the right sort of training, selection criteria and brainwashing. i will also add that these days with the UN a greater threat if there was to be unrest is the use of foreign troops to deal with the “problem”.

  11. Assault weapons bans won’t help, you can do the same damage with a Mini-14 equipped with a 20-30 round mag or an SKS with a box mag. They look like hunting rifles but function the same as their “Black Sporting” counter parts.

  12. Even if I agreed, which I most strenuously do not, a repeal of the Second Amendment is pure fantasy. Anyone who’s been to law school, much less a law professor, should know that. Even if two-thirds of Congress somehow got on board with passing a repeal amendment, there’s no chance in hell three-fourths of state legislatures ratify.

    If anything, there’s a greater chance of an amendment strengthening the Second Amendment passing some day, although I’d still rate it as a small one.

  13. The Progressive political movement has always been closely associated with fascism. We’re closer to fascism now that at any time in our history. Guns and gun owners are now going to be demonized as never before. This will not end well.

  14. Shut down and shutter Rolling Stone, imprison the writers and editors, NO FIRST AMENDMENT FOR YOU !

    Water board them until they admit to working for the evil POS (D) and satan.

      • Actually, I’m in agreement. The 2nd protects the 1st. Until Rolling Stone admits this, perhaps they should experience the side effects of their gun free utopia.

      • Shit, tiger, with their batting average they’re more likely to swat you and miss joe completely.

      • They’ve missed every mass shooting nut job so far. How in the f*ck are they suddenly gonna get it together and get Joe?

      • Currently all agents are busy texting stupid shit to adulterous lovers, chasing unicorns, or updating their resumes. We apologize for the delay in knocking on Joe’s door.

  15. I wrote this to my local misinformed radio talk show host this morning:

    I must take issue over your conversation with your guest, and your (apparent) attitude toward an inanimate
    object–the AR-15. You, of all people, who I respect, should know better.

    You are sadly misinformed, calling AR-15 type rifles “high power”. AR-15 rifles are “medium power”–NOT
    “high power”, as you and Ms. Riley have asserted. In fact, they are not permitted to be used for deer
    hunting in most states.

    AR-15 rifles are easy to handle and shoot, have minimal recoil and are perfect home and self-defense weapons. In addition, AR-15 rifles are FUN to shoot, many people using them for target practice and other legal uses. Women find them especially attractive due to their low recoil and easy handling.

    In addition, you “fall into the trap” of demonizing the millions of AR-15 rifle owners who are law abiding
    citizen, and would NEVER commit any heinous act with a firearm or any other means. I, for one, do not
    appreciate you demonizing all AR-15 owning firearms enthusiasts for the actions of a “nut case”–yes–“nut
    case”–harsh words, but necessary.

    Your comment that “you don’t NEED an AR-15” falls flat on its face. There are many things that “you don’t
    need”, but WHO ARE YOU to determine what a person needs or wants?

    In order to “educate” you I ask you to do the following:.

    Pull up a picture of an AR-15 rifle and a Ruger Mini-14. You will find that these are identical operating rifles except for “looks”. The AR-15 rifle functions exactly the same as the Ruger Mini-14–same caliber and
    method of operation. The AR-15 has a “scary” (to some) black appearance, while the Mini-14 has a wood stock
    and looks like a traditional rifle.

    I would encourage you to visit a rifle or pistol range and talk to the people there. You will not find a
    better bunch of people who are just as sickened by the behavior of these school shooters as anyone else.
    These same people would stand up for YOU, or any police officer who was threatened. Ask them to show you a AR-15 and Ruger Mini-14 and make the comparison.

    Taking away the rights of honest people just because of criminal behavior is just wrong. THAT is what your
    guest and her ilk espouse.

    Blaming the weapon for the actions of a “nut case” is just wrong.

    I would appreciate a retraction, or at least a clarification on your stance. I don’t want to lose my trust
    in your objectivity, honesty and fairness.


  16. This should surprise no one. The Leftists already tried in 2014 to repeal the First Amendment because they disliked a Supreme Court ruling regarding corporate political contributions. They figured that the Republicans controlling the Senate would not allow the proposal to come to a vote but the Republicans called their bluff, forcing a vote. And of course, the ludicrous bill failed.

    Regardless, the incident proves conclusively that voting for Democrats is dangerous to your personal liberty.


  17. It’s the problem of academics (and a lot of other people) that have been taught their whole life to avoid conflict, have been sheltered their whole life, and think that any disagreement, big or small, can be solved by talking. And if not solved, “we’ll agree to disagree”. Clearly a first world kind of thinking.

