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Your humble correspondent was there on the fateful night when the Exeter Town Council shirked its responsibility to issue concealed carry permits to residents and punted the job to the RI Attorney General. This they did in front of dozens of townies and an equal amount of concerned NRA members. All of whom were pissed off because RI cities and towns are “shall issue” for the CCW permitting process, whereas the Attorney General’s office operates on a “may issue” basis—despite the RI Constitution’s crystal clarity on gun rights (“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”) The council’s excuse: they didn’t have the resources for the job. In other words, they wanted residents to jump through lots of hoops for their permit and didn’t want to be responsible for the hoopla. The AP reports that Exeterians are fighting back Colorado-style . . .

Election officials in Exeter have begun verifying hundreds of signatures gathered in an effort to recall four town councilors over their proposal to tweak the town’s policy for issuing concealed weapons permits.

Four of five council members supported a proposal that switches the responsibility for issuing the permits from the town clerk to the state attorney general’s office . . .

More than 600 people signed the petitions – 100 more than necessary to prompt a recall election.

The town’s Board of Canvassers began verifying signatures Tuesday.

The recall election would be held this fall.

And heads will roll. Democracy is, occasionally, a very fine thing indeed.

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  1. Seems some more Dims have foot N mouth disease.
    Lets hope some of the folks in Rhode Island get their just deserts.
    I like to see them get the boot.

  2. All D’s and one independent so nobody should be shocked.
    Put shit in D’s and get shit out stupid laws.

    Mr Smitty

  3. It looks like this might be the best way of fighting back at the liberal elites in office,vote them out by recall if they don’t follow the will of the people,the people they work for!Look at it this way,if we don’t do the job that our employers want us to do what happens to us?Well politicians need to be reminded of this also.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  4. As a RI resident of Cranston. I hope our friends in Exeter have a huge success with this recall. The whole state both anti amendment and pro second amendment folks are watching this with great interest. I hope Mr. Edwards get’s the word out, but he can’t count on the main stream media here in the Ocean State to be sympathetic to his cause.

  5. “Democracy is, occasionally, a very fine thing indeed.”

    Rarely is Democracy a fine thing. Usually it is just tyranny of the ignorant, lazy, gullible and just plain stupid.

    • “Does history record any case in which the majority was right?” – Robert Heinlein, “The Notebooks of Lazarus Long”

    • Well, Democracy may well be a political system predicated on the unproven premise that most of the people are right most of the time; but that’s not our system. We’re a Constitutional republic; which used to mean that there’s a buffer layer of elected representatives to shield us from the whim and whipped up frenzy of the masses. Such representatives are themselves supposed to be constrained by the Constitution’s guarantee of individual rights and enumeration of government powers. Well.

      When you have government officials themselves doing the frenzy whipping, ignoring the Constitution, and the masses not only willfully but gleefully going along, then we have a serious problem. It takes a special kind of stupid to subvert a centuries old liberty system.

  6. The “SHALL ISSUE” part in RI really means may or might issue if the town or city decides to accept your application. I’m lucky enough to live in a city where our chief respects the 2nd A, and gives everyone a fair chance to obtain a permit. The majority of cities and towns won’t accept any application and you need to hire a lawyer to even be considered for a permit. I found the AG’s office to be very fair and prompt in considering my application and others that I’ve spoken with. RI is by far the most difficult state in New England to obtain a permit, and it’s in the top ten in the country for difficulty in being granted a permit. Our tiny state has about 1 million people and almost 4000 carry permits. I know about a dozen people who carry and the rest won’t apply because they fear being rejected.

      • Every state allows elections. And legal actions in the state courts and if those fail the Federal courts. It will take more than a law againgst recalls to call it tyranny.

        • ” And legal actions in the state courts and if those fail the Federal courts.”

          Yeah, just look at the Formerly Free State, Maryland. The media now refers to us as “the Old Line State.” They understand.

          And Maryland continues to hang her head in shame…

    • jwm,

      Yet CA will not *allow* you to have a CCW permit. That is ridiculous. If “may issue” isn’t tyranny, its pretty damn close.

      • We have different opinions about tyranny. I can vote, I can leave the state or the country at will. I can get in my car and travel to any point in America(so long as I don’t bump any security barricades).

        Are we as free as we were in colonial days? Define free. Slavery was being practised and women might as well have been slaves. Who voted then?

        How about the wild west days? Railroads had their private police forces that evicted land owners for their land. Cattle barons had range detectives that killed at will for their bosses.

        I’m from WV. I grew up on stories of company mining towns. Of miners being paid in company scrip that could only be spent at the company stores. Paid goons in mining poilice uniforms that enforced the company rules.

        Tyranny isn’t being denied one paper when you’ve got a safe full of guns. Thanks to my life choices I am financially fit enough to leave this state tommorrow if all I had in my life was a desire to carry a gun legally.

        No, I will continue to support gun rights. But calling the denial of a carry permit tyranny is a bit of over kill.

  7. Where are the “pro-gun” libturds pimping their lies about all the “pro-gun” Libiots in America?!!! Come on you leftwing tools, I’ve seen you losers attempt to tell us all that the left is pro-gun & how we need them to keep our gun rights, BWAHAHAHA!!!!!! Never, never, never, ever trust a Democrat to protect your 2A rights.


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