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Back when I was in high school, my best friend (not shown) flipped off the driver of an enormous Lincoln Continental for cutting us off. The barge pilot — license plate “Johnny” — proceeded to ram us, trying to kill us. Even though I was in a Pinto station wagon (with Pirelli tires!), I managed to get enough distance to pull into someone’s garage undetected.

I’ve never flipped anyone off while driving, especially since I started carrying a firearm. I have no desire to engage in any confrontation with anyone who might turn violent. Because this can happen [via Texas’] . . .

On June 25, as Dylan Spaid merged from an entrance ramp onto Interstate 20 in south Arlington, he nearly collided with a black BMW 535i, setting off an unimaginable chain of deadly events.

Spaid, 19, was not happy and flipped off the driver of the BMW, Spaid’s girlfriend, Kristana Huggins, said. The driver sped up and pulled alongside Spaid. The passenger’s side window was rolled down and a single shot was fired, hitting Spaid in the head, killing him.

Huggins, who was in the front passenger seat, grabbed the wheel and tried to steer the pickup to safety before crashing into a tire shop. The killer sped off, heading east on I-20, and remains at large.

The author of this article wants readers to see this incident, and a less clear one which sounds an awful lot like a defensive gun use (over a door ding), as a reason to limit “access” to firearms.

What just happened was another frightening, seemingly random encounter involving impulsive rage that led to a deadly shooting, an incident that criminal justice experts and psychologists who study the causes of violence say is a sobering commentary on society and the accessibility of firearms.

I see it as a sobering commentary on the nature of man. Well, some men (and women), people who don’t value life. Their existence, which cannot be prevented by gun control, is an argument for firearms freedom.

What can be prevented: some violent encounters. To quote Rudyard Kipling, keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you. Or, as Lord Humongous advised, just walk away. If you can. If you can’t, well, keep calm and carry on.

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    • The day Americans actually learn to drive on the highway will be when all cars are driving themselves. Get over it, you will live longer.

      • Yes because the progtards in Silicon Valley swear that “self-driving” will work out GREAT.

        Another “solution” in search of an brain cell.

        • Yeah. This is going to work out like all that other failed technology nobody needed. Like the internet. Smart phones. Combustion engines. right?

        • Dear Dale, just because this is a newer idea does not relegate it to immediate and unabated success. Just because it deals with technology does not put it on the same level as other technological advances that are successful. What happened to Betamax, Cinerama, Intellivision, Quadraphonic Sound, PDA’s, and LaserDisc? Obviously these were superior technologies and should have been adopted, right?

        • Even with a guaranteed failure rate of 10% (we know it won’t be remotely that high), computer driven cars will STILL be safer than humans at the wheel.

      • Have you traveled outside the US very much? You will find that generally speaking driving in the US is much more consistent and enjoyable than it is in a great many places.

        • eremeya – Thanks for your commment. I do get do sick of the awful habit far too many of us have of gratuitously kicking or “putting down” ourselves – America and Americans.

          We should all be very concerned over the state of morale in all of Western Civilization. A great description of Europeans’ morale vis a vis the Islamist “refugee” invasion, “they won’t take their own side in an argument.” That’s a serious problem.

          Back on subject – road rage certainly is a thing, and I do my best never to react. Visibly. If you’re in the car with me my feelings will be – well, evident.

    • To every state trooper I meet, I tell them that if they wrote as many tickets for driving too slow in the passing lane, as they do for speeding, they would reduce the amount of road rage and make the highways safer.

      • If lane camping and driving too slowly were enforced with vigor, the highways would be much safer.

        But it’s easier to point a radar gun at traffic.

      • I would love to see the driving laws enforced like they are in Germany, but like I said, I would not hold my breath.

      • Difficult in many states where the law is written such that you can’t be cited if you’re going the speed limit… and we all know that the general flow of traffic is faster than that. Even in states where you can still write a ticket for it often it just gets thrown out.

        I agree that if the US treated driving rules more like Germany we’d be better off. Accidents happen at traffic ‘confrontations’- i.e. intersections, overtaking, etc. Someone speeding in and of itself is unlikely to hurt anyone on a highway compared to someone blocking a lane and having everyone weave through traffic to get around them.