    I am an immigrant and a gun owner. I come from a country where chances were 50/50 a disagreement over a parking spot could end w/ the other guy pulling a gun on you. And he would the have better than 90% chances of walking on the murder charge – 100% if wealthy.

    Regrettably that people don’t understand that a lot of people are one bad day away from exploding. And trust me – you won’t then be able to talk your way out of it.

  18. Go ahead and amend the United States Constitution to repeal the second amendment through the lawful process to do so.

    I’ll be doing everything in my power to prevent that from happening (via contacting congresspeople, giving money to candidates, etc), but at least you’re talking about doing this the “right” way.

  19. YUP, N Korea has it spot on. Their society and government is the role model for Americas transition efforts. Now is the time. Bill of Rights, GONE. Constitution, GONE. We are now safe. Hell, just look at kalifornia. It’s about as close as we can get, for now.
    Ok Ok it’s silly. My poor attempt at SARCASM. However, it is a pipe dream of the lefty progressive, corrupt DemoCruds.

  20. Amending the Constitution is WAYYY more work than Democrats want to go through, Republicans too. The Democrat playbook pumps the emotional response to sidestep logic, Civil Rights, Constitution, etc in order for the prohibition of Legal Firearms Ownership.

    To any political persuasion, you cannot have the firearms owned by the American people, not now not ever. The political Left for Brains, will eventually control govt ala the present 2018 majority, and THAT will lead to a concerted push to make legal ownership illegal.

    Look at any video of the various Pro-Trump America and the Left for Brains angry Clintonistas, from the top down, this can very easily get dynamic in the streets, with a Democrat majority control of govt. The next “Charlottesville”, where Democrat politicians do NOTHING to stop the commies from escalating violence will get worse in that scenario. That scenario is our eventual future, in the next decade.

    Stay safe my fellow Americans, Patriots, proud and good people!

  21. Ye have heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:

    39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

    40 And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also.

    41 And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.

    42 Give to him that asketh thee, and from him that would borrow of thee turn not thou away.

    43 Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy.

    44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

    Good enough for me.

  22. Well, a second Civil War is well and truly on its way. If this sort of bullshit is allowed past the editors of any major publication, then it clearly demonstrates the need to stock up and prepare for the worst.

  23. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of Americans die every year due to heart disease and other complications related directly to poor diet and exercise. The number of gun-related deaths simply pales in comparison.

    WHAT WILL IT TAKE to force people to eat only what the government says is good for them, and take mandated exercise breaks, under threat of penalty of imprisonment?

    We don’t even have a constitutional right to put only what we want to into our bodies, it’s time to end the privilege of freedom of choice of food. the FDA knows best what you should eat and how much of it. The epidemic of diet and weight related disease deaths, unequaled in any other developed country, is a clear sign that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.

    Never mind the economy of scale that will come with feeding everyone the same meal on rotation. We could permanently end hunger in this country, and promote long and healthy lives besides.

    • They are ahead of you. People are already talking about regulating sodium and sugar content in foods. Some cities have tried it.

      From the article: ” It will take a fascist dictatorship to institute the kind of “sensible gun control” you favor.”

      Oddly enough, I kinda think that is exactly what they want.

  24. Jews who are anti-gun are just Pro gas chamber.
    Aaron Zelman, founder of the JPFO, spoke about these crazy jews. He also spoke about the true reason for gun control in America. To disarm slaves and newly freed slaves, and black people into the 20th century.

    I should specify the crazy self-hating reform Jews.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers Aaron and JPFO. They were the first pro second amendment group I started supporting. Real Jews support the second amendment and individual responsibility. People who claim to be Jewish but support gun control/confiscation are JINO. Never again!

  25. You have to be the dumbest retard on earth who failed Kindergarten and have been under a rock ever since to even spout out of ur rat hole about repealing the Second Amendment to the Constitution ………..

    It cannot be done! It was written that way as a declaration to ALL….. its a Hands OFF HUMAN CIVIL RIGHT THAT CANNOT BE ERASED.








  26. “Sensible gun control laws”, brought to you by the same people who brought you:
    * “Sensible slavery”
    * “Sensible Jim Crow”
    * “Sensible lynching”
    * “Sensible Nuremberg Laws”
    * ” Sensible ‘Resettlement to the East'”
    * “Sensible racial concentration camps for Japanese-Americans”
    * “Sensible anti-sodomy laws”

  27. But how a Jewish writer could pen this polemic is beyond me (a Jewish writer)

    well….it ain’t beyond me

    jews are the biggest gun-grabbers in history!

