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Rhode Island’s recent slate of gun control measures – including a bill to ban all semi-automatic firearms – has been condemned to development hell (i.e. they remain in Committee until such time as they don’t). Before the bills stalled, anti-gun control forces rallied at the State House. During one such event, Truth Radio host Dan Bidondi confronted RI State Senator Josh Miller. I’ve included the full clip (not magazine) of the “go f*ck yourself” comment because a little context helps. Truth be told, Bidondi never met a government conspiracy he didn’t like. I mean hate. And he looks more like a bouncer than most bouncers. And to be fair, gun rights guys are joining Josh in the gutter. Still, really?

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  1. I just saw this then came here lol. What a douche. Hey senator! You want to get re-elected? Go F**k yourself!

    That’s last link didn’t work for me btw.

    • Remind me again how treating people like this as though they have truth, honor, integrity and good character will help us.


      • Mina,

        I keep asking the same question.

        And your question is even more poignant when we remember that those types of people gleefully send henchmen (law enforcement officers) to manhandle, assault, kidnap, and kill you for exercising your fundamental rights.

        Disclaimer: I applaud peace officers who track down and arrest thieves, rapists, child molesters, and murderers and I am not directing my comment above at such peace officers. I abhor law enforcement officers who blindly serve the state rather than justice for the good people of our nation — and I direct my comment above at them.

      • It’s projection. We try to treat them like good, honest well meaning humans, and they treat us like barely restrained sociopaths that need to be kept on a leash. It tends to say a lot on both sides.

    • Paul, it’s not our fault the antigunners aren’t intelligent. Lol

      But in all seriousness they do have smart people on their side, albiet they care nothing for trampling our rights and applying double standards in order to push their misguided agenda.

      • What it comes down to is a class of parasites who have invaded, in Rothschild fashion, our legislatures. We elect them upon the promises they have made and upon the oaths they subsequently swear, but once in office, they forget the path they took to get there.

        Not only is Rhode Island a “shall issue” state, it strongly mimics the US Constitution, so if these corrupt sewer-dwellers can’t seem to recall what their founding documents were about, perhaps they should resign until they do.

        [this is exactly why I moved away …….. brainless corruptible morons in the legislature]

  2. R.I. State Senator Miller’s response pretty well sums up what the Statists feel about our Second Amendment Rights and our Rights and Liberty, in general. Kind of speaks for itself across the board, doesn’t it? “Constitutional Rights? Go F**K yourself, American People!”

    • I thik it sums up their view on the individual rights of the people. This will not end well. All pretense of a representative government are being replaced with this in our face contempt for you am me. If this is how they act while we still have a 2nd amendment, what will they be like when it’s gone? Apparently the government is in revolt against the people.

      • And this is one of the reasons there is still an ammo shortage. People just feel this opening schism in their bones!

      • Yep. There has been widely accepted infringement (background checks, bans, and limiting the bearing of). The People are in a war of sorts and don’t even seem to notice. Berating and threatening the remaining free men and women is the last stop before it gets, umm, interesting. I’d rather it be stopped earlier than that but, it is what it is.

    • I like to think the best of people, so I’m going to assume Josh Miller was simply recommending something that he, himself, enjoys doing regularly.

  3. That’s thing about people who are anti gun, the minute when you confront them with facts or you tell them that you need to respect the people’s civil right (like Dan did) they get really immature. These are also the same people who spout off about being tolerant. This guy should be voted out.

    • A friend of mine sent this to me yesterday and I pretty much think it sums things up:

      “”Arguing with progressives…it’s like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how good I am at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board and strut around like it’s victorious.”

  4. I am humbled by Rep. Miller’s well-reasoned response. I should move to RI just so that I may vote for him because he da man.

    OK, really, we have those “representatives” in MA but they use prettier words to say the same thing. For a Boy Scout merit badge, my son wrote to Stephen Lynch about the second amendment. Rep. Lynch’s response was that sometimes you have to go against the Constitution. Woopee! And he keeps getting reelected. 8~(

    • Rick,

      Do you still have that written reply from Rep. Lynch on state letterhead? If you do please scan it and send an electronic copy to The Truth about Guns staff.