      • Believe it or not, tickets given for obeying the law won’t stand the scrutiny of a judge. In fact, there isn’t even a code that can be put on the citation for “driving at the speed limit.”
        Certainly, a LEO can pull such a driver over and advise him/her to move to a lane further to the right (if, indeed, one exists), but give him/her a ticket? For what? Obstructing traffic? By doing the speed limit? Hardly.
        As annoying as such people are (and they certainly are annoying), their behavior is not illegal. You or I have no legal responsibility to let someone break the law, even if that law is one defining a speed limit, and doing so is as easy as changing lanes.
        We don’t need more laws, we need people who understand that other drivers are people we share the roads with, instead of seeing them as mere obstacles to be gotten around.

        • Bill, I totally agree with you.

          Here is one thing that all cars should have right now.
          Front and Back Dash cameras.

          Also, most people just don’t do the Math.

          If the general flow of traffic is al ready going 10 to 15 miles OVER the limit
          then a person gets his panties in a bunch feels so special that he wants to pass everyone
          decides to go in the left “passing lane”.

          In order to pass someone you have to go at least 10 miles an hour faster than the person
          you are passing.

          So if the traffic is 15 over the limit, and the passer is going 10 mph over that,
          that makes him going 25 miles an hour OVER the limit.

          25 miles over the limit.

          That’s insane.

          Any one that feels the need to go 25 miles over the limit needs to get off the road and
          get a helicopter.

          An open passing lane is a tempting invitation for many people to go as fast as they want.

          These are the same Criminals who like to Zig Zag through traffic like the rest of us are standing still.

          They should be in jail.

          Before the Engineers develop completely self-dring cars,
          they will first design two incremental improvements:

          1. Installed Radar Devices that will prevent Tailgating according to your relative speed.
          (One car-length for ever 10 mph).

          2. Devices to stop Speeding with automated speed monitoring in cars.

          Once computers start taking over the task of driving cars,
          we won’t need any “pass lanes”.

        • @glenux: It’s not your job or your position to question how fast is “too fast” for other drivers to be traveling. Use the right lane for driving, and the left lane for passing. Travel the pace of traffic when road conditions allow. If you aren’t comfortable driving at the pace of traffic, at least drive at your own pace in the right lane so that others can pass you.

          If you’re driving the pace of traffic and others are passing you, who cares if they’re going 10 mph over or 45 mph over the posted limit? It’s their ticket to pay if they get pulled over, not yours.

          Self-appointed traffic monitors who camp in the left lane to prevent people from passing faster than they “have a right to” are creating the conditions for road rage. That should be a ticketable offense, same as speeding.

        • Some years ago there was a man who thought that it was his civic duty to drive at no more than 55 mph in the left lane of the DC Beltway. I did a Google search but couldn’t find his name because “——–ing” became a common term for holding up traffic in the left lane by sticking to the posted speed limit. I wish I could find his name because I’d like to look up his obituary. I’ve not the least doubt he didn’t die a natural death.

        • Glenux,
          In a 65 zone, 25 over is 90. 90 is not insane. Modern vehicles are extremely safe at that speed. When I was a kid, the speed limit was 80 even for a 69 VW Beatle being tailgated by a 57 Chevy.
          What makes for safe driving is always be on the lookout for the other vehicles.
          Now when I pass a guy going 90 and a motorcycle passes both of us going between us at 120, that’s insane.

          Foot note:
          Speed limits were reduced during the Carter administration as a fuel saving ploy rather than a safety measure.

        • Don’t most (many? some? I know mine does) states have a “keep right except to pass” law? No additional law to be passed, only (as usual) an existing one that needs to be enforced.

          BTW: If it takes you >1 mile to pass, you’re not “passing”, so GTFO out of the left lane.

        • “Don’t most (many? some? I know mine does) states have a “keep right except to pass” law?”

          Most do, but it depends on several factors, depending on how the law is worded.
          This is one of those areas where the LEO has a lot of discretionary power. (At least as I’ve observed it.)
          No driver is required to facilitate breaking the law by another driver. Keep that in mind.
          At the same time, deliberately pissing off other drivers will sometimes get you a citation, no matter how safely you’re driving (and it’s arguable just how safe you’re being if you’re pissing people off).

      • Virginia just passed a law that took effect 7/1/17 which sets a fine of $!00 for driving slow in the passing lane.

        • Good. I hope it gets enforced. Deliberately camping in the right lane because you think other people are driving “too fast” is a huge contributor to road rage. No different from intentionally cutting someone off, or flipping the bird, or other bad behavior.

          Cops should be able to issue a general ticket for “driving like a jerk.”

    • That was what I tried to indicate to the lady in her Prius doing 35 in a 50 zone on the way home from work today with a single flash of my headlights and a gesture towards the right lane. She responded with a hard break check and then threw a bunch of what looked like shredded paper out the window in my direction, while mouthing what I assume was a string of unheard obscenities.