  28. Gee whiz a Jew that wants non Jews disarmed.
    I am shocked and confused…..er no I’m not they always do this it’s no secret or surprise.

  29. You go, Professor Cohen! Repeal the 2nd Amendment. I’ll wait right here while you line up the 30+ states needed for ratification of that repeal.

  30. Rolling Stone better keep abreast of what has already happened. NO the Feds did not repeal the Second Amendment “exactly” but what they did do was tell all the States this summer that the Second Amendment was “defacto repealed” because by refusing to Hear the Assault Rifle Ban in Maryland the States now could ban anything and everything they wanted to ban and California did just exactly that with their confiscation of Assault Rifles to be carried out over a period of two years. And the Attorney General in Massachusetts without passing any new law simply decreed that She was “reinterpreting the 20 year old Assault Rifle law” to fit her anti-gun agenda and overnight banned assault rifles and of course the courts winked and nodded their approval. The list goes on as State after State is seizing on the moment to gain absolute power over the troglodyte proletariat who now work for minimum wage 7 days a week with no holidays, benefits or adequate health care, which is heaven on earth in Capitalvania, the land of 21st Century economic slavery which is a repeat of the Middle Ages and Serfdom, something the Republicans have long worshiped in their “Bible of Blind Greed”.

    Public pressure affects the Supreme Court and has done so throughout its entire corrupt history. 100,000 Japanese Americans were thrown into Concentration Camps in WWII losing their jobs, homes and freedom because of public panic, racism and pressure on the Government. The newest “boogieman” is the Second Amendment and it is hardly surprising the Republican side of the Court linked arms and kissed the Democrats when refusing to hear the Maryland Case. They were again simply bowing to public pressure to hand on to their corrupt jobs.

    With the mess the Republicans have made in Congress coupled with their blind greed tax rape plan they have guaranteed that they will lose both houses in 2018 and the Presidency in 2020 which will pave the way for the Democrats to finally seize the moment on an outright ban on all modern weapons and the confiscation of those weapons with of course little or no compensation as to their market value.

    You can thank the Republicans under Reagan for doing away with affordable mental health care and thank the NRA for resisting “universal background checks” for assuring that nut cases, criminals and lunatics have had an unlimited supply of all the guns and ammo they need which has resulted in our big cities being worse than war zones and the nut cases mowing down people now on a weekly basis. The world is not asking the question “Has the NRA lost its mind” but rather “Why has the U.S. lost its mind” by not adopting gun control that keeps the majority of weapons out of the majority of the hands of the criminals and lunatics. But the answer is we have one of the most corrupt Governments on the planet and Politicians do not do what is right for the American people such as a National Health Care Plan and also much needed gun control laws because they are only Prostitutes of million dollar paying Special Interest groups that in a civilized society should not be allowed to exist. Special interest groups help cause the downfall of the Roman Empire and History repeats itself today in the U.S.

    Rome disintegrated and its society imploded for much the same reasons we are destroying ourselves today. Rome bankrupted itself with too large an army, too many wars of rape, pillage, and conquest which later had to be fought with mercenaries as the population would not defend their own country any longer, the rich controlling all the money, the rich putting the jobless on welfare because they had stolen their jobs by taking their farms and running them with slave labor, taxing only the lower classes not the rich, and of course blaming their running the economy into the ground not on themselves but blaming it on Romes immigrants who actually were responsible for originally making Rome a prosperous country.

    Yes History does indeed repeat itself and in our case its chilling how closely we have followed in Romes footsteps and down the same path to the destruction of our society.

    As one Vietnamese Official said recently “Your self destruction proves that, yes there is a God”. Considering what the U.S. did to his country and its people it is not a wonder he made that statement and is now gloating over it.

