Riton Optics New Mod 7 4-32x56mmIR FFP Rifle Scope Long Distance
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Riton Optics New Mod 7 4-32x56mmIR FFP Rifle Scope Long Distance
courtesy mfr

Press release:

Tucson-based Riton Optics has enhanced their positioning among long range and tactical shooters with the addition of a 4-32×56 illuminated reticle rifle scope. The story of Riton’s new optic begins not in the marketing or the development department, but, rather, “in the field” with Riton’s dealers and customers.

Riton’s product line was developed out of practical application and is rooted in the principle that any hard-working man or woman should be able to buy quality optics at an affordable price.

In the initial phases of product development at Riton, the focus was on the “basics,” including optics designed specifically for the AR-15 platform and high quality products for hunting and tactical applications. Over the past few years as the product has flowed into the market, the feedback received has been resoundingly positive with people touting the clarity of the optics, the company story, and the service provided by the company.

Riton Optics New Mod 7 4-32x56mmIR FFP Rifle Scope Long Distance
courtesy mfr

Riton firmly believes in continual evolution of the product line, most commonly through the input and comments from their customers, fellow hunters and shooters. Originally these inputs led Riton to the creation of a higher power, First Focal Plane riflescope. Riton delivered with their Mod 5 6-24x50IR FFP with a First Focal Plane, illuminated reticle at a jaw-dropping price of $599.00.

Over the past year, Riton has, once again, been listening intently to the voice of the customer.
The requests have been coming in for a riflescope with a greater Riton Optics offers their first focal plane long range Mod-7 with an illuminated, Christmas tree-style reticle. magnification range, zero stop turrets and a “Christmas tree” style reticle that was both illuminated and First Focal Plane.

Riton Optics New Mod 7 4-32x56mmIR FFP Rifle Scope Long Distance
courtesy mfr

According to Brady Speth, Founder and CEO, “The challenge of this optic was putting all these amazing features into one optic and control costs to still provide it at a price point that beats all of the competition and is clearly, by Riton’s mission, the best value in the industry.”

Riton delivered this week with the announcement of the Riton Mod 7 4-32x56IR FFP. This optic incorporates many of the customer requests in a robust design to conquer the most challenging applications.

The Mod 7 4-32x56IR FFP features:

32x power
First Focal Plane
Riton Illuminated Precision Shooting Reticle
Riton Tactical Zero Stop Turrets
Riton HD/ED Glass
Riton Rugged Construction
Riton Performance Coating

And remarkably, the Mod 7 4-32x56IR FFP with all these features comes in at an MSRP of $1469.99.

Riton’s technical expert, who is also a certified long-range instructor and has personally shot over a mile with his Riton scopes was quoted saying the following:

“With the quality and features this scope has, it would retail at almost $3000 if it had any other company’s name on it. The difference is that this is a Riton Optic and we believe in providing high quality, high performance optics at the industry’s best value.”

Whether you are a hunter, hobby shooter, Precision Rifle Shooter, or .22 caliber competitor, Riton’s new Mod 7 4-32x56IR FFP is sure to be a last stop optic for you.

Click Here to learn more about Riton Optics

Born in the heart of the Wild West, Riton Optics offers the highest quality optics at the most competitive prices matched with incredible customer service.

They are dedicated to the PURSUIT of PRECISION in everything they do. Using only the best materials and most innovative technology, Riton has created an unrivaled line of optics that deliver on performance and value.
From offering you the best rifle scopes, binoculars, and red dot sights for your outdoor, hunting and shooting adventures to providing an unlimited lifetime warranty on every product they make, Riton always puts customers first.

The RITON Warranty:
So what IS a warranty? Do I have to register? Jump through hoops? Find a receipt I threw away walking out of the range? Not at Riton. RITON wants to be your trusted optics friends, both at purchase, on the range and if something goes wrong. They are confident in the quality of their optics, and they couldn’t stand by them like this if they weren’t.

But sometimes… stuff happens.


If, at any time, your RITON product has issues and is not functioning in the manner it should – NO MATTER WHAT – they will replace it.

Not “repair..” REPLACE. 

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      Hey, even paranoids have enemies…

    • According to their on-line catalog:

      “All of our optics have hand sourced Japanese glass and are final assembled in Japan or China depending on price point. We source all of our raw materials and use oversees assembly based on price point.”


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