      Luckily, I was too tired to counter-rage and just did a calm right lane pass. I glanced her way as I passed and she was still yelling and trying to film me with her phone. I’m thinking “Whatever lady. You just broke three Virginia laws and you’re filming me? Get bent.”

      Once again, I’m considering buying a dash cam.

      • I highly recommend dash cams.
        Twice, in roughly the same place, I’ve had drivers try to occupy the space I was in by moving into my lane from my right. In each case, the offending driver claimed I changed lanes to keep them from changing lanes. (Each one said they checked their mirrors, and I just wasn’t there.) In each case, I showed my dashcam video to the responding LEO, and in each case the other driver got citations for unsafe lane change, and their insurance companies accepted responsibility for any damages.
        I drive an 18 year old Expedition, with real metal and bumpers; in both cases, mucho damage to their cars, zero damage to mine. How they can claim that they couldn’t see that hulking gas guzzler is beyond me.

        • Big Bill – You must have one of those “stealth” Expeditions used to escort VIP’s.

  1. I only flip the bird to little old people and people in cars smaller and slower than mine (of which there aren’t many). I learned this from Russel’s father in Stripes.
    Oh, and sometimes cars with non-violence and anti-gun bumper stickers on them.

  2. I’ve had a shotgun pointed at me for defending an older lady who was driving too slow for some a-hole. Didn’t flip him off, just honked my horn. That was twenty-five years ago.

    So, if you are a passenger in my car, you do not yell at another driver, and you do not flip them off. I just might…..well, get on your case.

  3. I’d like to bring up an idea that is rarely mentioned on this blog, because the proprietor seems to think that criminals somehow become choirboys upon release from prison. My (and others) idea is that those who are convicted by a jury of their peers rarely if ever actually pay their full debt to society.

    Does anyone think that the killer of Dylan Spaid was some churchgoing, 4H pillar of society? Of course not. He was undoubtedly just the sort of violent recidivist that infests our society and commits crimes large and small over and over again.

    My solution: round up convicted felons and make them pay their debt to society in a very stringent and permanent manner. Murderers, rapists, kidnappers, armed robbers, etc, can only pay with their lives. No less penalty is satisfactory.

    • RF in no way has ever indicated that he thinks “that criminals somehow become choirboys upon release from prison.” That is obnoxious hyperbole and straw man building on your part.

      • But he does think they should be allowed to legally arm themselves after they’ve completed their sentences, frequently years early and never rehabilitated in way.

        He has said so frequently. You can’t deny that.

        • That isn’t the point. The point was this:
          If some of a felons civil rights are restored upon release, why not all of them? Moreover, if a felon cannot be trusted to no longer abuse their civil rights by victimizing others, then why did we let them out at all? Keep them in until we believe them when they say “I won’t do it again, i promise”.

        • A leading champion of the line of thought Slab mischaracterized is David Codrea, who states it quite simply:
          If you’re not fit to be allowed loose in public with a gun, you’re not fit to be allowed loose in public without a keeper.

          Or, the obvious corollary to that theorem: If you’re not safe to be loose in public with a gun, you’re not safe to be in public with a can of gas an matches, two items which nobody ever suggests background checks or prohibited persons for.

        • OR a vehicle. Or a hammer. Or a rock. Or a sharp stick.
          OBJECTS don’t commit violent acts, people do.

        • BLoving: “Keep them in until we believe them when they say “I won’t do it again, i promise”.

          Or at least until they can say, with a straight face, “I’ve lived a conflict-free life.”

    • The concept of “paying your debt to society” is at the core of what’s wrong with the American justice system. You can’t “pay your debt” by being locked behind bars. You can pay it with a fine, I guess, but that’s about it.

      We should re-imagine it entire justice system as serving the needs of society. If someone is violent, if they’re a threat to society, then lock their ass up — get them OUT of society. And don’t let them back out until they’re not a threat anymore.

      For those who will never be safe in society, that’s what “Escape From New York” was all about.

      • I’ve said this for years, the justice system needs an industrial strength enema. Our priorities are wrong, our methods are wrong and oftentimes our outcomes are wrong.

        Idea 1 – Make any major fines (not traffic tickets or the like) proportional to the wealth of the convicted so that everyone feels the pain equally. A man for whom a fine of $100,000 is ruinous obviously feels the impact of that fine farm more than a billionaire who makes that much in an hour.