    • you may be correct about a few things in your rant such as the removal of affordable health care for the mentally ill along with the closure of mental assylums which were there to ensure they got the care needed and were kept away from the public that they now endanger, and excessive taxes on the poor. in fact until about 1914 there were no taxes on the individual in the US and it was much the same here in australia as well. this is in fact in common law that the individual should not be taxed as they make no profit as they only trade time for money. they dont make and sell a product at a profit. a business is the only thing that does that. however, as far as background checks that is already done in the US for all sales from FFL’s. licensing and registration which are the only way to be able to control private sales are also in every single country it has ever been brought in, have always been the precursor to disarmament of ALL LAW ABIDING PEOPLE as the criminals NEVER GET LICENSED OR REGISTER their guns and this is ALWAYS the precursor to becoming a TIN POT DICTATORSHIP. if that is indeed how you feel i would suggest that you find a country that is already one and move there. maybe your moving might make room for some other freedom loving person who is in a country they hate because of the lack of true liberty to move to a much more free country

      • History has proven you wrong. In Germany, France and even Japan have guns and all have super strict training and vetting for all gun purchases. And Britain has not had a school shooting since the 1980’s proving that yes there laws did work.

        • is that so mate. i suggest you have another bloody look. part of the problem is that in these countries (and i am australian and it has happened here a few times) the left have also changed the figures that constitute a mass shooting. then we have also had a number of events that are still mass killings but with different methodologies than a gun. same with Britain, France etc etc. so how about i change places with you cisco and you can live in the shithole australia has become while i go live with the relative freedom of the US.

        • Toni, you seem to have a lot of common sense. I’d welcome you to the US with open arms. That’s one thing the US has been lacking in over the past decade or more, Common Sense.

        • thankyou Marty. your comment means a lot to me. here in australia i get people with no understanding of the worst aspects of human nature telling me that disarming the populace is “common sense”. i guess they will end up finding out the hard way

        • Yes, and in every one of those countries, God-given “rights” can be taken away with the stroke of a pen by some political hack.

        • For those who insist that “other countries” have found solutions to violence problems, here’s one for you. Great Britain likes to lecture us Americans on our supposed “gun violence” problem. For one, a gun is an inanimate object which REQUIRES ACTION by a HUMAN BEING in order to operate as intended…Take away the murder rate involving firearms in Americas urban areas (cities), and we are at the bottom as far as firearms misuse is concerned.
          In Great Britain, there have been many cases of home invasions (which are common because of a disarmed populace) where the home dweller was prosecuted to a much greater degree than the actual intruder, as the “crown” ( state prosecutor) made the determination that the home dweller used “too much force” against the intruder. There are many cases where the home dweller received a much harsher sentence than the intruder. That, my friends is British “justice”…

        • I wish you idiots would at least read your own propaganda. Even The Trace noted that Japan’s draconian gun laws are far too oppressive to ever fly in the U.S. No, Japan does not have guns. A VERY FEW citizens are granted the right to own shotguns, but that is all. Of course, the Yakuza still have guns, as well as the very wealthy, who are able to purchase imported black market guns. Meanwhile, the common folk aren’t even able to own swords. Fucking swords! A part of their once proud history.

          Of course, given that the majority of the Japanese people are too wrapped up in their electronic gadgets to even find time to fuck and breed, I doubt the declining population notices that they are completely powerless.

        • really! it’s preposterous? sorry but what part of criminal and them shipping massive amounts of illegal contraband of all sorts into places it is not allowed do you not understand.

  31. Here is one of the most truthful articles ever written on the NRA from World News. And it shows how the U.S. sewed the seeds of its own chaos and mayhem and mass murder by ignoring the gun problem until it resulted in mass murder on a weekly and even daily basis in the U.S.


    By Patrick Tomlinson , Contributor | Aug. 1, 2017, at 8:53 a.m.
    My name is Patrick Tomlinson, and I am a lifelong firearm enthusiast.

    I started shooting at age 10, when my father got me a Crossman 760 Pumpmaster air rifle with Tasco scope. He was one of only three National Rifle Association training counselors in the state of Wisconsin for many years, certifying volunteers who would later go on to instruct citizens in rifle and handgun use, and self-defense. I began shooting competitively through 4-H Club, not long after, eventually shooting air rifle, air pistol and shotgun trap through the program. After 4-H, I went on to shoot small-bore rifle in local competitions. Today, I own four firearms of various kinds, make time to shoot several thousand rounds per year and am licensed through the state to carry a concealed weapon, which I do routinely with a modded Glock.

    As a gun owner and defender of the Second Amendment, I’m here to tell you the NRA has lost its ever-loving mind.

    The nation’s largest firearms organization began its slide into moral degeneracy as late as the early 2000s, when actor Charlton Heston became its five-term president (a feat for which the NRA’s rules had to be changed to allow him to serve longer), before going public with his battle with Alzheimer’s disease and retiring. Under Heston’s firebrand leadership, the NRA’s rhetoric shifted its focus from working with lawmakers across the country to defend Second Amendment rights, to recasting the group as the front-line warrior in a crusade against the entire progressive movement in a culture war that they claimed had engulfed the country.