      I have to imagine that should also be the basis for some sort of legal action to remove that Representative from office for violating their oath of office.

      • uncommon_sense,

        Sadly, no. We had a house fire 4 years ago and that was one of the many paper items that I had saved that were lost.


  5. Note to Mina: You would not understand. So you go right ahead with your self-righteous crusade, make all the noise you want.

    The wise know that persuading those who can be persuaded is the key.

    • Your premise is wrong: You have proven over and over that you are the very antithesis of “wise”.

      Any position you take is thereby suspect on its face.

    • Paul,

      By all means We The People should try to persuade policymakers. The problem is that inalienable rights, facts, and reason are insufficient incentives to persuade many policymakers.

      That being the case, Mina’s point is monumentally important since inalienable rights are at stake. What recourse do We The People have when we fail to persuade an aggressor to leave us alone?

      I fully realize that violent resistance is messy, ugly, horrific, and to be avoided if even remotely possible. I also realize that compliance with aggressors is messy, ugly, horrific, and to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, the aggressors have put us between a rock and hard place.

      And don’t fall into the trap of thinking that our decades of complying with gun control policy — in an effort to avoid violence with policymakers and their enforcers — has not had severe violent costs. How many unarmed robbery, assault, kidnapping, rape, and murder victims are a direct result of gun control … victims that, without gun control, would have chosen to be armed and prevailed over their attackers? My intuition tells me that number is in the thousands, if not tens of thousands. How is that more desirable than claiming our inalienable right from the policy makers that are actively infringing them?

      • “I fully realize that violent resistance is messy, ugly, horrific, and to be avoided if even remotely possible. I also realize that compliance with aggressors is messy, ugly, horrific, and to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, the aggressors have put us between a rock and hard place.”

        There is a theme that is often missed in these discussions and that is the basic purpose, IMO, of the Second Amendment. The 2A is not there so much to give us the ability to take up arms against tyranny as it is to ensure tyrants KNOW that such a response is possible. That knowledge tempers their attempts at tyranny. We hope.

        Just as the presence of a weapon, or the presentation of a weapon with the implied willingness to self defense can and often does prevent crime without having to fire a shot, the Second Amendment guarantees the presence of weapons and the right to present such weapons against criminals who would steal our Constitution and our rights. So long as that right remains untrammeled the threat of our arms is hopefully sufficient to keep these fascists in check without having to resort to actually shooting them. THAT is why they hate the Second Amendment and our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms so much and try in every devious way possible to erode that right.

        For this to break out into an actual shooting war would be a world-wide catastrophe as far as destabilizing the current global political balance. Crimea is just a red-herring distraction, a manufactured crisis that the Progressives will use to their advantage while ignoring the wishes of the people actually living in Crimea. The easiest road to tyranny is to disguise it as a necessary step in the response to a crisis. History has shown this time and again and the most frequent use of this tactic comes from socialists (National Socialists/NAZIs), communists (Lenin/Stalin/Castro) and fascists (Mussolini/Franco).

        All of the above were darlings of the Progressive movement of the early 20th century at some point in their carriers, usually right up to the point where they started murdering their populations.

        • Exactly. However, the rules and regulations that we have allowed to violate the second amendment serve those pols well. Is it really about “the children”, or is it about the pols own safety? The more control they have over the threat of force that can oppose them, the less threat that force represents.

    • I’m not sure exactly what started you two against each other, but I hope it gets worked out. Someday.

      • What’s that hallmark characteristic of those we love on the Liberal Left?

        Projection, Dear Watson.

  6. Sure am glad the anti gun politicians keep wanting to have “a reasonable debate on common sense gun control measures”.

    Missing tar and feathering more and more. That’s reasonable yes???

  7. Senator, go recall yourself. No? Okay, the citizenry will be glad to do it for you. For handy reference, see Morse & Giron, Colorado, and good luck with that!