        Idea 2 – For crimes which involve fraud, theft, etc make the guilty pay restitution equal to double the amount that they originally gained from their crime. They go to prison where they work it off at minimum wage with all of the proceeds going to pay it off, they don’t get out until it’s paid, and that happens even if they have the money to pay it to start with, they need to suffer.

        Idea 3 – All violent crimes (defined as a crime which inflicts physical harm on a victim) are death penalty eligible if they are pre-meditated and cause grievous bodily harm. Murder, Rape, Assault, Armed Robbery where there is an injury, etc. If the prosecution can prove that the crime was planned in advance so that it was predatory in nature and that the victim suffered lasting, substantial injury they can seek the death penalty.

        Idea 4 – Don’t death penalty “qualify” juries anymore. Give the jurors full power to impose the sentences with their verdict as they see fit, the judge just acts as a referee to ensure the trial is fair. A jury should be made up of a true cross section of the local population, and that would include the possibilities of a conscientious objector being selected. The verdict is separate from the sentence. It takes a unanimous verdict to convict, but only a 3/4ths majority to impose a sentence after conviction.

        Idea 5 – All death penalty cases are given 2 years to file a notice of appeal, that notice must include a listing of all of the grounds that will be used for an appeal. No more appealing on this issue, being denied, then filing on this issue, rinse, lather, repeat. You will list all of your issues up front. That appeal must be heard by a court in a different jurisdiction within 1 year of that notice being filed, or up to 2 years if the defendant asks for a delay for more preparation time. That verdict, if the death penalty still stands will automatically be heard by the supreme court within 1 year. If after the supreme court has heard that final appeal they allow the sentence to stand the criminal will be scheduled for execution within 90 days.

        Idea 6 – Legalize just about anything and everything that doesn’t actually cause harm in some way to someone or society. No more sending addicts to jail unless they did some other crime (like robbed a store to feed their addiction or killed someone driving drunk, etc). Freedom means letting people live their lives or ruin their own lives as they see fit. Start taking away some of the laws that aren’t needed and you’ll have less crime. Consensual prostitution? Legal. Forced prostitution? Illegal. Drugs? Legal. Hurting someone because you were high? Illegal. Gambling? Legal. Rigging the machines to cheat people? Illegal. A crime has to have a victim or it shouldn’t be a crime.

        Idea 7 – No more life sentences. We don’t need to warehouse people who won’t be rehabilitated or have a chance (no mater how remote) to contribute to society again. Convert life sentences to the death penalty. Convert any sentence (single or cumulative) over 30 years to the death penalty. Also double penalties for a second violent offense committed after release. A third violent offense after release the second time gets the death penalty (this person is a rabid animal who already failed twice to be rehabilitated, time to move on).

        • ^ bingo. Someone that has actually studied the issue. Not just read blogs and Wikipedia. My feelings are pretty much the same as yours, having worked in the system.

        • I’m a criminal defense attorney. I could think of a million reasons why a lot of that wouldn’t fly, but that is a well thought out, provocative set of proposals.

        • So Julie and you go out and later that night do the nasty.
          Then she has 2nd thoughts and files rape charges and they stick.
          You going to be OK with that needle going in your arm?

        • KenW,

          So Julie and you go out and later that night do the nasty.

          It is even worse than that. You go out with Julie and have no sexual interaction whatsoever. One week later (after there would be no remaining DNA evidence even if you had done the deed), Julie accuses you of rape anyway and you end up convicted. Should you get the death penalty for that?

        • Fines are not punishment. Fines are a way to generate revenue for the State, and as such, they will always get larger and more foolish so long as the State grows and desires more graft.
          Prohibit all fines. If its worth being illegal, it worth doing a day behind bars for. THAT is punishment. THAT might just make the miscreant think twice the next time.
          And if it doesn’t, there is always 7 days, 7 years, or 7 decades….

    • If a person is too dangerous to be walking around on the street with a gun, that person is also too dangerous to be walking around on the street WITHOUT a gun.

      Not to say I am in favor of the death penalty for all felonies, but most of our crime problems today are the result of letting violent criminals out of jail. When a felony conviction was reserved for only the most heinous and violent of crimes, you never had an issue with restoring gun rights for felons, because the offender never got back out on the streets.

    • Although RF is against the death penalty, (which I personally think aught to be ramped up and the unending appeals process done away with) he’s actually for greater sentences for violent crimes (at least he’s made it seem that way), his stance against felon status is more aimed at keeping felons behind bars instead of turning them loose on parole.