    [READ: Hackers Demonstrate How Vulnerable Voting Machines Are]

    This took many forms, but included especially harsh attacks on members of the left that opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and equated any sort of compromise on gun-related issues as existential threats to the continued existence of the Second Amendment itself. This period was met with an explosion of gun rights victories at both the state and national level, including the sunsetting in 2006 of the Clinton-era Federal Assault Weapons Ban, rapid adoption of concealed carry licenses across the nation, “stand your ground” laws and the landmark 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller ruling, which cemented the Second Amendment as an individual, rather than a collective right.

    The simple fact is Americans have not enjoyed the degree of freedom and protection in firearms related matters since the passage of the National Firearms Act of 1934, a law ironically supported by the NRA of the time. One would think after a rash of such successes, the organization could afford to tone down the apocalyptic rhetoric, but no. Less than a year after Heller, Barack Obama was sworn in as president, and the NRA’s war on the left entered a new phase.

    For eight years, we heard nothing but fearmongering, hate and vitriol about the insidious intentions of our first black president. Unhinged, fact-free screeds about how he was “coming for our guns” became fixtures of the Rifleman, the NRA’s official magazine. At every convention, at every public event, the fear was ratcheted up among the faithful that at any second, waves of gay-married illegal alien shock troops would come sweeping through our small towns in heels and miniskirts to confiscate our weapons to be melted down to make Tony Awards. This fear pushed gun sales through the roof, causing a run on ammunition that sent prices of both skyrocketing, and only now returning to normal.

    All for a president who, after two full terms, ended with a legislative legacy that only expanded gun rights. No, seriously. Obama only signed two firearm related bills into law. One which allowed concealed carry permit holders to carry on Amtrack trains, and the other which allowed us to carry within the National Park system. Seriously. Look it up.

    [SEE: Gun Control and Gun Rights Cartoons]

    Which brings us to today. With Trump infesting the White House and no convenient Democratic boogeyman (or woman) to scare the children with, the NRA’s rhetoric has moved from merely unhinged to dangerously inflammatory. With the GOP in nominal control of the government, CEO Wayne LaPierre and his cadre of frothing-at-the-mouth lunatics have adjusted their sights away from politicians and turned them onto American citizens en masse.

    In a one-minute ad narrated by the NRA’s newest spokeswoman, Dana Loesch, a conservative talk show host, the organization accused the media, Hollywood, academics, protesters and its favorite target Obama of assassination and terrorism, imploring listeners to “fight the violence” of lies with the “clenched fist” of truth. LaPierre echoed these sentiments during a speech at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, where he conflated progressive protests against Trump with the Islamic State group’s desire for violence to bring about a worldwide caliphate.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield accused the Black Lives Matter movement of trying to start a race war, warning that if the group is successful in its goal of containing the epidemic of unarmed black men being shot by police, white families will be tortured and killed just like in South Africa.

    These are the words and beliefs of a political movement that has utterly lost its way and wandered off the path into fomenting a new civil war.

    A responsible NRA would be working for, not against, universal background checks on all firearms sales. As a responsible gun owner, it’s my job to ensure anyone I transfer a weapon to is in fact legally permitted to possess one. That’s the bare minimum due diligence that should be expected of me, and the vast majority of Americans and even gun owners agree. But not the NRA.

    A safety-conscious NRA would be working for, not against, thorough training requirements for concealed carry permits. Instead, they’re pushing absurd “constitutional carry” laws across the nation that remove all certification requirements to carry a hidden, loaded handgun in public.

    [PHOTOS: The Big Picture – July 2017]

    An NRA worried about guns in the hands of criminals would be working for, not against, better data-sharing between federal and state agencies to tighten the net on felons and domestic abusers who have previously slipped through the cracks. However, even this is somehow a bridge too far for these nut cases.

    And finally, an NRA that was genuinely concerned about defending the Second Amendment rights of all Americans would have pitched an absolute fit over the murder of Philando Castile, a man licensed to carry a weapon by the state of Minnesota, who was gunned down by police while trying to comply with contradictory instructions. I have had half a dozen interactions with police while armed, and I took the exact same actions he did. Guess why I’m alive? Now guess why the race-baiting NRA made no public comments of any kind in defense of Castile’s rights being violated with such violent finality.