  8. Dan Bidondi is just another POS like Alex Jones…too many “black heli’s” in the mind…
    The LAST thing the Second Amendment needs is support from people like Dan Bidondi and Alex Jones, they do more harm than good, making ALL Second Amendment supporters look like loons…

    As a law abiding, responsible gun owner, and Second Amendment supporter, neither Dan Bidondi or Alex Jones speak for me…

    Both Dan Bidondi and Alex Jones need to be denounced by true Second Amendment supporters everywhere…

    • Listen, Alex Jones takes things a few too many steps too far. However, he has his ear on the pulse of empire’s dark side. His interview with Pierce Morgan was interesting. Sure, he came off as a kook, but there is something to be said about telling your enemy to his face to “Come and take it.” In my book, that interview completely backfired on Morgan. If it wasn’t for Jones, I probably would have never heard of the Georgia Guidestones or Margaret Sanger’s eugenics philosophy. Is he a bit too passionate? Sure. However, as we have seen before, playing nice with the antis will only lead us to the slaughter. I’m much more afraid of Bloomberg trying to cull all blue dogs from the Dem party than I am of Alex Jones giving the RKBA a bad name. Just look at what they got now: a RI State Senator who when reminded that the 2nd amendment says that the right shall not be infringed tells the reporter to go fuck himself. In today’s media age, that sound bite is priceless, and I reckon that he is going to regret uttering those words.

    • So no comment about the Senator that has REAL power to make laws that can and does take away our freedoms and make felons of former law abiding citizens; telling a citizen to “F–k themselves” when asked a question about our most important civil right.

      Instead; you focus on a blog poster that has no real power beyond what people voluntarily give him.

      Yep, you are showing excellent discernment in focusing on what is REALLY important.

    • WI Patriot,

      I have not heard of this Dan before this post. What I heard is that he asked a question. I didn’t hear him go on a rant. I don’t see the comparison with Alex Jones.


      • Rick,
        Here is you comparison…

        “Truth be told, Bidondi never met a government conspiracy he didn’t like. I mean hate.”

        WI Patriot

  9. I like how that little **** only has the balls to say that when he’s surrounded by his friends and state protectors.

  10. huh, 15 years ago someone would have punched them both in the mouth for that. I need a time machine.

  11. A lot of it is presentation. You go to one of these things looking frumpy, they’re going to talk to you like you’re the janitor.
    If Dan had presented himself, say, like a totally bearded operating operator who works out -you know, like me- the response would’ve been much better, along the lines of, “kindly, go f**k yourself, all due respect, sir.”
    I would’ve also brought a cooler microphone. Definitely chromed, like Pharrel says.

  12. This is how our CIVIL SERVANTS behave. Like little emperors with absolutist agendas. I think it’s time, WE THE PEOPLE, remind these fucking SERVANTS that they SERVE US, not the other way around. And if they aren’t going to DO THEIR JOB and RESPECT THEIR EMPLOYERS, who are WE THE PEOPLE, they need to be FIRED, not in another election no, FIRED as soon as they step out of line. Fuck them all.

    • Pro-tip: adhering to basic capitalization rules makes sentences easier to read and look more professional.

    • I’ve always wondered why some people capitalize entire words for added emphasis. It’s definitely something I’ve seen more from our side than the anti-gunners’.

      Second pro-tip: if your words carry significance then they speak for themselves.

      • I agree. when I stopped doing the capitalization thing (very guilty) I learned how to write more effectively.

        it does come off better, too esp in a corporate environment.

  13. That was bad but not as disgraceful as when Dick Cheney told Patrick Leahy to ‘Go F yourself’.

    • Wrong! That was pol on pol crime, this is different and way more disgraceful when said to an ordinary citizen.

      • You are right and I agree 100% in your POV but my original intent that did not come accross was that Cheney saying that on the Senate floor, in front of hundreds of people and broadcast live on networks like C-Span, is pretty disgraceful. That was my POV.

      • Really? We are so uncivil that it is okay to tell someone who criticizes you to ‘go f yourself’ on the Senate Floor? Both Senator Miller and Vice President Cheney displayed poor character and their respective political positions aside.