      • In my younger and less wise days, I use to be a huge proponent of the death penalty. Then I awoke to the reality of the state and realized that it cannot be entrusted with the legal authority to take life.

        • I understand that argument, and it’s kinda getting off topic here, but I actually became more pro death penalty. My job has me working around death row inmates occasionally. I have experience with how the whole system works. I can tell you it’s bullshit. All the anti death penalty propaganda is just that. I get if you don’t trust the government. But I don’t have one ounce of sympathy for most of the shit bags behind bars. The fact of the matter is, even the innocence project is full of shit. Most of the people who get off death row are guilty as all hell. But they just wait, and keep appealing, and appealing. After 30 years, evidence is destroyed or missing. Witnesses are tired of testifying. Victims and their families are dead or just want it to end. Judges and lawyers die or retire. What needs to be implemented is a massive reduction in the appeals process. If after two or three different courts with different juries uphold your sentence, hey, tough Shit. At that point bad luck got you if your innocent.

        • I’ve been told that studies show (how, I’m not so sure) that people on death row live longer than if they were on the streets. I tend to believe that, though.

        • Big Bill – I can believe that, too. I can’t recall if it was Chicago or Baltimore but a study revealed that homicide victims there had a rap sheet averaging 11 arrests each.

  4. It’s the old “stupid people, stupid places” rule. When you encounter a jackass, create some distance between you and him. Wherever he is, trouble will soon follow.

  5. So far no car driver has been able to pull along side of me when i ride my motorcycles, y;all are a just a twist of the grip away from being nothing butt a spec in my rear views! LOL.

  6. I loved driving land yachts. I Had Lincoln Continentals, Cadillac Eldorado..when they were huge, Pontiac Catalina and Bonneville, Impalas. Those cars were so tough, unlike the rice grinders of today. I can’t knock someone off the road with my Honda Fit.

      • I still have my 74 Cutlass with the built 455 I installed.
        Don’t make me shove that thing up your tailpipe. I’ll do it.

    • Looks like we have something in common. Back in the late 60’s I bought an almost new 65 Black El Darado Rag top,The top was black too. Also had all black upholstery. Man, that thing was so black the only way you could tell I was in it, was my whit cracker face. Loved that car, and it was a real “chick magnet ” too.
      I also now own a Honda Fit. Wished it was about a foot longer, but I get about 37/40 MPG, so can’t complain.

  7. I haven’t flipped anyone off in many years. Heck even honking at some idiot can get you shot. And there are soooo many azzwholes driving. I disagree with you Curtis-ISP is rarely seen giving tickets for ANYTHING. Try I-80 on a normal day or night. With a 70mph limit 90 to 100 is “normal”. They could pay Illinois’ debts with all the speeding tickets they SHOULD write!

  8. Most likely this 19 year old expected that the BMW that was already on the highway should yield to him as he merged onto the highway and when it didn’t, he had to make a quick adjustment and got angry, flipping the BMW’s driver off. That happens ALL THE TIME. In my experience, there are times I move over if it’s safe, and there are times I don’t or can’t. Sometimes, I slow down, sometimes I keep my speed. It is very common for the person merging onto the highway to flip me off if I don’t adjust my car’s position, them expecting me to yield to them. It used to make me seething mad, realizing that they are flipping me off when they are the ones that are required by law to yield to the car already on the highway. Now I just brush it off but I do still think to myself that they are an idiot for not knowing the law and then flipping me off. I am willing to bet that is what happened here and the idiot was killed over nothing. To be clear, I’m not siding with the murderer (because that’s what he is now – this is clearly not self defense), but the 19 y/o should not have flipped the other driver off.

  9. Drove 3 hrs this past weekend on highway. At least every 5 minutes I saw a Darwin Award Nominee either driving in excess of 90mph or cutting across 4 lanes of traffic at the last second to make an off ramp and or other incredibly imbecilic and dangerous driving maneuvers. The problem with these suicidal a holes is they will more than likely take some poor innocent bastard (me) with them when they go to the great impound yard in the sky.

  10. True story. When i was 18, i flipped off a guy behind me while i was pulling out a shopping center parking lot. The guy kept slamming on his horn even though cars were coming by and i couldnt pull out. When i finally got a chance to pull out, i flipped the guy off. The guy was in a big toyota pick up truck. I lived right around the corner from the shopping center and the guy followed me to my house. I pulled into the drive way and quickly ran inside. The guy idled his truck in front of my house for about 5 minutes untill my dad pulled up to house and the toyota pulled off. Scary stuff, definetly learned my lesson though. One of the many reasons i carry too. Theres a lot of nut jobs out there.