    The NRA has moved so far and so fast to the right of the political map, they’ve fallen off land and entered the unknown territories marked only by “here, there be monsters.” They are rapidly becoming one of them. And it’s long past time the majority of truly responsible gun owners stood up and said in a clear voice, “Not in our names.”

    • The NRA was/is right to oppose the filthy ideology of the Liberal Terrorists™️. They are similarly and completely incompatible with freedom and civility as Muslims are. There is no place in a civilized society for either. They both share a frightening adoration for Authoritarianism, intolerance and asserting violence. The NRA is a civil rights organization, primarily, with its focus on preserving an inalienable right that feral leftists have no respect for. As a person born in the 60’s, I’ve witnessed the country becoming more polarized and divided as the left has embraced a post modernist agenda and identity based politics as their vehicle. This will only descend into more division until the damn breaks and we fight a Restorative War, aka, The War of Leftist Aggression. Surely this will lead to the unavoidable, literal genocide of 10’s of millions of liberals/progressives/Marxists/Democrats/communists/socialists etc, etc. IT CAN’T HAPPEN SOON ENOUGH!!!!

      • Your the A-typical Right Wing Nut Case. The real facts are that recent surveys show only 37 per cent of Americans own guns, hunting has been in serious decline since the 1970’s and the majority of Americans in the U.S. wish that they would outlaw guns altogether. When the Dem’s regain the presidency and both house of congress what little is left by then will also be confiscated. California is already about to confiscate assault rifles with its recently passed bill and with the trashing of the Scalia decision this summer over the Maryland assault rifle ban it has given the States the right to ban anything and everything and so far all the assault rifle bans in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts have stood the court tests proving that the courts have bowed to public pressure and the Second Amendment is already a thing of the past.

        With only 37 per cent of the population even owing guns in the U.S. and the population of America being one of extreme aging and if you had not flunked history you would have already known that revolutions start with very large populations of young people which the U.S. does not have. The chances of any popular uprising in the U.S. over gun bans is about at slim as Global Warming being fake. But that is another subject you know nothing about as well.

        • Funny, but I consider myself nothing more than a middle of the road, dedicated American Patriot. If you think the US military will ever fire upon their mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, and sons and daughters, you’ll be in for a rude awakening. Our modern military servicemebers are much more likely to turn their guns on those that would give such orders, rather than to carry them out. There are 100 million gun owners who own over 400 million firearms and trillions of rounds of ammo. I expect that the historically conservative number of Patriots who are willing to fight, kill and die will be 3%, or 3 million fighters, who are ready, willing and able. Conversely, there are only 1 million law enforcement officers spread out amongst all federal, state and local levels. I expect most of these are treasonous scumbags and we are likely to see 75% of them willing to fire on citizens. Let’s not forget that not only do the Patriots heavily outnumber them,
          We share the same soil as their families. It won’t take long before Assault teams are kicking in doors in the middle of the night of those in command, and killing the traitors in their beds, while they sleep alongside their wives and down the halls, only a few feet away from their children. After a few dozen operations, let’s see how eager their replacements are going to be to fill their shoes. Once we have an opportunity to seize the democrat voter rolls, and the servers of domestic enemy websites like Daily Kos, slate, huffington post, etc, we’ll have the opportunity to liquidate America’s truest and most dangerous enemies. I sure hope we’ll find your name amongst them. I expect that after the first few million casualties, we’ll be able to establish concentration camps to finally cleanse our nation from the rest of the 20-25 million filthy leftists in need of liquidation.

        • “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say goodbye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst; the cursed machine would have ground to a halt . . .”
          – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

    • t’ain’t abt the NRA, you blonk!
      wouldn’t matter a tu’penny TOSS if the NRA never existed….
      its abt the Second Amendment to the US Constitution….
      in fact: its abt the pre-existing right of self-defence that pretty much every religion, ethical belief system and moral philosophy in history acknowledges……
      the framers of the US Constitution were just stating the obvious…
      in fact: we shouldn’t even need an org’ like the NRA to ‘fight’ for what should be A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT … the right to own pretty much any fire-arm i deem necessary to protect me and mine…..
      that we have to rely on an org’ like the NRA to take thought for that most basic human right of self-defence speaks volumes abt the sort of low-lifes we are, indeed, confronted with…

      further-more, there’s two glaring examples that totally negate any argument that the US gun-grabbers present:
      i/the absolute schamozzle of UK and Australian gun laws
      (both based on out-and-out HOAXes) ….
      Brits and AUssies are now, both, pretty much living in fear 24/7…. terrorised not only by thugs, psychos and hoons but by their own governments who take away more and more of their traditional and historical rights almost daily….
      ii/the vile and bloody history of the twentieth century…where out-of-control psycho governments brutally butchered nearly ¼-BILLION of their own citz…all of whom were, of course, totally disarmed and helpless……
      that’s pretty much enough to SHUT DOWN the gun-grabbers for good…

      guns==civilisation ;
      no guns==tyranny

      • yep spot on mate. screw the left and any other liberty hating group. if they want that we should drop them over china (i would say without a chute but there would be a outcry about that even from the do gooders on the right) and see how they get on