    • Telling a citizen intent on protecting natural rights protected by the Constitution you have sworn an oath to “Go fuck yourself” when he calls you on your anti-constitutional position is NOT the same as inter-personal animus.

      Given the opportunity I would probably say the same thing to Patrick. I would most certainly not issue a blanket GFY to people upholding the Constitution.

  14. If that politician was a Republican rather than a Democrat the Mainstream Media would be all over him! A Republican could never get away with telling a reporter “go f*** yourself”. The liberal left embraces, encourages and protects that nasty behavior from their own politicians.

    • Right because they control all of the institutions who would speak out against it.

      The Liberal Left feels justified telling a gun rights supporter to F*ck off: Because gun rights supporters are scum.

      The universities agree, Hollywood agrees, the Government agrees and the media agrees.

      See the problem?

  15. His facebook page is awash with go f yourself comments. Way to go stupid! EVERYONE Go in FB and tell this scumbag what you think!

  16. Senator Miller merely stated what every Democrat has been thinking since Lyndon Johnson occupied the Presidential Palace.

  17. Makes me nostalgic for the Showtime series “Brotherhood.” They used that phrase a lot. Maybe the senator wants life to imitate art.

  18. Anyone know who the guy laughing is? (He is on the right when the gimp speaks.) If he is also an elected official, he might need a GFYS from the voters as well.

  19. A clear indication he’s insecure in his position. Thanks for showing your hand to those who support the Bill of Rights you foul-mouthed midget. We are strong and you are weak… go F**K yourself and take your boyfriend with you. Molon Labe.

  20. reminds me of the old saying-

    conservatives think liberals have bad ideas

    liberals think conservatives are bad people

    • tweeted it! to @BenShapiro, #tcot, #DestroyTheLeft

      Love your new icon. I have been going back and watching all of Breitbarts youtube moments … three weeks in so far. Brilliant!!!

  21. That’s exactly the kind of man (the man with the microphone) I’ve made a point to NOT tell “Go f—- yourself.” Notice how the senator stood there and looked for a second like he’d realized what he’d just done. But I’m sure his security was armed with semi-autos, so I guess it’s all good.

  22. These folks up north gripe and moan , but they keep electing these same folks back into office , they voted him in so they got what they wanted . Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  23. His biography where they usually put things like “married” four children etc has no mention of ever being married. Nothing as far as personal life other than he is a restauranteur.
    It’s just my personal observation that others have touched on, but my guess is this guy is as gay as they come. His photographer boy toy is the boy on the block this week.

  24. All you have to do is look at the face of this moron. End of discussion. Nothing else to say.
    This guy was a total looser from day one. His Dr. didn’t smack his ass to get him to breathe at birth,
    he smacked his face, he was so stupid looking. Even his mother asked the Doc if he was sure he had gone into the right hole to get this one.

    I wouldn’t ask this guy for the time of day..mostly because he looks so stupid, he probably can’t even tell time. This is what a guy looks like that’s too stupid to become a lawyer, and earn a real living.
    He doesn’t like guns because he was forced out of his home as a child at gunpoint.
    Anything this moron says should be taken as a joke..I mean, look at this guys punum,
    and you know he’s a shlemeel comedian.


    In addition, a third party set up this facebook site after Senator Miller set his own Facebook page to private this morning so that people could no longer post comments to it.

    A third party set up a site with the explicit purpose of posting comments on it after Miller restricted access to the original. I believe the creator is attempting to try and get more likes on the anti Miller page than Senator Miller himself gets on his own page.

  26. I’m sure when Sen. Miller uttered his remark, he thought he was a real wit. Trouble is, the little feller’s only half-right. Seriously, this little troll does neither his constituents nor his country any favors by his lack or decorum while a quick read of his bio seems to indicate someone more on the legislative capabilities of an Al Franken. ‘Nuff said. And Josh, save the epithet for the Mrs. just in case she gets to feelin’ a bit frisky. The last thing we want is any Josh Miller progeny.

  27. I forgot to say but by the look of ugly mug I bet his wife Nancy does exactly as he suggests of go F yourself since it is probably a much better option than doing him.

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