  11. I shall never forget the time when I was on my Gold Wing merging onto a limited-access highway and the only car present was in the passing lane. As I started to merge, the car suddenly came over to the right across the travel lane AND the merge land, forcing me to hit the (fortunately paved) shoulder. After she went by, I accelerated, went over to the passing lane, and pulled up alongside her driver’s door to give the driver a dirty look. To my surprise, behind the wheel was the archetypical prim-looking “little old lady” – who turned her head toward me and flipped me the bird! That’s when things really got dangerous because I was laughing so hard I almost lost control of my motorcycle.

    • I worked on the freeway for a while in the 80’s. I was the dude setting up the cone zone. People commit heinous acts of violence and murder with their cars that if they did the same with a gun would go to prison for life. But since it’s a car they can make a claim of “accident” or “negligence” and often have it stick.

      Little old white haired women in large cars are the worst. I’ve had them aim their cars at me or coworkers and with a maniacle look on their faces try, not by mistake or accident, to run us down.

      I often wonder how many straight up murders are claimed as accidents and people get over cause a gun or knife wasn’t used?

  12. It doesn’t take a road rage incident to get you shot while driving.

    It doesn’t take rage.

    It doesn’t take a road.

    It just takes someone willing and wanting to chuck Societal Agreement. Whatever their reason is, is THE reason [J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012]..


  13. I don’t know what it is about driving, but like with drinking, it brings out the worst in people. I try to drive as courteous as practical, but some people seem to be out on the road with the intention of looking for a fight. To include purposely going slow then blocking someone when they try to get around them. When I see these types of people on the road I hang back or even turn off, and keep my gun at the ready incase they decide today’s gonna be the day they choose to die.

  14. It is pretty safe to assume that the murder in this case was not a licensed carrier.

    But of course the Left/MSM will imply that he was/

  15. Bike or car when someone goes full asshole hit the gas and GTFO. If nothing else it’s not worth the insurance hike or out of pocket costs when your ride gets messed up.

    Especially important on a bike. You won’t win a shoving match with a car or a truck, but OTOH, if you hit the gas they’ll never catch you.

    These days I GoPro everything for insurance reasons. Not just my insurance company but if I run from a situation like that and a cop sees me speeding I have video evidence of why I was doing what I was doing. Foolproof? Nope, but better than just my word about why I was doing 140 down the highway.

      • They’re cheap these days, shoot great quality video, batteries are decent and with the app on your phone you can control settings with ease and, in the case of being pulled over like this, you have instant playback on your phone to show what you did and why.

        I see no reason not to run one or more of them.

        A note on bikes, check your state laws as mounting a camera on your helmet may be illegal and ticketable. Some states don’t allow a helmet mod that sticks off the “original design” more than 3mm.

    • Also, Pirelli tires on a Pinto? Lipstick on a pig comes to mind.

      Did the tires cost more than the car? What was the goal here, to win a unsafe weed whacker racing contest?

      • Fifty years ago, Michelin XAS tires were state of the art. I put a set on my VW Beetle (original air-cooled model). Overkill? Maybe. But you need to understand how bad the OEM bias ply tires of the time were.

      • Too tame; puttin’ Pirelli’s on a Pinto is just polishing a crusty turd (extra corn if it’s a Pacer!), but if you see fake beadlocks, a slutlife sticker, & rubberband tires on a 4×4, check the driver…. she-‘ee-it is likely wearing lipstick too.

      • I bought and drove a new Pinto way back before it was shameful. Maybe it’s just my age, but I don’t remember of them having a station wagon?? I do remember the Chevy Vega sub compact having one, Bought one of those too. Got lucky, never had any engine problems.

    • I once had drunk driver try to run me over when I was on my motorcycle. He came up behind me and was tailgating me uncomfortably close, so I sped up to gain a bit of space between us – and he sped up, too. So I sped up even more – and so did he. Hoping to gain enough time to pull off into a safe space, I REALLY screwed it on and got far enough ahead of him where I could pull into a parking lot and get off the bike. When he saw me he headed straight at me and that’s when the Colt Cobra came off my hip and was aimed squarely between his eyes. He swerved away and on down the road. This was in the days before cell phones. All I could do was follow him until I saw an on-duty cop and tell him what happened so he could put out a look-out. Unfortunately, the guy wasn’t caught.