  32. No one here has the courage to say it is time to repeal the second ammend-ment.
    Ban guns period. Unless a gun is needed for your job (police, military, game wardens, museum collectors) there is no need to have a gun.
    Anyone who says that the gun is to protect them from our government should be arrested because such a person is a security risk to the US government .
    There is no need to argue the case for gun control. It is obvious.
    Ignore the gun nuts, put gun owners on a registry. And definitely confiscate in a phased manner till nobody has them. Trump said in an interview it is best if no one has them period. Just hope he takes action. If he bans guns he will be the greatest president in US history. Millions of lives shall be saved.
    Best wishes.

    • We need guns to protect us from the govt. “It is no longer enough to be willing to fight and die to preserve our rights, one must be willing to kill for them, too”

      • No . We do not rise against the US. Timothy McVeigh did that. If one has issues with the government, voice your concerns but please do NOT use threaten to use guns. Love the US , please do not rise against it.
        Best wishes.

        • No one said anything about rising up against the govt. in fact, our govt is the most perfect ever created. The problem in our country is the 10’s of millions of filthy, subhuman, Liberal Terrorists™️ who are bonafide enemies of America. These feral leftists who despise our Constitution are the “people” who need to be utterly destroyed. And by utterly destroyed I mean literally liquidated by the millions. Our fight isn’t against a faceless govt. it is against the Marxists/progressives/communists/Democrats/socialists/anarchists/post-modernists who pose an existential threat to our Constitutional Republic

        • yes these are the enemy. the problem is however they have gotten themselves into govt, the judiciary, the education system (thereby creating more of them in all your kids) and the media. in fact every avenue of influence. this is why the whole system is to the point it needs a reset

        • no Timothy McVeigh did not do that. it is when it is a good portion of the population that rises up and is able to defeat the tyrants that it is an uprising. will also add that there was damage done to that building that is simply not possible with the type of explosive that he used. some of the damage was done by professionally “placed” charges of specific types that can simply not be done with a bloody fertilizer bomb which is what was in the truck outside. even if the truck had been parked inside the building it could not have done many of the specific types of damage done. yes metal beams may have been bent….. but not CUT as they were. this was a govt operation start to finish with McVeigh as a convenient patsy and a way to ramp up the fear in the population so that they would give up more rights. just that incident alone says to me it is long overdue time to rise up enmasse and remove the govt and many of their laws and start over. sadly most today are mere shadows of the gutsy characters our forefathers were.

      • There are black police too. And white folk are treated bad too. Especially poor uneducated white folk. Not all (any race) police are ethical. Nor are all folk. Most police, most folk any race, are good and deserve our support. Unarmed folk especially of any race should not be treated cruelly or unusually, right about that.

    • PMSL and i will be laughing from on high as they march you and your progeny off to the gas chambers because you voiced an opinion that was politically incorrect. think it wont happen…… look at every country that has been fully disarmed, well over 250 million dead at the hands of their own govt just in the last century….. all after they had first been disarmed

      • Skillful propaganda is a precursor to mass movements such as the Nazification (which was originally based on legimate concerns) and the nightmarish Jewish Holocaust you refer to. Also a lot of ordinary folk ignored the round up of Jews. Just like a lot of ordinary folk here in the US continue to ignore the NRA (Not Really American) backed ‘over the top’ massive civilian gun ownership. Am very impressed by US high school children demonstrating. They are begging for their lives. More important than guns . Let us support them , not the gun owners, (some are destroying their weapons in support so kudos to those gun dis-owners) , and definitely not the NRA. It may be in Trump’s interest to let go of NRA/gun-people base, and side with the kids/mothers/fathers instead. If he bans guns, dismantles the NRA financially, he will be re-elected in a landslide, all the scandals will just blow away. He even tweeted that democrats should have gone after the guns when they had the chance. He is right , both lefties and rightists are under NRA’s financial b**h-leash. Let us hope he wakes up one morning and says, ‘ok gun-people and NRA, no more, I’m protecting people from now on, we’re going after guns, I alone can do it! ‘

        • wow, you broughtn up the Nazis.

          Here is what gun control is all about.

          All this to say, with the existence of our oppressively ruthless oligarchical system I get highly skeptical of when privileged folk begin to legislate and (inadvertently?) declare this “war on ‘guns.’” Is it not fair to think that this will seemingly only take us one step closer to legalizing things such as “New York City’s morally indefensible racial dragnet program called stop-and-frisk,” or at the very least give more “reason” to the militarization of police perpetuating a culture of brutality?
          Not many people know this but the “the KKK began as a gun-control organization…” As The Wall Street Journal acknowledged, “It was a constant pressure among white racists to keep guns out of the hands of African-Americans, because they would rise up and revolt.” While in 2003 the book “The Challenge of Crime” acknowledged that felons or “second-class citizens,” own the majority of stolen or illegally owned guns many who I suppose have been imprisoned for drug offenses.

          The reactive political pushback towards the idea of decriminalizing marijuana that will in consequence lower the rates of incarceration, just further exposes the mechanics of systemic structural violence (e.g. capitalizing on systemically oppressive racism).

          I wonder: Is this “war on guns,” really there to stop the violence or is it just another reason to incarcerate the innocent? Because if it were truly to stop the violence should we be going after the colonizer or the colonized?

          If black youth, that are three times less likely to engage in the illegal sales of drugs than white youth, are being imprisoned at unspeakably higher rates, then why would I believe whites, that are twice as likely to purchase guns, will be the one’s in which these laws are being targeted at? As progressives let’s not get caught in doing the same exact thing with guns, in which we accuse the conservatives of doing with drugs.

          Those that will be arrested and imprisoned will be those communities that have already been riddled and beaten down by Reagan’s supposed war on drugs.

          I get very skeptical when people start to talk about abolishing the second amendment by legislating new laws that will seemingly just incarcerate more black and working class white people (who ironically will vote for Trump) and also don’t realize that it doesn’t work that way. Yes, more whites purchase more guns, but gun violence disproportionately effects the fiscally poor and already oppressed.

          Read more at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/andygill/the-war-on-guns/#QCBG5KhwkjjOQYDo.99

          These kids continue the work of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

        • you obviously dont have commonsense as your name says otherwise you would realise you are the one doing the propaganda. make it mandatory that teachers must go through police level training in defensive weapons use and arm them and remove the Gun Free Zones BS and you will fast see an end to this problem. this problem with so many killed is only a problem in “Gun Free Zones”. until you wake up to that fact that YOU are responsible for your own safety and you refuse to abide by laws that remove your ability to do so then the problem will continue no matter what else you try to do to get that damn safety

  33. Arm teachers?, Toni, um seriously? 😉 gun free means, confiscate from everyone, starting with criminals…also half the gun deaths are suicides, many are accidental, and many within family , so in a way gun ownership is a ticking time bomb for many, but some more than others. We banned ’em is Australia, worked. Most people are hive minded here , even many libs are weak, not many brave enough to be against guns , except perhaps the victims in the shooting. Assault weapons should be banned, as they are….. for ‘assault’.

    • nope it did not work in australia. i am australian so i should damn well know. crime with firearms has continued the exact same average downward trend it has been on since the 60’s. what most dont realise is that suicide is included in those figures and they used to make up 70% of the gun crime statistics. however while there was a sudden drop in gun suicides there was no corresponding drop in either crime or overall suicides…. so i ask you what problem did the removal of guns from the hands of law abiding citizens have? i say absolutely F&$%#@g none and there are peer reviewed studies that say the same as what i am saying. it has solved NOTHING and ACTUAL crime has gotten worse

    • As for “gun free zones” they are not gun free unless you have a damn good way of preventing guns getting in there in the first place. this also makes them simply a FREE KILL ZONE for those that wish to break the F&%$#@g law. and if you do manage to find a way to keep them out without major armed patrols of ALL “gun free zones” how do you propose to stop them using other methods of committing the same crimes? i would so love to hear your opinion because so far you have come up with nothing but complete and utter BS

  34. Well said cisco kid, I read what you wrote, lot of common sense 🙂
    What you said here is awesome and refreshing too
    “hunting has been in serious decline since the 1970’s and the majority of Americans in the U.S. wish that they would outlaw guns altogether”


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