      • As I said above: GoPro. Get their license number and GTFO. If you have a nifty Bluetooth helmet call the cops while you make tracks.

        I carry all my stuff in a chest rig, pistol included, but I’m more inclined to just hit the gas and be gone. Not worth the trouble to screw around and I’d rather explain myself to a cop than have the cop explain to my wife that I got splattered by some asshole in a cage.

  16. In summary, horn is only for notifying drivers who are about to hit your car, or notifying pedestrians and animals to get off the road (Of course, geese don’t give a sh**. They just stand there in the middle of the road and honk back. They’re federal migratory birds and they don’t let you forget it, all the more reason to shoot the bastards during goose season, but I digress).

    • Tom, you know that’s not a wagon?? I bought a new Pinto many years ago. Don’t remember of them making a wagon, but my memory isn’t what it used to be, maybe they did make a wagon.
      Got lucky, no one ever rear ended me.
      By the way, Top Secret, great movie, I loved the part where the German soldiers took off there helmets and the helmet straps stayed on their head.

      • Gunr: ” I bought a new Pinto many years ago. Don’t remember of them making a wagon, but my memory isn’t what it used to be, maybe they did make a wagon.”

        Google is really your friend.
        Just google “pinto wagon” (sans quotes).

        • Probably. I live within 50 miles of Eugene. By the way, one of our commenters informed me that they did in fact make a Pinto wagon, although the one in Top Secret was not.

  17. Not that you should do it, but I think a thumbs down feels more disapproving than the middle finger. Think about it. The middle finger expresses low class and rage. A thumbs down expresses disappointment.
    Also, a dash cam is a must have.

    • Watched a Bimmer come out of a gated community, come to a traffic light, then proceed to make a left turn on a red light. (The cross street was a two-way major street.)(Scottsdale Road, for the locals here.)
      I just assumed the driver was a lawyer.

    • I had a saying I used to use sometimes when somebody gave me the “Finger” If they were smaller, and not apt to be able to kick my ass, I would say
      “Stick your mother back in your pocket”

    • Q: What’s the difference between a BMW and a porcupine?

      A: A porcupine has pricks on the outside…

      • Now it’s my turn, as long as we are talking about cars and motorcycles.
        I used to drive up to a lake every weekend, where I kept my houseboat. There was this one jog in the road where the road took a very sharp right, and then a very sharp left. I usually slowed to around 15 mph.
        So, one day I had just taken a right on the first part of the jog, and about 200 yards ahead where the road takes a sharp left, this van came tearing around the corner. It had one of these long CB aerials, and it swung strait out and decapitated a motorcyclist who was in front of me and also making the turn, passing the van in the next lane.
        When the Sheriff finally arrived, he said “I think this the first known fatal case of “Van aerial disease”

  18. Back in high school my buddy and I use to ride hundreds of miles a week on our bikes. One day a couple of neanderthals on the other side of a concrete barrier slammed on the brakes. When my buddy flipped them off they threw a beer bottle at us, and hit the gas, they slid the huge old 70s era station wagon around the other end of the barrier it was clear they wanted to turn us into road kill. My idiot friend followed me up a side road and through some large oaks and the neanderthals took off between could call the cops.

    Flipping off neanderthals can be hazardous to your health and shooting them could be hazardous to your freedom unless you have no choice.

  19. Guns are range extenders in bad situations. Idiots can still kill you with their car but that involves some risk to them and increases the likelihood that they will get caught in the aftermath compared to shooting from an open window.

    Back when I was still on my learner permit for my motorcycle I had an arsehole in a BMW tailgate me late at night on icy roads. 2 lanes each way so he had plenty of room to go around on what was essentially a deserted freeway. He seemed to take great pleasure in getting ever closer to my rear wheel as I very gently decelerated to encourage him to go around (accompanied by waving an arm to indicate he should overtake in the clear lane) he got to less than a foot when I decided to GTFO and opened the throttle fully to pull away (on a 30 year old motorcycle this did not produce a great deal of acceleration but got me about 2 metres of breathing room).
    About this time my 2 mates, who I had gone out to dinner with and who were following me home due to the reports of ice on the roads, took matters into their own hands and pulled up along side the douchebag. My mate in the passenger seat wound down his window and punched the side mirror off the BMW to express his displeasure with the situation. He then (half hanging out of the vehicle) proceeded to pound on the driver’s window while screaming exactly what he was going to do to old mate if he didn’t move to a safe following distance. The BMW driver slammed on the brakes and rapidly exited the freeway.

    The moral of this story is if you get into trouble on an old clapped out motorcycle you can’t win unless you have 2 crazies willing to kamikaze in a car as an escort so avoid stupid people doing stupid things at stupid times in stupid places.

  20. Road Rage cost a retired US Army veteran his life, he was teaching his son how to drive, so the son may have been extra cautious not driving fast enough for the DB. The DB was 6 inches taller, 50lbs heavier, stopped in front of their car walked back and was put on the ground by the father, claims he was defenseless when he shot the farther. Yet in the images of him in cuffs at the scene there was no blood on the front of his white shirt but the back was dirty. Claims the farther was on top of him when he shot the farther twice. The DB did everything wrong while armed. I had played online with Martin for a while, rarely you run across as nice a player as he was, we had some interesting chats about the service and things that stand on railroad tracks late at night the southwest area. So I doubt if he was doing anything but protecting his children when the DB came back to his car. My bet is he used some good ol US Army self defense moves to put the guy on the ground. He converted to Muslim after meeting his wife at least 16 years ago, he serviced his country honorably for 20 years. I’m sure speaking arabic was rather handy with a non arabic last name, “These stupid American’s can’t understand what we’re saying…. OH CRAP he understood what we said!!!”

  21. Wasn’t it just last week here when many were saying they tap their brakes for tailgaters? DON’T DO THAT! Get out of the way. And don’t pull over and stop for someone trying to do you harm.

  22. I also put Michelin tires on my air cooled 1971 VW super beetle convertible. It handled and wore a lot better.

  23. I was driving home with my wife (she was not born or raised in the US) one night (probably about 10:30 pm) and a guy passes us and flips us off and really annoys my wife. She wanted me to speed up so she could flip him off but I refused which led to an argument. After we arrived home I explained to her what the possible consequences of retaliation could be. She never asked me to retaliate after.

  24. If you carry a gun you cannot afford an ego, false pride, or anger. Drive defensively but do not try to get even with the person you think cut you off or isn’t following the rules of the road.

    Maybe that girl is looking for a date, if I was a little younger. But I don’t thnk she could afford me!

  25. It’s all about technique. Flip the bird after the other driver has committed to a turn or an exit and you are well out of harms way.

  26. Not too long ago, I was getting on to US HWY 287, and had no trouble there. As I got on I was at the 65 mph limit. Ahead of me was a BMW 535i doing about 55 mph. I moved to the left lane and moved my needle to 68 to pass him. He sped up and matched my speed while starting to swerve. 2 guys in the car. I moved as far as I could left and sped up to 70 in the 65 zone. The jerk in the Beemer didn’t notice the 18 wheeler in front of him until he suddenly had to slam on the brakes or become a statistic. I just kept going. The typical driver of the Beemer soon got right on my tail. I have a green laser I keep in the car. I turned it on and pointed it back at him. I guess he thought it was attached to a gun, because he backed off in a big hurry. I don’t have it attached to any firearm. A few minutes later a Police car came along with its lights on and pulled right up behind the Beemer. I guess the trucker called 911. In Texas, many people do have legally carried firearms. I would not be surprised if that driver some day causes someone with a legally carried firearm to feel threatened enough to where they fight back with more than come cohesive photons.

    • Forget about that “Don’t mess with Texas”. One should never, EVER mess with someone packing cohesive photons.

  27. Many years ago, I was run off the road by someone in a white jeep Cherokee. As he came around and headed for me under hard acceleration, I did feel threatened enough to pull a gun. He saw it and cranked the wheel over so hard that his 2 right tires left the ground for about a half second. I had been doing 55 in the 55 zone on a 2 lane highway in that instance. The jeep Cherokee pulled left, got beside me, then forced me off the road to my right. I was ready to unload all 6 from my Smith Model 19 into him as he came straight at me after looping back at me like he did. He had New York plates and this was in rural Kansas. After he left, I stopped at the next gas station and called the Highway Patrol. As it turned out, they were already looking for that jeep. Never did hear why.

    • Been there, done that. There are some folks with whom you truly need to get emphatic before they get the point.

  28. “Back when I was in high school, my best friend (not shown) flipped off the driver of an enormous Lincoln Continental for cutting us off. The barge pilot — license plate “Johnny” — proceeded to ram us, trying to kill us. Even though I was in a Pinto station wagon (with Pirelli tires!), I managed to get enough distance to pull into someone’s garage undetected.”

    Horse puckey … a great big steaming pile of horse puckey.


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